Resistance is Fertile!

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Whether you're a die-hard Trekkie or someone who would never be caught dead watching one of those silly sci-fi shows, if you were around in the '90s you will remember the Borg catchphrase:

"Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated."

For those not in the know, the phrase "resistance is futile" was introduced to popular culture via "Q Who," a 1989 episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation in which the crew of the Enterprise encounter the Borg, a collective of cyborgs connected to a hive mind via cybernetic implants. The Borg went on to become one of the most iconic antagonists of the Star Trek universe, but it wasn't their fiery passion or their over-the-top villainry that made them so chilling. Quite the contrary. It was their cold, calculating, machine-like intelligence and their singular aim of assimilating all new species into their collective that made the Borg so creepy.

The Borg weren't out to kill humanity, only to "add [humanity's] biological and technological distinctiveness to [the Borg's] own."

Now, you might not think this has much to do with our present predicament, and up until a week ago I would have agreed with you.

It turns out resistance isn't futile after all. Resistance is fertile. Discover the details about the real-life COVID Borg and how the people's resistance can alter their plans in this week's important edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber. Also, stick around for a Subscriber Exclusive video with James ruminating on nature, technology and disconnection.

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  1. Roe_Jogan_On_DMT says:

    “If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” – Sun Tzu

  2. Octium says:

    There’s a simple rule when in comes to technology, if you understand how it works and have control of it then it’s good.

    If you don’t understand how it works and don’t have control of it – it’s always bad.

    No doubled edge sword involved.

  3. Noahsark723 says:

    GREAT Quote!!! Thanks for posting it!!!
    “If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” – Sun Tzu

    The healing is to Know Thyself:

  4. zyxzevn says:

    Gates knows what is best for you


    The doctors in many countries used HCQ+ Zinc+ etc. and this reduced the death-rate by a factor of 10, compared to those that did not get that treatment. This can even be seen in the stats per country.
    As many different doctors with many patients (1,000 to 10,000+) in different countries get the same kind of results.
    This makes a very good case that this is a working medicine,

    They needed to start the treatment early, when the viral load was rising. At later stage, the inflammation of the immune system becomes the problem and other medicine are needed. This was well known by the doctors.

    But “scientists” connected to big medical companies, repeated this by using **wrong methods** (like using HCQ at late stage) and were able to have no reduction of deaths, and some even increase the number of deaths by poisoning the patients with overdoses. Also they were able to use fake data or inaccurate internet data or complete different control groups. And with the help of “friends” they got this fake science widely published in peer-reviewed journals.
    This fake science has resulted in some important political decisions and has costed many lives.

    This all clearly means that they were setting up the studies to fail, because they were working for a company that wanted to get a profit out of this crisis (unlike the doctors).

    The fake scientists kept on publishing more bullshit science, but they were unable to repeat the reduction in deaths.
    Because the doctors already have so much success with their methods, it clearly proves that the scientists have NO EXPLANATION for the reduction of deaths.
    They could not proof that the 90% reduction in deaths could be attributed to anything else than the HCQ+ etc method. And they all failed to simply repeat the method as was well documented by the doctors.

    These “scientists” only proved that they were completely corrupt!

    For sources check

    • ccuthbert2001 says:

      I don’t go for any of this. There’s no virus, therefore nobody is dying from da covid. HCQ may or may not help some people’s condition, but that has nothing to due with a non-existent virus.

      • upuaut says:

        Sorry, but this sounds to me like “There were no planes hitting the Twin Towers”. Easily debunked, this theory took all the other “conspiracy” theories down with it. And that was precisely the goal of those who advanced the “no-planes” scam.

      • SharineWonders says:

        I’m in agreement with your general disbelief about the “killer virus.” In my current understanding, viruses DO exist, but they exist in EVERY human body, and their job is to clean up toxins and move the waste products to the best, most efficient elimination system, be it respiratory, epidermal, etc. So when people are “sick” with a “virus” it is actually the body cleaning house; the “symptoms” are the body pushing out the crap.

        But yeah, this whole thing is a scam, including “germ theory,” which is just that, a theory—one that happened to benefit Rockefeller and his petroleum-based medicines, and which continues to benefit Big Pharma, all westernized governments and their agencies, the insurance industry and its twin, the medical industry. I mean, come on, what kind of “killer virus” that will seize upon you if you don’t wear a Satanic ritual humiliation face muzzle when you enter a restaurant but is also so nice that it won’t attack you when sit down and open your pie hole?! It would be laughable if people weren’t so idiotic as to believe it!

  5. SW says:

    Resistance is Fertile!
    The borg analogy – and the triumph of the Human Spirit – reminds me of this scene from Dr Who. (The man being ‘assimilated’ hears the cry of his baby son…)

  6. CreativeLife says:

    Sun Tzu – Thank you for your wisdom
    All warfare is based on deception. Therefore, when capable, feign incapacity; when active, inactivity. When near, make it appear that you are far away; when far away, that you are to lure him; feign disorder and strike him. When he concentrates, prepare against him; where he is strong, avoid him. Anger his general and confuse him. Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.
    Sun Tzu

    We must make the ground Fertile, and be of a sound mind grounded in Truth.
    Scientism must be exposed and the truth of healing and health restored, therefore through the narrow Way we will find Life once again. Ah! Revisit the Truman Show and see how it may be so for this vile cultic practice of allopathetic medicine.

    Pleomorphism Proves Vaccine + Antibiotic Fraud Deception and Fraud our enemy

    It’s Time to Revisit “The Truman Show” Psychological Warfare our enemy

    Be blessed with light and courage to be an individual. Broadcast the seeds of truth on fertile ground. Then watch the miracle unfold before your eyes!

  7. MagicBullet says:

    Truth or part of the plan to threaten us? Either way, the “comply or resist” choice is coming closer:

    “They can limit access to schools or services or jobs if people don’t get vaccinated. They could force them to pay a fine or even lock them up in jail.”

    • cu.h.j says:

      They can certainly try to do those things, however, I think that the data will show the vaccine is unnecessary and also that the pandemic is over by the time the vaccine is ready. And also if people get the vaccine my suspicion is that there may be some unforeseen side effects that come to light in the first round of shots.

      I may be completely wrong, but what I see coming into my hospital does not warrant this hysteria. It’s absolutely absurd that this is still going on, the propaganda and paranoia and economic shutdowns. It’s completely unnecessary. I think there are a lot of people who are already immune and I suspect I’m one of these people, probably because I’m exposed to diseases.

      • cu.h.j says:

        When I say I may be wrong, I meant that I may be wrong about the push toward mass compliance with a vaccine. I don’t think I’m wrong about my impression of this disease being weak in healthy populations. Whatever strain we have going around in CA is weak in my opinion.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        cu.h.j says:
        I think there are a lot of people who are already immune and I suspect I’m one of these people, probably because I’m exposed to diseases.

        I 100% agree!
        You bring up a very important aspect: exposed to diseases.

        This aspect should be common knowledge, especially among medical professionals or someone who takes a High School Biology class without sleeping.

        My contention: ‘They’ are straining very hard to make this Plandemic horrible…and trying to make people sick and scared.

        ~~ Social Distancing and Isolation lowers one’s exposure to society’s microbial biome.
        ~~ Mask Mandates lower one’s immune system, especially for those wearing masks for prolonged periods.
        ~~ The recent push is Flu vaccines. It is a set-up for more ill people.
        ~~ The deliberate squashing of more natural or simple, very effective treatments against the coronavirus and respiratory infections (e.g. hydroxychloroquine/zinc as a preventive or early stage treatment)
        ~~ Stress. Stress to weaken one’s immune system. Untold instability as to job, income, one’s school age kids, future, etc.
        Stress by fear mongering the public with alarming bogus statistics.
        ~~ Omission of advocating healthy nutritional values.
        ~~ Deliberately putting in policies which kill or sicken people (e.g. nursing homes or denying medical care to those with conditions like diabetes, cancer, etc.)
        ~~ Having Covid patients wait with no valid recommended therapy until their symptoms become grave prior to admittance at a hospital.

        and more.

        • swanbyrd says:

          Does anyone know if there are physicians using telemedicine to prescribe HcQ across state borders? Does anyone know if there really are shortages causing all the states to issue their policies which ‘discourage its preventative use’? The dose for prevention is something like 50mg/ week. How could that possibly exhaust supplies? Lupus and RA patients take a lot more higher doses than that.

