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Interview 896 - Interviewing a Bilderberger with Julia Tourianski

06/04/20140 Comments

It's not every day you get the chance to have a frank, public discussion with a Bilderberg attendee on camera, but that's exactly what happened to Julia Tourianski of at this year's Bilderberg conference in Copenhagen. Today she joins us on The Corbett Report to discuss her surprise conversation with Diederik Samsom, Dutch parliament leader, and dissect what we learned from the

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Why We Must Oppose Bilderberg (Transcript)

06/01/20141 Comment

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Why We Must Oppose Bilderberg (Video)

06/01/20140 Comments

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Episode 291 - Why We Must Oppose Bilderberg

05/31/20140 Comments

As the Bilderbergers gather in Denmark to discuss this year's agenda, James Corbett presents "Why We Must Oppose Bilderberg" to the We The People Anti-Bilderberg Conference taking place in Copenhagen. Learn more about the history, aims, and goals of the Bilderberg Group, why they must be opposed, and how best to do it on this special edition of The Corbett Report podcast.

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Bilderberg 2014, Snowjob Spying, Defamation Nightmare - New World Next Week

05/30/20140 Comments

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Interview 893 - Dan Dicks and Luke Rudkowski Describe Their Bilderberg Arrest

05/29/20140 Comments

After identifying and approaching the Bilderberg conference organizers at the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen, Dan Dicks and Luke Rudkowski were arrested for refusing to show their id to hotel security and police. After being detained, thrown in jail, and released without charges, they are ready to start covering Bilderberg 2014 and shining the light on this year's secretive meeting. Dan and Luke join James to discuss their experience.

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Whistleblowing, Blackmailing and Bilderberg - James Corbett on Truthloader

07/11/20130 Comments

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Interview 683 – Dan Dicks on Bilderberg 2013

06/19/20130 Comments

Dan Dicks of joins us to discuss his trip to the UK to cover Bilderberg 2013. We talk about the unprecedented number of protesters at this year's event, the unprecedented mainstream media coverage of the conference, and what was actually discussed this year and how that agenda is already playing out in the news.

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Who Pays for Bilderberg? (video)

06/07/20130 Comments

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Who Pays for Bilderberg - Questions For Corbett #006

06/06/20131 Comment

In this edition of the ongoing Questions For Corbett podcast series, James answers your questions on Canada and the economic collapse, the motivation behind fluoridation, why "privacy" doesn't apply to Bilderberg, and many other queries, including that burning question everyone has at the forefront of the mind: What's on James' bookshelf?

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