Russia's New Constitution: What You Need to Know

07/19/202038 Comments

Remember way back three lifetimes ago (a.k.a. the beginning of this year), when I wrote about Russia's possible regime change?

If you don't remember (or just need a refresher), Russian President Vladimir Putin kicked off 2020 with some bold moves, using his annual address to the nation's Federal Assembly to "propose a number of constitutional amendments for discussion." These "amendments" were not just administrative, either, but touched on some core issues, like forbidding top-level government officials from having foreign residence or citizenship and, infamously, repealing the clause limiting the president to two consecutive terms.

And then, even more spectacularly, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and the entire Russian cabinet resigned after the speech (although Putin's key cabinet officials were reappointed a week later).

As you can imagine, there was much speculation at the time about what was going on, precisely. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Western pundits' opinions converged on the idea that this was some sort of ploy by Putin to basically stay in power for the rest of his life (or at least a good chunk of it).

You might also recall that I was less sure of that conclusion, going so far as to state "it seems most likely that Putin will step down as planned in 2024 and the next president will have less power to shape the course of Russian politics single-handedly."

Well, silly me. Looks like I was wrong. Maybe. You see, the Russian government held a referendum on the proposed constitutional reforms earlier this month and they passed with 77.8% support.

So what do the reforms state, specifically, and how will they impact the Russian Federation going forward?

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  1. WAYNED says:

    I infinitely prefer “Downton Abbey” which I had to stop watching, because it was such an obviously contrived soap opera.

    I hate “fake”.

  2. Fact Checker says:

    “Putin presidency for the next 16 years (providing he can…maintain his health and faculties for the duration of his term)”

    How is that relevant?
    (Asking for a Biden supporter.)

  3. Qno says:

    Sorry James, typo police here… on queue/on cue… you may delete this comment…

  4. Qno says:

    Thanks James, useful reminder that all is theatre in politics. It does make me wonder if in fact Trump was just as much behind Russiagate as anyone else. Imagine him sitting down with some other schemers and saying “well, this could be a useful misdirection for the next few years, hide a multitude of sins. And when I win it I’m sure to appear the hero who drained a few cups of mud from the swamp, and win the next election as well”.

    • Duck says:

      Pretty sure he has realized that his core supporters are less then impressed with him these days. He has about an even chance this election I’d say… personally I think Maxwell is only being kept alive until it starts so they can off her as a distraction

  5. MagicBullet says:

    I would be quite surprised if Putin doesn’t have a succession plan in place already, and one that can be tweaked as he goes along. He is not known to be a “let’s see how it goes” guy, everything is well planned in his game. I’m sure the first step is a successor that has passed many tests of loyalty who Putin will really control from behind the scenes, slowly letting the puppet move on his or her own depending on his health.

    • Likma says:

      it would very naive and silly of him to have one! You’ve got watched your back, especially in Russia which is a real jungle. I hope he has one who will slow down the globalists’ agenda as he seems to have been doing.

  6. taxpayer says:

    Corbett says: “the reforms were approved by 77% of the voters”
    The linked NYT article says: “A respected electoral researcher estimated that more than 20 million votes, more than a quarter of those cast, had been falsified.”
    I guess NYT would be more persuasive if they identified that researcher, so we could all respect them.
    The linked article in turn links to which asserts considerable “irregularities” in the voting.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I appreciate Corbett keeping us updated on this Russia stuff.

  8. Lonepine says:

    Some may object but this is directly related. Please be objective since oppression is always oppression.

  9. asavetmd says:

    Good balanced discussion James. The reason for the 78% yes vote is that the Russian People know Putin has their back and because there is no successor in sight. The Russian People are used one leader for long periods of time so they want him in place thru 2030 but I don’t see him staying after that. He would be 77 then and a successor will be found by that time. There is no leader of any other country that is equal to him in any way. He wipes the floor with all of them. It will be the same with his successor. It was that way with the Czars as well. The analogy to him and Trump is Luke Skywalker and his sidekick Han Solo.

