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Interview 664 - Radio Liberty: Origins of the Federal Reserve

05/21/20133 Comments

Today in their weekly conversation on politics and finance, James and Dr. Stan Monteith discuss the origins of the central banking system in the United States and its current form in the Federal Reserve system. They also take calls on a range of economic and political questions and discuss the non-fear-based solution of cooperation and building of alternative local systems.

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Complementary Currencies: A Beginner's Guide

04/04/20136 Comments

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Interview 638 – Paul Glover on How to Create a Community Currency

04/01/20137 Comments

Paul Glover of PaulGlover.org is an author, activist and community organizer who created the highly successful Ithaca Hours local community currency in Ithaca, New York in 1991. Today he joins us to discuss his experience creating the Ithaca Hours currency and how it can be (and in some cases has been) duplicated across the US and around the globe. We also talk about his books, including Hometown Money: How to Enrich Your Community with Local Currency.

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Interview 633 - Wayne Walton on Hour Money

03/26/20131 Comment

Monetary reform activist Wayne Walton of MtnHours.com joins us to talk about the hour money system and how it can be used as a dollar/yen/Euro/peso alternative to foster local business and rid the economy of usury and manipulation. We discuss the ideas presented in his book, Hour Money Jubilee, and how people can apply this in their own community for a positive, solutions-based approach to getting at the root of the money problem.

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The Money System and How to Change It

03/12/20131 Comment

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Interview 621 - Complementary Currencies - The People's Solution

03/12/20133 Comments

By now the problems are all too familiar: governments around the world are nothing more than extensions of the central banks that puppeteer them and the banksters themselves who control the money supply. So what's the solution? This week on their weekly Radio Liberty conversation James and Dr. Stan explore the idea of complementary currencies and how they can help take the power out of the hands of the banksters and place it back in the hands of the people.

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Interview 594: Radio Liberty - Policy is Driving Markets

01/29/20131 Comment

Every Monday afternoon James Corbett joins Dr. Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty to talk world finance, economics, and geopolitics. This week they discuss the disconnect between rising markets and falling economic productivity, the meeting at Davos, possible alternatives to the dollar reserve system, and more.

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Self-Issued Credit: A Monetary Solution

12/18/20129 Comments

As the global economy continues to slow down, the world is being asked to focus on issues of so-called "sovereign debt," "austerity," "fiscal responsibility," "belt tightening" and other such euphemisms for the grim reality that the public is now being asked to pony up the dough for the trillions that have been handed over to the banisters in the past few years. What the constant focus on these issues effectively hides, however, is that underlying the economic woes that are the symptom of the disease is the disease itself: the monetary system.

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Solutions for the Economic Collapse (video)

10/11/20121 Comment

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