Problem. Reaction. Solution. (Paris Edition)

11/22/201522 Comments

The meme has already been floated: "Paris changes everything," according to the terrorists in government who stand to benefit from the changes that the Paris terror attacks are bringing about. And in a sense, they're right. They now get to invoke emergency powers and amend the constitution and increase military budgets and propose an EU army. But the trick only works if we let it. Join James for this week's subscriber newsletter as he explores the real meaning of terror and how to disarm the real terrorists.

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  1. Moxa4 says:

    Excellen article!
    Lets add to the before-after-list:
    Before the Europe project seemed to have lost any unifying potential. Now there is the willingness to create new national anti terror troups. And this will work, said De Maizière yesterday (Chancellery Minister, Germany), only if the euruopean nations cooperate all together. He celebrated this as a breaktrough after so many long discussions.
    “Maizière said Europe’s political aim must be to make the total Schengen area as functional as possible – saying it is about the better control of entry and exit of so-called Syrian fighters and Islamic State group supporters.” That means that even European citicens will have to pass a rigorous police control entering the Schengen Area. Their passports and IDs now will be checked against the Schengen Information System (SIS), the Interpol and the Europol Syste, too. There are many more things concering the the debate on data retention. But you got the picture.

  2. setatliberty says:

    James, I am an activist that is constantly informing people of what is really taking place in the world. I have yet to find more reliable and credible sources for information than I have found here at The Corbett Report. This is why I subscribe and support your work and I appreciate every one of you that contribute your efforts. I truly cannot properly and sincerely express my gratitude with the limits that I have in my vocabulary and my ability to articulate the words that I do use. As an undereducated creative writer, the best analogy that I could think to describe what it is like for me in a world of disinformation, searching for real, true news would be as a man that has spent years eating from dumpsters looking for food that isn’t spoiled (doomster diving). then finding an open door where I’m invited to dine at a banquet of all sorts of delectable, fresh healthy foods that have been prepared as though for kings.

    I often encourage people to subscribe and support the work that is done here.
    Is it okay to copy and paste portions or complete articles here, for the purpose of sharing information? Please forgive my ignorance, if the answer to that question has been addressed. I just don’t know, nor would I want to reproduce your work (or anyone else’s) without your permission.

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for the kind words. I do appreciate them.

      To answer your question, all of my subscriber articles are posted at, so you can always share the links to the article there. This article hasn’t been posted there yet but should be sometime later today.

      • archives2001 says:

        Luv to hear the audio if there is one James.
        The older I get, the less I read and the more I listen.

    • bob_fergus says:

      Thanks James, good report. As a newly “awakened”observer I find it almost impossible to convey to others the dire circumstances in which Australia finds itself. We have “Reclaim Australia” rallies here in Brisbane today and the war drums keep getting louder from our Public Decievers. It seems inevitable to me that the US led grab for oil is going to devour us as well. Under a ‘war’ footing the TPP is just going to slide by, rubber stamped without a whimper from our 2party1policy system.
      Keep up the good work mate and the rest of us out here will endeavour to wake up the populace to the REAL dangers facing us and the perfidy of the elite.
      Cheers m8 😉

  3. setatliberty says:

    That explains why I couldn’t find it. Thanx and you are most welcome. I just wish that I had the ability to truly express my gratitude.

  4. garyegeberg says:

    I am sure that what I am about to present is something that has been discussed countless times by James as well as other alternative-independent news sources and by people such as myself who leave a comment from time to time.

    In my opinion, while the recent event in Paris, whether it was a hoax, false flag, psyop, or a real crisis, has succeeded in making people more afraid and more willing to surrender their personal liberties for promises of safety from the government, I suggest that this felt fear pales in comparison to learning about the PTSB and what their agenda is, which is truly horrifying.

    It is worldview-shattering to come to realize that governments, both the official governments and the shadow governments are orchestrating such events and DON’T have the people’s well-being in mind. It’s like discovering that the luscious dinners Mom used to cook for you and your siblings were laced with her own personal variations of chemtrail contents. “Mom, you say? Are you nuts? Mom wouldn’t do that? Don’t you dare say that about Mom! Look at all she did for you! You wouldn’t be here without her! Get out!”

