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07/13/20142 Comments

This month on the Geneva Business Insider, James and David discuss the latest information on the unfolding pedophile scandal in the UK. They also talk about the US State Department’s approval of Kiev’s air strikes on civilians and the state of the European banking sector.

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UK Establishment Closes Ranks as Organised Child Sex Abuse Network Leads Back to No. 10

At least 40 UK politicians complicit in alleged Westminster 'pedophile ring' – report

US State Department says Kiev has right to use airstrikes against civilians

European Banks Seen Facing $50 Billion More in Legal Expenses

Mega fines will hurt European bank dividends

EU banks look to shed loans worth €100bn

European banks raise capital ahead of stress tests

Hungary Backs Loan Refunds as Banks Face Mounting Losses

Europe's bank stress tests were unreliable, EU auditors say

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  1. EUbrainwashing says:

    Having exhausted the usefulness of these compromised and hence compliant public figures (and associated institutions perhaps) a further advantage is extracted from their husks: the foundations can be added to for extending the gaze of the ‘all seeing eye’ of the burgeoning security state upon an ever wider public; all justified by the cry ‘it is for the protection of children – do you not care for children when you call for your liberty’.

    And here we learn more still; that the paradigm of the state is nothing if not a magnet for the corrupt of every stripe. The psychopath and the pedophile gravitate to such a situation to enable their bidding. How better could they achieve such a situation.

    It is not accidental. The state has no place for those who do not fight as ruthlessly as a psychopath. The state has no place for people who cannot be manipulated because of their compromised nature. A decent man will be drowned.

    The only way to end this fundamental disfunction woven into human society is to end the false belief in the existence and rightful authority of the state.

  2. Ayyub says:

    Maybe more chocking — “Pedophile science” of the professor Helmut Kentler in Germany:

    “At the end of the 1960s, in a model experiment, he placed several neglected 13 to 15-year-old boys, whom he considered “secondary mental defectives”, with pedophiles he knew, in order to reintegrate them into society under their care and to allow them to grow into mature adults.”
    “Kentler was single, homosexual and had three adoptive sons and one foster son.”

    Recently: (German)

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