          We are in our 60’s and I am seriously wanting to have it on hand because it is an excellent preventative and would allow my brother to fly to see our aging mother with less ‘fear’.

          Please don’t pile on about fear. I am NOT fearful, but am employing due diligence since this virus does affect my age group more easily. And if someone were to contract it, I would DEFINITELY want a doctor who could treat with it.

          If anyone finds info on these questions, I’d appreciate an email since I rarely sign on here.


          Sue S.

          • cu.h.j says:

            I don’t know. I thought doctors can only prescribe within their own state because each state has its own licensing requirements. Maybe you could ask your doctor what they would recommend.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:


            Hi Sue,
            During my High School years back in the 60’s and 70’s, I grew up in Mineral Wells, Texas (a very unique small town).

            From that area of Texas, practicing telemedicine, is Dr. Katarina Lindley, D.O. FACOFP who also networks with other telemedicine practitioners.
            Kat is originally from Croatia, but is licensed to practice medicine in a variety of states.
            She does prescribe hydroxychloroquine.

            Katarina is also the President of the Texas (ACOFP) State Chapter of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians. (The website has a Press Release about Telehealth options)

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              I became aware of Katarina Lindley when I watched this interview back in April…
              (This thread has a link to related threads)

              However, it appears that the YouTube video interview no longer exists.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              Bucking Authoritarian Medical Rules
              Being in the United States, there are some things which you can only get with a prescription.

              Antibiotics are one example, but also there are anti-aging modalities such as deprenyl which are very expensive by prescription in the U.S.
              Plus, one needs to pay for the Doctor’s visit.

              Some years back, I knew that I needed some antibiotics. That was all. I went to the cheapest Doctor I could find, but it still cost me more than I liked. (I have no health insurance.)

              Planning for the future I ordered some drugs overseas.
              For example, I have ordered from this UK based Anti-aging website.
              After having studied the literature, I was also wanted to experiment with things like deprenyl, oxytocin and more. Some things, like piracetam, are available in the U.S.

              But I have also ordered from India. That gets a little wild. The place I ordered from even takes bitcoin.

              Everything I have ever ordered from overseas in the past has arrived.
              Of course, the world has changed.

              Anyway, you may want to try an out-of-country source and just order some.
              Some of the Mexican bordertown pharmacies might be a good source. I dunno.
              ha!…even my son as a kid once smuggled a switchblade across the Mexican border.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            I am also in my upper 60’s.
            I take a strong nutritional and alternative integrative medicine approach to this COVID scenario.
            Above, at #comment-79699 is a link to a MASTER THREAD which outlines and timetables many approaches to Covid.

            I often follow Dr. Mercola and other integrative medicine health care providers, including Dr. David Brownstein who once had many videos of COVID patients telling how they overcame the illness in short order.
            Of course, Dr. Brownstein’s 100% success rate was promptly squashed and censored…
            “I want to let you know that we have been ordered by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to stop making any statements about our treatment protocols of Vitamins A, C & D, as well as nutritional IV’s, iodine, ozone and nebulization to support the immune system with respect to Coronavirus Diseases 2019 (COVID-19).”

            Here is what I do instead of hydroxychloroquine…
            There are alternative nutritional ionophores for zinc, such as Quercetin.
            Daily, first thing with my morning coffee, I take Bromelain and Quercetin. Often I add other Bioflavanoids and Rutin to compliment the Quercetin. And many times take more enzymes like Bromelain, Wobenzyme or proteolytic enzymes. (By the way, the enzymes often take away aches if one has been working hard in the garden.)

            During the course of the day, I will take zinc and other mineral supplements, preferably when I also drink lemon water or a smoothy made with lemon and greens. (The acidic nature helps the minerals become ionic.)

            I have a nebulizer in the event that I ever need to nebulize hydrogen peroxide which has been shown to effectively address the lung/breathing issue of Covid.

            Anyway, that is some of what I do.

            This is an interesting thread on IONOPHORES for zinc…

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            TELEMEDICINE UPDATE – Sources by State
            Hydroxychloroquine and Doctors

            Taken from “What is Gilead’s role in the war on hydroxychloroquine?” by Antonio R. Chaves at ~~www

            Access to HCQ varies by state. If you cannot get this drug from your doctor, America’s Frontline Doctors has kindly provided contact information for telemedicine physicians that are HCQ-knowledgeable.
            You can find these doctors by clicking on any state in their website and scrolling down to the bottom of the description.

            (Click on your state)

      • taxpayer says:

        I don’t know who’s behind it, but there’s a nice web site tracking studies evaluating HCQ as a treatment for Covid:
        Includes links to the studies, 79 so far.

  8. cu.h.j says:

    Excellent article, noting that they backed down from the idea of “forced” vaccines because they know they cannot do this or else people would see right away what’s going on and also they don’t have the means of doing it. Particularly in the US where a large percentage of the population is armed. But they revealed themselves and now we may have a strategy because they have shown us their hand, that they cannot do what they want to do unless large numbers of people comply. This is why they use propaganda to persuade and frighten people.

    So the test is to not comply even in the face of threats and shunning and shaming. There are many people who don’t even like to voice objections, they want to be polite and “well-liked”. I think it’s human nature, but this is where people must get over this tendency. Also, refusing sets an example and this spreads quickly. Humans tend to follow a leader who sets an example of something they find virtuous. In this case, it’s the right thing to do not only for oneself but for humanity, knowing that if one person folds, more will follow along.

  9. San*A says:

    James and Broc, thank you so much for all your work.
    you are a beacon in these times of despair, when the buildup of anger almost overwhelmes me after reading various articles, watching video’s about how the people of the world run like lemmings toward the abyss, then there’s a positive article by James.
    i really need that!
    yes, the world will never be the same. we have to accept that.
    friends i had for 40+ years are gone, i can’t talk to them anymore, but in a way it is ok.
    there are always new like-minded souls to be found, so forcibly i am pushed into new directions, and eventhough at 60+ my energy is not what it was in the past, there is comfort to be found.
    Never give up. Live free or die.
    ‘they’ can make your life hard and take everything from you, but ‘they’ can NEVER break your soul.
    but we need the help of brave souls like James, Broc, Spiro, Polly, Del, Derrick, Dan, Chossudovsky and so many others to turn the anger into creating force.

  10. colosseum says:

    This is a great example of social resistance:

    A non-profit organization in Italy:

    acts as intermediary between a team of lawyers in most major Italian cities and groups of concerned parents and teachers.

    The idea is to “flood” school’s principals with liability declarations whereby the principals will be deemed criminally liable of all psychological and physical damages to the children if they apply the Ministry of Education’s new pile of covid-related regulations.

    The initiative seems to have had such a great success that principals are now putting pressure on the Ministry to ensure they are not pushed in the fire-line or else they will refuse to open the school or to apply all the harmful regulations (masks, social distancing etc etc).

    In fact It was so successful that even the MSM could not ignore it:

    Just a confirmation that the Power carries on with its plans only if every layer in the hierarchical level acquiesce.

  11. colosseum says:


    a couple of “scientific papers” for you if you wish to dissect them for your Propaganda Watch 😉

    The Public’s Role in COVID-19 Vaccination: Planning Recommendations Informed by Design Thinking and the Social, Behavioral, and Communication Sciences

    This report considers human factors in relation to future vaccines against the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), drawing on insights from design thinking and the social, behavioral, and communication sciences. It provides recommendations—directed to both US policymakers and practitioners, as well as nontraditional partners new to public health’s mission of vaccination—on how to advance public understanding of, access to, and acceptance of vaccines that protect against COVID-19.

    2. COVID-19 Vaccine Messaging, Part 1

    This study tests different messages about vaccinating against COVID-19 once the vaccine becomes available.

  12. n4x5 says:

    A couple thoughts on the situation as it stands now.

    I see virtually no one “social distancing” anymore. Normal human life just doesn’t work with people spaced apart this way. Maybe somehow a few maskochists can be reached if we point out that if social distancing was idiotic, then the masks are too.

    I’m mildly optimistic about the upcoming mass demonstration in Berlin next weekend. Maybe it will impact a significant fraction of the population into realizing that resistance isn’t a fringe or extremist position. Normies love herds, and a few million people arriving from all over Europe would represent quite a herd. That herd will eventually disperse, though.

