Syria Chemical Weapons Attack: An Open Source Investigation

04/09/2018330 Comments

No sooner has the idea of a US withdrawal from Syria been floated than Assad launched a chemical weapons attack on the suburbs of Damascus…or so we are being asked to believe. But this is not the first time we have been lied to about chemical weapons claims. What is the evidence about this situation, and what are the latest developments with regard to the international response? Corbett Report members are asked to contribute to this open source investigation by posting information and links about this breaking news event.

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As Trump Seeks Way Out of Syria, New Attack Pulls Him Back In

State Dept Claims Syria Chemical Attack, Blames Russia

Trump seeks Syria pullout as advisers warn of hard work ahead

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U.S. priority on Syria no longer focused on ‘getting Assad out’: Haley

Tillerson: ‘No role’ for Assad in governing Syria

The Syria Strikes Aftermath: What We Know So Far

Possible Implications of Faulty US Technical Intelligence in the Damascus Nerve Agent Attack of August 21, 2013

From the Houla Hoax to Chemical Weapons – Deceptions in Syria

Sunday Wire Episode #228 – ‘Another WMD Caper’ with Ambassador Peter Ford & Vanessa Beeley

As Skripal-Gate Collapses, Will May’s Government Be Next?

BREAKING: ‘AIRSTRIKE on Syria’ reports of fighter jets and missiles over Lebanon

McCain the warmonger immediately calls for more war


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  1. Corbett says:

    We already knew this, but just to complete the circle a “senior Israeli military official” has admitted that Israel was behind the attack on the T4 airbase in Syria last week:

    And no sooner was this confirmed then Israel reportedly launched a new missile attack on Shayrat airbase near Homs:

    According to Thomas Friedman, who broke the T4 confirmation story, this is part of a confrontation between Israel and Iran over Syria that is about to come to a head:

    • I Shot Santa says:

      I don’t know about Friedman’s assessment that Israel wants nothing to do with Syria. Weren’t they working with ISIS there as well? Haven’t they been targeting Syrian forces fairly regularly? I remember one that backfired and got one of their F-16s blown out of the sky, but I believe there have been many such attacks against the Syrians, not Iranians. JimBob who thinks trumpy should run from Syria anyway.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Just once I’d like to see these so called brave leaders go through some of the hell they love to bring to others. It doesn’t take courage to have others do your killing for you. JimBob follows redneck rules and does his own fighting and nobody else’s.

  2. Corbett says:

    Ryan Cristian of The Last American Vagabond talks to Eva Bartlett about the “chemical attack” in Syria and the propaganda/smear campaign that surrounded it.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Eva rocks! I’m actually glad that Sibel attacked her. Her patreon base has really expanded as a result. Over 200 new patrons backing her now. I’m proud to be one of them. By the way James, It’s kind of funny, but even Sibel has recovered from her rage enough to speak out against this in a surprisingly well-done video.:

      While I no longer believe her on anything anymore, it doesn’t mean that I don’t keep tabs on her. She even opened up the comment section on YouBoob for her latest video. There are two, but I only watched the one. JimBob who is glad that SE is resilient enough to recover from her melt-down, but he still listens to her with a ton of salt as he is not a forgiving type of person to those who lie badly.

  3. scpat says:

    Patrick Cockburn has a good perspective on the meaning of the recent bombings by the US, UK, and France.

    “What we saw was not a demonstration of strength by the US, UK and France but a demonstration of weakness.”

    “The evidence for this, reflecting the real balance of power in Syria, is the list of targets that were not attacked rather than the three that were. Tremendous efforts were made not to kill or injure any Russians, as the dominant political and military force in Syria. The Iranians and Hezbollah of Lebanon were evidently out of bounds. So too was the Syrian army, including its elite divisions, heavy equipment and ammunition dumps. Unlike Baghdad in 1991, 1998 and 2003, there were no cruise missiles striking empty but iconic sites like the presidential palace or defence ministry buildings in Damascus.”

    “The restrained nature of the air strikes was sensible and realistic, reflecting the real balance of power in Syria. Assad is backed by Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Shia forces from Iraq and has largely won the civil war. This is not going to change without an open-ended campaign of mass bombing in support of rebel ground troops like that which Nato conducted in Libya in 2011.”

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Smart move. Get to bump chests and nobody “important” dies. The US has been at war for the last 17 years and is burnt out. We weren’t really that good to start with, most of our advantages being technology. But if you have a weak infantry, all the technology in the world won’t help you win. And we do have a weak infantry. Which is why we don’t ever go head to head with anyone. We’re too soft. JimBob who ain’t that soft and cuddly but he does like his enemies to be that way. Of course, today his main enemies are all women, so warfare is a lot more fun than when he was in the army. They take the fun out of everything!

  4. Oscar says:

    Robert Fisk, a verry very experienced journalist and multi-award winning Middle East correpsondent of The Independent, arrives in Douma to report. He says he is the 1st jounalist to visit the clinic where the ‘alleged’ chemical attack took place. He went alone ie. not accompanied by military to see for himself. Everything is operating as per normal in a hospital. He confirms the following:
    1. The footage is authentic – he could recognise the location.
    2. He spoke to doctors there who said that children were admitted coughing and spluttering.
    3. The were admitted AS A RESULT OF NEARBY SHELLING and DUST FUMES!
    4. Someone [a White Helmet] created panic by shouting ‘gas, gas, gas’ and they began following procedure as they would in a gas attack by hosing them down.

