Séralini's Revenge: Monsanto Rocked by New Court Documents

08/05/201777 Comments

The case against Monsanto is the gift that keeps on giving.

Previously in these pages I discussed how the trial of Monsanto currently taking place in the California Northern District Court—technically known as "Multidistrict Litigation," with the formal title of "In re: Roundup Products Liability Litigation (MDL No. 2741)"—is airing some of the agrichemical behemoth's dirtiest laundry. In my article "Monsatan On Trial For Roundup Cancer," I revealed how dozens of lawsuits filed against Monsanto for its role in causing the non-Hodgkin lymphoma of thousands of people across the US had been rolled into one dramatic court case, and how discovery from that case had yielded the remarkable deathbed testimony of EPA whistleblower Marion Copley.

Then new documents emerged from the case confirming what many had long suspected: Monsanto has an entire internal corporate program (appropriately entitled "Let Nothing Go") employing an army of internet trolls who spam the company's propaganda on every social media post, forum and online comment board where its products and practices are being discussed.

Just this week, one of the law firms working on the trial released an equally explosive collection of "Monsanto's Secret Documents," proving another long-suspected claim against the world's most evil company: That it has in fact ghostwritten many of the key articles defending its products in the mainstream press—articles that were supposedly written by "independent" journalists. When the embarrassing details of the story came to light, including a suggested "draft" of an article written by Monsanto for Forbes "journalist" Henry Miller in 2015 that was exactly identical to the article that appeared under his name, Forbes pulled the piece from its website and ended Miller's employment. In a different leaked email exchange, former Monsanto consultant John Acquavella complained to a Monsanto executive, "I can’t be part of deceptive authorship on a presentation or publication," adding, "We call that ghost writing and it is unethical."

But if all that weren't bad enough, the latest documents to emerge from the case also detail exactly how Monsanto attempted to smear the research of Gilles-Éric Séralini, the French scientist who published a groundbreaking study showing an increase in tumors among rats fed genetically modified corn and Monsanto's RoundUp herbicide.

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  1. mkey says:

    James, you have some words extra in this sentence.

    First in 2014 when they had their study republished in another journal; then in 2015, when. Then in 2015, Séralini won two separate court cases defending his work.

    You may prefer some other combination, of course.

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for the tip, mkey. Serves me right for last-minute fiddling with the sentences. The error has been fixed.

  2. mkey says:

    If you ask me, the only question left is: is this whole deal something a rebrand can’t fix? There goes Monsanto, queue in Frimartyr.

  3. nosoapradio says:

    I’m happy. 8-))

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    That “letter” which James refers to (5th paragraph from bottom of article) is obscene!!

    Dr. A. Wallace Hayes, the editor of the Elsevier Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology was to get $400 per hour in consulting fees from Monsanto. $6.66 every 60 seconds. Pretty obscene if you ask me.

    …and Elsevier has a sordid history with past ties to the weapons industry.

    And the scientific journal publishing business is dominated by a handful of corporations.
    Here is an interesting published study…
    The Oligopoly of Academic Publishers in the Digital Era
    “…large commercial publishing houses have increased their control of the science system. The proportion of the scientific output published in journals under their ownership has risen steadily over the past 40 years, and even more so since the advent of the digital era…”

    “…in the electronic world makes one wonder: what do we need publishers for? What is it that they provide that is so essential to the scientific community that we collectively agree to devote an increasingly large proportion of our universities budgets to them? Of course, most journals rely on publishers’ systems to handle and review the manuscripts; however, while these systems facilitate the process, it is the researchers as part of the scientific community who perform peer review. Hence, this essential step of quality control is not a value added by the publishers but by the scientific community itself.”

    “Thus, it is up to the scientific community to change the system in a similar fashion and in parallel to the open access and open science movements….”

  5. 4TLeser says:

    Anyone noticed a or the common link, a universal fact connected to the rise and ownership of this Corporation, their incredible ignorance in regards to human safety and health\wellbeing.

    The brutal enforcing of their patent claims, the very disrespect and usurping rights on nature and living beings to made their devilish ideas sale-able.
    The strong and ongoing push and meddling on governments valid or not, to introduce their controlled food and peddle it at all cost.
    And of course to hide the obvious, the GMO products are not live supporting period.

    It fits a philosophies of maximal profits with out regards, the disregard of suffering and finally the climax of being the the pinnacle of this world (control).

