Sanctions Are War By Other Means

05/14/202314 Comments

Were you aware that nearly one-third of the planet is under economic sanctions of one sort or another?

No? Why not? Even those who don't pay much attention to the nexus between geopolitics and economics are likely to find that to be a shocking statistic. For those who do pay attention to that nexus it's even more shocking because they know that economic sanctions are not just some abstract economic concept. Quite the contrary.

Imposing sanctions on a country is a way of waging war against that country. It's not just that economic embargoes can cripple nations' economies nor that they tend to disproportionately affect innocent civilians. No, the reality is even more stark than that: sanctions kill.

Don't believe me? Let's look at some of the examples of how sanctions have been used throughout history as a tool of warfare.

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  1. terez says:

    I’ve just been listening to the WWI series, which coincides with my reading of Rudolf Steiner in the Karma of Untruthfulness. Yes, sanctions are trade terrorism, inflicting indiscriminate violence on a population for politically motivated ends. War would be an upgrade. I’ll be reading this with great interest. And I posted another video on you and Mathew Crawford called Popping the Blue Pill:

  2. 2-D Chess Dweller says:

    Hmmm. I didn’t know of the ongoing blockade, a la Article 26 of the Shame of Versaille. Or should that be the Sham of Versaille?

    Thanks, James.

  3. HyperSimian says:

    How is not wanting to do business with someone and act of war? It’s not.

    • Gabriel says:

      Backing out of trade isn’t an act of war, but violent enforcement to prevent others from doing trade with a country (or even people themselves) definitely is.

      “When goods don’t cross borders, soldiers will.”

      • Duck says:


        “….Backing out of trade isn’t an act of war,…”

        If I am the only person in your area that supplies water and I suddenly cut off your supply because I do not like how you act then its pretty clearly an act of ‘war’ (in the sense of ‘politics by other means’) If the behavior I want you to change is good or evil does not stop it being an act of war upon you.

        MAYBE you can dig a well, or run a water main from somewhere else, or set up rainwater catchment… but in practice for most they wont have time to do that before they either die or are forced to either submit to the water companies will, or abandon their property…..THAT was the choice Japan had with the oil embargo, submit to the US or grind to an economic halt, or start a war they knew they could not win.

        As I understand it plenty of people in the old west died fighting over water rights.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      HyperSimian,It’s all a point of view thingy. The law of the urban jungle is full of examples.
      Take the racketeering extortionist view.
      They just beat the crap out of your mother for her not wanting to do business with them. They are just being themselves in wanting your mother’s resources or wealth by apply a business tax/insurance that they estimate she can afford. This will be ongoing, to offset the competition,and damage she may have unwittingly caused with her enterprising ideas or actions that she initiated to better your future. She believed it was peaceful to say no to their offer. They on the other hand view it as an act of war, and applied a little nudge to apply more pressure on her to respond favorable. Competition is a sin in their view and an act of war. They will kill you all if you refuse their demands. At some point maybe they will leave you alone. They will hide from the view of any stronger authority that may have the cahonies to stop them beating her. They change tactics. By threats to any and all who may supply your mother, to continue her peaceful business. They will kill you with the kindness of sanctions.
      The American businessman does this globally much the same way as does the psychopathic brute of the urban centers of America. Hope this helps in understanding the point of view duality and the propaganda surrounding those views.
      Then again, what do I know,I’m just a millionaire bottle washer in a bar in Youngstown. Best wishes and Good luck HyperSimian.

      • HyperSimian says:

        My response is to the Japanese Oil embargo. We don’t want to support war by giving Japan oil so they attack because we provoked them. I don’t see it like that. Yes, Japan was wrong for Pearl Harbor and who ever else knew. But the simple fact to not do business is an act of war is lunacy even from a Voluntaryist view, more importantly. Provide for your own nation if anything.

        Youngstown, (state)

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Duality HyperSimian San, If a snake bites you, how is that wrong to the snake? The reality/ unreality is determined by the propaganda that defines it. The Japanese power structure didn’t think it was wrong. As did the American power structure, it was right by accomplishing their ends.
          And the people’s of both countries got snake bit. Now that was wrong because neither of the power structures were snakes and were nothing but greedy men. Willing to kill over 500 thousand children for Their Empire. 500 ah maybe I’m confusing recent wars with past ones. Hmmm they seem to all be alike. Let’s consult James on this. Yeah…there is some commonality…( Insert related Corbett docs here, sorry I can’t deliver the goods, new phone and not able to at this time)… Megalomaniacal God ordained and delivered empowered Madmen, Industrialists and BANKERS! The 1% .
          Sanctions are an act of war and just another tool used throughout history by the 1%. ( Other material docs supporting this view here )
          A change of view can come at anytime and out of the blue.
          Be well and good luck HyperSimian San.

    • Duck says:


      “…How is not wanting to do business with someone and act of war? …”

      If every store stops letting un-vaxed people buy food because the owners of “muh private company” happen to agree that getting everyone the jab is a public good then its pretty CLEAR that it would be an act of war against people who resist.

      Companies refusing to hire people based on opinions those people hold is ALSO an act of war, against people that the elite do not like.

      Big Tech choosing to de-platform people is a similar kind of low intensity war on ideas that the powerful do not like.

      I think it was Jay Dyer who said something like the whole system is set up as a siege on the population.

  4. Ukdavec says:

    Latest video by Derek Swannson in the Technocrats & Tribulations series – Archontic Contagion Explains Everything

    Thought provoking and beautifully constructed video ( but not as good as Brock )

  5. lotusblossom says:

    In that case, inflation is also a weapon of war. People are dying because of the current cost of living in Canada and the US.

  6. Gefaat says:

    James: your work is trully appreciated. ¿Would you please please list the 1/3 of the world nations that you say are now under economic sanctions? It’s necessary to bring into that perspective the massive migrations occurring all over the world because of them.
    For history’s sake, it’s an embarrasing omission not to have given a single word about the Cuban embargo and the resulting spill of those measures over the following decades in Central and South America, giving rise to what has been happening in Venezuela since Barack Obama imposed severe economic sanctions in 2015,resulting in the largest human migration of all times out of the richest country per capita in termns of its natural resources.

  7. Ukdavec says:

    Net Zero’s artificial food crisis paves the way for ‘future foods’

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