    Short version:

    Longer version:

  5. UKJC says:

    A Brilliant podcast: “Secret evidence” “but the dog ate it” “Thwarted by a can of Febreze” review on Robert Fisk & OAN’s report on Damascus. “#whitehelmets – just hop in the bus with the terrorists” @caitoz

    Hope you enjoy and share as far and as wide as possible 🙂

  6. Telestai says:

    Global Research: Syrian ‘Rebels’ Used Sarin Nerve Gas Sold by Britain

    The Independent: The search for truth in the rubble of Douma – and one doctor’s doubts over the chemical attack

    Free Thought Project: Saudi Arabia Exposed as Secret Hand Behind Ongoing Syrian Regime Change Operation

    • I Shot Santa says:

      That Global Research article was brutal! Loved how they just put out the chemicals that are the building blocks for sarin. Two phosphates can’t be good. While I was reading that paragraph on sarin, all I could see in my head was the picture of that scud exploding over my head and that pretty yellow starburst plume. Two of those and I’m still here. Plus, that stuff pretty much saturated the air in Desert Storm. Chem alarms went off every day. Don’t worry, the VA said we were all okay. Just can’t ever give blood again. JimBob who can’t believe that anyone who has ever been in the military can trust anything the government says.

      • Telestai says:

        Yes, it is still incredible to me how powerful the truth is in unraveling commonly held lies. And some of us have decided that it is high time to be bold and unapologetic in the speaking of truth to power.

        Thanks for sharing.
        Considering all the insane toxicity in this world, I am also grateful to be alive.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    VoiceOfArabi, on another Syria related thread, posted a video.

    I well like this video, because it summarizes things in Syria so well.
    And it is from a MainstreamMedia News clip.

    “…not put this in partisan terms. This is a U.S. mistake that started 7 years ago… …and we know they sent in the CIA to overthrow Assad, the CIA and Saudi Arabia together….”

    “The Permanent State” (i.e. elections don’t matter.)

    Link below: for YouTube VIDEO Bombshell: Professor Stuns MSNBC Panel On Syria

    • manbearpig says:

      Oh, about that VIDEO Bombshell: Professor Stuns MSNBC Panel On Syria

      (Micah Brzezinski taken aback? She’d already invited the good professor previously on her show and knew his positions on the subject, just as he explains)

      Intriguing that, amidst so much gratifying mirth and cathartic emotion, there was that little epithet that JudahFriedman slipped in there

      at around 15minutes and 30seconds (now you see it now you don’t);

      “Amazing how many people who are for regime change don’t believe in climate change…”

      hey, just like John Oliver some time back at the 15 minute mark of his “Scientific Studies” sketch some time last year:

      “…this is what leads people to believe that man-made climate change isn’t real”…


    • mik says:

      Very interesting.

      I was astonished who this professor actually is: Jeffrey Sachs.

      Probably anyone living in ’90 in eastern Europe knows him very well.
      He was a Shock Therapy economic doctor (a mf criminal), responsible for a lot of misery.

      Now he is with UN. He is a globalist I think.

      • mik says:

        About Jeffrey Sachs from wikipedia:

        “As of 2017, he serves as special adviser to the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General António Guterres on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ……. He held the same position under the previous UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and prior to 2016 a similar advisory position related to the earlier Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)”

  8. Kenric Ashe says:

    SMOKING GUN: Here is an interview with one of the children who were in the White Helmets’ video filmed in the hospital in Douma, Syria where they staged a fake chemical attack. Also featured is the boy’s father, the hospital itself, and hospital staff. They all explain what really happened. The only way to deny this is to simply not watch it, but willful ignorance is not bliss for those who continue to suffer under the thumb of Western imperialism.



  9. Telestai says:

    Pink Floyd Frontman Leaks Email Exposing How White Helmets Recruit Celebs With Saudi Money (The Free Thought Project)

  10. paul823 says:


    The UK government is attempting to silence dissent from those questioning the massive holes in the Skripal poisoning case by claiming all their opposition is “Russian bots.”

    One of those “bots” identified by Whitehall is none other than “Syrian Girl,” real name Maram Susli.

    Susli responded to the accusations with mockery:

    I’m that “#RussianBot” the @guardian and the British government warned you about.
    — Partisangirl 🇸🇾 (@Partisangirl) April 20, 2018

    Here’s how the state stenographers at The Guardian reported the news (which they’ve refused to correct for two days):

    Russia used trolls and bots to unleash disinformation on to social media in the wake of the Salisbury poisoning, according to fresh Whitehall analysis. Government sources said experts had uncovered an increase of up to 4,000% in the spread of propaganda from Russia-based accounts since the attack,– many of which were identifiable as automated bots.

    Theresa May highlighted the cyber-threat from Russia in her Mansion House speech earlier this year, telling the Kremlin: “I have a very simple message for Russia. We know what you are doing. And you will not succeed.”

    …May said afterwards: “Russia is using cyber as part of a wider effort to undermine the international system. This disinformation campaign is not just aimed at social media and the UK – it is intended to undermine the actual institutions and processes of the rules-based system, such as the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons. We must do all we can at every turn to challenge this.”

    The state not being allowed to lie people into war with total impunity is undermining our “international system.”

    The other “bot,” Ian56789, also went on Sky News to refute the government’s claims (his account was evidently later unsuspended).

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Carla Ortiz Shocking Video From Syria – White Helmets Exposed as Terrorists & well-paid shills
    The Jimmy Dore Show
    Saturday April 21, 2018

    Thanks to VoiceOfArabi who posted this on the “Spontaneous Order” thread and also requested: Can any Newsbud member get this video to Newsbud members comment board to help them see what Sibel is doing to them?

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      BIG thank you HomeRemedySupply for helping me get the message across. I am a little clumsy when it comes to comments… I owe you one…

      best regards

    • manbearpig says:

      There was just that thumbs up for Robert Fisk that compels me to post the following article where he says what he thinks about 9/11 conspiracy theorists:

      Also the end felt like a remake of the Agenda 2030 “17 Global Goals” video:

      “I won’t let my mother be crucified”.

      But Ortiz’s video otherwise seemed to contain shocking truth.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Fisk does have a point. After all, why would anyone expect a Middle Eastern correspondent to have an intimate knowledge of 9/11. And he offers some fair questions. However, I think it is a mistake to conclude that it was an administration which orchestrated it. I won’t go so far as to say more on that, as that is probably what it was on his part. That little 2030 vid though; that was creepy. By the way, just how do you become “Safe” in a “Progressive” society? Those are the ones in which victims flock to gun free zones and wonder why bad guys don’t read the signs. Doesn’t sound like the basis of a free society to me. But what do I know? I’m just a stupid redneck and am not fit to be questioning my betters. JimBob who don’t care how fit he is to question his betters. He knows they’re a bunch of retards.