  10. asavetmd says:

    The other issue is that the Russian People are used to having the same leader for many years at a time so they are comfortable with him for the next 10 years. The Pentagon and NATO are just figuring out that Russia, China and Iran have a Geostrategic Alliance and there isn’t a damn thing they can do about it so they are running around like chickens with their heads cut off doing Naval and Military Exercises to “Stop the Russian threat” but they never define what this “threat” is or what the “China threat” in the South China Sea is so 90% of Americans live in fear of not one but two invisible “threats”. They can’t see how stupid it would be to go to War with China over a Sea named for China. More and more Doctors are realizing COVID is not the threat it’s cooked up to be. Wait till you see what happens when all sports are called off for the next year or two because their “plan” will shut it all down in less than 3 weeks.

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Are many of these Covid deaths actually caused by Sepsis infections?

    …Sepsis is common, affecting at least 1.7 million Americans every year and leading to 270,000 deaths.
    In hospitals, 1 in 3 patients who die have sepsis, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and it’s a major contributing factor to influenza deaths.

    Not only is sepsis a leading cause of deaths overall, it’s also an important contributor to the death of COVID-19 patients — one that’s been flying largely under the radar…

    …(Dr. Karin Molander)…“our experts here in the U.S. are finding that sepsis is a leading, if not the number one, fatal complication of COVID-19.”

    …According to Sepsis Alliance, “the elderly, very young and people with chronic illnesses or weakened immune systems” are most at risk of sepsis…
    …it is often misdiagnosed in the beginning…

    The Cytokine Storm Connection
    …The symptoms of cytokine storm are indicative of severe illness…

    …The symptoms of sepsis may be confused with those of a bad cold or flu…
    …Sepsis is a medical emergency….

    MERCOLA.COM – July 21, 2020 via
    Why Are so Many COVID Patients Dying of Sepsis?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      2 minute VIDEO – Dynamic!
      ICU nurses discuss vitamin C therapy for sepsis

    • Qno says:

      It’s different everywhere. In New York the bankrupt hospitals got paid 13k to give a c-word diagnosis. Hence everyone presenting with anything got tested – with a test prone to ‘false positives’. I put that in inverted commas because positive itself is meaningless if they don’t actually know what the result of the test signifies (spoiler – they don’t. It’s just a colour change that may mean any number of things).

      Once ‘diagnosed’ thus they get isolated, terrified, and put on a regimen of hospital food and various drugs, some of which are known to cause breakdown of red blood cells in about ten days. So, once they turn blue they put them on a ventilator and the hospital gets another $39k. But an inappropriate ventialtor is deadly, but the hospitals are in the black.

      In Brazil it was somewhat different. Huge numbers of cases didn’t even exist. MPs went to inspect a hospital with 5000 c-word patients and found it was a building site.

      In London/UK there are such big issues with miscounting that they’ve stopped counting cases while they investigate the counting process.

      All of that said, I’ve had it with Dr Mercola, I’m afraid. He’s gone ‘full covid’, meaning for him it’s all about how to mitigate the harm of this otherwise deadly virus, when there is very good cause to wonder if the whole thing is in fact a nothing-burger. If that is the case, then it’s not a virus we need protecting from, but politics and media. Could it be so?

    • BbobKS says:

      Good luck finding inject able Vitamin C since CV19 even veterinary grade is impossible to find . I am down to 50 ml and have treated virus 3 times with what I had purchased for treating my wife’s cancer last year . I have some ordered now but its from Thailand and not sure I’ll ever see !
      CV19 has mutated since Mar the first time I was exposed and took 10 days to overcome with home therapeutics , 2 ml C in morning and evening alternating muscles , liquid D3 , Cal Mag Zink , Sauna to elevate body temp and shower to clear head then chest . Second time I started to get head , throat and chest symptoms it took 3 days to overcome and I figured my bodies immune had adapted , then I was exposed and caught again on 16 and symptoms hit harder than ever the 19 I added mint honey tea and gargling to routine and back to 90 % today . Virus is mutating and no Vaccine can adapt as fast as human body .

  12. Ursulariches10 says:

    There is so much nonsense in our world, especially that of the LGBT tyranny, sex changes for kids, men with a Y gene insisting that they are women and promoters of fornications which causes abuse and slavery. I say Thank God for Putin and for a Christian Russia which over 20 years has opened 3 new churches per week, some newly built and some restored.
    I ask everyone to wake up and see that satan the prince of lies is the prince of this world which SO obviously was created with intelligent design.
    The reason that we are so far from God is that the world has given itself over to sin, the sins of FORNICATION, in particular, the maxims of Marx and mass slaughter of innocents, before they even leave the womb.
    We do see the evil of lies, greed, massacres, oppression, wrongful curbs on our freedom, the medical frauds, the toxic farming, fake science, fake news, fake history and a money supply which is intrinsically fraudulent. We also mistake the concept of freedom for licentiousness. Let’s rectify that as it is in our remit to do!

