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Interview 698 - Tom Secker on Secrets, Spies and 7/7

07/05/20130 Comments

Tom Secker of InvestigatingTheTerror.com and SpyCulture.com joins us to discuss his brand new book, Secrets, Spies and 7/7. Today we discuss the likely spies and provocateurs at the heart of the plot, the alternative theories that have been developed about the bombing and the programming that helped inspire them, and why the truth about 7/7 still matters nearly 8 years later.

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7/7: 7 Years Later (Video)


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Corbett Report Radio 175 - 7/7: 7 Years Later


7 years on from the July 7, 2005 London bombings we take a moment to look back at what has been covered up--and what has been uncovered--regarding that tragic event. Joining us to help us do that is Tom Secker of investigatingtheterror.com.

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Episode 219 - Three Debates That Will Blow Your Mind


Debates help us to better understand what it is we believe and why we believe it. Occasionally, they even change our minds. Join us today on The Corbett Report podcast as we explore three debates that will make you think.

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Corbett Report Radio 010 - Case Studies in Predictive Programming

11/12/20110 Comments

Following up from episode 006 of this broadcast, tonight on Corbett Report Radio we explore some examples of predictive programming in greater depth, including the extraordinary story of the real-life "Insider" and his struggles to get his story of Wall Street fraud told, and the many strange parallels between tv, movies, and the July 7th bombings in London.

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7/7: An Historical Analysis - Tom Secker on GRTV

09/24/20110 Comments

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Sunday Update 2011/06/12

06/12/20110 Comments

The US Agent and the Mumbai Massacre

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Sunday Update - 2011/05/01

05/01/20110 Comments

The Injustice System.

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Interview 322 - John Anthony Hill

04/29/20110 Comments

The creator of 7/7 Ripple Effect joins us to discuss his ongoing persecution by the UK courts for having mailed a copy of his film to a court that was hearing a trial of three men accused of aiding the four alleged bombers. We discuss the remarkable story of his extradition from Ireland to the UK and 150 days of incarceration awaiting trial for having mailed the video, an act that the UK court is arguing was an attempt to "pervert the course of justice."

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Video - The Last Word on CCTV

03/09/20110 Comments

It wasn't long after the introduction of the television camera that those in positions of power began using it to track and surveil the public.

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