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Context Is Everything

Context Is Everything

I often get asked about an image I've had cause to include in several of my articles over the years. It depicts a television camera capturing a knife attack in such a way as to completely flip the reality of who is attacking and who is being attacked. In case you...

FLASHBACK FUNNY: Who Sponsors The Corbett Report??!!

Watch on Archive / BitChute / Odysee / Rokfin / Rumble / Substack FROM 2018: The Corbett Report is brought to you by...wait for it...(drum roll please) Yes, you. I know it's not an exciting answer, but it's the truth. No advertising. No corporate backing. No...

Who is Behind the Great Food Reset?

Last week we looked at the ways that an engineered food crisis (or the perception of a crisis) is being used as an excuse to reengineer our food supply. From cricket powder dumplings and bug burgers to GMOs and glyphosate to bioreactors and designer microbes to...


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