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Episode 407 - False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda — Part 1 (video)


We all know the story of bin Laden and Al Qaeda, the story that was repeated ad nauseam in the days, weeks and months after the catastrophic, catalyzing events of 9/11. So often was that story repeated that the hypnotized public forgot that it was, at base, just that: a story. . . .

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False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda


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"Graveyard of Empires" Claims Another Victim

08/15/2021144 Comments

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Interview 1494 - Destroying the ISIL Myth on The Last American Vagabond

11/13/201926 Comments

The US government armed Osama Bin Laden; it armed Saddam Hussain with chemical weapons to be used against Iran in 1980; it armed the very groups that later became ISIS. Yet we are sold an entirely different yarn by the US government and its lap dog MSM. Today I have invited James Corbett on the show to very clearly, and once and for all, demonstrate who is actually responsible for the creation and the rise of ISIS.

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Relax, Everyone! Al Qaeda Are the Good Guys Again

08/06/201618 Comments

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Interview 1064 - The BFP Roundtable Tackles ISIS v. Al Qaeda

07/03/201514 Comments

On this episode we are joined by BFP contributors James Corbett and Christoph Germann for a discussion of the US Deep State's role in creating ISIS, its evolution, and the possible end of Al Qaeda. The three of us explore the idea of "moderate" Al Qaeda members speaking out against ISIS, and their attempts to save the dying Al Qaeda brand. We also discuss how ISIS has changed the rules of terrorism by ushering in a new level of violence that is devoid of any real political ideology, touching on the notion that they are merely a place holder for some other new form of jihadi movement yet to emerge, and then finish off the conversation by looking at recent geopolitical developments in Central Asia and how these nations are dealing with the threat that ISIS presents.

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The Pentagon's New Boogeymen: The Rise of ISIS and the Decline of Al-Qaeda

06/24/20150 Comments

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Interview 876 - James Corbett Blows the Lid Off of Benghazigate

05/05/20142 Comments

Benghazi is in the news again, but if you're relying on the mainstream headlines you'd believe it's a left/right political scandal about the "Commander-in-Chief" and his inability to "protect the US from Al Qaeda." Appearing on the Ed and Ethan podcast, James Corbett breaks down the latest in the unfolding political drama surrounding the Benghazi scandal, and then details the gun-running for terrorists campaign that is being covered up by both sides of the phoney political spectrum. Don't miss this quick-moving breakdown of the truth behind Benghazigate.

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Interview 818 - Mimi Al Laham Breaks Down the Geneva II Syrian "Peace" Talks

02/05/20140 Comments

Mimi Al Laham (aka "Syrian Girl") joins us once again to discuss the latest round of Syrian peace negotiations in Geneva, Switzerland. We talk about what Syria hopes to accomplish with the talks, where we can expect negotiations to go from here, the chemical weapons disarmament issue, and questions about Al Qaeda's relation to the so-called "moderate" rebels.

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Syria is NOT a civil war, it is a foreign intervention - James Corbett on RT

10/04/20130 Comments

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