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The Global Uprising Against CBDCs Has Begun!

08/20/202330 Comments

Of course you're not hearing about this CBDC pushback in the establishment media. Why would they tout their masters' failures, after all? But, weirdly enough, you're not hearing much about this pushback in the alt media either. Let's correct that today, shall we?

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The Bitcoin Psyop Explained

09/30/201782 Comments

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How To Beat The Banksters At Their Own Game

06/18/20166 Comments

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Israeli Hack, Royal Nazis, Greek Barter - New World Next Week


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Real Solutions Arise Out of the Greek Crisis

06/09/20155 Comments

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James Corbett Answers Reddit's Questions

11/04/20143 Comments

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Interview 930 - SGT Report: The United State of Enslavement

08/23/20140 Comments

James appears on The SGT Report to discuss 9/11, the Federal Reserve, MH17, Ebola, the Police State and more.

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Interview 928 - James Corbett Discusses Voluntary Solutions to Ending the Fed

08/20/20145 Comments

The Greening Out Podcast chats to James Corbett about his new documentary Century of Enslavement: A History of The Federal Reserve. We get into the history of the Fed and central banking, economics, alternate currencies, the new world order, global governance, voluntaryism and a little bit of Scottish Independence.

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Interview 897 - Matthew Slater Explores the Meaning of Money

06/04/20140 Comments

Matthew Slater is a currency engineer who designs software for community currency accounting. Working for free and living on hospitality, Slater has spent years exploring the history and function of complementary currencies, time banks, mutual credit and other systems, and the meaning of "money" itself. Today we engage in a wide-ranging conversation exploring mutual credit systems, cryptocurrencies, credit money vs. commodity money, and the communities at the root of the monetary system.

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Bitcoin, Anarchy and Freedom with Roger Ver

04/30/20141 Comment

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