Revisiting Psychopathy


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It's been a while since The Corbett Report last examined the topic of psychopathy, and in the meantime a number of articles, papers, documentaries and books have emerged to shed more light on the issue. But as this growing understanding of psychopathy begins to shape the way we understand the global economic collapse and the moves toward political tyranny, do we run the risk of starting a new witch hunt? Find out more in this week's edition of the podcast.

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  1. michael.bc says:

    Hi James

    Thank you for posting the additional video on this absolutely crucial subject.

    I note your concerns around the issue of spotting a psychopath and the advice given at the end of Stefan Verstappen’s video, Defense Against the Psychopath of how to deal with the problem. I can assure you, however, everything he says is true. The science is there which categorically shows that you have no option but to run. As someone who has gone through the energetic and psychological tole of a 16 year off an on professional relationship with a white collar CEO psychopath, I experienced first hand the grueling and destructive effect of dealing with this intra-species predator. Even though I was well versed in the topic by half way through that time period it took me right to the end to fully grasp the nature of the human-like creature I was dealing with an acknowledge to myself the psycopathy which defined this individuals every action. I wont bore you with the details of the relationship or how I came to see this individual for what he was, but suffice to say it had everything to do with empathy or the lack of and the destructive nature of his personality and his wanton desire to destroy anything of normal human value. In the end the only solution (if my sanity was to be maintained) was to cut off all contact and go ‘gray stone’ on him. Its the only thing that works. One has to overcome one’s tendency to project human traits where there simply are none and to wishful think the problem away (normally blaming oneself in the process)

    People have to grasp that you simply cannot reform, educate, change, argue, win, reach, move a psychopath, no more than you can change the predatory core instinct of a shark or snake. They are designed for one purpose and one alone – to hunt, to feed, to bring to nothing anything that stands in their way of total self-satisfaction. There simply is no negotiation.

    I would strongly recommend you and other readers take the time to read ‘Political Ponerolgy: A science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purpose’ by Polish clinical psychologist Andrew M. Lobaczewski. This seminal work, created at great personal risk by the writer and his team (of which he was the last left standing when the book was finally published against the opposition of such as Zbigniew Brzezinski). It is arguably the most important political science book ever written; it reveals in layer upon layer the desperate circumstances faced by humanity throughout history caused by this Trojan-Horse reality.

    I would also strongly advise reading the following introductory article/review by Laura Knight-Jadczyk who was responsible for bringing this book in from the cold and who has suffered no end of lies and defamation for her work ever since precisely because she has played such a pivotal role in bringing this vital knowledge to the surface.

    Understand that Psychopathy has always been the gorilla in the room of human existence; their greatest fear is being found out and they will do anything to keep it suppressed from general knowledge. No topic is more important, more challenging but in the end more revealing of our reality here on planet earth. In the end awareness and knowledge is our only hope and greatest strength.

    You underestimate this reality at your peril. It is a species take down mechanism and for some reason we are suffering an infestation of them at this vital point in history. Previously society just about survived with the low levels of attack (dramatic and societal shaping though they have been); today we are being overwhelmed. They will not stop until we are all gone – hence everything you have been revealing on this site for years is but the slug-slime trail of their collective actions. Today an exponential acceleration of the effects of their psychosis is threatening not just our survival as a species but the viability of the planet itself. I suspect at this late stage, only mother nature herself, the great cosmic corrective, can right the balance before it is too late. The history of humanity has been a battle between the psychopath and nature (through planet cleansing catastrophe) to see who can win in the end. Global warming is a psychopathic scam; civilisational ending environmental changes caused by titanic cosmic forces is not. At this late hour this corrective may paradoxically be our best hope.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Extraordinary write-up! Fantastic!

      I am adamant that… We underestimate this reality of Psychopaths at our peril.

      You mention cutting off all direct influence of Psychopaths as much as one can. If not physically, then at least mentally.
      I agree.
      Their influence is trouble, big time, major… …and can turn a person into quivering jello. One can get sick or not “think right” or a Psycho can just make one’s life generally miserable.

      Actually, Scientology also mentions this “cutting off” or “disconnection” from psychopaths.
      See this…

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Episode 213 – Revisiting Psychopathy has a longer comment thread here…

  3. Corbett says:

    Sorry, my mistake. I forgot to close off the comments here. I’ll do so now, and redirect people to the podcast episode if they’d like to comment on this episode. Sorry for the confusion.

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