        • manbearpig says:

          Sorry I SHOT SANTA.

          “I’m not the Conspiracy Correspondant” ???

          If he wasn’t covering the ongoing foreign conspiracies in the Middle East then what the hell was he covering???

          “Real plots” vs “imaginary ones”?

          Fisk is clearly on the gatekeeper’s gravytrain of ridiculing people interested in alternative conspiracy theories. Right when it was really important, in 2007, when the emotional shock was wearing off and folks were really starting to look at those crumbling buildings differently.

          Finally dragging out the old “incompetency” canard. Sigh.

          “…Usually, I have tried to tell the “truth”; that while there are unanswered questions about 9/11, I am the Middle East correspondent of The Independent, not the conspiracy correspondent; that I have quite enough real plots on my hands in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Iran, the Gulf, etc, to worry about imaginary ones in Manhattan. My final argument – a clincher, in my view – is that the Bush administration has screwed up everything – militarily, politically diplomatically – it has tried to do in the Middle East; so how on earth could it successfully bring off the international crimes against humanity in the United States on 11 September 2001?…”

          Such a slippery piece oozing condescension against the 9/11 “Ravers”. Gratuitous Monbiot-Chomskian venom.

          But I guess none of them could have just said, “well, I don’t really know what happened that day but I understand why it troubles you. I personally have other priorities though.”

          free of “Now that’s just conspiracy theory!” as Chomsky sneered at Barry Zwicker and the others have adopted in an echo…

          • I Shot Santa says:

            It could be as you say. However, he is the middle east correspondent, and though he admitted he didn’t buy the official story, he seemed like he was just fed up with people assuming he had the answers. And let’s face it, the waters around 9/11 have been so muddied that it is frustrating to really look at it. Especially when those “ravers” he mentions are an annoying fact of life. I agree though the administration wasn’t responsible, but the people behind the throne are the ones doing it. I don’t mean to exonerate the administration; it’s just that what one of those puppets do you think are capable of pulling it off? I concur with what the German Prime Minister (I think, relying on a pothead’s memory here) said: It requires an intelligence agency. Who else could have coordinated everything so well? Or have known just who to get to do that type of job? I don’t doubt that Bush knew; especially Cheney; but they weren’t in charge. Or, he could just know better than to stick his nose in it. I can’t say other than to speculate. JimBob

            • manbearpig says:

              I’m sure it ain’t news to Fisk that presidents are puppets of “intelligence agencies” and a range of other obscure deep state actors.

              For someone who admitted to doubting the official version he sure was an effective accomplice in the cover-up.

              Quite an effectively condescending accomplice in fact,

              making it dreadfully uncouth to even take interest in such alternative Rav ing conspiracies.

              • candlelight says:

                After reading your link to “Robert Fisk: Even I question the ‘truth’ about 9/11”, it’s apparent Fisk is good at the use of the non sequitur:

                “Usually, I have tried to tell the “truth”;…”

                followed by

                “…I have quite enough real plots on my hands…to worry about imaginary ones in Manhattan.”


                “…I am increasingly troubled at the inconsistencies in the official narrative of 9/11.”

                And so on and so forth.

                After siting about a dozen damning anomalies, he returns to this:

                “I am not a conspiracy theorist… Spare me the plots.”

                His “clincher” of a final argument against government conspiracy, for anyone who has half a brain, is a real non-starter – the Bush administration’s ineptitude, given its failure in the Middle East, would not have been able to coordinate 9/11 successfully.

                So, the “truth” for Fisk simply boils down to the level of jackass that is Dubya?

                No, what Fisk boils down to is that Fisk, in “truth”, is the jackass.

                And what Dubya is, is a sideglancing cunning little bastard of a motherfucker, as are the rest of his co-conspirators.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                To tell you the truth, I’ve heard so many crazy theories on 9/11 that I’ve lost count of them. I’m sure he has as well. 9/11 brought out the crazy in all of us, so I’m sure he has good reason to claim people are ravers. Also, he has been quite busy in the Middle East. That is his area of expertise, not 9/11. But, if he’s a gate-keeper, what does that say about his recent work in Syria where he says there was no chem attack? Does that make him an agent who is promoting Trump’s desire to get out of Syria? I don’t think so. I think he has no interest in investigating it. He lives in the Middle East and why would anyone want to leave that to go live in New York? JimBob

              • candlelight says:

                There ya go! Dissin’ us New Yawkas, again!

              • manbearpig says:

                The bizarre non-sequitur…

                I shot santa wrote;

                “…But, if he’s a gate-keeper, what does that say about his recent work in Syria where he says there was no chem attack?…

                Does that make him an agent who is promoting Trump’s desire to get out of Syria?…”

                A gatekeeper is someone who absolutely must be leading the vanguard of truth most of the time except on some critical topic(s) where having acquired a cult following, he or she leads the disciples off into lala land.

                If he isn’t at the cutting edge of truth-seeking most of the time, then he or she cannot be effective.

                Mixing truth, fiction and venemous condescension until folks are totally confused.

                The issue is not about being mistaken – like Chomsky supposedly was about JFK or 9/11,

                it’s about deliberate misdirection using people’s fear and emotions (through ridicule, evocation of horrific images, the intellectual high ground, condescension etc),

                to keep people away from understanding some key issue.

                Barrie Zwicker breaks this down very well:



              • manbearpig says:

                I shot santa wrote:

                “…Also, he has been quite busy in the Middle East. That is his area of expertise, not 9/11…
                …He lives in the Middle East and why would anyone want to leave that to go live in New York?…
                …I think he has no interest in investigating it…”

                Anyone claiming to be interested in events in the Middle East just might want to take a peek at what happened on 9/11, don’t ya think?

