Sunday Update - 2011/04/03

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Welcome. This is James Corbett of with your Sunday Update for this 3rd day of April, 2011.

In our top story this week, the man commonly referred to as President Obama attempted to give a justification for the American-led NATO-fronted “humanitarian” bombing of Libyan civilians this week, but his speech was roundly criticized by both those on the left and the right after failing to give any justification whatsoever for these undeclared acts of war on a target that poses no security risk to any of the coalition bombing participants. Obama's speech is also being taken to task for failing to address the point that coalition forces have been demonstrated to be working with Al-CIAda fighters in Libya, that an admitted CIA operative, Khalifa Hifter, has been appointed to lead the rebel opposition, or that Obama himself signed a secret presidential finding authorizing US support for Libyan rebels weeks before the “kinetic military action” otherwise known as illegally undeclared war first started.

Now, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen have appeared before Congress to not answer questions about what is happening, why it is happening, or how it will end.

Meanwhile, the globalist propaganda network also known as CNN was desperate to end a segment with ex-CIA agent Michael Scheuer when Scheuer began speaking some uncomfortable truths about the Libyan operation.

Look for Scheuer to never again be invited onto CNN or any other establishment propaganda network and that viewpoint to never again be presented to those who still believe these networks actually present news.

In other news, the Fukushima fallout continues to spread with the Canadian government taking the unusual step of saying that they will not test for radioactive iodine-131 contamination in Canadian dairy products until they can determine that the contamination has exceeded safe levels. It is unsure exactly how the government will know if the levels are safe for human consumption if they are not performing any testing. Watch for Canadians to not do anything to demand proper safety testing and watch for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to stop filing even these uninformative cover-up reports once the Stanley Cup Playoffs get underway.

Meanwhile, Greenpeace has sent its own team to investigate radiation readings around the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and discovered radiation levels above the Japanese government's own self-imposed limits for evacuation a full 20 Km outside of the current evacuation zone. The government, however, is continuing to maintain that it is perfectly safe for residents in the area to live there and are continuing to give radiation readings and updates that may or may not have anything to do with the reality on the ground.

Finally this week, Bloomberg has finally managed to receive 29,000 pages of documents detailing who received some of the hundreds of billions of dollars of loans through the Federal Reserve's so-called discount window.

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