    It takes tools, sick ideas and scrupulous value free thinking to get where some obviously intend to go.

    anyone read the Talmud by chance, supposedly not allowed by goys under threat of death…or god forbid the so called Protocols….

    Further irony is that Bayer (a”German” chemical giant) is taking/took control of Monsanto with in effect will reflect any future public outcries and misdeeds away from good ol America onto Germans even so “Bayer” like other iconic “Deutsche Bank” or famous German beer giants “Becks” have little in common.

  6. Not This Little Frog says:

    Hi James,
    Have you read ‘Absolom, Absolom!’ ?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Another toast for the writers!
      The pen still wields mighty.

    • Corbett says:

      No, but I’ve read Absalom, Absalom!

      (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

      Yes, I’ve read it three times. Starting in on my fourth. Why would I recommend it if I hadn’t read it?

      • Not This Little Frog says:

        You have recommended some books, videos etc that you haven’t read,tho are about to, haven’t you? BTW how do I italicise on an iPad in TCR.

  7. wingsuitfreak says:

    This isn’t a good week to be Monsanta! I have the poison papers in my bookmarks as I read this article. Funny how no matter how many times government regulation is shown to do exactly the opposite of what the liars tell you it will do; the people still buy into it. People just line up to give up their power. It never fails to astonish me.

    • PeaceFroggs says:

      That’s the problem with socialism, but at least we know that’s the problem. Now’s just a matter of waking up the majority and reversing this thing. Notice James linked to mainstream news articles.

    • Pablo de Boer says:

      Hola aloha anti-collectivist amigo wingsuitfreak,

      I read that you couldn’t watch the documentary Inside the Banker’s Brain. You can try to install software which hides your IP address. And I can voluntarily share with you my personal excerpt of this documentary. In the documentary you can observe that most newcomers in the bankster’s business are molded and mentally manufactured to become a psychopathic bankster. Their brain functioned normal before they became a bankster. But due to typical factors in the banking system as greed and the herd behavior of most humans these fellow humans become banksters. This exactly occurs also with the red zombies aka socialists, because their collectivization thoughts and sheeple behavior they acquired from the state and the red (zombie) party policy. That’s why they always first consul the red (zombie) party policy and/or their psychopathic leaders. That’s are also the reasons why it is so difficult for them to think and behave independent.

      And amigo red zombie alert for you, because señor James residential amphibious psychopath PF is stalking you and as usual he is trying to share his Orwellian Doublethink with you. As we both know Rana Psicópata his red zombie brains are molded in the Tinpot Dictatorship Canada and señor james made an excellent vid about Canada and their psychopathic leaders.

      Canada is a Tinpot Dictatorship

      Saludos y abrazos,

      Pablo de Boer

      • mkey says:

        Pablo, could you download that video and republish it somewhere else? I’d like to see it too, but it’s blocked probably everywhere but Netherlands.

        • Pablo de Boer says:

          Hola aloha amigo mkey,

          Try to hide your ass/ IP.

          This is one of those software


          Choose than a Dutch IP and there are other software which hide your IP.
          If that doesn’t work, let me know that and I will try to download the video and upload somewhere for you. But now I’m going to visit my Latina amiga.

          Saludos and to be continued amigo Croata,

          Pablo de Boer

          • mkey says:

            Hidemyass doesn’t offer any free service for a while now, afaik. I have tried a few other proxies, some of which have Dutch IP addresses, but none of them works. The problem is probably with SSL, free proxy and SSL don’t mix well. Also tried a few youtube dowloaders, but still nada.

            • Pablo de Boer says:

              Now I really have to go and I will later upload the movie somewhere else for you amigo

            • Pablo de Boer says:

              This is the producer, Joris Luyendijk, of the docu.



            • Pablo de Boer says:

              Hola aloha amigo mkey,

              When I try to download the documentary with different down-loaders I receive most times this message:

              We cannot access this video because of country restrictions!

              And with one I could download but the subtitles didn’t download.

              But I will continue mañana and in the meanwhile you can read PF his Orwellian Doublethink mierda del toro, because that is exact the same behavior as the bankster’s attitude.

              Saludos y abrazos,

              Pablo de Boer

            • Pablo de Boer says:

              Buenos dias amigo mkey,

              Later today I will try to get the subtitles with the software you mentioned and upload the docu , but first I have to CAD.

              Saludos y hasta luego,

              Pablo de Boer

            • Pablo de Boer says:

              Hola aloha amigo,

              I self don’t know nothing about youtube-dl and I just investigated a little bit, but I’m not a programmer :). But I as an anrchocrypto savage + technician lifestyle I will investigate youtube-dl further.