    Now let’s say you have documented evidence including forensic studies that show Mom, dear old Mom, has indeed been lacing the dinners you and your siblings ate for decades with various poisons and continues to do so at periodic family gatherings. Having already been deemed crazy, booted from the family, and forbidden to come to family gatherings until you repent of your heresy, you try to contact one of your siblings, perhaps the most reasonable one in the bunch, to see if she would be willing to listen to you. She agrees. Dear Sis seems to be listening to you and taking it all in, but is simply unwillingly to get involved…

    There’s no need to continue this analogy. The point is obvious: trying to convince people that governments are poisoning us in all sorts of ways is akin to believing that one’s own mother is. As many have suggested, our trust in government is an extension of our trust in our parents.

    Which brings me to the crux of the matter. How does one go about shattering people’s worldviews when they don’t want them shattered? What’s a good way to begin to inform people who don’t want to be informed? If the whole world was informed, or even half the people were informed, but THEY have all the weapons and chemicals and viruses and access to the power grid and control of the financial system…at the tip of their fingers, and we have truth, how would truth prevail against any number of traumas the PTSB could unleash?

    I raise this issue not as an excuse to do nothing, but as a real concern. I personally don’t like being religiously proselytized or receiving articles or links via email, say, about the merits of Trump or Clinton, from people who believe Trump or Clinton will save us, so I can’t imagine that forwarding this article by James is something they would appreciate receiving from me, either.

    For those who have had success in opening the eyes of others, I would be interested in learning how you have had success. Obviously, an uninformed society is one that is greatly at risk, yet in my experience, to become informed means going through a worldview destroying trauma that is akin to learning that Mom’s dinners weren’t so wholesome after all. Mom could be whisked away, whereas the global cabals…

    • Knarf says:

      Gary, it’s a valid question as to whether we do someone a service when we drag them across the line. We pay a price for what we know, in so many ways. There is a price to paid in terms of stress, sometimes depression, often in lost relationships.

      I’ve told most of my friends what my view is, and while privately some of them agree with me and even expand on the subject, they still keep this kind of thought very much walled off, locked in a tiny room they only enter while conversing with me. Indeed, as humans our sanity hinges on our ability to maintain contradictory ideas, and to make use of them when appropriate while not succumbing to paralysis due to our inability to resolve the contradictions.

      Many more people keep their little rooms closed, than let the dark paradigm invade all their intellect as we do. Others don’t even let the darkness cross the threshold. We call them “superficial”.

      Who is the better off, really?

      It’s a question worth asking now and then. Once fully across the line there is no path back.

      Those of here now, have no choice, due to whatever circumstances. So for us, it’s wonderful to have resources like James and others.

      • garyegeberg says:

        Knarf, thank you for your thoughtful comment. I guess I am inclined to let people proceed with their lives in a state of blissful ignorance, largely because I don’t know what to do with what I have learned. I find the comment section of sites like these to be equally important to the content of the presenter because I realize that other regular folks have crossed the line from which “there is no path back.” I feel less alone. Plus, I often learn quite a bit from knowledgeable commentators.

        Humanity and the planet itself is up against powerful psychopaths and sociopaths, and such individuals, groups, and organizations, in my opinion, can only be stopped by someone stronger and perhaps more violent then they themselves are, or at least equally as violent as they are. That’s why I think a coupe (sp?) led by former military people is one of our only hopes, and I wonder if it is even too late in the game for that. IF they need civilians to participate in such a coupe, I would gladly do so.

        I understand that there are little things we can do in our daily lives to detach from the matrix (e.g., peer to peer economy), but as far as stopping the PTSB and their genocidal plans, I remain baffled as to what such a small number of us can do and even what a much larger number of could do. The only difference between the uninformed and me is that I knew when Paris jumped off that it was orchestrated or allowed by the PTSB, while the uninformed did not.

