Syria Chemical Weapons Attack: An Open Source Investigation

04/09/2018267 Comments

No sooner has the idea of a US withdrawal from Syria been floated than Assad launched a chemical weapons attack on the suburbs of Damascus…or so we are being asked to believe. But this is not the first time we have been lied to about chemical weapons claims. What is the evidence about this situation, and what are the latest developments with regard to the international response? Corbett Report members are asked to contribute to this open source investigation by posting information and links about this breaking news event.

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The Syria Strikes Aftermath: What We Know So Far

Possible Implications of Faulty US Technical Intelligence in the Damascus Nerve Agent Attack of August 21, 2013

From the Houla Hoax to Chemical Weapons – Deceptions in Syria

Sunday Wire Episode #228 – ‘Another WMD Caper’ with Ambassador Peter Ford & Vanessa Beeley

As Skripal-Gate Collapses, Will May’s Government Be Next?

BREAKING: ‘AIRSTRIKE on Syria’ reports of fighter jets and missiles over Lebanon

McCain the warmonger immediately calls for more war


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  1. Corbett says:

    We already knew this, but just to complete the circle a “senior Israeli military official” has admitted that Israel was behind the attack on the T4 airbase in Syria last week:

    And no sooner was this confirmed then Israel reportedly launched a new missile attack on Shayrat airbase near Homs:

    According to Thomas Friedman, who broke the T4 confirmation story, this is part of a confrontation between Israel and Iran over Syria that is about to come to a head:

    • I Shot Santa says:

      I don’t know about Friedman’s assessment that Israel wants nothing to do with Syria. Weren’t they working with ISIS there as well? Haven’t they been targeting Syrian forces fairly regularly? I remember one that backfired and got one of their F-16s blown out of the sky, but I believe there have been many such attacks against the Syrians, not Iranians. JimBob who thinks trumpy should run from Syria anyway.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Just once I’d like to see these so called brave leaders go through some of the hell they love to bring to others. It doesn’t take courage to have others do your killing for you. JimBob follows redneck rules and does his own fighting and nobody else’s.

  2. Corbett says:

    Ryan Cristian of The Last American Vagabond talks to Eva Bartlett about the “chemical attack” in Syria and the propaganda/smear campaign that surrounded it.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Eva rocks! I’m actually glad that Sibel attacked her. Her patreon base has really expanded as a result. Over 200 new patrons backing her now. I’m proud to be one of them. By the way James, It’s kind of funny, but even Sibel has recovered from her rage enough to speak out against this in a surprisingly well-done video.:

      While I no longer believe her on anything anymore, it doesn’t mean that I don’t keep tabs on her. She even opened up the comment section on YouBoob for her latest video. There are two, but I only watched the one. JimBob who is glad that SE is resilient enough to recover from her melt-down, but he still listens to her with a ton of salt as he is not a forgiving type of person to those who lie badly.

  3. scpat says:

    Patrick Cockburn has a good perspective on the meaning of the recent bombings by the US, UK, and France.

    “What we saw was not a demonstration of strength by the US, UK and France but a demonstration of weakness.”

    “The evidence for this, reflecting the real balance of power in Syria, is the list of targets that were not attacked rather than the three that were. Tremendous efforts were made not to kill or injure any Russians, as the dominant political and military force in Syria. The Iranians and Hezbollah of Lebanon were evidently out of bounds. So too was the Syrian army, including its elite divisions, heavy equipment and ammunition dumps. Unlike Baghdad in 1991, 1998 and 2003, there were no cruise missiles striking empty but iconic sites like the presidential palace or defence ministry buildings in Damascus.”

    “The restrained nature of the air strikes was sensible and realistic, reflecting the real balance of power in Syria. Assad is backed by Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Shia forces from Iraq and has largely won the civil war. This is not going to change without an open-ended campaign of mass bombing in support of rebel ground troops like that which Nato conducted in Libya in 2011.”

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Smart move. Get to bump chests and nobody “important” dies. The US has been at war for the last 17 years and is burnt out. We weren’t really that good to start with, most of our advantages being technology. But if you have a weak infantry, all the technology in the world won’t help you win. And we do have a weak infantry. Which is why we don’t ever go head to head with anyone. We’re too soft. JimBob who ain’t that soft and cuddly but he does like his enemies to be that way. Of course, today his main enemies are all women, so warfare is a lot more fun than when he was in the army. They take the fun out of everything!

  4. Oscar says:

    Robert Fisk, a verry very experienced journalist and multi-award winning Middle East correpsondent of The Independent, arrives in Douma to report. He says he is the 1st jounalist to visit the clinic where the ‘alleged’ chemical attack took place. He went alone ie. not accompanied by military to see for himself. Everything is operating as per normal in a hospital. He confirms the following:
    1. The footage is authentic – he could recognise the location.
    2. He spoke to doctors there who said that children were admitted coughing and spluttering.
    3. The were admitted AS A RESULT OF NEARBY SHELLING and DUST FUMES!
    4. Someone [a White Helmet] created panic by shouting ‘gas, gas, gas’ and they began following procedure as they would in a gas attack by hosing them down.