              Later today or mañana I also will examine the other link you mentioned to try getting subtitles.

              Never ever give up amigo just like this depicted Froggie, who has the right attitude and not like señor James amphibious red zombie .


              Saludos y hasta luego,

              Pablo de Boer

              • mkey says:

                I’ll make it real easy for you, Pablo. (I’ll assume you’re using windows)

                doing this will violate youtube license, because they want you to watch their stuff, but not download it, as if one can be separated from the other. Be a nice statist lapdog and don’t get involved in this criminal behavior.

                Download this https://yt-dl.org/latest/youtube-dl.exe and place the “youtube-dl.exe” file to something like c:\ydl\

                Open a command prompt and input

                cd c:\ydl
                youtube-dl –all-subs –skip-download https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htIbwvKt8cE

                These are two commands, press enter after each. After doing this, you should have a .en.vtt file in c:\ydl\ which is a text file containing the subtitle. It will skip downloading the video, it will just get the subtitles.

            • Pablo de Boer says:

              Hola aloha amigo mkey,

              As I already wrote, I’m not a programmer, but I’m a big anti-statist, thus I will figure out how to download that documentary. Now I have to do other things, so be a little patient amigo.

              Saludos and enjoy your dia.

              Pablo de Boer

              • mkey says:

                I messed up something lol ignore above comment.

                There’s no rush. Also, senor James’ website appears to have garbled up my instructions. Dash before –all-subs and –skip-download is supposed to be double.

                He’s a link for your nonprogramming nonstatist mind, Pablo.

        • Pablo de Boer says:

          Hola aloha amigo,

          Maybe this link works, be fast or download the video.

          The Bankers Brain HD VPRO Backlight (English Subtitled) 2013

        • Pablo de Boer says:

          Hola aloha amigo Croata mkey,

          I downloaded the subtitles, but the result was una grande mierda del toro just like rana psicopata PF his collectivization thoughts. I did this with an other program than you mentioned, because I’m not a programmer. But when I have some more time, I will try to teach myself the programs you linked with help of the internet, I found some vids on youtube wherein they explain how to work with the programs you linked,
          and maybe I will also ask some questions towards you.

          And in the meanwhile I can suggest you to watch this documentary on:

          Conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism….. constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men and women we have never heard of.

          — Quote Edward Bernays, illegal colonialist of the mind / mental pirate in the field of public relations —

          Hidden Influence: The Rise of Collectivism (2015 Documentary)

          A good example who is a victim of these collectivized manipulation by the kakistocracy is señor James his amphibious nutty house pet PF. Of course your person and I are also the victim of these psychopathic fellow humans, but we don’t support them like rana psicopata PF does.

          O yes amigo mcei around 22:08 señor James appears in this documentary and just like rana psicopata PF señor James is also born in Canada, but señor James thoughts are not collectivized and that’s why señor James his thoughts are for my person wonderful and enlightened. So it is possible that a person who is born in a fascist socialist dictatorship like Canada to become un hombre con corazon / a man with a heart and not a brain death zombie aka state socialist.

          Saludos y viva la libertad para todos,

          Pablo de Boer

          • Pablo de Boer says:

            And this documentary also can free your mind from the evil of Socialist Fascist Collectivism

            Shadow Ring movie – Exposing The Globalist Power Structure – full documentary by free mind films

          • wingsuitfreak says:

            Good Morning Pablo!
            While propaganda itself isn’t bad, isn’t it funny how it’s always the “limiters” who make full use of it? We could have had a propaganda campaign which stressed abundance, love, independence, and prosperity, but instead we listen 24/7 to one which stresses scarcity, hate, and submission.
            These have to be 24/7 as they go against the grain of individualism. All it takes for an individual is just a few moments of respite to cast their limitations away. After that, the propaganda no longer works on that individual. In that regard, the “limiters” limit themselves as well.
            This is why totalitarian regimes never last. It is because individuals keep pointing out the shrinkage of the emperor! 🙂

            Oh well, back to work! Still faster than a face-eating zombie wearing latex in the state of Flouride-a! Jim

          • mkey says:

            That’s a solid documentary, too bad James got the least time out of all the guests, but he just had to get straight to the point. Serves him right.

            I like that Charlotte woman, she seems very knowledgeable on the matter. James ought to do a “Schooling: a conspiracy theory” short film, I doubt many how need to see these types of documentaries have the tenacity to sit through it 80-90 minutes.

