Our Digital Gulag

03/14/202194 Comments

It's not often that you leave the post office quoting The Gulag Archipelago and pondering the nature of the digital gulag that is being erected around us, but here we are.

You see, it started out as a simple, ordinary, everyday trip to go buy some stamps for a package I was sending. Back in the good old days, this would have been a minor inconvenience. Remember way back in 2019, when the biggest hassle you'd face at the post office was a long line up of people waiting to buy some postage for their parcel?

Well, that was then. This is now. The era of the New (ab)Normal™. And, like every other aspect of our existence, even the simple act of shipping a package has become an opportunity to reflect on our electronic enslavement. . . .

Join James for this important edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber as he ponders the nature of the digital gulag and what it means for the future of humanity. Also, stick around for a subscriber exclusive video on the mysterious Order of the Black Eye.

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  1. n4x5 says:

    Good article. Please don’t miss the article “On The Psychology Of The Conspiracy Denier” James has linked to here either. If there’s any hope of reaching the normies en masse, I believe we must develop an understanding of why they behave as they do.

    “So what do conspiracy deniers imagine the 70 million or more sociopaths in the world do all day, born into a ‘game’, in which all the wealth and power are at the top of the pyramid, while the most effective attributes for ‘winning’ are ruthlessness and amorality? Have they never played Monopoly? Sociopaths do not choose their worldview consciously, and are simply unable to comprehend why normal people would put themselves at such an incredible disadvantage by limiting themselves with conscientiousness and empathy, which are as beyond the understanding of the sociopath as a world without them are to the humane being. All the sociopath need do to win in the game is lie publicly whilst conspiring privately. What could be simpler? In 2021, to continue to imagine that the world we inhabit is not largely driven by this dynamic amounts to reckless naivete bordering on insanity. Where does such an inadvertently destructive impulse originate?”

    A couple uplifting clips for balance.

    I’m glad to report that my only two trips to the post office since the scamdemic began have gone well. No mask, no problem. Where I am, authoritarians are in short supply, even in some federal government buildings.

    • mkey says:

      I’ve read a very good article about 6 months back commending the uninitiated masses since they have a very tough task ahead, indeed. I seem to remember the article was written by John Blaid, but I can’t find the damned thing anywhere.

    • scpat says:

      “Sociopaths do not choose their worldview consciously…”

      This is true. Just as sociopaths do not make a conscious decision to become sociopaths, people who do or don’t believe in conspiracies are not making a conscious decision either—it just happens. When I “woke up” to ‘conspiracies’, the awakening hit me out of left field with a powerful force. As I came across the information that woke me up, I did not sit there and intellectualize about it and then decide to believe. I did not get out of bed that morning expecting to come to the realization that I did. It just happened.

      I feel that that is the way life is. You have much less control than you think you do. As the Buddhists understand, all of us humans, and everything else that there is, is part of the one consciousness of the universe, expressing itself in all these different ways (humans, plants, animals, etc.). So, because sociopaths are part of this consciousness, they serve the purpose of putting us in danger, in making us uncomfortable, and of stimulating us to fight back. They are an important and necessary part of life, just as much as any other. It is only when we are uncomfortable that we can grow and evolve. Otherwise we would have no need to. The conspiracy deniers also serve a purpose in this context. They enable the sociopaths to operate effectively, which then puts us into this precarious situation we are in now, in which we must act in order to evolve our consciousness. It’s all part of a beautiful ecosystem.

    • ralphodavis says:

      Converse to ‘uplifting clips’ is this choice interview between major examples of self-congratulating, first tier Technocracy operatives followed by, perhaps, the most revealing mass response comments ever typed and tubed.

      Not for the faint of heart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgFvjEy8fsA ..observe; this mass is what we’re up against.

  2. g.bon says:

    Trying to escape the digital gulag is difficult indeed. Cat and mouse game. Sure most of you use VPNs.
    You can take it further though; get an android phone and root it, put lineage OS with microG on it (un-google it and use Fdroid for basic apps). Get Edxposed on it. Spoof your GPS, use untrack me for link clicking, “changer” so cellphone towers can even see less. Share pictures? Use exif changer. And so on.

    I do things like this on my carry phone.
    Sure I need to do banking too using their app, or government apps, apps for children’s school etcetera etcetera. For this I use a 2nd phone which I turn on when needed. Like using PayPal for a year Corbett subscription unfortunately.

    Use privacy coins for payments. Maybe that certain one that’s named after rum drinking and raiding rogue sailors. They have a proven payment system for shops.