                In fact, without even relocating to New York,

                had he taken some interest in the subject of 9/11 back in 2007 when he was more interested in ridiculing raving truthers

                he might have helped avoid having to report on the atrocities going on in Syria today…

                don’t ya think?

                no connection between 9/11 and the Middle East??

          • manbearpig says:

            I shot santa wrote:

            “…Or, he could just know better than to stick his nose in it. I can’t say other than to speculate…”

            and the same could be said about a zillion other media personalities who for some bewildering reason (unless you consider Operation Mockingbird) could not make any contribution to unveiling the obvious about 9/11 to the world.

            Except that, not only do they not touch it

            they find it necessary to smear and ridicule perfectly respectable people who ARE interested in touching it.

            The Chomsky/Monbiot/Fisks don’t just leave it alone; No. They actively resort to such invectives as

            “ravers”, “idiots” and “morons”…

            Oh! and of course

            “Shut up, Conspiracy theorist!”

          • manbearpig says:

            candlelight says:

            “…No, what Fisk boils down to is that Fisk, in “truth”, is the jackass.

            …And what Dubya is, is a sideglancing cunning little bastard of a motherfucker, as are the rest of his co-conspirators…”

            Invectives are gratifying but no, I’m afraid not.

            Gatekeepers are anything but jackasses.

            They are a crucial element in perception and damage control for the deep state.

            That’s what’s the most shocking. They are the ones who are the greatest, most dangerous traitors to truthseekers.

            Without the gatekeepers, meaning those intellects who could really help the masses understand the world, the Dubya’s of the cesspool could not succeed.

            The gatekeepers manage those elements of the masses who are not deterred by CNN, Jon Stewart and the NFL.

            They minimize the number and direct the attention of those elements who might really take an interest in what’s going on.

            They are neither jackasses, nor hysterical, nor menopausal.

            They are steadfast soldiers to their cause.

            Like intellectual sleeper cells.

            A cause that remains utterly obscure to truth-seekers.

            But that entails deft and timely seduction and misdirection of the truth-seeking population.

            • candlelight says:

              You cannot have put together the foregoing concept of gatekeeper more succinctly, more accurately, and more knowingly.

              And, you’re quite correct – when I referred to Fisk as a jackass, you certainly hit that nail on the head, as well – the invective was gratifying, just as it was gratifying, ten fold, calling out Dubya in a similar fashion, albeit, in harsher terms, and for different reasons.

              Whereas Dubya had a penchant for playing somewhat of the inarticulate fool, he was cunning enough to play that role very well when required, and behind the scenes, no doubt, through the tutelage of papi, he performed as he was instructed and coached to perform. Indeed, the “clincher”, Fisk’s convenient use of such a foil stands as a case in point for the value of Dubya’s bumbling shtick…. Though, tellingly, one of Dubya’s daughters once insisted during an interview, that contrary to popular conception, her dad was actually a very astute and clever man, or something along those lines. Save for some familial daughterly bias, I felt absolutely no reason not to believe her.

              As for Fisk, as you aptly imply, the Gatekeeper, is no fool, rather, quite to the contrary, the Gatekeeper is as subtle and as clever as needs be. Your description and the consequence of such machinations as befits the gatekeeper are royally spot on.

              However, on another level, as smooth and as intellectually clever and intelligent as he, Fisk, comes off, and as smug as he surely feels himself to be, deep down, he’s still, if not quite a jackass, he’s an individual who is missing a crucial piece of himself, or perhaps he never had it in the first place. And for that which he is lacking, for all his smarts, the joke is on him, and for all those like him, regardless their ignorance. I’m referring to blind ignorance in absolute terms, inherent to these people’s natures, wherein they actually lack discernment, for all the world, of what is good, and what is bad. And, to be sure, I say this without moralizing.

              What I am describing, simply, for all intents and purposes, is the definition of psychopathy.

              And that is, unfortunately, precisely who these people are.

              • manbearpig says:

                Psychopathy. Hm.

                Rob, Sibel, George, Noam, Amy, Jon (take your pick)… and hordes of others… all psychopaths…?

                If only it were that “simple”…

                Or perhaps I can’t see the forest for the trees?…


              • candlelight says:

                That’s an excellent point.

                Which leads me to believe it serves little purpose making blanket statements. Similar to the fallacy of calling all cops pigs. There are some, like anyone else, in or out of a uniform, who are brutal, and possibly psychopathic. And, there are also plenty who are of good nature, and honestly well meaning.

                Each of those on the gatekeeper list, then, have their own psychological profile, which should be taken into account. It would also stand to reason, that each has their own particular relationship to the deep state, which would logically range from a direct relationship to one further out. Perhaps there are gatekeepers, and there are gatekeepers. The Fisks and the Chomskys of the world seem pretty deeply embedded, and will consciously tactically humiliate those who question. As for someone like Amy Goodman, in avoiding the “thornier” issues, may have another agenda, more personal in nature, of simply retaining her program by maintaining a particular moderate left of center stance. I can’t say for sure, because I haven’t listened to her enough to formulate a pattern. As for the Jon Stewarts, who you would think would know enough to say more, again, I’m not an expert on Jon Stewart, but, I know one thing, for all his years of satire, he hasn’t ever led any kid to conclude 9/11 was an inside job. Did that make him a gatekeeper (by default, perhaps), or is it he simply knew where his bread was buttered? By definition, do we include as gatekeeper those who don’t necessarily actively mislead, but arguably do so only through omission?

                And now, because I really need to get some sleep…

                Now, for the FBI Princess darling:

                Sibel? A gatekeeper extraordinaire? Psychopathic?

                On both counts, what are the infinitesimal odds that this gal isn’t?

                Also, I have some lotto tickets for anyone interested.

