Summer Vacation 2014

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So what should I do on my enforced vacation? Leave your ideas in the comments section.

Introducing The Corbett Report Members

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  1. maraymer_1970 says:

    Don’t read anything to do with the show! There’s a don’t.

    Sleep and spend all your time with your family.

    • Corbett says:

      Oops. I’ve already read this comment. Does that count?

    • Recynd says:

      I second Maraymer1970’s suggestion: sleep and family!

      Perhaps you could ask your wife how she thinks you should use your free time. Since she knows you best, she’s probably the one to be asking :). Surely there’s some maintenance-related chores that need doing around the house? Not much fun, but productive…and might even gain you some brownie-points where they count (*wink* *wink*)!

  2. MilkMushMeat says:

    Install Linux on a cheap PC. That will give you a chance in the future to try out all the nifty open source privacy/networking software. Think of all the mental stimulation and beard pulling you’ll be able to accomplish!

    β€œTell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
    ― Benjamin Franklin

  3. charlesatwell70 says:

    Hi James,
    See if you can get inexpensive last minute flights to Northern Germany.
    Since I’ll be going for a trip overseas soon, you could stay in my flat. You could even use my car.

  4. shopbruce says:

    Enjoy your time with your family. I also suffer at the moment with one of my computers not talking to me. Maybe it’s catching! πŸ™‚ Best wishes to you and your family – Bruce = Mexico

  5. Buddha says:

    Howdy James,

    I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you do; I’d have to say that you’re one of my role models. I’m wanting to start up a local truth movement here in a small farming community in the Midwest of the United States (Iowa). I have some good ideas how I can slowly spread the word, and maybe open the minds of some individuals. There’s a lot we need to do to get our society/culture/people back on track. We have to look at both the macrocosm and the microcosm of the issues we experience as individual beings; we need to boil down these issues to find the core elements in which we can manipulate to better understand ourselves and how these issues flare when life is unbalanced. My understanding is that many of the problems we face in our lives begin during childhood – which, we’re seeing first hand the destruction of families across the planet. It means a lot to me to hear that you are a stay-at-home-dad; a similar path I want to take when I begin a family (I’d love to have both parents around the house). Ripping away parents from the home with work, divorce, and the promotion of individualism, a child’s connection with the family is lackluster, and the chance of this spawning problems later in life is highly probable. Constant distractions that keep us away from our inner dialogue prolong the individual from moving forward their role in this ongoing play of life. Who am I, who are you, who are we, and many other common questions that have been replaced with questioning popular culture and the lives of individuals we envy due to subconscious reasoning. I mention these things because we need to dive further than the oppression we experience at this surface level, by people with money, power, and an agenda, but to peel away our own layers to better understand why we view things the way they appear, to tweak our understanding of what is and what can be, and to realign our lives in a fashion that reduces stress, promotes healthy habits, builds connection with others, and a sense of inner peace; essentially, the core tenets to the design science of Permaculture can sum up what we need: Care for the earth, care for the people, and a return of the surplus.

    With this, I hope you spend much time with your family. Because, in the end, that is what is the most important.

  6. EUbrainwashing says:

    I like to get in car and drive. Take a camera, take a note book, a sketch-pad, a few books. Find a high-point in the middle of nowhere and just breath. Watch people living their lives. Look at nature: the panoramic and the microscopic – fall in love with our world all over again. Weep for all that should make us weep but we are hardened to. Laugh until you wet your pants (UK pants). Then go home and get on with the job refreshed. That’s what I would do.

  7. JBMetter says:

    Greetings Everyone,

    This is such a great idea James, I really appreciate your creativity and organizational instincts in bringing this comment section online. Three points to share.

    1) Anyone see this piece regarding regarding the latest MH airline crash?

    Looks like we have another contrived provocation in the works. True to form they are pointing the finger at “Russian Separatists” rather then air traffic controllers who vectored the plane further east over restricted territory. By shooting down this plane at altitude over “separatist” territory they wish to incriminate a specific weapon system associated with Russia.

    2) Suffering from Corbett Withdrawal Syndrome? Here is an entertaining hold over from Second City that provides (alas) a still relevant commentary to the MSM daily news.

    3) Thrilled that you used my Milton Erickson piece regarding Huxley. As I thought about it two obvious connections became clear. In his hypnotic session Huxley saw himself as a baby in the sand on a beach. That suggests that for Huxley the terrain of “Island” had deep roots in primal self identity. When Erickson tried to speak to during the deep trance portion of this session Huxley registers the interruption with annoyance as if it would a temporary distraction from “outside” that would simply go away if ignored. Same thing in the book. No organized Physical resistance to a take over is made because the core space of Island is really 4th dimensional and can only be accessed through consciousness. Island is a portal into Huxley’s state of “deep reflection” and it that sense can only be found or maintained via inner pathways.

    Great to connect with all of you.

  8. JBMetter says:

    Further interesting analysis of MH 17. The devil is seems is always in the details.

  9. scottk says:

    James if you have to ask us you are in sore need of time off. Do just that and don’t worry about us or the world for the moment πŸ™‚

    Make sure you hug your wife and children and dedicate to them and yourself. The years will fly by way so fast and next you know your children will have flown the nest. Hard to imagine when your kids are young and you are exhausted but it is definitely aged wisdom.


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