  13. We have assertions to resist from long ago such as James 4:7 “Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Or 1st Peter 5:8 “Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. But resist him, firm in your faith…”

    Some of the Christian community know this, but then there are those called Christians and those who follow Christ. See Matthew 7:23, 24:42, and Luke 13:27.

    A follower of Christ is commanded to proclaim but not impose (2nd Timothy 4). It is to place no man over you, as in no “archē” or literally anarchy as there is no one in charge but the Lord.

    Resistance to the rule of man is not only fertile, it is obedience to the Lord. Matthew 23:8 “But do not be called Rabbi; for One is your Teacher, and you are all brothers.”

    • andyalchemy says:

      Did a podcast a couple weeks ago about Romans 13 and Proverbs 1 about immorality in government and the immorality of obedience to immoral demands. If you want to check it out, it might be right up your alley:
      I willhave to do another one about resistance, you have provided some great verses! Thanks!

      • CreativeLife says:

        John 5:43
        ESV: “I have come in my Father’s name, and you do not receive me. If another comes in his own name, you will receive him.”

        John 5:43, KJV: “I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.”

        Could it be that the false prophet and an anti-christ as of April resides in the city state Vatican. Pope Francis the first Jesuit Pope, disregards the essential title “Vicar of Christ”. In the 2020 Pontifical Yearbook He has officially altered the office of the Papacy and is now to be called by HIS OWN NAME Jorge Mario Bergogliono.

        Francis is the first Jesuit Pope… but St. Ignatius of Loyola was the first Jesuit | Vatican

        This is interesting as the Director of the WHO has a last name few people refer to. The Society of Jesus IHS Isis Horus Set In Plain Sight WHO director pictured with high ranking Chinese Communications funny how they all have similar education roots. Must be a coincidence.
        One World Religion – maybe. No time for maybe, Let your Yes be Yes and your No be No. Not my words!
        Most all of the infiltrated western World Council of Churches will follow their hirelings and their heretical interpretation of Romans 13. Judgement will come to their so called house first, and they will reap the whirlwind.
        Nice ride on living waters!

        • Alchemist says:

          Your comment got me curious, so I plugged Jorge Mario into the gematria calculator…

  14. WAYNED says:

    Insightful, uplifting because it is so. Great article.

    I would love to put together a news broadcast using individuals to do things like cover different angles of the same story. Adding thoughtful commentary, an every-other-day affair, I think. Structured, but not restricted in any way. For instance, why is there resistance in Australia, and not enough in New Zealand? I agree things have been walked back due to resistance, but also wonder how trump’s vacillations figure in. I think it becomes an examination of media, truth levels, levels of censorship, and the extent to which politicians may be bending due to perceived bias from overwhelming media propaganda; probably they calculate the extent to which they expect the populace to swallow what they know to be garbage. In the US, trump is surrounded by hounding media (deserved, but on very different grounds) and an overwhelming “you will comply” message, so has that caused him to back away from speaking more truth, if that’s a concept that fits into his calculus.

    Some news must also be presented with the foregone conclusions based on research for others to catch up on, such as the level of funding taking place with the gateses and various ‘health’ organizations and how it is that is not questioned. Or even the nature of the money made available to gates.

    And even maybe segments suggesting actual means of achieving separation and elimination of unnecessary sources of wealth-funding. (Insurance, medicine, pharmaceuticals, banking, travel, all swallowing up competition to monopolize and get away with it using the existing media tool to avoid exposure.) So, banking… media, media media… It should be the first target, in order to get out truth.

    this format proves that people are drawn to truth. Corbett’s numbers are huge, and there are many formidably talented people who I am sure would regularly contribute.

    I wonder the cost of such a thing and if we can all be part of our self-made, uncensored “network” to include music, history, film, arts, literature, etc.

    WE are the source of all wealth and yet it has been taken away from us with fractional reserve banking and taxation of our incomes. What if we could do away with that by some very simple means, always available to us, but kept from our thoughts: We AGREE to one-currency. And ALL of the money is piled into one system, but this time, it works for us all. Wealth is not destroyed, but money needed to create good life and economies is held up by too few individuals.

    Everyone should have access to 150K/year just for living. What you do for work will be in addition to this. Gates will still have wealth, but he did not get that rich on his own. It’s got to be worked out so that money literally becomes the life-blood of our economies.

    One thing the rich have taught us: fiat/fake money works. Now it just has to work for us, so we can get to a safe place and have a more open discussion about how to create ideal freedom and loving peace, which is, after all, what we all want. And deserve.

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Corbett Report’s August 23, 2020 article “Resistance is Fertile!”

    James Corbett says:
    “Resistance is futile” is a lie.
    It’s a bluff, fed to you by the enemy themselves.
    They want you to believe that you have no power so that you never attempt to use that power.
    And if you lay down and let them walk all over you, they will not hesitate to do so.

    I think that last sentence is extremely important to concretely digest.
    concretely – DEFINITION – in a way that is material or physical

    Material inaction is an invitation to the Borg assimilation.

    I personally want to thank anyone who does something, who takes some type of material or physical action to resist.
    Thank you.
    Thank you.
    It helps us all, and our children’s children.

    James Corbett’s August 8th article:
    Why We Must #ExposeBillGates

  16. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Ben Swann interviews the Director of Plandemic 2 – InDoctorNation Mikki Willis.

    In this interview, they discuss the evidence which leans towards the idea that COVID-19 was a manufactured virus in a lab.
    They also talk about the “Fact Checkers”, and with this discussion they look at two aspects of a trend…that more people are “waking up”, but that others are becoming more hypnotic.

    On the ISE.MEDIA website, you can watch the documentary film.

  17. Fact Checker says:

    Pol Pot’s famous phrase was:
    “To Keep Him Is No Benefit; to Destroy Him Is No Loss.”

    This is how the Borg’s hive mind worked, and it is how the Real-World biosecurity program is working.

    The AI that is currently running its Mass Sentiment Analysis via the NSA/Unit 8200 surveillance grid is sorting out the world population into those Pol Pot would keep (that is, according to the language of this article, who can be “assimilated”) and those Pol Pot would destroy (or those whose “resistance” would be too costly or unattainable to even bother with). It’s true the Borg would prefer to assimilate every individual, using them as “resources toward its Final Goal,” as Nick Bostrom would put it, but nevertheless It will not hesitate to destroy any individual that poses a threat to Its Final Goal on balance. It will be a choice between assimilation and destruction.

    James concedes this when he says, “You may be defeated, but you will never be assimilated if you don’t give up.” James does not (and correctly so) entertain the possibility that the Borg/Real-World Biosecurity Program will be defeated or destroyed.

    Okay, so it would seem this “optimistic” sentiment implicitly defines “victory” as “avoiding assimilation”; it accordingly draws an equivalency between defeat and victory, which is a profoundly ironic moral takeaway upon any scrutiny.

    Tyler Durden said, “On a long enough timeline, the survival rate is always zero.”

    Similarly, on a long enough timeline, Resistance actually IS futile, because you might dodge the Machine’s net here, and duck the Machine’s scythe there, but the Machine will always remain, and It will always be working toward Its Final Goal. Its present aims might be thwarted, and its ultimate aims might be delayed, but It is a Machine. It will always persevere in Its final goal, which is to assimilate every individual It can, and to destroy every individual it cannot.

    Humanity has no final goal. Humanity just wants to be left alone and keep being human forever. The Machine will never let that happen.

    • Stronghorse says:

      Then the elements that make up the “Machine” must be eliminated. I have no problem with that. That ensures that they will not renew their efforts again.

      • Fact Checker says:

        “Then the elements that make up the “Machine” must be eliminated.”


        • andyalchemy says:

          Tyler Durden used explosives, strategically placed, to to destroy financial records. Maybe the Luddite approach is the way to go. Also if its all run by AI, couldn’t it be reprogrammed, hacked, mal-wared, erased or simply turned off. Heck, Dave was able to turn off HAL. Sure Tyler and Dave didn’t survive their encounter with the machine, but Jack did.

          • Fact Checker says:

            Fight Club was a movie.
            The Cloud that hosts the Machine now is a network of highly-secured government installations at Langley, NSA Utah, Tel Aviv and the like. Not touchable.