              • manbearpig says:

                woops… so sorry for the repeat –
                posted this further up by accident:

                “…Stewart’s shtick is the exasperated moderate everyman, a lone voice of reason in a sea of insanity – willing to question or poke fun at anyone or anything. But, as with fellow “edgy” political humorist Bill Maher, some things simply must not be questioned. And those who do question them must be mocked.
                “The people that believe George Bush let 9/11 happen to pad Dick Cheney’s Halliburton stock portfolio,” Stewart intoned to minimal laughter,
                describing the “dumb” 15 to 30 percent of the population that he says is holding the country back.
                “You’ve seen their signs.”
                Stewart then whipped out a sign of his own reading “9/11 Was an Outside Job” – as a sample of what would be an appropriate message at his rally…”


                and just as a bonus:


            • pearl says:

              manbearpig, such an excellent summation of what a gatekeeper is and does; thorough and complete, worthy of printing out and passing on.

              • manbearpig says:

                Pearl. You have this habit of making me blush. It’s embarassing. I wish I could say something clever to laugh it off… but honestly, my sister inherited all the humour genes…I got the eczema.

              • pearl says:

                Can’t be having that – now your blushing is making me blush. But hey, yer smart!

              • manbearpig says:

                So…now I guess now we’re supposed to slap each other repeatedly on the back with virility, guffaw profusely and guzzle huge quantities of beer until we pass out.


              • pearl says:

                Damn straight. Followed by a few resounding belches and belly scratches, and we’re good to go.

              • manbearpig says:

                uh huh.

                ok by me but…

                …speaking of belly scratches…

                actually, uh…beer… exacerbates my eczema…

                maybe we could just sing a few fraternity pledge songs or something…


                …nothing personal…

                I know a couple a blond jokes? interchangeable with the polish ones….

              • pearl says:

                It’s a plan! Speaking of blonde jokes…


              • manbearpig says:

                Jeez, yea! these McDonald’s commercials are SOoo cliché!! But fast food sold in libraries is a reeeaaaaallly great innovation! like TOtally! why nobody had done it before I just don’t get it!


              • Fawlty Towers says:

                Yes it was an excellent summary.

                The irony though is that with all this knowledge she has, she has mischaracterized Sibel as a gatekeeper.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Wow. I didn’t really expect all this. I will try to keep it concise, but it will probably require a multiple posting. First of all, to say that he is a gatekeeper is a bit over-blown. At least, this is my opinion. He wrote that article in 2007. At that time, the type of people he was referring to really were “ravers”. This was when people like Luke Rudowski (sp?) of We Are Change was going to these events and demanding people offer explanations for 9/11. While Luke did an admirable job of it, not everyone else did. Keep in mind that in 2007, the vast majority of people held his opinion as well. Plus, he spent the majority of the article describing things about the official story that should have led you to a different conclusion than the one you came to. This seems out of character for you. He had questions, but this was not his area of expertise. He is a wartime correspondent, not a researcher; which is what you need to be to piece together the 9/11 story. In the article, he clearly states that there is more to the story than what the government was telling us. But 2007 was not 2018.
              While I don’t follow journalists, and only have the two articles (the 2007 and the recent one in Syria) to make my judgement on him; he appears to be a very methodical, let’s say plodding, type of person. In the Syrian piece, he went to Syria and interviewed people and the landscape. He doesn’t really extrapolate from that scene to any further conclusions. This is really just good journalism.
              Please re-read the article again with a cooler head, and through the lens of 2007. I think you’ll have a clearer picture. This is the challenge which historians face, attempting to understand a subject through the lens of the times you are studying, rather than the lens of the present. I am not arguing, or anything like that; I just feel the need to state my position on the subject. I am always hesitant to label anybody anything without looking into it. This rule doesn’t apply to stupid people, but I don’t bother with them anyway.
              Also, my understanding of a gate-keeper (and this is my own guideline which may not jibe with reality, but it keeps it quasi-straight in my mind, is they are usually academics. Chomsky is merely the most famous one. Touted as brilliant, and offering brilliant insights, with a few key twists. Most of those people offered as gate-keepers (Jon Stewart, and really just any of the performers) are either propagandists or they actually just hold a different belief system. Personally, I always felt Jon was pretty honest. He had a liberal view-point but he didn’t hesitate to have different viewpoints on his show. And, he treated them with respect. I always felt he was very intelligent, and had a wide-range of knowledge. However, his knowledge appeared to be rather shallow and he lacked a strong critical thinking element. This is hardly surprising as this is the kind of intelligence you would expect from a talk-show host/comedian. But I never felt he intentionally betrayed the trust of his audience. Remember, a lot of people still don’t believe 9/11 was a false flag event. Many of them are in media. This doesn’t make them shills or propagandists. There are 7 billion people on this planet and every single one of them has a different opinion on everything. I hope this doesn’t sound condescending, as it’s not meant to, I am attempting to explain how I perceive the world. Psychedelic flavors are difficult to write about. Stewart’s cohorts always seemed a bit stupid to me. Colbert, and especially John Oliver are both a bit dense in my opinion. Most of their shilling is probably due to the election hysteria the logically impaired went through during the last selection. Add to that a desperate attempt to remain relevant and you’ve got the Colbert and Oliver skits. The news are definitely shills who think only of their scoops and not of the truth. At least that’s been my experience with reporters. Fame, fame, fame, fame (David Bowie lyrics). I’m not trying to argue, merely explain my reasoning behind my opinion. I try and detach my emotions from all the craziness in the world, sometimes successfully, and attempt to see the other person’s perspective. Not all liars lie intentionally. Well, Amy Goodman does. And Anderson, and all the anchors. But their just interested in their own fame. At least for the most part. I’m just going to stop it here. Hopefully, this won’t result in another plethora (I loved the Three Amigos) of comments about my opinion. JimBob who takes off just one day and the world just falls down. Yeah, great job of taking my slack, Atlas!

              • manbearpig says:

                Hey I shot santa! Looks like I hit a nerve.

                If YOU reread my posts you’ll see I precisely took Fisk’s 2007 article in the 2007 perspective and that’s clear in my comments.

                At that time, people questioning the official narrative needed at least moral support from credible and courageous personalities. Not to be spit on by their idols and mentors.

