Schrödinger's Bomb: False Flags Over Ukraine

10/30/202225 Comments

Remember way back in January of this year when I predicted that geopolitical strife—"the element of the global calculation that has been excluded from the equation" during the scamdemic—would "come back with a vengeance" in 2022?

Well, if the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February and the ramping up of tensions with China over Taiwan this past summer didn't convince you that the struggle for control of the grand (3D) chessboard has indeed "come back with a vengeance" this year, the events of this past week should be more than enough to dispel your doubts.

First we had the news that Russia is ringing the alarm over a false flag dirty bomb attack that (they assert) the Ukrainians are planning to stage in Ukraine in order to blame Russia. Then we had the US counter-warning that it's actually Russia who's planning to release nukes in Ukraine and the Kremlin's false flag warning is a trick to make everyone believe that the Ukrainians are going to do it.

Is your head spinning yet? Mine, too. In fact, I think that's the point.

Accusation. Counter-accusation. Bluffs and double-bluffs in an ever-crazier game of nuclear chicken. What the hell is going on here? And—regardless of what results from this latest kerfuffle—what does the normalization of false flag accusations portend for the future of geopolitics?

Let's find out.

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  1. Jimi says:

    “Things are going to slide
    Slide in all directions
    Won’t be nothing
    Nothing you can measure anymore
    The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
    Has crossed the threshold
    And it’s overturned
    The order of the soul…”

    – Leonard Cohen, “The Future”

    • barryv says:

      “First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin”.

    • vadoum says:

      For those focused on the deception:
      I have to tell the truth: everything I say is a lie.

      for those focused on solutions: when the purge is all spew, and even time/space begins to wobble,, think of the ones that you love.

      karuna karuna

  2. paul6 says:

    I think it is much simpler in this particular case:

    One side has no reason whatsoever to use a dirty bomb.
    The other side has a very good reason to use a dirty bomb in a simple false flag operation: it is to draw NATO forces of forces of a “coalition of the willing” into the fight.

    Now the side that has that objective interest has been called out in the public. But still wants to have the option to use the dirty bomb because it still wants to draw NATO / coalition of the willing forces into the fight. So what can they do? Of course they accuse Russia of planning a (completely nonsensical) false flag false flag (which would not serve Russia’s interests in the least bit).

    So we do not need to assume a fight against our perception of reality. Such a fight may exist. But the Ukraine dirty bomb problem is much simpler, I am afraid.

  3. Duck says:

    Consider that lots of Americans believe that Russia blew up its own pipeline so they would have no leverage over Europe….. As Devon Stack “blackpilled” once said about the decline in the quality of propaganda you don’t need to be a grand illusionist to fool your dog.

    I also heard someone say that if the western elite (or maybe just the Western part of it) are unable to convincingly defeat Russia then they will get replaced. Thus we should not expect that they will stop at ANYTHING no matter how stupid or dangerous. It’s not just Walmart people who have degenerated…the end of ‘the populist delusion’ states the author s thought that we are overdue a circulation of elites

  4. Duck says:

    Listening to the Police Auditor guy right now and it made me think of this where the author describes our current system as ” anarchy held in place by tyranny ”

    Funny thing is that 911 gets a recorded message where I live these days (trying to report roadside fire and a car accident the other time) Luckily the criminal types don’t appear to have noticed…

    “……is why you and I get approached by police for minor infractions. Maybe some cops get a kick out of playing the tyrant. But most of them have imbibed the belief that they are the mechanism for social order, and that if the mechanism is functioning well, there will be no thefts or assaults or even irrelevant parking infractions to sully the final production. Where social order flows through the government, it is only natural that a good-hearted government agent would want to keep things pristine…”

    • barryv says:

      “Funny thing is that 911 gets a recorded message where I live these days”.

      Was the “911” reference to be a Freudian slip, or a false flag to a false flag, or a smart bomb metaphor – for 9/11?

      Nicely done either way ;))

      • Duck says:

        Thanks, 🙂 but it’s just the number for emergency services…or I guess the “Hope it’s NOT an emergency services” lol

  5. zyxzevn says:

    I think Ukraine is capable of causing havoc on its own country.
    Has been doing it for years now, with the help of the US/Nato.

