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Corbett Report Radio 088 - The Canadian Action Party with Christopher Porter


Christopher Porter of the Canadian Action Party joins us tonight to discuss the political landscape in Canada. We take your calls, talk about the Canadian banking system and the threats to Canadian sovereignty, and talk about what Canadians and activists around the world can do to change the system.

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Corbett Report Radio 039 - Canada vs the New World Order

12/24/20110 Comments

It may be Christmas Eve eve, but the New World Order never stops and so neither does The Corbett Report. Join us on this edition of "Friday Night Highlights" as we dip into The Corbett Report archives for important interviews on Canada's role in the New World Order, and examples of people who are fighting back.

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Interview 389 - Christopher Porter and Lawrence McCurry

10/12/20110 Comments

Today Christopher Porter of the Canadian Action Party and Lawrence McCurry of CanadaAwakes.blogspot.com join us to talk about the spread of the Occupy Wall Street to Canada and the dangers/opportunities of this protest movement for bringing real political change and monetary reform.

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