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Interview 728 – Jon Rappoport on Art, Consciousness and Reality

08/23/20130 Comments

Jon Rappoport of NoMoreFakeNews.com joins us to discuss art and its place in the human experience. In this wide-ranging conversation we discuss Jon’s own artwork, his philosophy of art and reality, “Why People Fear Art,” how art impacts consciousness, the potential for art as propaganda, and many other topics. Don’t miss this fascinating conversation on the artistic consciousness and our perception of the world.

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Interview 726 – Peter Santa-Maria on Art With a Message

08/22/20130 Comments

Peter Santa-Maria is a Cuban-American artist who mixes humor, pop culture iconography and powerful political statements to create exciting, cutting edge art with a truth message. Today he joins us to discuss his life and work, and dissect some of his most popular images. View and purchase Peter’s art from his website, AttackThePlanet.com.

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Truth Poetry


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Corbett Report Radio 060 – A Violation of Trust with Howard Cohen


Howard Cohen of Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth joins us to discuss his forthcoming feature film, “A Violation of Trust.” Set to star veteran Hollywood actors Ed Asner, Woody Harrelson, Daniel Sunjata, Michele Phillips, and more, “A Violation of Trust” dramatizes the first day of a new presidential investigation into 9/11.

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