    Short version:

    Longer version:

  5. UKJC says:

    A Brilliant podcast: “Secret evidence” “but the dog ate it” “Thwarted by a can of Febreze” review on Robert Fisk & OAN’s report on Damascus. “#whitehelmets – just hop in the bus with the terrorists” @caitoz

    Hope you enjoy and share as far and as wide as possible 🙂

  6. Telestai says:

    Global Research: Syrian ‘Rebels’ Used Sarin Nerve Gas Sold by Britain

    The Independent: The search for truth in the rubble of Douma – and one doctor’s doubts over the chemical attack

    Free Thought Project: Saudi Arabia Exposed as Secret Hand Behind Ongoing Syrian Regime Change Operation

    • I Shot Santa says:

      That Global Research article was brutal! Loved how they just put out the chemicals that are the building blocks for sarin. Two phosphates can’t be good. While I was reading that paragraph on sarin, all I could see in my head was the picture of that scud exploding over my head and that pretty yellow starburst plume. Two of those and I’m still here. Plus, that stuff pretty much saturated the air in Desert Storm. Chem alarms went off every day. Don’t worry, the VA said we were all okay. Just can’t ever give blood again. JimBob who can’t believe that anyone who has ever been in the military can trust anything the government says.

      • Telestai says:

        Yes, it is still incredible to me how powerful the truth is in unraveling commonly held lies. And some of us have decided that it is high time to be bold and unapologetic in the speaking of truth to power.

        Thanks for sharing.
        Considering all the insane toxicity in this world, I am also grateful to be alive.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    VoiceOfArabi, on another Syria related thread, posted a video.

    I well like this video, because it summarizes things in Syria so well.
    And it is from a MainstreamMedia News clip.

    “…not put this in partisan terms. This is a U.S. mistake that started 7 years ago… …and we know they sent in the CIA to overthrow Assad, the CIA and Saudi Arabia together….”

    “The Permanent State” (i.e. elections don’t matter.)

    Link below: for YouTube VIDEO Bombshell: Professor Stuns MSNBC Panel On Syria

    • manbearpig says:

      Oh, about that VIDEO Bombshell: Professor Stuns MSNBC Panel On Syria

      (Micah Brzezinski taken aback? She’d already invited the good professor previously on her show and knew his positions on the subject, just as he explains)

      Intriguing that, amidst so much gratifying mirth and cathartic emotion, there was that little epithet that JudahFriedman slipped in there

      at around 15minutes and 30seconds (now you see it now you don’t);

      “Amazing how many people who are for regime change don’t believe in climate change…”

      hey, just like John Oliver some time back at the 15 minute mark of his “Scientific Studies” sketch some time last year:

      “…this is what leads people to believe that man-made climate change isn’t real”…


    • mik says:

      Very interesting.

      I was astonished who this professor actually is: Jeffrey Sachs.

      Probably anyone living in ’90 in eastern Europe knows him very well.
      He was a Shock Therapy economic doctor (a mf criminal), responsible for a lot of misery.

      Now he is with UN. He is a globalist I think.

      • mik says:

        About Jeffrey Sachs from wikipedia:

        “As of 2017, he serves as special adviser to the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General António Guterres on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ……. He held the same position under the previous UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and prior to 2016 a similar advisory position related to the earlier Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)”

  8. Kenric Ashe says:

    SMOKING GUN: Here is an interview with one of the children who were in the White Helmets’ video filmed in the hospital in Douma, Syria where they staged a fake chemical attack. Also featured is the boy’s father, the hospital itself, and hospital staff. They all explain what really happened. The only way to deny this is to simply not watch it, but willful ignorance is not bliss for those who continue to suffer under the thumb of Western imperialism.



  9. Telestai says:

    Pink Floyd Frontman Leaks Email Exposing How White Helmets Recruit Celebs With Saudi Money (The Free Thought Project)

  10. paul823 says:


    The UK government is attempting to silence dissent from those questioning the massive holes in the Skripal poisoning case by claiming all their opposition is “Russian bots.”

    One of those “bots” identified by Whitehall is none other than “Syrian Girl,” real name Maram Susli.

    Susli responded to the accusations with mockery:

    I’m that “#RussianBot” the @guardian and the British government warned you about.
    — Partisangirl 🇸🇾 (@Partisangirl) April 20, 2018

    Here’s how the state stenographers at The Guardian reported the news (which they’ve refused to correct for two days):

    Russia used trolls and bots to unleash disinformation on to social media in the wake of the Salisbury poisoning, according to fresh Whitehall analysis. Government sources said experts had uncovered an increase of up to 4,000% in the spread of propaganda from Russia-based accounts since the attack,– many of which were identifiable as automated bots.

    Theresa May highlighted the cyber-threat from Russia in her Mansion House speech earlier this year, telling the Kremlin: “I have a very simple message for Russia. We know what you are doing. And you will not succeed.”

    …May said afterwards: “Russia is using cyber as part of a wider effort to undermine the international system. This disinformation campaign is not just aimed at social media and the UK – it is intended to undermine the actual institutions and processes of the rules-based system, such as the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons. We must do all we can at every turn to challenge this.”

    The state not being allowed to lie people into war with total impunity is undermining our “international system.”

    The other “bot,” Ian56789, also went on Sky News to refute the government’s claims (his account was evidently later unsuspended).

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Carla Ortiz Shocking Video From Syria – White Helmets Exposed as Terrorists & well-paid shills
    The Jimmy Dore Show
    Saturday April 21, 2018

    Thanks to VoiceOfArabi who posted this on the “Spontaneous Order” thread and also requested: Can any Newsbud member get this video to Newsbud members comment board to help them see what Sibel is doing to them?

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      BIG thank you HomeRemedySupply for helping me get the message across. I am a little clumsy when it comes to comments… I owe you one…

      best regards

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