  13. Ukdavec says:

    Black lives matter, covid 19 , and Goldman Sachs.

    Curious to know what vested interests link these topics?

    pdf and audio links on this page

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The “Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations” of the “Committee on Energy and Commerce” held a remote hearing on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, at 10 a.m. via Cisco Webex.
    The hearing is entitled:
    “Pathway to a Vaccine: Efforts to Develop a Safe, Effective and Accessible COVID-19 Vaccine.”

    Former Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and
    Administrator of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR)
    …psychopathic child murderer and sadist, Julie Gerberding, testified for MERCK.
    (It is well known that Merck has made Julie Gerberding a millionaire for helping to destroy CDC scientific study documents which painted the corporation’s VACCINES in bad light.)


  15. BbobKS says:

    It’s hard not to admire Putin for his ability to rule communist Russia with his Technocratic skills and as he allows construction and the Christian communities to grow and thrive contrary to Communist doctrine I wonder if he is positioning himself or views himself as the great leader of the revelations ? He has demonstrated that Technocracy is not a product of Socialism, Communism , Socialism, Communism is a product of a evolving Technocracy !
    The World order that Putin is referring to as a alternative is a the UN Bush model is currently being implemented under a world wide Medical Technocracy this undetected system has demonstrated that all of the current governments and institutions of government are basically irrelevant !

  16. HomeRemedySupply says:

    (H/t to Derrick Broze via his Twitter)

    Thursday – July 23, 2020
    Bill Gates interviewed by CBS News about Vaccines & their side effects,
    people will likely need repeated vaccines,
    conspiracy theories, tracking and ‘misinformation’ on social media.

    (29 minutes)

    Bill Gates is wearing a dress shirt with pull-over sweater in hot July.
    Either Seattle is cool or his A/C is cranked up…or he is trying to mimic Mister Rogers.

    Several times, Bill Gates mentions that he and Dr. Fauci often communicate together.
    Masks are pushed and mentioned as an important deterrent to spreading the virus.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Bill Gates (above) and Dr. Fauci colluding.
      Both with a MASK propaganda agenda in order to achieve “a uniform call” by society.

      This propaganda campaign would remove the onerousness of “authoritarian mandates and force”.
      The agenda is to “marginalize by public opinion” (not by force) those who do not socially conform towards socially accepted health protocols.

      onerousnessunwelcome burdensome difficulty. burdensomeness, oppressiveness, heaviness. difficultness, difficulty – the quality of being difficult; “they agreed about the difficulty of the climb”

      Bill Gates implies this agenda above in the CBS interview.
      Dr. Fauci states it here in this interview, and in previous interviews.

      July 23, 2020 Thursday David Axelrod interviews Dr. Anthony Fauci AUDIO only

      37 minute mark – MASKS & “a uniform call” by society
      40 mark – Hate mail and threats
      45 mark – The “social responsibility of individuals”. Individuals who do not conform harm others.
      50-51 mark – At the earliest, “real normality” (a broadly distributed vaccine) would not occur at least one year from now.
      No “normal” for at least one year.
      Then Fauci lies about “safety is not being compromised” on vaccine development.
      (53 mark)BUT…Fauci admits that recourse on future Covid vaccine liabilities are no different than current vaccines.

  17. Alex says:

    “And that Putin is another puppet and arch-globalist of the neo-globalism variety who plays along with the coronavirus scamdemic and every other key globalist objective when need be.”

    Most salient part for me.

  18. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Exemptions for wearing masks

    This activist goes to a Kroger grocery store…

    July 22, 2020
    VIDEO (9 minutes)
    Are you religiously immune (exempt) from Face Mask/Covering Mandates?

    • HomeRemedySupply says: WEBSITE Blog

    • pearl says:

      Too bad he resorted to calling the older woman “sheeple”; as if things weren’t incendiary enough.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I hear ya. It’s just plain bad manners and does not enlighten anyone.

