Relax, Everyone! Al Qaeda Are the Good Guys Again

08/06/201618 Comments

CNN aired a 3 minute segment earlier this week that can only be described as jaw-dropping. Watch it for yourself. Go on, watch it.

It's almost too unbelievable to take in what you're watching. CNN is giving air time to an Al Qaeda spokesman to talk about how they've changed their name so it's now perfectly good and logical for the West to be supporting them in Syria now.

Oops, did I say "Al Qaeda spokesman?" Of course I meant a "Jabhat al Nusra spokesman." But I guess that's "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" now. Emphasis on "sham."

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  1. jaime says:

    “This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been closed.”
    Any other link?

  2. h_ghias says:

    this would be very funny if so many innocents werent the ones paying for all this.
    Can someone explain to me what happened with Paul Joseph Watson all of a sudden? he used to be quite good long time ago but lately its been nothing but muslim bashing.
    I am a muslim myself and i fully support his right to free speech and all, but whatever happened to objectivity? maybe its just me…
    thanks James, for still being objective about everything and not jumping on the muslims-are-the-terrorists bandwagon.
    again, maybe im just seeing all this due to my background, is it only me?!!!

    • stevekelly911 says:

      September 11, 2001, was designed to cause a clash of civilizations between the Islamic world and the former nations of Christendom (annoyingly called ‘the west’). How well did it work? Pretty darn well if you ask me. It makes me wonder sometimes, when ‘alt media’ fixates on the anti-Muslim social clash, if some pundits just play into it because it makes them feel like they are involved in ‘something’, as opposed to nothing?

      Could it be, that some people feel so detached from any social change process of any consequence (political systems are a dead end), that they actually like partaking in ‘divide and conquer’ social clashes setup by people who dwell in ivory towers? This would seem a little masochistic to me, at least in the collective sense that it is totally non-productive for the average peon.

      If a person wants to be in the media spotlight, they need something to commit their gas-bagging to, that is fashionable, and if Muslim bashing is fashionable, maybe some people are subconsciously attracted to it; like a cigarette smoker who needs to give his lazy hands something to do.

      To be transparent, I am a Christian, and what peeves me more than anything, is that some ‘secularists’ (usually Big Govt proponents on the left) *WANT* to blame all the problems of the world on an Abrahamic conflict, as if an Isaac vs Ishmael !!!BOUT OF THE CENTURY!!! *ding* *ding*, could absolve them all of the blood of a hundred million+ humans killed by Democide in the 20th century (Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Abortionism … many times more than all the religious conflicts of the 20th century).

      Why do they want this? To absolve themselves of the guilt of the ‘human condition’, by loading up an Abrahamic scapegoat with all of their sins … or perhaps a nice big Abrahamic strawman to burn at Midsummer would be a better pagan parallel. So tell me, is this act of scapegoating perhaps a religious ideology? “Midsummer sets us free”, Bohemian style?

      My brother, we have more in common than not! Peace, Shalom, Salaam, and may the truth behind the divide and conquer tactics of 9/11 become known, sooner rather than later, in order to neutralize this clash of civilizations narrative that so many well meaning people are falling prey to.

      • h_ghias says:

        I completely agree with you, we have more in common than people realize. its all so clearly manufactured…
        i was just watching Apocalypto – its amazing how the parallels today, maybe with not so much the hardcore brutality. people just went along with sacrifices, even though they had no thought to whether it did anything for them or not. this cult like mentality is very similar to today, where people just do whats popular without thinking about what its doing to us.

        no doubt my friend, im glad corbett report exists ! there r enough like-minded people out there so i can just barely keep my sanity :p

        • stevekelly911 says:

          >>>no doubt my friend, im glad corbett report exists ! there r enough like-minded people out there so i can just barely keep my sanity :p

          Amen to that 🙂

  3. World Peace Now says:

    Hi James,
    You use the phrase ‘civil rights’ in your article. This troubles me, as it implies rights come from a civil authority. MSM frequently uses ‘civil liberties’ for the same effect. We’d be better off using the language of our Founders – unalienable rights. Rights which are incapable of separation, such as The Bill of Rights and others.
    Thanks for your work.