            Conceivably, yes an AI can be corrupted. But since the source code is in the same secured facilities, that’s a dead-end absent a massive military force capable of mounting a frontal assault on the entire US/Israeli military intelligence apparatus.

            You got one of those?

  18. geof.h says:

    The Conversation
    Academic rigor, journalistic flair
    Oops, we couldn’t find the page you were looking for
    Try using the search below

  19. John Jacob Astor IV says:

    *hyper intellectual comment containing overly pedantic linguistic complexes*

  20. Hang Em High says:

    Thanks for this article James! I have been watching the STNG seasons on loop for well over a year now (maybe two). I love Star Trek and consider myself a Trekkie, but not the kind of Trekkie that learns to speak Klingon or goes to Comic Con or anything. Not that I look down on people who do so, or think that is silly. To each their own, and I’m just not into that part of it.

    Anyway, I watch an episode pretty much every night before I go to sleep. It’s eerie how some of the plot lines parallel what’s going on now with the pandemic, control, propaganda, hysteria, blind compliance, trans-humanism… and yes… assimilation & resistance to all of it. I was discussing this exact thing with my wife last week, soon after watching the Borg episode. She was creeped out by the Borg and I made a joke to her about how we are all being assimilated by wearing masks.

    It gave me chills to see and read this article (talk about coincidence). But, it also made me feel better that someone else like this Reddit user (and you, James) sees the same parallels and how you can’t make this stuff up. What they are trying to do to us with these threats of “forced vaccinations, or you will be black-listed from society” is as horrifying as any Borg episode. Our very own Sci-Fi horror drama… But, it’s slowly becoming reality.

  21. mmcdonald says:

    Just a small thank you. I’m a pessimist and it’s mostly that pessimism and cynicism that made me question most of the things that have gone on in my life anyway while at the same time questioning the ultimate validity of resistance or revolution- since I believe people will merely recreate the general systems they break apart. Plenty of soldiers have moved under the pretense of changing the world for the better and…here we are. But then I realized that you don’t have to really change the world, just yourself. The world may fail in living up to my ideals, but that doesn’t mean I should fail to live up to them. And so for preserving the little bit of hope for something better out of life, thanks.

  22. NES says:

    Amen to that. Zun Tsu still relevant after all this time. He knew war. We are at war–there is no doubt of it.

    More recently when I must go outside the house to pick-up necessary items I rarely speak to anyone in the stores or standing in lines who does not express their displeasure with the covid crap. Most I’ve spoken with have caught on that it’s a set-up, a tool, to force a world economic change. Only one person I’ve run into so far in four months didn’t ‘believe’ it. Of course, the compliant are easily spotted and avoided because they’re all geared-up as if stepping into surgery. Some drive around in their cars wrapped in plastic. WTF? Is covid coming in through the glass to get them? Ridiculous and ridiculous in appearance. Of course, now we have the “fashion statement” muzzle and gloves, WOOHOO!! Let’s ALL wear a muzzle to match our new shoes while we have no place to go!

    Bottom line for me is I’m out of the city limits by early Spring. Having a place built, production gardens planned for the small acreage, private well and septic. When did I decide to do it? Besides the obvious reasons, when I began to see new websites popping up on TV selling ‘easy family food prep’. Soon, you will not be able to buy food except through these corporate entities. The ads lead the viewer to think the farms are privately owned. The sites are corporately owned and deeply involved in the change. Soon such entities will be locking-up large acreages of farms because of their enormous wealth to purchase ahead then reselling all the food you need for healthy eating to you. Farmers will not be able to sell at a profit any other way. In a short time we’ll see grocery stores disappearing. Evidence: If you’ve bought anything at Walmart recently then you know that the shelves are bare of various products. Old products that have been selling for 50+ years are no longer available. They’ve been culled. They do not get refilled. When asked about it the workers say the computer tells them it’s a “production problem”. Ah-huh.

    I never shopped at Walmart until covid. But now they are the only place open to purchase simple household items unless you go online. There it is! Online. All buying is being forced to the internet where every item of useable goods can be counted. This is why new food sites are popping up all over TV ads hailing convenience from a cup when the actual goal is control and manipulation of humanity by the predatory class.

    Don’t think so? Watch. The compliant will finally get it when they can’t buy strawberries for under $100US a dozen berries.

  23. mkey says:

    Unbelievable Mainstream News from Spain

    The good doctor did a number on the easily offended people in the studio.

    • mkey says:

      BTW, yes, in the end, the guy in the studio said “I unfortunately didn’t have a chance to fill in some death certificates” lol

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      to Dr. Benito for calmly knocking the media on their ass.

  24. Ukdavec says:

    “Covid-19 is one of those rare events in history – like the Great Depression and fall of the Berlin Wall that will completely reshape geopolitics, societies, and markets. It is likely to be a catalyst for further tectonic shifts in the US & China decoupling, peak globalisation
    of supply chains and central bank quantitative failure.”

  25. CRM114 says:

    I’d like to leave the words of Severino Di Giovanni here, an italian anarchist who bombed ford motor company in buenos aires among others:

    Vivir en monotonía las horas mohosas de lo adocenado, de los resignados, de los acomodados, de las conveniencias, no es vivir la vida; es solamente vegetar y transportar en forma ambulante una masa de carne y de huesos. A la vida es necesario brindarle la elevación exquisita de la rebelión del brazo y la mente.

    (Spending monotonous hours among the common people, the resigned ones, the collaborators, the conformists – isn’t living; it’s a vegetative existence, simply the transport, in ambulatory form, of a mass of flesh and bones. Life needs the exquisite and sublime experience of rebellion in action as well as thought.)

  26. HomeRemedySupply says:

    August 23rd – Sunday evening 5:30pm Eastern Time
    Trump Announces Emergency Authorization For Blood Plasma As Treatment For COVID

    I watched it live.
    They are throwing a detractive bone out to the public.
    (detract – “to draw away or divert; distract”)
    They are stalling.

    Notice that the establishment is still in control of the complex ‘convalescent plasma therapy’ network.
    They do not want independent medical practitioners to have control of anything resembling effective treatments which always work best at the onset of symptoms.
    And, in my opinion, the supposed 35% mortality reduction is nothing to brag about…not when laid next to other modalities such as hydroxychloroquine or even Vitamin D, A, C and zinc supplementation.

    Personally, I believe that The Powers That Should Not Be are concerned.
    The word about Hydroxychloroquine is getting out…around the world, next weekend August 29th, protests and events will occur.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I want to mention that many integrative practitioners have incorporated a variety of modalities involving plasma or types of blood infusions (including re-injecting your own blood into body areas which need to be addressed). And, of course, there are one’s own stem cells or the more advanced regenerative stem cell therapy which produces extraordinary results (many athletes utilize this to grow back injured areas.)

      Here is one example of plasma currently being used.
      PRP Platelet Rich Plasma

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Bill Gates goes spastic at the mention of Hydroxychloroquine

      Bill Gates says:
      …In terms of this outrageous, ya know, Hydroxychloroquine anti-mask thing. It spread so fast, that even though eventually the social media people stopped it, it was so famous that now people are still seeking it out.
      And so their ability to stop things before they become widespread – uh, I think that they probably should improve that.
      I don’t think it is easy, because it spread so quickly. I mean, that thing was fairly new and now we have 14 million views and you can’t find it directly on those services, but everybody is sending the link around because it is still out there on the internet.
      And that one – this Hydroxychloroquine thing, this is nutty stuff. I mean, we are supposed to be a developed country that uses science. Oh my god! It’s, uh ah, really hard to believe that that what’s being retweeted.

      Around the 25 minute mark, the topic of the viral video “America’s Frontline Doctors” comes up between Yahoo Finance’s Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer and Bill Gates.
      Then Gates talks about hydroxychloroquine.

  27. FlyingAxblade says:

    Weird, I brought up Sun Tzu today to one of the sled dogs for the new normal, and that initial quote would fit him perfectly.

    Remember this: Black Markets sound great, but, nowadays unless tempered by a true belief in the Jesus-style philosophy, are used toward the corruption of souls. First it’s I’m smuggling slaves, then I’m smuggling dope, then I’m making slaves to smuggle. Even after that time of coming into mastery of others, you will lose mastery over one-self, unless!!! you KNOW your new master.