    • jeffincincy says:

      garyegeberg *** All your knowledge about the way things really are didn’t all happen in one day. I think it all starts with building 7. If someone digests that story, they are more likely to believe in chemtrails, etc.

      If you are in media, perhaps you might embolden the ones who are “awake” as James does. I have started down the path of hosting a radio show on MIXLR. i haven’t ever done radio, but I am motivated to get the word out.

      Hope this has been helpful,


      jeffincincy on Skype

  5. drvanhall says:

    The essential differences of the US and France are that more than 50 million American’s carry hand guns. I made the estimate from the latest FBI stats on background checks. Since Obama got in the numbers jumped to over 14 million per year. In contrast, the French gov has been schizophrenic since Napoleon and can not decide to lock doors or leave the doors wide open depending on lots of strange thinking. Example the new terror attack in Mali which notes the french are fighting terrorists in the north of the country, but somehow did not think the terrorists would be real terrorists and attack the hotel. They also got their army slaughtered by having them charge banks of German machine guns. When that did not work they had them attack the banks of machine guns again and again losing was it 100 thousand in a couple weeks. I don’t expect much better results. except there will be an increase of slaughter of French no matter what security they partially chose and not chose. Dr. Ronald Cutburth, engineering scientist, intelligence expert.

  6. stevekelly911 says:

    Just a little update about the Australian media … over 2 weeks after the attacks, the news cycle yesterday was 50% dedicated to Paris and terrorism in general, 10% local news, and 40% sport, whilst the TPP, the coming PARIS 2015 ‘climate court’ birthing event, and self destructing Aust Govt budget don’t even get a mention.

    As Stalin said, “when one man dies it is a tragedy, when 10,000 die it is a statistic”, thus all of our puppet governments are also using this relatively minor event – from a body count at least – to dominate the news cycle to distract from their cronyism, bad management, and sovereignty killing programs. I think this is actually the #1 reason that these globalist scum are scheduling terror events using wind-up-toy-patsies as if they are adverts being evenly slotted into a two hour movie.

    Just to put this in perspective, here’s a good little stat that is probably similar in other countries:
    – US DEATHS BY LIGHTNING STRIKE IN LAST 30 YEARS = 1470 (49 per year avg)
    – US DEATHS BY TERRORISM IN LAST 30 YEARS = 3200 (give or take a hundred)
    … 9/11 was an inside job of course, and OKC was FBI/ATF/CIA contrived using a patsy … etc … etc … so …
    – US DEATHS BY *REAL* TERRORISM IN LAST 30 YEARS = 100 (to be generous)

    Meaning you’re about 15 times more likely to be killed by lightning that a *REAL* terrorist in the US.

    Also, you’re about 2 times more likely to be killed by a Govt false-flag terror event than lightning.

    #1 Disease Killer: US Deaths by Heart Disease yearly = 596,000 (~18 million in 30 years)
    #14 Disease Killer: US Deaths by Parkinson’s Disease yearly = 23,000 (~660,000 in 30 years)

    Sept 11th 2001 was mostly an event to make way for a complete change in public and media priorities for the 21st Century, and I think this is probably the #1 reason that the war on terror was waged – even more so than direct geo-political agendas – because the media diet of the average Prole is what they use to construct their edifice of priorities and situational awareness.

    Why don’t the public and media concentrate on fighting a ‘war on lightning strikes’, which probably has a better chance of being ‘won’ than the ‘war on terror’?

  7. nosoapradio says:

    Speak now or forever hold your peace! (before so-called “revisionist-negationist denialism” becomes outlawed everywhere!)

    At the risk of sounding like a wide-eyed missionary, Humanity’s only hope in hell of escaping a totalitarian total surveillance paradigm aimed at robbing Man not only of his freedom, but most of us and our children of our human potential is to either be exposed to “the Truth” or else be unwittingly enticed into an alternative paradigm that undercuts the “globalists” brave new world project.