    And they are also shelling the Nuclear reactors.
    It is not 5D chess, but just lies as usual.

    I just wonder where all that money really goes to,
    and why EU does a ritual suicide of its economy.

  6. margaret.t says:

    When oh when will we see an uprising of the people to remove the scourge of governments?? I know that sounds fantastic, but to pull an Iceland and go into the houses of Congress, government, and judiciary and pull out the operatives by the hair of their heads. Not an insurrection, since the insurrection has already occurred…the governance of our We the People enterprise has been hijacked by lunatics in league with financial harvesters long ago. Their insurrection is the illegitimate one, foisted upon us by fake elections, media lies,and an educational system that does not educate but propagandizes. We do in fact, under our own Constitution have the right to take out what has been unconstitutionally imposed on us. So what’s the holdup?

    • Duck says:

      “…When oh when will we see an uprising of the people to remove the scourge of governments?…”

      Read “the populist delusion” and you will understand why in detail though it’s pretty obvious that any group of people will have more able or more persuasive members or just people who care more about the issue then the mass of members do.

      Also how will people act in a group when they have nothing in common or any shared identity or culture

      Iceland is pretty much one big family of people…. though I do hear that they are getting some importation of diversity to change that. Do you personally know eight or so folks that would organize with you around a political or cultural goal? Most people do not and thus are powerless to do much resistance let alone rebellion

  7. el Gallinazo says:

    It reminds me of the scene toward the end of Little Big Man where Custer questions LBM (Dustin Hoffman) about the Sioux military strategy. But I do not think it is as confusing as James seems to make it On the one hand, over the past six years, in regard to the Ukraine fiasco, the Russians have exhibited a far greater propensity for truthiness than the West. The UK government has held the world’s record mantle for scumbag duplicity for centuries. Second is the old adage cui bono. The Russians have nothing to gain from this dirty bomb, while the Ukie Neonazi’s and the west have plenty. The Russians are winning the war, and with their troop strength soon to be double, will roll to the Dnieper with little resistance. Why exactly is the US quietly assembling an army of over 100k in Romania? The US crazies are going on the motto that failure is not a option. They know they cannot defeat the Russians with the latter having the home field advantage. So they need a nuclear atrocity to kick off the US invasion as a cover story from Romania and equalizing the forces with tacticsl nukes. It also gives them a half assed excuse to use tactical nukes first against the Russians. It is not that hard to figure out. The Russians were telling the truth about the west’s intention to set off a dirty bomb and the only way the Russians knew to stop them was publicizing it. After that it is just chaff.

    • Duck says:

      El gallinazo
      “…Ukie Neonazi’s …”

      Consider that Ukraine is Jewish dominated…it is the area of origin of the ashkanazi Jews that dominate Israel and weild outsized influence in the USA and the Western world.

      Consider that Israeli aid supports the Jewish president…. Consider that when Putin took control and stopped the looting of post Soviet Russia the Jewish oligarchs were the least likely to come to an accommodation with his rule and have been agitating to remove him…..

      Now do you think that ACTUAL “NeoNazis” exist in Ukraine or just mercenary forces???

      I am wondering about that wild idea that what with Isreal being a dump the Jewish people are gonna 1st depopulate and then colonize Ukraine.

  8. drgob says:

    It is head spinning.

    The actual use of a dirty bomb to “Simulate” a tactical nuclear strike, would equate to state sanctioned terrorism. Both East and West factions do not need to simulate the act, as they already have tactical nuclear capability. Ergo the use of a dirty bomb would have the utility of obfuscating the source of the alleged strike.

    Who has more to gain? The Russians know that they will be blamed for all and every escalation. In this case they may as well use one of the weapons in their arsenal to irradiate the land that they wish to conquer or are occupying.

    More likely that a dirty bomb will be detonated outside of the conflict zone, by those with the best false flag track record in my mind, but who knows? – this has become unbelievably stupid and is no doubt being employed in numerous ways to harm everyday people who want to be left well out of it.

    • zyxzevn says:

      A few years ago, I expected something like that to go off
      in New York or somewhere. Maybe now Miami would the deep-state target.
      Just to jump start a new war.
      But then the scamdemic happened instead.