            • Pablo de Boer says:

              Hola aloha amigo mkey,

              I still made no progress with the Dutch bankster;s brain docu. One file you linked, I downloaded and tried to install,but nothing happened, even not a warning… So to be continued.

              For me personally one of the first documentaries on the banksters is the Moneymasters produced by Bill Still and which opened my eyes

              The Money Masters (DVD Quality)

              Only it is a pity that Bill Still supports now Dumb Trump..

              Saludos y abrazos,


              • mkey says:

                That site does appear to have some problems. I have an older version on my drive for you here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4gQpYGtcerWOEp2NXp5ZWFzTXc/view?usp=sharing

                I didn’t know Bill jumped the Trump Dump, sad affair. I guess the craving to set things straight is even too strong in some people, enough to affect judgement.

              • Pablo de Boer says:

                The real criminals are the democratic evil witch Madeleine Albright (Godmother of Hitlaery) Carla del Ponte, B Clinton, Kofi Anan and the German Socialist Gerhard Schröderhis and his Vice Chancellor Joschka Fischer and before them Helmut Kohl and much more nato criminals.

                In June of 2004 the Deputy Chief Prosecutor if the ICTY, Graham Blewitt, resigned, he said in a Dutch newspaper that Washington controls, and NATO pays for the ICTY.

              • mkey says:

                Well, Blewitt sure blew it. The man sounds like an idiot.

            • Pablo de Boer says:

              And I almost finished the book about the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and the fake trial against Slobodan Milošević. The Dutch government are prostitutes of the NWO and of course also for the Dutch royal inbred dictators of Orange, because the Dutch government allows such court filled with NATO criminals to settle in Holland. For me the court was established illegally by NATO and that’s why their their activities are illegal.

              International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia: The 20th Anniversary of an Illegal Court

              Saludos y viva la libertad,

              Pablo de Boer

              • mkey says:

                What could possibly give “legality” to such a court? It’s a mockery of justice, I’d call it a kangaroo court, but I don’t want to insult kangaroos and roos would do a more decent job of it anyway.

            • Pablo de Boer says:

              Blewitt is still a idiot,

              watch this interview with Vlewitt


              C U later amigo mkey and hide for NATO,


      • wingsuitfreak says:

        I was interviewed by a bank, right before I walked out of the securities industry, to manage a number of securities offices. I probably won’t learn much, but might remember more than I want to remember. PF stalking me? I would gig him, but I just ignore his posts. The borg is too boring to deal with. All his thoughts are belong to slogans! Still outrunning the zombies in Fluorid-a! Maybe I should get that Canadian app to help keep me healthy! 🙂

  8. scpat says:

    Excellent article and compilation of documented evidence, James. Hopefully Monsanto’s efforts to bury dissent has the Streisand effect.

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Richmond, Virginia – Anarchists! Oh my!

    (via Corbett’s “Recommended Videos”)

  10. Richard Ran says:

    Still a great vid about the Monsatans of science.

    But hey, who’s that guy promoted under Recommended Listening? And what on earth does it have to do with Monsanto?

    Is that good old Jeffrey Tucker, the thought police “libertarian” who – by proxy – accused Ron Paul of being “racist”? The voluntarist who underwrites the NAP as long as the freedom to associate doesn’t include unsavoury and primitive things like tradition, religion, nation and culture?

    Here’s the racist slur he heaped upon Ron Paul, Murray Rothbard (!) and others, via noted egghead Mrs. Reisenwitz:


    (recommended reading)


    Kind regs from Amsterdam,

    • Pablo de Boer says:

      Hola aloha Dutchie Richie,

      Special for you the last week crypto news flash and the numbers are an estimation

      Gold down $12

      Silver down $.22


      Bitcoin up $300.

      Hi hi hi hi having much fun to read the comments of those MSMS / Mean Stream Money Sissies


      Old style currency supporter (sissy) and new style voluntarism currency supporter (savage) at Max K-theatre @ RT

      Keiser Report: Bitcoin Drama (E1106)

      And special bonus for you Dutchie Richie

      Jeffrey Tucker – A New Currency for the Digital Age

      Saludos y abrazos,

      Pablo de Boer

      • mkey says:

        Latecomers to bitcoin stand to lose a lot, that’s how markets work (even when not propped up.)

