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Episode 427 – Remembering Tim Ball

Episode 427 – Remembering Tim Ball

Today on the program James celebrates the life and work of Dr. Tim Ball, a man who devoted his retirement years to fighting the good fight against the agents of the climate scam and the green enslavement agenda. His fearless truth-telling in the face of so much...

Welcome to the New Economy

We are plunging headlong into the greatest economic transition in history. We don't have to speculate about that, either. Back in 2015, Christina Figueres—then the UN's top climate change official—straight up told us that this was the end goal of the Great Resetters...

Who’s Afraid of Decentralized Currency?

I've noticed an interesting phenomenon in my 12 years of watching the news headlines for a living: Stories often pop up in mirror image pairs. Take these two recent stories, for example. One from the US Department of (in)Justice: "Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces...

How To Protest (Extinction Rebellion Style!)

So you've decided to get off your butt and save the planet. About time! So, what was it that put you over the edge? Was it the impassioned plea to "Act Now" because "Our House is Flooding!" Or was it the finger-wagging "How dare you?" of everyone's favorite...

Episode 353 – The Crisis of Science

Episode 353 – The Crisis of Science

In recent years, the public has gradually discovered that there is a crisis in science. But what is the problem? And how bad is it, really? Today on The Corbett Report we shine a spotlight on the series of interrelated crises that are exposing the way institutional...


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