    • stevekelly911 says:

      The problem is that the U.S. Bill of Rights and Constitution, are technically Collective Bargaining Agreements, because they contain more than one signature, and they are only legally re-callable because they are written by the first truly independent civil authority in North America. Whether we like it or not, the concept of a Constitution or a Bill of Rights is one of an intelligent legal writ, emanating from a *collective* of intelligent beings, the purpose of which is for future reference … and their purpose? To regulate the civilization which was claiming its birth. The only unalienable rights that exist outside of a Civil Authority, are individual opinions on what each persons individual rights are, which differ from person to person.

      Some might say, that a strong sword wielding male with the ability to slay a weaker male, and take his spouse as a concubine, gives that person a right to take care of the natural process of ‘survival of the fittest’, but a collective agreement known as the Bill of Rights claims that a *collective* has declared this to be a breach of individual rights as pertains to their codified interpretation of the concept of ‘civilization’. It is a tricky dilemma to interpret the meaning of ‘unalienable’ without at least one other person present to agree that the interpretation is a good one; thus, there is more than one signature, witnessing to the birth of *civil* rights.

  4. oeo says:

    Nice . I’ve sat watching mass fireworks with our children the same. musing similarly.
    Images and sounds of air bursts at night over GAZA, YEMEN etc etc, phosphorus by night.. of the brutal realities faced by others’ children the same age in battle fields ongoing right there and then in time,
    but in other places,
    second in mind to the lazy, surreal beauty flowering infront ofus.

  5. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Empty Brains…. (theory)

    Christianity came around 2000 years ago (to fight oppression). and as a result there was a lot of learning done, and many books written and read, until one day, the church feared loosing “power”, and stopped people from learning(actually banned learning), which lead to empty brains, and eventually burn witches.

    Islam came around 1400 years ago (to fight oppression), and again, the result was a jump in learning and knowledge, the ruling elite feared loosing “power”, and stopped people from learning(again banned writing or even reading books apart from Qura’an), resulting in empty brains and eventually Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qa’aeda and ISIS

    The common thread here is, as empires come, they start by creating a lot of knowledge as result of all the freedom and creativity that gets unleashed. and as the rulers decided to clamp down to hold power, they start dumbing down the people which results in Empty Brains.

    Empty brains can be hijacked by anyone.. superstition, misguided religious believes, believes in fairy tales, pokemon go and the supernatural etc etc.

    USA as in empire has entered that phase of dumbing people down… as a result, it appears like a majority of population today are Empty Brains ready to be occupied… So, the Main Stream Media has a very easy job to do…

    I believe, without freeing the press, the United States of American is going to continue to decline, until it resembles all the empires that came before it – destruction.

    • stevekelly911 says:

      It’s funny you say that. The only time the antichrist is mentioned in the Bible by name or epithet, is in Revelation 9:11, and his name is Apollyon; which in the Greek actually means ‘the destroyer’ (personified). So it would seem that 2000 years ago, at least someone else had made the observation that *DESTRUCTION* is always the end cycle for an Empire – including any Empire, by any other name, including the big one at the end of the human development cycle.

  6. stevekelly911 says:

    It’s a pretty absurd world we live in, when the completely made up out of thin air bogeyman for the ‘2 minutes of hate’, has to become tomorrows friend (by a different name), because yesterday’s coups, invasions, and overthrows, ALL failed spectacularly, and that every country in the Islamic world now knows the CIA playbook so well, that asymmetric warfare doesn’t work at all: CIA/Gladio success rate 5%; we’ll call Libya a ‘win’ … for now, though technically it is a P.R. disaster for NATO … like Iraq and Afghanistan.