        • Pablo de Boer says:

          Hola aloha amigo mkey,

          If you see bitcoin as an investment, in Augustus 2017 bitcoin price rose up more than 10% until today (in 8 days). But bitcoin is for savages and adventurous human beings and it is always voluntarily. People who never invested in Bitcoin I say try it or leave ti and please leave me also …… 🙂

          Bitcoin Price Index

          And I will repeat it again, it is not only about investment but about creating voluntarily a new money system without banksters and of course the banksters are using now their own block chain currencies, but I will not use their cryptos.

          My former family in law lives in Peru and when I send them money, wowwww you must see how much banks charge me. I have a Kenyan friend and he told me that Kenyan people who live outside Kenia use their mobile phone to transfer directly money to their family in Kenya. But the mobile companies still charge you a fee
          , but not so much as banksters

          Kenya sets world first with money transfers by mobile

          They only thing I worry a little bit is, if the internet will be shut down by the kakistocracy, what I think will not happen soon. When they shut down the internet i also can’t chat with you like we do now, but the possibility that they will shut down the internet is for me not a reason to stop chatting with you or to stop visiting the I=page of señor James or to stop using cryptos.

          Saludos y saludos,

          Pablo de Boer

  11. Pablo de Boer says:

    Hola aloha anarchocrypto savage James,

    Read this mierda del toro weather forecast aka Weather fear mongering to control the collectivized sheeple

    European death toll in weather disasters could spike 50-fold by 2100 if nothing is done on climate change. Weather-related deaths could surge to 152,000/year between 2071-2100 from 3,000/year between 1981-2010; with heat waves presenting the most lethal risk

    Extreme Weather Seen Killing 152,000 Europeans a Year by 2100

    The death rate of weather disasters may have increased sharply in Europe by the end of this century. Extreme heat can cost 150,000 people every year in 2100.

    Saludos para todos,

    Pablo de Boer

  12. keith.k says:

    Thanks for another excellent article.

  13. keith.k says:

    Those taxi drivers in Iraq that didn’t do anything to anyone agree, it is no big deal.

    Bernard likes the raise, though, and Bremmer. Good going, guys… patriotism before thought is what the founding fathers taught.

  14. ccuthbert2001 says:

    James, that Apollo Slater post you unfortunately linked is full of distortions. It’s essentially a smear and the guy is an abject liar. Deist did NOT say what he “quoted” and didn’t mean what he portrayed. Did you listen to Deist’s speech? The text is here:


    It’s well worth reading. It is an anti-globalist, anti-cultural Marxist speech. Nothing wrong there. The only complaint that has some validity is his hot-button use of the phrase “blood and soil,” which has an origin predating Nazi Germany, btw. This allows these shameless liars to portray the Mises Institute people as Nazis, which is ridiculous.

    I’m very disappointed to see you link to such a dishonest diatribe. I don’t need links to more propaganda–fed up with it all day long.

    • Richard Ran says:

      Hi ccuthbert2001,

      Second your comment and I share your disappointment.
      Perhaps you saw the comment I made earlier in this thread about Mr Jeffrey Tucker as “recommended listening”?


      Starting to see some kind of pattern here. When visiting sites like the Vin Armani show, the Conscious Resistance, Anarchast etcetera, what you get – apart from the incessant Bitcoin pushing – is sort of a Ron Paul R3Volution, reduced to sound bites & slogans, stripped of the sound economic reasoning of the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

      The message is often pro free market in style more than in substance and by only visiting these “voluntarist” sites there’s very little to learn about the economy of our serfdom. The former member turned anti-Mises Institute Jeffrey Tucker will feature on many “alt”-voluntarist sites and shows in the foreseeable future and I can understand why. Can’t remember Ron Paul ever having been invited on any of these shows, not even on the Corbett Report. Could be mistaken of course and glad to stand corrected if I am.

      Kind regs from Amsterdam,

      • wingsuitfreak says:

        C’mon Richard, You can’t possibly believe that there are those who want to water down the wine of liberty, can you? They’re just protecting the great unwashed from learning too much, too fast. I’m sure that’s it. Can you imagine how long the powers that are would continue were people to even bother to watch a video on their youtube channel? But that’s okay with me. The only people that matter are those that dig deeper. Jim, who knows that cardio is important in the state of fluoride-a because we rule on the face-eating zombie population!

        • Richard Ran says:

          You can’t possibly believe that there are those who want to water down the wine of liberty, can you?

          I’m trying very hard not to. But sometimes I fail 😉

          Take care man.

      • ccuthbert2001 says:

        I missed your comment, Richard, sorry, but thanks for point to it, 😉 and for those links. We are sympatico. But what about James? Is he now going over to the belt-way libertine dark side?