    • n4x5 says:

      Recommendations for a dumb phone would be appreciated if anyone knows of any. I never made the “upgrade” to a smart phone and don’t want to. I read the Unplugging From The Matrix comment section and have done my own research but still am not confident in a good solution. I just want to be able to call and text. No apps. I don’t even want a camera. The problem is that now many basic phones are semi-smart, plus 3G is being phased out in favor of 4G, so the 3G phones I’ve used for years will be useless in the near future.

      Or, if there are good reasons for going with a privacy-oriented Android over a dumb phone, please explain.

      • mkey says:

        Look for KaiOS phones, depeding on your region they may be acquirable from Ebay. These are basically dumb 3G/4G phones with support for some simple js/html applications.

        • n4x5 says:

          Thanks. I actually have one now, but it is semi-smart. (Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what this means, but anything with “smart” in it seems suspect.) It does have some Google features built-in. It is 4G-capable. Maybe I should try to find another KaiOS phone without the Google crap?

          • Duck says:

            Even your flipper with KaiOS has a computer processor in it running things now… its a computer with a phone attached. You cant get away from that tech if you want one and if you really dont want to be tracked you must PHYSICALLY throttle your phones ability to report on you by putting it in a ‘mission dark’ (I know that brand works on mine) type Faraday ‘EMP’ bag.
            I made the box… it did not work half as well as the bag I bought
            Even if you “turn it off” you phone still does unknown things unless you physically remove the battery (Which you CAN still do on most flip phones)
            KaiOS is now gooogled up since they bought the company so i hear so maybe if you buy a flipper with it you might not want to let it connect to internet (via Cellular data OR internet… you turn both off in the settings tab separately) but its such a pain to use that the temptation to use internet on a flipper is small

            • n4x5 says:

              I turn the phone off at night and remove the battery. During the daytime, though, I want to be able to receive calls (which I can’t if it’s off, of course) without it spying on me when it’s not in use. I suppose a good solution would be something with a physical switch for the mic that I can turn on when I receive a call and off when I finish a call. I was under the impression that the consensus was that dumb phones are generally safer for spying concerns, but maybe this is not correct anymore if it ever was. It looks like there are much better OSes available as well.

              • Duck says:

                Your KaiOS powered flipper only LOOKS like a dumb phone… it has a CPU in it, just a slow one…that makes spying harder (like using a 486 to get their info rather then a super computer)

                Any time it has power it is going to give your LOCATION away (at the very least to the local cell tower) A record is kept of your phone location I believe.

                If you have the flipper I think you do it ALSO has bluetooth so i bet they can do some kind of phone to phone contact tracing with it… so your metadata is out there. Blue tooth is always gonna be under software control so you dont know if ts really off.

                Control of the mic and camera and location services ect are in the hands of the computer…your button presses are SUGGESTIONS to that computer…taking the battery out probably DOES work.
                If you want to be uber paranoid about the mic you could
                a)Put your phone in another room or
                b)make a soundproof box so it cant hear you… you would need a mic inside the box wired to a speaker on the outside so you could hear it ring.
                🙂 B would look pretty weird though…. A less so. On a serious note though OLD phones are being refused by some carriers who want you on new stuff

              • n4x5 says:

                Obviously they all have microprocessors, regardless of their “smartness” level. Of course regardless of how smart or dumb, they can all be used to triangulate position, but this is not my concern here. If I want to hide my position, I’ll just take the battery out or physically distance myself from it. Of course I also know that it’s a safe bet that all calls are recorded as well, but again this is not what I’m aiming to improve. The ability to have it on to receive calls while not having it listen to me off-call is the main desired feature. This is why I’m suggesting a switch that physically disables the mic rather than a button that goes through software. The functioning of such a switch should be relatively easy to verify with basic tools like a multimeter or continuity tester.

                If I ever get out of my current job, I will probably ditch cellphones — smart, dumb, or otherwise — completely.

          • mkey says:

            There probably are ways to flash a clean OS onto that phone. Good to know goolag’s tentacles are all over Kai as well.

      • Jeff says:

        An interesting project for a brick phone, not a cellular device, but wifi phone is under development at wiphone.io. I ordered one… so long ago I can’t remember, so don’t expect an immediate delivery, at all. He’s inching closer to delivery on phones to non hackers, maybe this year? I’d keep an eye on this one.