        I have repeatedly had older women (actually, women close to my age) tell me that I need to be wearing a mask.
        I would just kind of ignore them or mumble something about masks not being required or that they don’t help.

        From now on, I will use the line:
        “My personal Doctor, Dr. Russell Blaylock, emphatically warned me about masks.
        He stressed that masks dynamically can lower a person’s immune system and make people more susceptible to getting sick.
        He also told me that masks do nothing to prevent the spread of a virus per all the respected scientific studies.
        I trust him. I have never had to be put on any type of prescriptive medication.”

        Anyway, I will try something like this the next time someone makes a statement about being maskless.

        Here is that May article by Dr. Blaylock

        I thought this was a good article with sources…
        Masks & Science – No efficacy against virus

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Does Wearing a Mask Cause Diagnostic Tests to Read False-Positive for COVID?

      By Jon Rappoport
      …A person wearing a mask is breathing in his own germs all day long. He breathes them out, as he should, but then he breathes them back in.

      It seems evident that this unnatural process would increase the number and variety of germs circulating and replicating in his body; even creating active infection.

      Along with this, a decrease in oxygen intake, which occurs when a mask is worn, would allow certain germs to multiply in the body—germs which would otherwise be routinely wiped out or diminished in the presence of an oxygen-rich environment.

      Here’s the key: Both the PCR and antibody tests are known for registering false-positive results, since they cross-react with germs which have nothing to do with the reason for the test.

      If wearing a mask increases the number and variety of germs replicating in the body, and also increases the chance of developing an active infection…then the likelihood of a false-positive PCR or antibody test is increased.

      In other words, masks would promote the number of so-called COVID cases. This would, of course, have alarming consequences….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      This Irishman sums up the MASK AGENDA!

      July 24, 2020
      (2 minute dynamic video)

      To destroy the spirit of the human person, the individuality, the….

  19. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The year 2020 is the year the world goes weird…

    Burger King Ad sings: (Texas style)
    “When cows fart and burp and splatter,
    well it ain’t no laughing matter.
    They’re releasing methane every time they do.

    And that methane from their rear
    goes up to the atmosphere
    and pollutes our planet,
    warming me and you….”

    (Greta Thunberg’s little friends go on singing)

    2 minute video brought to you by Burger King who likes to sell you a whopper with fake meat.

  20. Ukdavec says:

    Hong Kong security law: Officials discussed six sites for autonomous city in Ireland.

    Six locations in Ireland were discussed by government officials as possible sites for a new autonomous city named Nextpolis proposed by a wealthy Hong Kong businessman, The Times can reveal.

  21. HomeRemedySupply says:
    July 24, 2020 Friday
    Article by Christian Moore
    New Social Distancing App Scores 500,000 Downloads In One Month

    As coronavirus infections reach new heights, with the United States leading the pack with a record 4 million cases, a Canadian social distancing app aimed at keeping people connected and socially engaged has announced a major growth spurt, reaching 500,000 downloads in a single month.

    HiRide, a subsidiary of Canadian Facedrive (TSXV:FD,OTC:FDVRF), launched the HiQ social distancing app just a month ago as a “socialization and gaming mobile application that intends to make social distancing more bearable.”

    “In the last few weeks, we have seen our HiQ community grow internationally.
    It has been exciting for us to reach this incredible milestone and further drive social interaction between users while practicing social distancing.
    We are always working on developing new features, and will continue to improve our product and customer experience,”
    Akshat Soni, CEO of HiRide, said in a press release.

    The app uses proprietary tech and algorithms to match users with shared interests, as well as for cash prizes and weekly trivia challenges that come along with rewards.
    The app’s virtual wallet allows users to cash their rewards earned by playing trivia games every 100 points collected.

    The app, which is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, soared to 500,000 downloads as of July 23rd, highlighting the heightened demand for innovative new ways to stay safe while socializing during a global pandemic.

    So far, according to parent company Facedrive (TSXV:FD,OTC:FDVRF), the trivia element of the HiQ app has been the most popular, thanks to HiRide’s AI-based gamification technology.

    HiQ now boasts a Top 5 ranking in over 50 countries among trivia apps, with 45,000 daily active users and indications after only a month that it continues to grow virally, internationally….

  22. victoria says:

    freedom is slavery

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