  9. mspann says:

    You will never be at peace with the NEW TRUTH until you can hold your hand out in front of your face, fully open, and TRULY see only four fingers. Then and only then can you fully embrace everything they say and KNOW it is the NEW TRUTH.

  10. Silto says:

    There is a great book that could help unravel the false flag false flag playing out in our minds. Before Mass Transformation there was The Mass Psychology of Fascism by Wilhelm Reich. Tame the little fascist in you and we just might make it out alive. Salud

    • Duck says:

      Wilhelm Reich was a pervert, a UFO cultist, pornogropher and a nutjob. The whole idea behind that kind of writing ( as with “the authoritarian Personality”) was that any normal person who grows up in a normal family is a potential fascist…..I do NOT LIKE fascism and hope we can avoid it but I’ll take it over Trans kid clown world any day. cool music made about him through by Kate bush

  11. Ukdavec says:

    Total Information America by Niccolo Soldo

    ” There are simply too many outlets and too many voices that do not agree with western governments to be allowed to persist in their messaging. They must be SHUT DOWN (or at least have their signals significantly diminished).”

  12. Hagar says:

    I’ve no witty or insightful comment. I’m reminded of my good friend Jim Bob who often commented, “I am so confused”. My fallback position is Rumsfeld’s unknown unknowns.

    “There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.”

  13. Ukdavec says:

    The Rise of Biodigital Surveillance by Aaron Kheriaty

    “Recently, as I was about to go through airport security, a saleswoman intercepted me asking if I wished to skip the security line. Intrigued, I invited her to tell me more. She shuttled me over to the CLEAR electronic kiosk and explained how the product worked. For only $180 a year, I could skip long lines at airports, sporting events, and other large gatherings.”

  14. scpat says:

    I like the approach to this general idea of confused reality that Kit Knightly laid out a while back in his article “Nordstream Sabotage – Deeper Dive.”

    All these conflicts we see in the world. All this drama and different storylines we are supposed to parse through and sides we are supposed to pick. Does any of it really matter when TPTSB are driving us toward hell? Below are some relevant quotations from his article:

    It all comes back to the fake binary, the illusion of difference and delusion of choice.

    The “official story” will never prove who bombed the pipeline one way or the other and is not intended to. Resolution is not desired. Instead, Team A will encourage us to blame Team B, and vice versa. The MSM will report evidence implicating Russia, while other evidence suggesting NATO were responsible will be “leaked”. Both narratives will be fed just enough to keep the argument going for as long as required and in any direction chosen.

    That’s the nature of the false binary, its very purpose, to divide and distract and create controlled dissent alongside managed controversy.

    Maybe Russia “did it”, maybe the US “did it”, but since it can be reasoned that they’re working together towards the same ends I say again, what difference does that ultimately make?

    Arguing about it could easily become the equivalent of debating whether OJ Simpson (allegedly) stabbed his wife with his left hand or his right.

    In my view. we have to look at the war in Ukraine in this context – not simply as a real war on its own terms, but as a new front in the wider war against all of us that started with Covid.

    In that context Ukraine becomes another horrible, callous piece of theatre. A cynical sacrifice that creates and then “justifies” – as Covid “justified” – shortages and price gouges and, let’s be honest, anything else in their anti-human agenda.

  15. Dr Sparkes says:

    More wars to drive the talking points, while the Libaries of Alexandria continue to be burned online while no one seems to know.

    The access to information is key, this piece on False Flags only becomes more potent when people realise and have access to the information to identified the historical patterns, well those who bother to read beyond the 1st couple of paragraphs.

    Reading this and watching Q4Corbett on Technocracy where a prime example made by James was that having access to the information, doesn’t seem to matter because most humans still find it easier to ask him than search on this website… However for those who care we are continuing to lose free resources as the paywalls coninue to be reinforced on a global scale, while most are watching secretly waiting for WW3 to begin (or end!).

    I guess I am bit upset that has been taken down and most think it is a great use of US Gov funds.

    “This domain has been seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in accordance with a warrant issued pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 981(b) and 21 U.S.C. § 853(f) by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York as part of a law enforcement action by: The United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York and The Federal Bureau of Investigation,” stated the banner.”

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