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Interview 1594 - Goodbye YouTube Party!!!

11/10/202091 Comments

Q: What's the biggest event of the year? A: The Goodbye YouTube Party, of course! Join James, Derrick, Ryan, Dan and Josh as they celebrate being kicked off the enemy's controlled information platform (well, everyone except James, that shill!). We look forward to pioneering the next phase of the development of the independent media and share our ideas about exciting new opportunities for sharing information outside of the grasp of the controlled Big Tech social media oligopoly.

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Interview 1365 - James Corbett on Truthseeker's Path

06/12/201834 Comments

James Corbett appears on Truthseeker's Path to discuss his life, work and experiences in the alternative media.

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Interview 1307 - James Corbett on Fault Lines

10/16/201718 Comments

Today James joins Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan of Sputnik Radio's Fault Lines to discuss the rise of independent online media and the decline of the dinosaur media paradigm.

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"The News" is a Social Construct. It is Used to Program You.

09/20/201751 Comments

If all the "alternative" media ever does is report on "the news" (as decided by the MSM), then aren't they just unwitting participants in the mockingbird media system? Join James for this heady thought for the day as he dissects the idea of "the news" and talks about the real value of an outlet like The Corbett Report.

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Interview 1297 - James Corbett on the Innerverse Podcast

09/02/201722 Comments

In this wide-ranging conversation, James Corbett appears on the Innerverse podcasst to discuss his background in writing and literature, finding the signal in the noise of information overload, the drive to dig deeper rather than settle for consensus reality, how to share conspiracy facts with those around you, epistemological humility, pathocracy, and decentralization as the only way forward. Oh, and he also answers the question of life, the universe, and everything while he's at it.

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Interview 1284 - James Corbett on How the "Alt" Media Got Trumped

07/07/2017125 Comments

Another November has come and gone and as the (s)election fallout has cleared we have seen the exact same swamp dwellers steering the ship of state (aka the USA Titanic) in the exact same way as always. So why did the supposedly "alternative" and "independent" online media fall hook, line and sinker for yet another political parlor game? And what does this teach us about how to avoid falling for the same old political nonsense in the future? James Corbett joins Vinny Eastwood on the Vinny Eastwood Show to discuss these topics and the state of the independent media.

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The Weaponization of Information in the War of Terror

06/12/201753 Comments

In the wake of London and Manchester, politicians around the world are trying to convince the public that the free flow of information on the internet is a terror threat. In reality, independent online media are exposing the real terrorists: the politicians and their deep state handlers who are funding, arming, aiding and enabling false flag terror. This is the GRTV Backgrounder on GlobalResearch.ca

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Weed War, Civilization Collapse, Media Purge - New World Next Week

04/22/20170 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: Trump and Change reignites the war on weed; the BBC salivates over the end of western civilisation; and the alt media purge reaches fever pitch.

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Interview 1270 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

04/20/201737 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: Trump and Change reignites the war on weed; the BBC salivates over the end of western civilisation; and the alt media purge reaches fever pitch.

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The Abnormalization of Dissent

12/13/201661 Comments

The spin, lies, manipulation and deceptions are coming so fast and thick it's increasingly difficult to document them all, let alone analyze them. But in the broad sweep of recent events we can see a common theme emerging: the abnormalization of dissent. And when political ideology boils down to nothing more than "real" and "fake" the control of political discourse through language itself is almost complete. Can outright censorship be far behind?

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