        Cato and Reason suck if for no other reasons than these:

        1. they are against ending the FED
        2. they are pro vouchers,
        3. and many were pro Iraq war.

        These are the most important political issues facing us today: free market money, separating school and state and anti war. On the three most important issues they fail miserably.

        Do we even have to add that they put on airs as if they are soooooo sophisticated? One knucklehead has even taken up swearing at debating opponents, since apparently being vulgar is cool these days. They seem to care far more about gay marriage and smoking dope than speaking out against forced indoctrination, the impoverishment of the middle class and war.

        Over the past few years, cultural Marxists have been calling themselves libertarian, arguing for anti-liberal ideas and taking fallacious pot shots at Mises Institute people. It’s irritating as all get out and I doubt this is a coincidence, with Ron Paul taking the limelight seemingly right around the same time.

        In the past, the Republican party has rounded up libertarian leaning voters to drown them in their swamp. This time it appears that the cultural Marxists have been sent in. I’ve had a long standing feud about George Soros and “open borders” on another libertarian webpage with an self-unaware cultural Marxist. They’re EVERYWHERE, refugees from the govt school systems, i guess. Ugh.

        So James, what’s your story? Were you too lazy to review Deist’s speech, or are you turning cultural Marxist on us?

        • Richard Ran says:

          I doubt this is a coincidence, with Ron Paul taking the limelight seemingly right around the same time.

          That’s reasonable doubt, right there 😉

          Not sure about “going over” though, perhaps behind the lip service being paid from the outset, there’s “consistency” all along. Check this:


          Notice the missing question mark in the url.
          Mrs Edmonds given ample opportunity to smear the campaign? Could have been genuine concern of course (so let’s go with plausible benignability here).

          No wait, perhaps not..

          So there was this article by Mrs Edmonds on the super duper reliable site of “Veterans Today”:


          Could be interpreted as concern for Ron Paul’s reputation, but then again it might as well have been a week long smear campaign presented as a benign warning.

          Would fit right in with recommending authors who don’t mind if Ron Paul is being smeared as a “racist” by folk they hang out with (Reisenwitz). Someone like Mr Tucker who for some reason has an axe to grind with the Mises Institute.

          Cheers from Amsterdam,

          P.s.: RP made it a cardinal point to bring the troops back home and close foreign military bases. A real threat to the military-industrial complex. On the other hand, there’s this alt-lib message which sounds like the RP R3V, but ultimately amounts to going Hippie2.0 (the hippie phenomenon launched as a diversion from the actual peace movement back in the day). What kind of a challenge would these well meaning peer2peering neo hippies pose to Washington’s wars of aggression? How many foreign military bases would be dismantled because of them? Let me take a wild guess here..

          • wall says:

            One thing bugs me about Ron Paul. He keeps backing the Trump is under attack narrative. Trump is a deep state puppet like the rest. Hangs on Epsteins island with the Clintons even. Funded the Clintons IIRC.

            Edmonds worries me sometimes. Never has explained why Erdogans plane was not shot down while at the same time saying he is under attack.

            But then again, she may have just been worried about Turkey turning into Libya.

            Even our heroes are imperfect. Hopefully it is not intentional.

  15. wall says:

    I would kinda like to delete my previous lost… but it is too late isn’t it?

  16. HomeRemedySupply says:

    On Wednesday NOVEMBER 8, 2017, “The Doctors” TV show (Season 10) will air this Episode Drs. Exclusive: Glyphosate Lawsuit Claims Cancer Link with Jeffery Smith on the show.
    Video TV ad about the show – https://www.thedoctorstv.com/episodes/drs-exclusive-glyphosate-lawsuit-claims-cancer-link
    30 second YOUTUBE – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWL_J4NkcNM

    The Doctors, in an HOUR-long episode discussing Monsanto and its herbicide, Roundup.
    Also appearing is Brent Wisner, a lead attorney in federal litigation against Monsanto, in which thousands claim that exposure to Roundup caused non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

    Jeffrey Smith first appeared on The Doctors in 2015. In that show, he faced off against Donna Farmer, Monsanto’s senior toxicologist, who dismissed the herbicide’s link to cancer saying, “I mean this very honestly, I am extremely highly confident in this product.” But according to Monsanto’s secret documents, says Smith, Farmer was far from confident in private.

    Here is Donna Farmer on the 2015 “The Doctors” episode.

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