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Why Are We Still in Afghanistan? (video)


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Epstein Update: Court Cases in Motion Against Billionaire Pedophile


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Placebo Effect, CIA Retaliation, Iceland's Still Right - New World Next Week

10/30/20151 Comment

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China Still Fudging Gold Numbers (And Everything Else)

07/25/201514 Comments

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New Court Case: Federal Reserve (Still) Above the Law

06/22/20151 Comment

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Episode 155 - The Secret of Oz

10/20/20100 Comments

This week on Documentaries That Matter we present The Secret of Oz from researcher and filmmaker Bill Still. In this documentary, Bill Still explores the real problem behind our current monetary system and the extremely simple answer that has been known about for answer contained in the real meaning of Oz.

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Interview 1701 - Resistance and the Future on Revelations Radio News

02/21/202213 Comments

via (recorded FEBRUARY 17th 2022): This week we are joined by good friend of the show, James Corbett! He’s been called The Babe Ruth of Podcasting, Andrew calls him the Claude Lemieux of Podcasting. We are lucky enough to have him on our show yet again.

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Your Guide to the New Economy

11/22/202155 Comments

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Episode 125 - Old Hickory and the Den of Vipers

04/11/20101 Comment

Running Time: 59:06 Description:Whatever one thinks of Andrew Jackson and his legacy, he was surely never one to back down from a fight. So when he took on the Second Bank of the United States it was an unstoppable force against an immovable object. In short, the bank never knew what hit it. Find out […]

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The Controlled Demolition of the Economy

06/19/202273 Comments

As I'm sure you've seen, there have been many, many such stories circulating in the financial press in recent months, all touting similarly bleak numbers. But it's important to keep in mind that these numbers are just that: numbers. The real question is what these numbers actually mean. Today, let's answer that question by drilling down on the narrative behind the numbers and discover what that story tells us about the bars of the financial prison that are locking into place around us.

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