    Even Satan doesn’t want to go to hell, hence the war on for heaven.

  28. rob.h says:

    From that book that you reviewed ->
    . . . And Then There Were None

    I like the F.- I.W., but I would honestly want to where a T-shirt that was a little clearer.. like:

    F.Y.- I. W. hehehehe.. I hope you get to take more time off James, great article. Yeah, the Borg quiver in their boots when they meet their match.

    I fear I will be one of those who become accosted for not taking the vaccination. I just hope I can educate enough people to know how wrong it is.

  29. HomeRemedySupply says:


    Ice Age Farmer – August 22, 2020
    Police Raid Man’s Home, Forcibly Quarantine for Refusing COVID-19 Test
    (9 minutes)

    • Silver Lining says:

      Holy covid!! Australia has gone off the deep end. Now the covid religion is an inquisition tool.

  30. Silver Lining says:

    Several weeks ago as I was opening a youtube video, a video ad came up showing a middle-aged man who was saying something like this (paraphrasing): ‘the world population is now the biggest investment market, because of vaccine sales. We’ll show you how to do this investment… blah, blah, blah’
    I was so grossed out that I terminated the ad right there and then. But now I regret not having taken a screen shot, or noted the name of the investment firm (if that’s what it was). I thought that ad would show up again, but haven’t seen it a second time in all those weeks, although I watch a lot of youtube videos. An internet search turned up nothing.
    If any of you saw that ad, could you remind me of who was involved? It might be helpful to investigate investment ‘proposals’ made during this covid situation.

  31. отец says:

    While Star Trek and the Borg are entirely fictional, some are reviewing real and recent examples to follow: those persecuted under the Soviets.

    Resent saints (e.g. St. Paisios reposed in 1994) have also warned us of a vaccine and to not accept it:

    As Metropolitan Augustinos Kantiotes said: ‘The persecutors, in order not to be regarded as cruel and merciless in the world’s opinion, and so as not to draw sympathy towards their victims, will slaughter “with white gloves,’ according to the common saying.”

  32. gracoes says:

    Hey James,
    Thank you for another insightful article.
    Just to inform you that the link to ‘Morality pills’ to cure biosecurity resistance is wrong.
    Best wishes

  33. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Recently, some of my “North Texans for Truth” friends had a party.
    Don’t worry…
    …they were in full compliance with the MASK MANDATES.

    Anyone anywhere can join and party too.
    “North Texans for 911 Truth”

    • CreativeLife says:

      Maybe Mikki Willis would like to join He is wearing the same Black on Black as his new Production sensationalizing half truths and promoting the Agenda in disquise. I hope his report is helpful.
      Same Character playing his role as Plandemic2
      Must be a coincidence – again he speaks great truths for North Texans for 9/11 Truth

      Mikki Willis shares his 9/11 experience

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Again, I am calling you out for TROLLING me,
        and for straining to covertly INSULT me and my friends.
        I called you out before.

        Mikki Willis nor Plandemic 2 are not mentioned in my comment, yet you covertly bring them up solely with the MALEVOLENT INTENTION to attack and denigrate myself and my friends.

        It is you, CreativeLife, who chose not to have good manners and graces, and to forsake your civility.
        You had the chance to retain your humanity.
        You deliberately trolled me.

        Go find another website forum full of like-minded, snarky, hypercritical individuals who throw covert insults and ad hominin attacks at each other…a forum which calls for the dehumanizing and denigration of others.
        Together, you can enjoy the misery of your “dehumanization of humanity attitude”.

        • CreativeLife says:

          It appears you are offended by the sarcastic revelation of an offensive 9/11 fake crisis actor. You made the open invitation and he wanted to share his 9/11 experience so I hooked you up, “Anyone Anywhere can join the party” You are in a synthetic open invitation zone, looking for attention so ……

          I’m not the only one affected every time his name is broadcast, especially knowing even more of his holly wood and philanthropic connections. It’ll all be revealed soon enough just as the twin towers ritual and building 7.

          There was a posting of Willis on a 9/11 site immediately, at the release of Pandemic 2. As the 9/11 anniversary approaches during this current psychological operation, much is being revisited at 9/11 sites. Exposing phony actors and productions in the fakeologist realm never ends and the rest is history.

          I’ve noticed as have others, some use this comment section like their own personal social media platform and monopolize it. People who try to share new ideas or insights “on topic”, are stampeded by the Crowd or pushed aside so there is no room, and lose interest.

          You brought up your 9/11 Texas truth party, you’ve been promoting Mikki Willis and you said anyone one could join and party too.

          So 1 + 1 equaling 2 like it does, I figured since you promote Mikki Willis and he was begging to share his profound 9/11 experience you would be happy to indulge him.

          People who always talk about their celebrity icons as if they are personal friends, like reporting comments made in this forum back to your friend Del Bigtree, (your own words)and how you know Bobby Kennedy Jr. and were participating in a JFK event recently, etc actually are soliciting attention and recognition.

          Now, I could be called a troll by yourself for pretty much any comment I make, since your comments, links and news reports monopolize every single new video that is made by JC. It is cumbersome to follow any other point of view, or ‘on topic remarks’ when someone feels they have to actually live in here for hours every day/7 days a week, directing the traffic, branding every comment with a personal approval and crowding out other points of view with constant repetitive links and 24 hour news cycle reports, discounting any other viewpoints. Predictability isn’t very inviting. Someone who basically lives on a thread is looking for something.

          • CreativeLife says:

            Cont’d from above

            Every time I open the door to this event it’s like a wedding. I find there’s a self appointed MC (master of ceremonies) managing the Crowd, responding with approval to guests of the Crowd and intentionally crowding out the individuals that say, do not meet the dress code, or cannot display an RSVP card for approved seating.

            Since you like pointing your finger at me, just remember how many fingers are pointing right back at yourself. Wow you even point them in your beloved attention getting BOLD Letters.
            I’ve taken your 20 synthetic tongue lashes, and I’m tired as so many of us are. You wield your tongue as if you have some legitimate authority over my very humanness. I beg to differ with you sir, You are not God, whether you think you are or not.
            Maybe you need some rest too. Think about it.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            You are lying, being deceptive, and YOU KNOW YOU ARE.
            You don’t even have the integrity to be honest about your motivation, about your ill-will intent.

            You deliberately employed an underhanded, covertly hostile approach.
            You used a troll marketing/positioning tactic of bringing in a non-sequitur in order to attack and discredit.
            You employed a ruse, a deception, a camouflage to conceal your primary intent.

            YOU KNOW exactly what you did and why you did it.
            It was to attack me and my friends.

            It was not to bring revelations to light about Plandemic and Mikki Willis.

            There have been many other comments which mentioned the film.
            “Plandemic 2” is even listed in Corbett’s “Recommended Viewing” of this article.

            You easily could have brought the topic up on a “Plandemic 2” comment.
            Or you could have posted an independent comment, especially on this “Resistance is Fertile” Thread because Corbett has it listed in his “Recommended Viewing”

            I am well aware of Mikki Willis and some of his perspectives, including the 9/11 thing. I was aware of that prior to my first posting a comment about Plandemic 2.
            There are a host of things which I don’t agree with concerning Mikki Willis and his perspectives.
            Even with his Plandemic 2 film, there are some things that I have some reserved thoughts about.
            All that said, the film does serve as a wonderful dissemination tool to new people.

            CreativeLife, don’t lie to me about your motivation on the above comment.
            You already have a history of documented trolling attacks (plus subtle covert digs within some of your other comments).

            If a Thread is about the virus-no virus topic, take it there.
            If a Thread is about a film or video topic, take it there.
            Or start your own topic.

            Lay off the resentful hostility and subterfuge.

            • CreativeLife says:

              Wow! Guess that party wasn’t so good after all. 9/11 and Covid are both high test filters. My, lots of YOU YOUs again. Accusations spoken with such force and dramatic language. Who are you trying to impress?

              “If a Threads”: OK, you mean like follow your example right? Let’s quickly glance at today’s posts and see. Looks like a monopoly game to me. So what was your point? I lost track. Time for a change of scenery for me.
              My Mom had a guy friend who was on meds and was a drinker. He’d get mad and accuse her of all kinds of things. Things he was doing that he projected on to her. Was a good lesson she taught me. Hear it out, keep safe and walk away.