                Gatekeepers are relatively high-profile opinion formers. Not just academics. Why do you think Mika Brzezinski is an anchor woman?

                And finally, once again, Fisk could simply have left it at “it’s not my area of expertise, please stop asking me about it, I’m not interested!” (which would already have been pretty astonishing given the nature of 9/11 and its impact on Middle East politics) but NO! He felt he had to ooze condescension, ridicule and employ invectives. His justifiably admirative fans sure wouldn’t want to be one o’ THOSE crazy ravers! How typical of the Gatekeeping community!

                So, I’ll concede by repeating, if he’s not a witting Gatekeeper he sure is an effective unwitting one!

                And if 7 Billion+ people in the world today don’t mostly know that the Official 9/11 fairytale IS a fairy tale that betrays their own eyes and the laws of physics (nevermind the exact nature of the pyrotechnics involved), well, you can thank all those foundation-funded and otherwise incentivized charismatic Gatekeepers out there! Way to go guys! Deep State 7B+ vs Everyman 0! Deep state wins yet again! (for better or worse…).

                Finally, I couldn’t agree more – finding decent help these days is a real b#*$ch!

              • I Shot Santa says:

                No you didn’t. You despise him. I admire him. I don’t understand your logic. You don’t understand mine. Pretty much down to agree to disagree.

              • manbearpig says:

                You admire him! Understandably! Many do!
                And it would be a bore to agree on everything anyway.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                this is his bio. I know its wikipedia, but when you really don’t care, it’s a good resource. He’s exactly where he’s needed.


              • manbearpig says:

                Hey there I shot santa!

                Just noticed your last wiki page about Fisk and I duly read it up through the Bin Laden part and what I continue to see is

                someone who amongst all the “inconsistencies” that “troubled him” did not even allude to building 7’s mysterious collapse which is sort of the biggest most obvious and simple “elephant in the room”…

                Everything he says surrounding the event screams “Blowback!!!” from aggressive American foreign policy in the Middle East (which incidently was my first violent and voiced gut reaction the day it happened, like many people).

                and he of course associates the other people who don’t share the same “scientific questions” he has, with David Icke.

                So, I appreciate your effort of posting the wiki page, but having closely followed much of Fisk’s reporting when I was a denizen of the InformationClearingHouse site, I see nothing to disculp his gatekeeping status on the wiki page or anywhere else.

                Blowback. The convenient explanation for the murder that took place on 9/11 for the politically correct.

                All hail the brave Ed Asner who, though he’s (was) high profile, may be allowed to live out what’s left of his long and successful life, even though he said what he really thought about 9/11. (Though I have yet to listen to I expect is a most gratifying Press for Truth interview.)

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Okay, this will be my last comment on this subject. I am not so quick to call people anything. I will first post the entire part of his “conspiracy theorist” gate-keeper part of his article. This part will be followed by another to keep my section under the limit.

                Each time I lecture abroad on the Middle East, there is always someone in the audience – just one – whom I call the “raver”. Apologies here to all the men and women who come to my talks with bright and pertinent questions – often quite humbling ones for me as a journalist – and which show that they understand the Middle East tragedy a lot better than the journalists who report it. But the “raver” is real.

                He has turned up in corporeal form in Stockholm and in Oxford, in Sao Paulo and in Yerevan, in Cairo, in Los Angeles and, in female form, in Barcelona. No matter the country, there will always be a “raver”.

                His – or her – question goes like this. Why, if you believe you’re a free journalist, don’t you report what you really know about 9/11? Why don’t you tell the truth – that the Bush administration (or the CIA or Mossad, you name it) blew up the twin towers? Why don’t you reveal the secrets behind 9/11? The assumption in each case is that Fisk knows – that Fisk has an absolute concrete, copper-bottomed fact-filled desk containing final proof of what “all the world knows” (that usually is the phrase) – who destroyed the twin towers. Sometimes the “raver” is clearly distressed. One man in Cork screamed his question at me, and then – the moment I suggested that his version of the plot was a bit odd – left the hall, shouting abuse and kicking over chairs.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                I am not an expert on gate-keepers, or am I? However, it seems that they tend to tell people they are authorities on whatever subject they are lying about. He quite clearly states he is not. Also, when I read it I try and inflect my “I not only don’t know a dang thing about it, but I ain’t gonna spend a whole lot of time on it either as I got other things I’m doing, and I don’t appreciate your getting all up in my face about it” tone. But maybe that’s just me.

                The only part of the conspiracy that I think he would have considered as investigated by him would be his statement that the hijackers weren’t on the plane. I think he went and saw them as they weren’t that far away from him. But he did not present him as even willing to be a 9/11 investigator. I also think that was a good move for him. Especially seeing as how he has been working as a wartime correspondent for the past thirty years and that is as different as night and day on the type of person you need to be to be reading them lying ass documents those bureaucrats just misled you with. Maybe he doesn’t question Bldg. 7. These things don’t make him a gatekeeper. Just because somebody else doesn’t think your opinion about what they should be doing isn’t that important to them, doesn’t make them whatever it is that you want them to be. And he’s right about the ravers. I’m sure he’s been confronted by people who did rave about the illuminati lizard jews. Those people exist. And he was addressing them directly.

                As I said before, we are unable to see eye to eye on this one. JimBob who occasionally takes pains to be nice.

              • manbearpig says:

                Once again, it’s not about disagreeing with people.

                It’s about stigmatizing them with insults and unflattering comparisons.

                You do not perpetuate your aura of serious, high-profile multi-award winning investigative journalist if you investigate and report on 9/11.

                Do you?

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Where is this investigatory piece? All I’ve seen is the one in which he said he wasn’t doing one. JimBob who has clearly stated all he’s seen of Fisk’s stuff.

              • manbearpig says:

                That’s exactly it man!

                Where’s the investigatory piece on 9/11 by a serious, high profile, multi-award winning investigative journalist?

                Don’t recall having seen one.

                Just stuff with invectives implying that it’s useless and uninteresting to do any such investigative journalism.

