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FLASHBACK: The Bankster Bailouts (2009)

08/27/202210 Comments

FROM 2009: In this flashback to the Economics 101 series, Michel Chossudovsky of globalresearch.ca explains the circular mechanism by which the banks become creditors of the very government that is bailing them out and thus leverage financial power over the political system itself.

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G20 Rules Make Bank Bail-ins a Reality

01/05/20150 Comments

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Interview 982 – The Asia-Pacific Perspective with Broc West

12/18/20140 Comments

This month on The Asia-Pacific Perspective: Australian media goes with "lone wolf" story as #SydneySiege propaganda fails; the G20 sneaks a bail-in agreement in under the radar; and Japan rubber stamps another four years for Abenomics.

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Interview 939 - Geneva Business Insider with David Smith

09/11/20145 Comments

This month on the Geneva Business Insider, James and David preview next week's Scottish independence vote and the various political forces that are clashing as the Scottish people go to the polls. We discuss the push for NATO membership, EU membership and a central bank for "free" Scotland and how it undermines the entire push for independence. We also examine the latest on the ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine and the specter of a cyber-hacking bank bailout.

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Bail-in: The Birth of the New Financial Order

04/11/20134 Comments

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Bail-ins, BOJ Follies, Gold Referendum (video)

04/07/20130 Comments

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Interview 645 - The Geneva Business Insider with David L. Smith

04/07/20132 Comments

David L. Smith of GenevaBusinessInsider.blogspot.com joins us for our monthly discussion on economics, finance and politics. This month we cover the Cyprus bail-ins, the latest developments in the Bank of Japan's quantitative easing plans, and the latest on the Swiss citizen initiative to account for the country's gold.

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Corbett Report Radio 132 with Guest Host Stefan Molyneux


Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, takes the helm for this special edition of the Corbett report! This show analyzes the major causes of the recent multi-billion-dollar loss at J.P. Morgan, discussing inflation, fiat currency, ridiculously low interest rates, the lessons of history, and the utter madness of expecting the Federal Government somehow promote fiscal responsibility in the financial sector! Freedomain Radio is the largest and most popular philosophy show on the web.

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Episode 064 - End the Fed

11/16/20081 Comment

The Federal Reserve has been printing money like there's no tomorrow to lend it to the banksters. The banksters in turn use it to pay their CEOs billions in bonuses. The taxpayer is on the hook...And did I mention the process is completely secret? Join the movement to abolish the Federal Reserve.

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