    IT would seem to me, that a NATO vs Russia Hot War is now the only option left for NATO+GCC !?! … unless of course the natural gas pipelines from Qatar and S.A. are going to run through Israel (!), under the sea through the Cyprus EEZ, through the 100mile gap between the Turkey EEZ and the Egypt EEZ, and up to the Greek mainland … and of course 1800 meters under the surface of the Mediterranean for half the journey.

    Is this why they call it a PIPE DREAM? … not always a surfing terminology but a bonafide geopolitical one, somewhat akin to the term ‘stalemate’ in chess. Damn, those Russians can play some good chess.

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hi Stevekelly911,

      I like what you write, and your analysis above is so close to the bone…

      What makes me sad is… During the British Empire, and for 400 years, they stole from other nations but in return the average British citizen was better off than the rest of the world (at least they could drink tea 🙂 ) – NHS, Free education, etc etc

      But now a days, the American Empire is raping the world for just the top 10% of Americans. the large majority needs to work hard (some times 3 jobs) to pay taxes to build the empires infrastructure… thats just unfair. (to the same level as a person from Yemen told me once. What are the Americans going to do to me.. I already have nothing, the worst they can do is kill me, which will be better for me..)

      • stevekelly911 says:

        Yes, it reminds me of the story of the captives in Egypt before the Exodus under the Pharaoh, after Moses really upset Thutmoses III by daring to request freedom of worship, and old Thut cut off the supply of stubble (straw) required for them to bake their mud brick quotas (their slave tax), and demanded the same brick quota telling them to also collect their own straw for the baking process.

        Funnily though, the REAL profit being sucked out of the U.S., is in fact funneled through Crown Tax Havens, which are connected to the City of London (outside of U.S. Regulators), and these large hedge funds (etc.) actually rely on patronage from the British Crown to legally protect (shield) their hoards of un-taxed offshore fiat ledgers, and stolen physical gold, on modern day ‘pirate islands’.

        There is a reason that the Rothschild’s and Al Gore have their *registered* offices (profit centers) incorporated and domiciled on the Isles of Guernsey and Jersey in the British Channel, which are even outside of the jurisdiction of Westminster, providing a legal firewall protected by QEII herself.

        Did the British Empire actually ever die? … and is this perhaps why the Americans (and Australian’s I might add, from personal experience), are still carrying a double mud brick burden for a modern day Pharaoh who rules from London?

        Most people don’t realize it, but more U.S. Dollars and U$D denominated paper, is processed for *international* (not U.S. domestic) trade in the City of London daily, than New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Boston, Houston, L.A., and San Fransisco combined (and that doesn’t even include the unreported ‘dark pool’ finance in London – such as peer-to-peer derivatives trading – which might be bigger than the reported financial flows).

        The currency of the City of London is in fact the U.S. Dollar, and the Pound Sterling is just a convenient local plantation scrip to manage the ~65 million serfs which allow the Square Mile to hide itself within a major country. In 1913 when the Federal Reserve and I.R.S. were incorporated, the U.S. came back under the domination of the worlds largest gold owners (the licensed fractional banking oligarchy, or ‘liquidity kings’ as I like to call them), which all feast from the City of London.

        British Empire 2.0: A cryptosynarchy that uses the United States as a shield on the front lines whilst it hides from view. The average Brit, American, or Commonwealth peon is none the wiser, but always paying higher and higher rates of tax (and bailouts) to pay for the indulgences of parasites that are killing the host. There is truly nothing new under the sun. Mammon (the LOVE of money) is the real enemy of humankind, not Abrahamic religion (the peaceful practicing individuals, that is – no one can speak for everyone).

  7. totemynote says:

    Alternative link of CNN story…

    …and happened upon this link from last November…
    —Al Nusra Unmasked: A Top Commander Speaks Exclusively to VICE News

  8. zgornel says:

    Summer trolls 🙂

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