                And Fisk ain’t alone on that score.

                Best not rock that bushy bin laden boat if you wanna keep your aura. And your paycheck. And even your hide.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                He’s a wartime correspondent. Not a scholarly type. Not everybody thinks they ought to go and give up their entire career to suit your whims? He’s lived in Beirut since 1989 for a reason. He likes it there. He goes and talks to people, not read papers. But since you think he ought to give up everything for this research; why haven’t you done the same? JimBob who really don’t think everybody is a gate-keeper. Nor is every conspiracy ever simple enough for most conspiracy theorists to figure out. Though not nearly as complicated as some of them.

  12. I Shot Santa says:

    Okay, this is priceless! David Stockman on Maria Bartilomow’s morning show. On a totally off-topic rant, I truly despise Maria and enjoyed watching her nearly freak out during this clip. I remember hearing her tout IPOs in the late ’90s, knowing every word she said was an obvious lie. IPOs in every case, but one that I know of (RedHat), always have their high of the day before the market opens. Yet, none of her shilling reflected this fact. I also really like the smile Stockman gave when he talked about MSM news. On the sad side, I think there were a multiple of paradigms being challenged by the hosts. One, was corporate sponsorship of course. I think the most revealing aspect of it was the absolute stupidity of all of the panelists, with the exception of the man sitting beside Stockman. He seemed fairly ignorant for someone who was supposed to be reporting on financials, but at least he was open and understood what was being said to an admirable extent. JimBob who knows the only company he’ll invest in is his own.

    • candlelight says:

      I’m glad you provided the clip! I’m not familiar with David Stockman, and haven’t listened to Maria Bartilomo in literally years. I wouldn’t have dreamed to hear a guest on Fox, or any other news platform – and that goes for public television, PBS – so fully right off the cuff cut through the main stream bullshit like a hot knife through butter, and even better, like icing on a cake, unapologetically, and as a simple matter of fact, legitimately sourcing his information as coming from outside the main stream.

      I noticed the comment section below the clip was 100% in favor of Stockman. 100%!

      Maybe times are changing? This definitely gives one hope!

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Maybe times are changing? This definitely gives one hope!

        Is that groupthink idea of a great awakening happening? It would be nice, though I’ve never really understood why I should concern myself with it. JimBob who has noticed how the world is such an amusing mess of stupid and is highly entertained by all the problems people insist on having for themselves. Yet; things like this seem to be happening more and more; which is just as fascinating.

        • candlelight says:

          What’s fascinating this time around is that whatever you just said is ah, totally confusing.

          To wit: “Is that groupthink idea of a great awakening happening?”

          If you would, please identify who, in this instance, are the members of that “groupthink”.

          Your answer may potentially help in deciphering what you are talking about.

          Thanks, much!

          • I Shot Santa says:

            No problem. It’s just my amusement at the mass calling for everyone else to wake up. It’s like a cult, where nobody agrees on what the “red pill” leads to, as they all have different definitions, but they all claim they are awake and aware and that they only need to have everyone else in the world awake and aware and on the same wavelength as them. JimBob who always wonders why an awake and aware person would really need everyone else to be on his side to start with.

        • candlelight says:

          Further, if we construe any sort of “awakening” in the context of The Corbett Report as being tied to awakening to the truth of things, am I wrong in wondering why in hell you’d not understand it is something to be concerned with?

          Further, still, you’re somehow tying this unexplained, unknown argument/concept – who the hell knows – to having to do with “…an amusing mess of stupid…”.

          Yup, fascinating, indeed, JimBob! You completely lost me.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            I’m not talking about people who are searching for truth; I’m talking about the mass of stupid which claims they are the possessors of truth. The ones who warn us of the lizard takeover, or the planet whatever. But humanity is one amusing mess of stupid. Most of us whine about the problems we create for ourselves as if someone else put us in the boat we built. JimBob an esoteric sage of redneck (non)wisdom.

        • candlelight says:

          Okay, you kind of answered the questions I have. Only, you’re forcing me to ponder your answer all freaking afternoon. lol

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Just don’t go pondering while your wandering or else you’ll start wondering where your floundering! I know, that was horrible. Just trying to make things worse. JimBob who tries to never be too helpful.

            • candlelight says:

              Good advice being I was just out in the back with pail and shovel cleaning up the dog do. The bottoms of my shoes would definitely be floundering. lol

              Actually, you are touching on the esoteric. Or at least a prerequisite for esotericism. A common language/understanding/wavelength among adherents; which does sound suggestive of an occultism of sorts. The thing is, “groupthink” ironically connotes more a collective mindlessness than anything else.

              In the specific case of the Morning with Maria clip, the groupthink was exhibited by just about everyone but David Stockman, who represented the enlightened (awakened) individual. Whether he’s been given a talking to subsequent to that clip is anybody’s guess. But, I thought it was good he unabashedly got in his two cents, whether the hive liked it or not, plus, he argued his points quite well, in front of a main stream audience.

              No matter the shortcomings we as people have, however utterly gullible and nondiscerning, this little mini-happening on Fox is at least a little refreshening step in the right direction. I can’t and won’t sneeze at it, even if for argument sake, your points are well taken, and not necessarily for the worse. 🙂

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Note how the guy sitting next to Stockman wasn’t a part of the hive. He actually asked questions without seeking a chink to attack. Maria, whom I DESPISE, always portrayed an intelligent person despite her absolute LACK of it. But, she did look good on the screen and so we used her as a wedge to open up a sale. Good job on avoiding the dog poo! I grew up around cattle, so it’s second nature for me to avoid those piles. JimBob who lives in a swamp just like Yoda, but he ain’t that short.

  13. grahamaskey says:

    Here’s a forensic analysis of all the videos and pics released by the rebels at the time of the attack. Makes a very convincing case for it being a fake

  14. candlelight says:

    Okay, you kind of answered the questions I have. Only, you’re forcing me to ponder your answer all freaking afternoon. lol

  15. manbearpig says:

    I shot SAnta, you said:

    “But since you think he ought to give up everything for this research; why haven’t you done the same?”