    “The info”, as you’re all aware, can be presented with tact and humility, without bludgeoning and bruising sensibilities and egos. It can be approached with humour. You can go at it with stealth as most often it’s unwelcome and even deemed “inappropriate”. Broach it simply: just show WTC 7 with no hypothesizing about what brought down the first 2. You can even make it entertaining. Most importantly, I’ve learned (the hard way) that it mustn’t be communicated with fear.

    At the university we start with Wag the Dog and Nurse Nayirah. While we’re studying the future tenses we examine a one-page summary of Brave New World. This leads to questions of Who was Aldous Huxley? Who was his brother? and the organizations they founded (info from “Carbon Eugenics”) which never fails to raise eyebrows. Then we speak about smart citiess, common core and agenda 21. Sometimes we can slip in the “You will atone Mr Beal” scene from Network with ensuing debate.

    And the most effective way of reaching people is of course via their own préoccupations. One person may be more receptive to the dangers of GMOs, the finance and banking exec has most probably never heard of the BIS, the Public Relations manager knows nothing of Bernays, reach others through health concerns, others, AI, education, History, the markets, politics, travelling, the military, humanitarian and so-called “Peace-keeping” organizations, video games, movies and a big fav, TV series.

    All of these roads lead to the Club of Rome (via Brussels of course).

    • nosoapradio says:

      p.s.: I rarely watch TV series, for example, and am largely ignorant of, say, Financial dérivatives but I listen to people describe them and then I start asking them “strategic” questions. Just sow question marks. And provide possible answers only when they’re sollicited.

      As they say on Broadway, always leave them wanting more!

  8. garyegeberg says:

    nosoapradio, I found your comments to be intriguing. James, I don’t know if it would be worth a podcast in which you interview various regular folks who are having some success in awakening other individuals, so that those like myself who have not had very much success or are reticent to broach the topic with people who seem happy in their daily lives could learn some effective strategies with which to spark a process of potential discovery by others. Perhaps you have done this already.

    • Corbett says:

      You’re certainly not the only one who has suggested something like this, Gary. If there were any Corbett Report members out there who were interested in discussing this, perhaps some kind of roundtable conversation could be arranged. Let’s see if others are interested and then decide how to proceed.

      • errant42 says:

        Long-time listener, first-time commenter.

        I think this would be a worthwhile conversation to have … how to bring Mainstream Thinkers gently into the discussion. Also, how to bring Wingnuts in from the ragged fringes, to talk about real Deep Political issues instead of alien reptoids and celebrities making Illuminati hand signs.

        I’ve had a fair bit of luck lately with convincing “conspiracy skeptics” to give another look beneath the surface of the world they live in. It’s been a matter of degrees and sources … I don’t try to push them down the rabbit hole all at once, I point them to “very nearly mainstream” sources which talk about the same kinds of things. The sources that I have had the most luck with recently are Russ Baker’s “Family of Secrets,” the essay (“Anatomy of the Deep State”) and interview (“Deep State: Hiding in Plain Site”) by Mike Lofgren on Bill Moyers’ site, and of course, the “28 pages” narrative that Bob Graham and others are pushing.

        The last case especially is easy to point to sources that most people will accept (NYT, PBS, etc), and backed up by a published book (“Intelligence Matters,” a worthwhile read for what it is) … but is also just barely out-of-step with the mainstream story. Graham is still an establishment mouthpiece, but at least he’s left the door open to look seriously at the cover-up.

      • jeffincincy says:

        I’m in! One of the things I ponder ad nauseam. Should we? Could we?

        Quite frankly, I’d be a great interview for a show on the subject.

  9. notchickenlittle says:

    So much focus on Paris and terrorism these days perhaps we should take a 360. Is there any truth to possible melt down of CERN that is not being reported in mainstream and if so what could this contribute to the current political activities.

    • jeffincincy says:

      Too much for me to consider, but I’m sure you and I would have a great discussion about what implications you are suggesting.

  10. bubromer says:

    Another name for Problem, Reaction, Solution, which I believe is a David Icke formulation is Mark’s Passio’ equally adequate Chaos, Confusion, Opportunity.

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