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Eye-bouncing – #SolutionsWatch

Eye-bouncing – #SolutionsWatch

Propaganda is only effective if we watch it. In fact, if we let it into our consciousness, then it doesn't matter how we react to it; they've already got us. Today on #SolutionsWatch, James explores the idea of eye-bouncing and how we can use it to turn our focus away...

The Idiot Box: How TV Hypnotizes You

In preparation for James Corbett's upcoming course on The History of the Media, The Corbett Report Subscriber is presenting a three-part series on the past, present and future of mass media. Last week we examined How the First Media Moguls Shaped History. This week we...

The Great Withdrawal

An extraordinary thing happened this week: Taro Kono, Japan's Defense Minister, got up and announced that the Japanese government would be halting its plan to deploy a new multi-billion-dollar missile defense system. Tokyo had committed itself to buy the Aegis Ashore...


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