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The Injustice System

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This is James Corbett of with your Sunday Update for this 1st day of May, 2011. And now for the real news.

In the latest confirmation that the most nightmarish visions of science fiction dystopia are now part of our mundane daily reality, the UK government openly engaged in a crackdown on pre-crime this week in the lead-up to the holy matrimony of the inbred eugenics-obsessed Saxe-Coburg-Gothas. As part of this pre-crime raid, 100 people who had been singled out by police for potentially threatening to cause a disturbance during the royal wedding ceremony were charged, arrested, and incarcerated for the duration of the nuptuals.

Absurdist filmmaker and avant-garde street activist Charlie Veitch of the UK-based Love Police was one of the pre-criminals who was arrested for a crime he had not yet committed.

Veitch talked to RT this weekend about the absurdity of the situation and what it reveals about the society we are living in.

Also in the UK, a trial is set to commence next week that once again demonstrates the utter moral bankruptcy and transparent fraud of the so-called British justice system. The trial concerns John Anthony Hill, the filmmaker behind the highly popular documentary 7/7 Ripple Effect exposing the many falsities of the official government story of the July 7th, 2005 London bombings. Mr. Hill has been extradited from Ireland to England and now faces possible life imprisonment for having mailed a DVD copy of his documentary to a court that was hearing a trial of three men alleged to be associated with the four supposed suicide bombers. Mr. Hill appeared on The Corbett Report earlier this week to discuss his remarkable case.

Not to be outdone, the American judicial system took steps to further enshrine the rights of corporations over human beings this week, with a Supreme Court decision that effectively allows corporations to side-step class action lawsuits. The case involved a $30 charge on an AT&T Mobility contract for what was supposed to be a free cellphone. When an enraged California couple attempted to bring a class action suit against AT&T for their blatantly fraudulent practices, the company pointed to a contract clause that requires disputes to be settled via arbitration on a case by case basis. The Supreme Court has upheld this contract, effectively allowing all corporations to avoid having to face class-action lawsuits by simply forbidding it in their contracts.

As dissenting Justice Stephen Breyer noted of the relatively tiny $30 claim each of the effected parties would make in the lawsuit, "What rational lawyer would have signed on to represent (them) in litigation"? Effectively, the compainants have been shut out of the courts because individually their claims are too small, the very situation that class action lawsuits are designed to address.

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