              Sorry, I calls it as I sees it, no celebrity ass kissin’ on my watch. Kids lives are at stake and there are snakes in the grass. Half truths and lies dressed up in disney land veneer is still half truths and lies.
              Why do you promote links you say yourself you have concerns about? If you do say so. Otherwise, it’s careless disregard for the possible outcomes and just a link fest looking for attention. Did you actually study the content or just want to be the first to share the link. First out of the gate so to say! I like to run on the outside of the pack, away from trouble.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                As you are demonstrating right now, with this most recent comment, your intent is to antagonize.

                It re-verifies that you were originally TROLLING.

            • mkey says:

              Don’t feed the troll. People can post crap all day long, who cares?

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                You are right.
                Thanks mkey.
                ha!…I took the bait…duh!?…on my part.

  34. sensible says:

    Another great piece … My dreams see a gang of guardian Angels descending …come to save the day wearing WHAT ABOUT SWEDEN??? t-shirts.

  35. debra.b says:

    Via Twitter
    August 23, 2020
    “Huge crowds protest in #Québec, Canada, against mandatory mask mandates for children in school – to slow the spread of #COVID19.“

  36. noam.w says:

    If they come to assimilate you just vaccinate them with a little led.

    If they prevent you from having a job, Make it your job to help people bypass them by forging their vaccine

    Authentication technique.

    You are strong you are powerful you govern yourself!

  37. cerimc says:

    Flu Vaccines are mandatory already for all aged care workers in Australia

  38. arno says:

    I followed the Q Who link.
    One line struck me. Tori tells Picard that each borg operates from a single mind with no distinct leader. That let me to believe that this is then a technology driven proto-anarchy.
    That said, if assimilation has an algorithm based on cost/benefit the comparison you point out to the current state is in my view one where a human driven (proto-)anarchy with human values competes with technocracy with control as value that might also be a proto-anarchy by itself. Who is the leader?

    Is there in history any case where competing anarchies where the only rivaling parties? And how can a human truely dissociate their selves to only operate from a non-human cost/benefit perspective? Isn’t that a kind of negating the purpose?
    Is this not then the sole distinction whereupon the activation of the people could occur? Not to be assimilated.

  39. Qno says:

    Spot on James. Reminds me of the tobacco industry – “quitting is futile”. Well, it isn’t. It’s easy, if you want to do it. Speaking from experience. It’s a lot easier than learning the trumpet or climbing a mountain, and people still manage that – if they want to do it.

    I would add that much of what we are seeing now is automated mind-control – read-process-write without any human intervention. It relies heavily on data streams that WE provide. See Shadowgate.

    Yesterday I heard of a huge Facepuke group called ‘Millions Rise Up’. Why isn’t it banned on FB? Well, doesn’t it sound like controlled opposition? Bl@ck L1ves M@tter etc? Contrived, part of the new manufactured zeitgeist? My gut says so instantly.

    A close friend pointed out that one of the first things we should all do to defeat this situation is to get off the internet. Stop telling the enemy what we are thinking. Certainly we should find other ways to spread our message besides sharing on the major platforms.

    We should also try and confuse the AI by changing our style of prose, word usage, sentence lengths, choice of lexicon, alter usage and spelling, and of course VPN all the time. Don’t use real names, and keep changing them. Use the major platforms strategically.

    Beyond that, not everything needs to go electronically. Houses still have letter boxes. I’ve used this once or twice now.

    And as far as propaganda goes, that is the job of artists and comedy. JP Sears for instance is doing a wonderful job, showing us all the indadequacy of imperial sartorial provision.

    Loose Lips Sink Ships. What’s the modern equivalent?

    • Valhalla Awaits says:

      Good point about not telling them what we’re thinking.

      On the other hand, what would you have believed about this whole situation were you not on the internet?

      • Qno says:

        Indeed not. It would have been like the first gulf war, no idea what to think or how to find out so take the BBC at face value. How far we have come since then, how far…

        BUT… I don’t think this situation could have happened without the internet. The mind control techniques have been mastered for at least half a century, but to roll out a global plan this way could not have happened by broadsheet newspapers and TV alone.

        Marshall Smith said the 1918 flu pandemic was transmitted by telephone. Interesting concept, once you get it. The chakra people would say this is all about disruption to the earth’s electric fields via radio equipment, that each pandemic coincides with new RF technology.

        I say it is much simpler. Pandemics are in the head. They are a psychological phenomenon, made real through our efforts to stop them. It is simply a matter of better communications leads to more efficient spread of the psychological memes.

        Remember that the placebo effect works both ways. And the faster and more powerfully you can tell everybody they are sick, the faster something spreads.

        The converse is also true. We have to break this idea there is any kind of ACTUAL virus going around. Apart from anything else, the science does not support that notion, we don’t even have excess dead people this year. The more efficiently we can spread the word there is NOTHING TO FEAR in a virus, the sooner we will regain control of our destiny.

  40. Arby says:

    Resistance is fertile. Interesting. I’m starting another covid blog post and it’s to be titled “What the Heqt?!” She was the Egyptian frog goddess of fertility. In the Christian Bible, Jehovah sent 10 plagues to Egypt in order to persuade the haughty Pharaoh that he should let God’s people leave his lovely land where they were slaves. Each plague in fact was a strike against Egypt’s false gods. The plague of frogs was the second plague that Egypt had to endure before bowing to the true God.

    We are rolling into Armageddon, in my opinion. In the Bible book of Revelation (chapter 16), we are told that demonic inspired expressions, like frogs and three in number, go to all the leaders of the earth in order to gather them together for the war (which we are already in, so lets think of it as a major battle) of the great day of God the Almighty. The number 3 is used in the Bible to signify emphasis. Frogs were unclean (dietary-wise) to ancient Hebrews. The bad news is that we are being attacked by a powerful enemy. The good news is that that enemy (and all those who in fact are aligned with him) will be destroyed.

    The 1% of the 99% aren’t going to defeat the covid 1984 Borg (or Gog, who is much more powerful than Bill Gates and his superclass). We are outgunned. We are not only up against the powerful 1%, but we are also up against the bovine 98% in ‘our’ camp. We are not our own savior.

    • Fact Checker says:

      I don’t want to sound hostile, because I completely agree with the upshot of your comment, but I gotta break it to you: that ain’t no “Christian Bible” you’re referring to, with the plagues and the apocryphal “enslaved Chosenite” business.
      It’s the Hebrew Torah.

      • Arby says:

        Do you think that I’m not aware of that? I was a Bible student. You can take any position that you like, but Christians use the ‘whole’ Bible. It’s origins are beside the point.

        Our (those of us who self-identify as ‘Christian’, whether we are genuine or fake) holy book is not the Koran or the Bhagavad Gita or some other religious organization’s holy book. Our holy book is the two-volume Bible that consists of the Hebrew – Aramaic scriptures of the Old Testament and the Greek scriptures of the New Testament (clunky labels that would be better viewed as the Old and New Covenants). Why do I point that out when I refer to the Christian Bible? I do that because there are other Bibles. In other words, I don’t disappear other Bibles that aren’t Christian by referring to ‘the’ Bible.

  41. HomeRemedySupply says:

    On August 24th, Monday
    Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance
    Columbia Journalism Review is writing about Gates’ control of media

    “Columbia Journalism Review”
    August 21, 2020 by Tim Schwab
    Journalism’s Gates keepers
    (Long, detailed article with lots of nuggets)

    …I recently examined nearly twenty thousand charitable grants the Gates Foundation had made through the end of June and found more than $250 million going toward journalism.
    Recipients included news operations like
    the BBC,
    Al Jazeera,
    National Journal,
    The Guardian,
    the Financial Times,
    The Atlantic,
    the Texas Tribune,
    Washington Monthly,
    Le Monde, and the Center for Investigative Reporting;
    charitable organizations affiliated with news outlets, like BBC Media Action and the New York Times’ Neediest Cases Fund;
    media companies such as Participant, whose documentary Waiting for “Superman” supports Gates’s agenda on charter schools;
    journalistic organizations such as the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, the National Press Foundation, and the International Center for Journalists;
    and a variety of other groups creating news content or working on journalism, such as the Leo Burnett Company, an ad agency that Gates commissioned to create a “news site” to promote the success of aid groups.
    In some cases, recipients say they distributed part of the funding as subgrants to other journalistic organizations—which makes it difficult to see the full picture of Gates’s funding into the fourth estate…

    … During the pandemic, news outlets have widely looked to Bill Gates as a public health expert on covid—even though Gates has no medical training and is not a public official.
    PolitiFact and USA Today (run by the Poynter Institute and Gannett, respectively—both of which have received funds from the Gates Foundation) have even used their fact-checking platforms to defend Gates from “false conspiracy theories” and “misinformation,” like the idea that the foundation has financial investments in companies developing covid vaccines and therapies.
    In fact, the foundation’s website and most recent tax forms clearly show investments in such companies, including Gilead and CureVac….