    This is a strawman. I never said such a thing. Once again, I take issue with the fact that he insulted and stigmatized 9/11 researchers, ordinary folks who cared..

    Gatekeepers deliberately seduce people with their enlightened and rigorous views and work

    and then deliberately mislead their followers on key issues using among other techniques ad hominem and stigmatization.

    I don’t expect him to risk his job and prestige by telling any truths about 9/11.

    I think it’s suspicious he feels the zealous need to throw wrenches in the works using his high profile to poo poo people who care about 9/11.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      You did ask him to go and investigate it. which is dismantling his expertise in the Middle East. He would have to spend his time reading government papers that he could get via FOIA requests. I’m not even sure he can get those that way as he is a british citizen. He did not mislead. We will not agree on this. I’m just done with it. Believe what you want, I’ll do the same. He doesn’t meet my criteria for gatekeeper. He meets yours. Have fun with it. JimBob who don’t see why this whole thread is so important anyway. If you dont like somebody, don’t listen to them. That’ll solve any gates what need keeping if you ask me.

      • manbearpig says:

        “You did ask him to go and investigate it.”

        Where? Show me where.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          With every post damning him for not doing it. Despite the fact that he is in a horrible position to do so; what with being half-way around the world from where he’d need to be and not the proper citizen sort to get what he would require. Or of even being the right sort of person to do so.

          • manbearpig says:

            Never damned him for not doing it.

            Damned him for being a gatekeeper who is someone who stigmatizes people who do do it.

            Diametrically different.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              I’m done with it.

              • manbearpig says:

                I shot santa says:

                “…JimBob who don’t see why this whole thread is so important anyway. If you dont like somebody, don’t listen to them. That’ll solve any gates what need keeping if you ask me…”

                Why is the thread so important?

                Because understanding the Perception management techniques of TPTSB includes understanding the phenomenon and mechanics of Gatekeeping.

                Because to minimize the devastating effect of Gatekeepers on truth-seeking

                one needs to be able to understand and identify their Modus Operandi.

                Perception Management techniques are real. Gatekeeping is a real phenomenon and looking at it closely has taught me a lot.

                For example how logical fallacies and emotional manipulation through the manipulation of emotionally-charged symbols keeps the masses in the dark.

                Bullies have always annoyed me. Especially intellectual ones.

                And most particularly, prestigious and highly credible intellectual bullies whose otherwise uncalled for ridicule of 9/11 truth-seekers is designed to help confuse and cover up the horrific murder of some 3000 people.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                But we are never going to get anywhere with this exchange. We are both entrenched in our opinions. The only thing this thread has truly proven is how the internet tends to over-ride our impulse control mechanisms and let the strangest obsessions take flight. JimBob who don’t need no external dopamine fix as his way of thinking gets him all he wants.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Okay, that song was cool. But, when you watch that video today, after all the most insane of the feminist demonstrations, can you see her reciting disgusting poetry? JimBob who sometimes wishes weed really did impair the whole shebang.

              • candlelight says:


                I must be living under a BIG rock. I didn’t know Annie Lennox was still singing, at least not for the last 20 odd years. Thanks for the link.

                Butting into your disagreement you have, or have had, with santa regarding Fisk, I tend to agree with your assessment. Santa’s argument of weighing statements in terms of its time frame has its merits, though not in Fisk’s case, referring to his 2007 talk in Ireland.

                Similarly, whatever philosophical and politically left of center views Chomsky may have held, or holds, is completely usurped by his still shocking retort of “what does it matter!” when discussing getting to the truth of 9/11 during a conference. Given his intellectual stature, one needn’t have a date attached to understand what such a statement means.

                The argument he espoused, that we’ll never find out the truth anyway, simply flies in the face of honest discourse and intellectual pursuit of knowledge which ought to be, and I would have assumed to be , his default position. The first time I saw the clip of Chomsky saying this, my feeling was one of disbelief and bitter disappointment. His justification was not weak. It was simply bogus. The only siver lining here is at least we don’t have to deal with any ambiguity.

                There’s another Gatekeeper of somewhat noted fame, residing in the cult of personality genre, who for me is a real stomach turner, Ted Nugent.

                At 1:36 mins in the link below he says:

                “I’ve saluted too many flag draped coffins to dismiss the perfection of our constitutional republic…”

                Statements such as this are emblematic, representational, reflective, you name it, of the travesty of ignorance; unless, of course, he is a cognizant, cheer-leading spokesperson for war profiteers of all stripes; in other words, their willing bitch, in the guise of patriotism.


                I was actually naive enough to believe after the war in Vietnam ended, that it was going to be a new dawn, that consciousness had been raised to the point that such bogus military adventurism would become a thing of the past; that the Ted Nugents of the world would see past the illusion of benign imperialism. But, unfortunately, I can smell a distinct, familiar and pungent odor in Nugent’s attitude. Why doesn’t he just whip out the old line – My country right or wrong – ?

                Whether conscious or not, Nugent is another form of Gatekeeper.

                For him, not a single goddamned lesson of the last 60 years has made a dent in this man’s brain.

                I’d like to tell Teddy boy, it’s not – my country right or wrong – it’s my country right, and if it’s not right, we have to fix it.

                But, he prefers to help those who keep the war machine well lubricated, a lubrication that apparently has never allowed, since even the turn of the century before, to show any signs of rust.

                And so it goes, and has been going.

              • pearl says:

                “I must be living under a BIG rock. I didn’t know Annie Lennox was still singing, at least not for the last 20 odd years. Thanks for the link.”

                (whew…so it’s not just me!) I’m in the process of compiling a list of 80s songs for a retro CD burn project (verrrry glad to be reminded of Annie). Now I have to catch up on her brilliant career ever since.

                Many thanks!

  16. jamd says:

    Another nice little Syrian chemical weapons psyop from the BBC here. ‘US has evidence chemical weapons are being prepared’

    Uh huh

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