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Who Is Bill Gates?


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The 2020s: A Peek at the Decade Ahead

01/11/202025 Comments

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All Hail Elon’s Martian Technocracy!

07/14/201990 Comments

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This Is What A Demographic Crunch Looks Like

03/16/201985 Comments

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How (Not) To Pop A Bubble

10/28/201841 Comments

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Universal Basic Enslavement

07/22/201863 Comments

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Interview 691 – James Corbett on BlackListed Radio

06/26/20130 Comments

James Corbett joins Doug Owen of BlackListed Radio for a wide-ranging discussion on Snowden, the NSA spying revelations, the shadow state, government blackmail, the technology of enslavement, transhumanism and the future of humanity.

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Solutions: Sousveillance (video)

06/24/20130 Comments

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Episode 272 – Solutions: Sousveillance

06/22/20131 Comment

By now we are all familiar with the concept of ‘surveillance.’ In the Orwellian tyranny of the new normal, we are all gradually being made aware that we are living in a panoptic society where everything we do and say is being watched and recorded. So what is the answer to this constant surveillance? Why not use the surveillance technology to keep tabs on what the government is doing? Welcome to the world of sousveillance. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we explore this concept and the grassroots revolution in citizen media that it has made possible.

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Interview 667 – James Corbett Explains the Transhumanist Nightmare

05/29/20132 Comments

Daniel Estulin interviews James Corbett for his Spanish-language television program Desde la sombra about transhumanism, eugenics, and the future of humanity. In this important interview, James explains the origins of transhumanism and its ties to eugenics. He also outlines the transhumanist endgame and what a future society will look like if man does merge with machine.

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