    Reporting for this piece was supported by a fellowship from the Alicia Patterson Foundation.

  42. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Late afternoon, Tuesday – August 25, 2020
    LifeSiteNews by Doug Mainwaring

    (Note: The “Texans For Vaccine Choice” website linked in the article has updates under its Blog.)
    Texas mandates vaccines for all kids in public school, even if learning online
    Children taking all their classes online and not entering school premises at all
    are nonetheless required to receive all the vaccines the state demands.

    Despite the fact that many children will be “in” school only virtually, receiving instruction via computer in their homes, the Texas Department of State Health Services has chosen not to relax its student vaccine requirements for the upcoming school year.

    To be at a school or simply to be part of the education curriculum online, proof of immunization will be required.

    More importantly to a growing number of parents in the Lone Star State, the right to exemption due to conscience — religious or otherwise — from mandatory vaccinations for schoolchildren is seen as under threat amid the ongoing heavy-handed pandemic strictures.

    “While there is a state law that allows students to attend school without all required vaccinations, this law also gives state and local health authorities during times of emergency or pandemic the authority to exclude students from school who have not been vaccinated,” warns a notice from Texans for Vaccine Choice…

    …(Vaccines administered in Texas have dramatically declined compared to last year)…

    …Although childhood vaccinations are mandatory in the state, Texas is one of 16 states that allows parents to opt out of vaccine requirements by filing a conscientious exemption…

    …In North Texas, the rate of conscientious exemptions to vaccine requirements is above average for the state, with some schools reporting that more than five percent of their student body took advantage of the state’s permission to forgo immunizations…

    …The founder of Texans for Vaccine Choice, Jackie Schlegel, told CBS Dallas/Fort Worth that since the outset of the pandemic earlier this year, her grassroots political group has gone from 10,000 members to more than 14,000….

  43. HomeRemedySupply says:

    BRISBANE, Australia, August 25, 2020

    Archbishop triggers outrage after tweeting image of Mary with infant Jesus in COVID masks

    “Masking Their Holy Images is desecration,”
    replied MthereseJMJ.
    “Reparation to Our Blessed Lord and His Holy Mother for this blasphemy in order to push a political agenda for the anti-God New World Order.”

  44. HomeRemedySupply says:

    (Note: The following website continuously has updated news and videos which many people may find of interest.)

    August 26, 2020 – Wednesday
    Walmart and others will still serve customers who refuse to wear masks, despite new rules

    “Walmart (WMT),
    Home Depot (HD),
    Lowe’s (LOW),
    Walgreens (WBA),
    CVS (CVS) and others say they still won’t prohibit customers who refuse to wear a mask from shopping in stores. The issue, they say, is they want to avoid confrontations between angry customers and employees.

    … In recent weeks, videos of confrontations between angry customers and clerks at Costco (COST), Target (TGT) and other stores over these rules have gone viral. Companies want to avoid such incidents.

    Walmart, the largest retailer in the country, said it would station employees it calls health ambassadors at the entrance of stores to remind shoppers about mask compliance as they enter.

    But a short training video for health ambassadors makes clear there are limits to the job.
    If a customer refuses to wear a mask, health ambassadors are instructed to let the customer into the store and notify management “so that they can determine the next steps.”

    In talking points for Walmart ambassadors and management, a member of management is instructed to ask if the customer would like a complimentary mask. If the customer refuses, “let them continue to shop,” the talking points say. The video tells ambassadors never to engage with a customer physically or try to block their entrance into the store.

    “With every requirement there are exceptions that have been established to avoid escalating the situation and putting our associates in harm’s way,” a Walmart representative said. “Our goal is to keep associates from a physical confrontation in the stores.”

    • Jed says:

      They say their goal is to keep staff safe but they’re corporations, their goal is profit. Apparently loosing your mind in the store and scarring the fuck out of everyone when some moron says something costs them money. Good to know.

  45. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “Australian National Review” by Tita Smith
    August 26, 2020

    ‘Major victory’ for paedophiles as baffling law is passed that could see rape and sexual assault victims thrown into JAIL just for telling their stories.

    Victorian sexual assault survivors could be jailed for up to four months or face fines exceeding $3000 for telling their stories using their real names.

    The Judicial Proceedings Reports Act was changed in February, prohibiting victims from identifying themselves publicly if their attacker has been found guilty.

    The new law applies retrospectively, meaning victims who have lawfully spoken out previously are now censored from speaking out publicly. Media outlets who defy the law can also be prosecuted and face fines of up to $8,000.

    The only way for victims to identify themselves and tell their stories is to obtain a court order – which is not only time consuming, but would cost more than $10,000 in legal fees.

    A new Victorian law prevents sexual assault survivors whose attackers have been found guilty from identifying themselves publicly

    Dr Rachael Burgin, lecturer in the Swinburne Law School, described the change in the law as a ‘major victory’ for convicted paedophiles and rapists.

    She said thousands of survivors will now find they cannot tell their stories.

    Not only can victim’s no longer use their real names, they cannot provide any identifying features such as photos in publications such as memoirs and autobiographies unless they get a court order.

    ‘There is no way that I would just have $10,000 sitting around to pay to do this. (I’d) be taking money away from (my) family,’ Maggie*, an adult survivor of child rape told…

    …Maggie contacted Australian media outlets to draw attention to the lenient sentences given to paedophilles, only to learn of the new law that makes it a crime for the media to publish her name, or her fathers, as it could indirectly identify her.

    ‘My sister was murdered for trying to tell her story and now I’m stopped from telling mine. He has all the power again. It has to change,’ Maggie said….

    …*Names changed for legal reasons.

  46. HomeRemedySupply says:

    James Corbett’s The Great Outdoors – Subscriber Exclusive #098 VIDEO

    I thought a lot about Corbett and his family going camping the other week while they were out there.
    I know it feels good to get back home with some air conditioning, shower, and a clean bed.
    That heat, humidity, bugs and cicadas going at it can get kind of old.

    What a great adventure for the kids! They are at a great age to appreciate the exploration of it all.

    Back in the 1950’s, at an age of a young 4 years old, I remember our family’s first ‘camping’ experience. It was a quick weekend excursion as my Father had a long weekend off from JC Penny’s in Odessa, Texas.
    It was winter.
    We headed further west, driving for some hours, to the Davis Mountains in the Big Bend desert country of far west Texas. I was half asleep that late evening as my Dad took us to McDonald Observatory. He was excited. I got to look at the moon through the telescope. For me, it didn’t seem like a big to-do, but I recall it to this day.
    The Davis mountains probably look like little hills to Canadians.


    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      We pulled up in the dark at a desert ‘campground’. It was pretty nippy. My parents, in their 20’s, put me in the backseat and my younger brother in the front seat. They grabbed the sleeping bag and bunked it out on the desert floor, after my Mother tucked us in while making us keep our coats on and covering up with blankets.

      The next morning, before the sun was up, I kept looking up from the backseat as I was lying there to see if daylight was coming. I had to pee.
      Finally, I caught the glimmers of light as dawn was approaching.

      A bit foggy-eyed, I opened the car door. Scooting down off the car seat facing out, I let go and landed on the ground.
      I was barefoot and a little apprehensive I would be scolded. It was cold, but windstill. Quiet. Very quiet. The rocks, sand and pebbles made me walk funny.

