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Interview 1727 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

05/06/202271 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: governments around the world pledge to erect ministries of truth over the internet; Canada's bioethicist-driven eugenics agenda continues apace as the euthanasia drive ramps up; and Roe v. Wade threatens to ignite Civil War 2.0 in the US.

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Fact Check: Progressive Hero Margaret Sanger Was a Racist Eugenicist

08/01/202071 Comments

Planned Parenthood are erasing Margaret Sanger's name from their Manhattan Health Center . . . but they won't tell you why. On today's fact check, James verifies the truth about Sanger and the real racist and eugenicist roots of Planned Parenthood that are not being explored in the establishment corporate PR.

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Planned Parenthood Exposed (video)

06/15/20131 Comment

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Episode 271 - Planned Parenthood Exposed

06/15/20135 Comments

Although the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Bill Gates are happy to sing its praises (or perhaps because they are), Planned Parenthood has a racist eugenicist past that it would prefer to sweep under the rug. The bigger problem for the organization, though, is that the past isn't over and the public is beginning to discover the real driving force behind this globalist institution. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we pull back the curtain and expose Margaret Sanger's monstrous offspring: Planned Parenthood.

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Interview 488 - Jon Rappoport on the Bioethics Agenda


Jon Rappoport of NoMoreFakeNews.com joins us to discuss the academic discipline of bioethics, a field of inquiry that presumes to be able to settle the moral quandaries raised by modern medicine. We discuss the startling implications of recent calls for after-birth abortions, the false debate about money as a determinative tool in life and death situations, the roots of these problems in the eugenics mindset, and how the bioreductive paradigm of humans as mechanical automatons is fundamentally flawed.

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Corbett Report Radio 087 - Exposing the Black Genocide with Rev. Clenard Childress


Tonight we talk to Rev. Clenard Childress, Jr. of BlackGenocide.org about the devastation that abortion has wrought in the African-American community, in which 52% of pregnancies now end in abortion. We examine the eugenics-inspired roots of the American Birth Control League and how that ideology has been carried over into the current day and age by the modern-day eugenicsts.

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Corbett Report Radio 076 - 1000 Words and Food World Order


James takes your calls and goes over some news headlines in the first half of the show. Then James Evan Pilato of FoodWorldOrder.com joins us to discuss all the latest news from the world of food, environment, and health.

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Corbett Report Radio 075 - Anarcho-Libertarianism with Walter Block


Tonight we talk to Dr. Walter Block, Professor of Economics at Loyola University and Senior Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. We discuss positive and negative rights, blackmail, abortion, anarchism, and a host of other contentious issues in this wide-ranging philosophical edition of the broadcast.

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