Serial Child Molester Denny Hastert Gets His Wrist Slap

04/30/20165 Comments

Earlier this week Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the House and second in line to the presidency, was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison. In his sentencing Judge Thomas Durkin spoke the plain truth: "The defendant is a serial child molester." All of this may seem like a remarkable breakthrough for those seeking to expose political pedophilia and a vindication for those who have been ringing the alarm bell about Hastert for over a decade.

But Hastert was not convicted for his child abuse. And the molestation that is now coming to light has nothing to do with the child sex tourism, drug money laundering, or other illegal activities he participated in during his time in office. In fact, this quasi-vindication may itself perpetuate the cover-up of his worst crimes and the criminals who still retain power in elite political circles today.

For more on the real Hastert story, and the real meaning of this wrist slap sentence, join me for this week's International Forecaster editorial.

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  1. erichard says:

    “Leading up to the sentencing more than 40 letters in support of the disgraced Hastert — including one from his former congressional colleague Tom DeLay — were made public.”

    This itself is mind boggling. I’d say more, but my mind is boggled.

  2. rltmlt says:

    Given the Catholic church, the various instances of young pages in the Senate and House being approached by members of Congress, and the ongoing discoveries of public school coaching staff grazing their young charges, why should we be so surprised. What’s really ironic is that many of these people claim to be Rightwing pillars of society who have vigorously fought to deny the Gay and Transgender communities any real rights. Obviously an ongoing attempt to reduce their competition !

  3. spoonful says:

    Wayne Madsen was quite clear that compromised politicians with frightening skeletons in the closet are groomed for higher office because they can be so easily moulded like a piece of clay – he even went to Chicago and produced extensive and varied accounts of a local politico who once enjoyed nights out in the notorious “Boystown” section of the city, but who now lives in a white house in Washington.

  4. VoltaicDude says:

    This is a weird and difficult story to make heads or tales of – it’s “loaded.”

    In our severely sick and perverse culture of sexual taboos (an understatement if I’ve ever engaged in one), it becomes a high-stakes subject-matter for conversation – a lose-lose proposition.

    Most people run in the opposite direction – a classic “enabling” stance? Most of the rest run towards a “fire-and-brimstone” attack, lest they be accused of immoral standards. Both types of responses perpetuate the problem.

    Compare it to “questioning” “facts” about “the holocaust.” Absolutely taboo here, actually illegal in Europe! Still, in truth, we actually owe it to all the NAZI victims (and likewise sexual-abuse victims) to get the story right so as not be duped into perpetuating similarly atrocious misdeeds.

    911 and false flag truth is another comparable subject matter. All sorts of people were outraged by 911 from all sorts of “angles.” But the political result was definitively one-sided – our nation was “driven” to committing genocide in Iraq. That was certainly not what some of us define as justice. More troublingly, the point is based on an observation that many would actually still deny, even today!

    This is what “they” love, the mud that gets us stuck. So where do we start? “Pedophiles and rapists,” specifically here, the case of Dennis Hastert, how did this case evolve?

    Two considerations: 1) Time as a high school coach versus time as an elected official? 2) How and why was the investigation initiated (instead of the old business as usual approach)? The breadth of these two considerations is vast.

    There is a difference between someone independently engaging in abuses of this sort (high school coach days?) and someone engaged in illegal sex trade as an organized conspiratorial activity (as an elected official?). Not just here, but in other pods you raise the question about how this may have evolved for Hastert.

    I still believe the Lewinsky “scandal” to have been a bogus set-up. Remember: Tom Delay himself led the charge on that (makes me laugh)! But that was Clinton’s reason to initiate these investigations. If the Republicans had not set-up the Lewinsky scandal, would they (partisanship inadvertent) have been allowed to continue with these crimes?

    How could that be? Might it be that a bogus Lewinsky-type scandal could also be set-up after any attack of this sort against Republicans? You see the circular nature of the situation. It rests on the perverse nature of our culture at large – open this Pandora’s Box and the puritanical stupidity of our culture will work to bring you down.

    This is why we’re also talking about organized crime, the gay mafia, blackmail, because those scams can only be run in an intrinsically hypocritical and sick social environment.

    Meanwhile should we be so surprised that people willing to engage in all manner of other sorts of corrupt behavior would also engage in sexual slavery and abuse and pedophilia? Shouldn’t we actually expect all these crimes to go hand-in-hand?

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