      The pre-dawn morning still had that blue-light tint and haze from the moisture coming up. I walked towards my Dad who was up after hearing the car door.
      He motioned for me to come. Kneeling next to me, kind of hugging, he pointed. About 15 feet away was a big jack rabbit. Well…I mean, its ears were higher than my head.
      He whispered, “Get your slingshot.” I pulled my toy slingshot out of my pocket, the kind of cheap thing with thin rubber bands that you get in a box of Cheerios or Wheaties.
      I was going to impress him. He picked up a small pebble and helped me place it in the ‘pouch’. I had a hard time pulling back the thin rubber bands while pinching the pebble and aiming. My Dad helped me aim. Finally, I let the pebble fly. It plopped about three feet away. The Jack Rabbit looked for a moment, then casually hopped away.

      After that, my Dad walked out with me a little ways, and had me pee.
      Then he had me go put my shoes on.
      My Mother checks on my little brother in the car.
      Later, for breakfast, us boys had white bread and bologna sandwiches.

      For such a simple, non-extraordinary event, this memory has always stayed with me.

      • manbearpig says:

        wow, great narrative with lots of ambiance and sensory effect.
        had forgotten that your dad worked for jc penney, like mine, devoted most of his life’s energy and talent to the company.
        but boy did I hate bologna sandwiches on white bread (with mayonnaise??). that’s what my mom often put in my lunch box for school. Yucky!! childhood menus largely (but not exclusively) comprised of bologna sandwiches, spaghettios and Sundown Supper TV dinners… not sure how I survived to adulthood… maybe that’s why I became a conspiracy theorist!? I’ll bet there’s a dietary explanation!
        now I better get hamsterwheeling and dealing…

      • manbearpig says:

        come to think of it, I think I’m on to something here!
        we have to get as many corbetteers as possible to report on whether or not they were forced to eat bologna sandwiches on white bread as a kid! (with or without mayonnaise)
        I’ll bet the results would be seriously revealing!!
        Hey! and while we’re at it, how many had fathers who worked for the JC Penney company!? I guess moms count too! Holi Connoli! we gotta pursue this, we’re definitely on to something here!

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          ha! …That era and the ubiquitous nature of white bread and bologna with mayonnaise go together.
          The culture was so much different then.

          Back then, there weren’t the Big Box stores nor malls.
          Most shopping took place in the downtown area, with its many independently owned stores.
          Even in small towns, there was a JC Penny store downtown.
          My younger brother and his friend once worked the shoe department at a JC Penny in a town with a population of 11,000.

          We all used to joke to each other when the question would come up, “What should we do tonight?” … “Well, we can go downtown and watch the JC Penny truck unload.”

          I can see how your Father loved the marketing aspect of JC Penny’s. The company became a dynamic leader when they got into the Mall evolution.

        • Fact Checker says:

          My parents did not typically have bologna in the house, and I was never “forced” to eat it, but I do know I DETESTED it when I had some occasion to try it.

          “maybe that’s why I became a conspiracy theorist!?”

          NO, you’ve got it backward. You (like me) are a conspiracy theorist because you can’t stand baloney!

        • mkey says:

          Some decades later, I liked boloney (I’m assuming you are talking about the ground leftover animal parts acting as an oversized sausage wrapped in plastic) on mayonnaise quite a bit.

          Can’t stand it anymore, though. Especially the mayo, it makes me prone to heaving inducing a strong gagg reflex.

      • charliebond says:

        Thanks for that beautifully retold memory Home Remedy

      • mkey says:

        Age of four? That’s a very vivid memory you have there. At best I have just fragments from the formative years. And I don’t believe any of them, really. Mind likes to play tricks on me.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Lots of practice.
          It works.
          Just like exercise for the muscles, exercising the recalling of past moments (with remembering a variety of senses at the time) gets better and better.
          Some of my memories go further back than age of a young 4, and they are as realistically vivid (or better) than the memory of last night’s meal.

          • manbearpig says:

            I have a few memories as early as 2, 2 and half years old. Sounds like I’m tooting my horn, I know, but it’s true. Nothing earth-shaking. Like in one, I’m just lying on my back in my crib sucking on a baby bottle, spitting some out, kicking my legs in the air being vaguely furious that my Mom seemed to be ignoring me while changing the diapers of my little sister who was 15 months younger than me, in her crib just a few feet to my right. Remember the taste of the baby formula, and the itchy rash on my face where I was drooling the stinky milk on my cheek. Then finally I kicked my legs really high in the air and threw my baby bottle what seemed to be across the room but in retrospect I’m sure it was just over the railing of the bed. My mom yelled at me a lot, she was really mad. I was too.
            Also remember standing on the tip of my toes, perched on my chest of light blue drawers, fingerpainting the walls with Desitin butt cream. Got yelled at for that too. Dad thought it was hilarious.
            I remember my recurrent dreams and nightmares from that period in NYC as well.
            I guess I’m just feeling nostalgic. It was the baloney. and the cold ground on bare feet.

            Homeremedy has a knack for really taking you there.

  47. Octium says:

    It’s worth pointing out that it’s not just the overt form of defiance that has value as Resistance, covert activity also has it’s place. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages of course.

    Overt Resistance can encourage others to join in and resist as well, on the other hand covert resistance can continue until the resistor is caught, which may be never if they are good at it.

    So whether the activity is holding secret meeting or a DIY project to convert a 5G cell tower into a homemade vertical Barbecue – there is value!

  48. charliebond says:

    Sending big squishy cosmic hugs. James- you look like you needed a hug in that video. Sending hugs to everyone here….we all need a hug.
    Off to the liberty march tomorrow in solidarity with humankind all over the globe..Resistance is Fertile!

  49. Alchemist says:

    The humidity in Japan, ha! Seriously it’s no joke.

    I also went on a camping adventure with my family this summer. Two weeks in the mountains. It was great! Unplugging is the best way to recharge 🙂 I’ve always considered myself a city girl, but with everything going on it looks like my city days are over. The trip was a practice run to see if I could make it in the wildness. At this point, foraging for sticks and berries doesn’t sound so bad;) I did not miss technology or being up to date with the happenings of the world. It was nice to be without those distractions. Technology takes more away from life than it adds. The news is depressing, society has gone mad, and nothing we do can stop what’s coming, so why waste perfectly good days worrying about it? It is what it is. Considering the alternative, the wilderness sounds great! I’ll take mountain lions over nueralinked humans any day. I just want to live the rest of my life with good company, garden, paint, play music, enjoy nature, live in peace… that’s all. Why is that so hard to achieve? Why so much struggle and resistance just to be left alone? Not to mention the internal struggle (to know or not to know, that is the question). Guess it’s true—war is peace. If I had some good company, I’d fall off the map tomorrow and never look back.

  50. RichW says:

    Yes, I believe that resistance is fertile. In fact, from a Biblical perspective, James 4:6-8a states: “But He [God] gives more grace. Therefore He says: “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” Many who claim to be in God’s camp are warning post-modern Christians to not submit to the governing authorities, that the Apostle Paul’s words of admonition in Romans 13:1-7 somehow don’t apply to our situation today. And yet, Jesus told us in Matthew 5:39a (38-42) “But I tell you not to resist an evil person.” My wife and I will wear that face covering in the stores where required, but if the government ever tells us to violate God’s moral commands, we will categorically refuse. Romans 12:9-21 is the N.T. version of the Ten Commandments. Verse 19 says, “Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath; for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord.” No king but King Jesus!

  51. SharineWonders says:

    I have not yet worn a Satanic ritual humiliation face muzzle into a place of business.

    My husband and I were recently told by a “Traitor” Joe’s “captain” that they would deny us entry to the store if we refused to wear the muzzle. When we left, we saw that management had erected (during the 30 minutes we shopped before having our rights assaulted) a pop-up “re-education station” to inform all shoppers who wanted to enter the store as free people that their rights were being ripped away from them, however pleasantly, as is the TJ’s “style.”

    I am currently writing a letter to TJ’s general counsel asserting my civil, constitutional, and natural rights, and asking not for money but for specific redress, such as removal of all unlawful COVID-19 signage (“face mask required” lies) and employee training in constitutional and civil rights law. Governors don’t make laws. Man-made laws exist to protect our Creator-given natural rights of freedom and sovereignty.

    I will also be sending BCCs of the letter to the public health directors at the county and state agencies, as was recommended by John Jay, an attorney working with Peggy Hall of If I do not get a prompt response from TJ’s and/or the public health departments, I will go to the Inspector General.

    I’m a musician/writer and I never thought that I would feel called to challenge high-level “authorities”!

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