        And then there’s of course pinephone from pine64 at pine64.org/pinephone. That’s a ‘smartphone’ that already works on many main cellular carriers and with a whole world of active development on it. The difference with this one is its open source nature. You will need nothing to do with Google when using this device. However, if you use Firefox, you automatically login to a google server(et al), just by opening the browser to a blank page. But you wouldn’t use the browser anyways for simple phone usage. It also has physical kill switches in the back of the phone to disable gps, cameras, wifi, cellular modem. Again, something to keep an eye on, not ready yet for regular users, but it’s coming.

        • n4x5 says:

          I’ll look into those. Thank you.

        • Duck says:

          a wifi phone probably gives your location away via ip address…worse I’d bet location is easier for small time marketing companies to get hold of.
          I’d say privacy is also WORSE since at Cell phones have some pretense of privacy while Voice Over IP may not be covered by wiretapping laws in the same way and goes thru a mystery server somewhere

          • Jeff says:

            I’d bet, probably… there does not exist a more location compromising, and industrial marketing complex exploited device than the cell phone.

            Wiretapping laws? Gov doesn’t care about wiretapping laws. If we redirct our focus inward into the cell device, we will find one of the large beating hearts of the privacy problem, which is the closed, vulnerable, data mining software.

            ‘Goes through a mystery server somewhere’ – can’t argue against that. Actually I’d take it further and say goes through mystery servers everywhere. Everything you do on The Internet and a mobile phone network does this. This is one reason why encrypted communication is important.

          • Denis says:

            Only wifi capable device is an upgrade from a privacy PoV. Real phones with a baseband modem will have separate processor and its own OS and all these phones usually run multiple OSs where a user OS (Eg Android) is the one with least privileges.

            I know nothing about the above mentioned wiphone but theoretically it could be a better option (Depending on hardware and firmware/software it has) than regular smartphone.

            Regarding IP address and location, this can be circumvented in different ways. First IP address only doesn’t mean much. You could use your neighbor’s WiFi, public wifi, and they’ll probably be able to identify your device online, but you have no contract, and you can in theory refrain from providing them with any useful data which would identify you.

            Further, if you want to have your own WiFi connection, with help of some friends, family etc one could use own, custom VPN setup in combination with Tor and various ‘freenet’ like projects (not sure about the name but there have been communities which would share internet over a privately owned transmitters/antenna). Despite everything people say about Tor, protocol and service self could still be an option. There are different ways to circumvent the protocol and locate people, and implementing intentionally vulnerable protocol or implementation doesn’t have to be the way they do it (Just my opinion.).

            Anyhow, one should actually never trust neither software nor hardware. Especially considering actual state of affairs (Closed source, constantly ‘evolving’ huge chunks of software that’s becoming more and more complicated. This facilitates implementation of underhanded/obfuscated code/backdoors.).

            Open source (Software and hardware) does neither imply nor guarantee privacy or security but I really hope people will eventually figure out complete openness is the only way to achieve somewhat reliable and secure systems. Another incredibly important factor, as I already indicated, would be moving away from constant urge for more comfort, pixels, colors and performance and focus on security, and simplicity. All it would take is large enough number of people interested in this who would be ready to support this idea.

      • skip says:

        I used to be an Apple fanboy, dealer and Apple and IBM trained tech. My main computers are old Mac Minis; one of which never sees the internet, the other isn’t used unless the VPN is active. No built in mic. I have had a phone from every series of iPhone up until I woke up. Now my last working iPhone (5S) stays in the bathroom (you can guess why) with no connection to anything but my eyes, thumbs and a charger. I have tried to find a suitable phone so my kids can contact me, as much as I hate anything cellular. Once my old Sony Ericsson flip phone died, I settled on a (pre Android) Samsung Rebel 4 which I found somewhere and threw into a box years ago, along with other old tech. When I had to replace the Sony, I pulled it out, charged the removable battery (after being dead for years), and it works great. I don’t have “data” on my plan and the Rebel is not connected to Wifi, Bluetooth or GPS. It is “old eyes” compatible, the battery lasts for weeks unless used a lot, virtually indestructible and supposedly waterproof. Only caveat is it needs an original adapter (not a chinese clone) to connect wired earbuds (which I can’t find). For mobile data use, I have a severely limited iPod with VPN.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Do you know how I could make my Iphone 10 into a normal phone/computer and not a tracking device? I do like the camera and it was very expensive, but I hate google and Apple now and don’t want to be tracked, but I’ll lose money to sell it, and would prefer to just be able to use it. I’m not very tech savvy, but can figure most things out with some basic instructions. Thanks

          • Duck says:

            “…Do you know how I could make my Iphone 10 into a normal phone/computer and not a tracking device?…”

            Open case… grab a soldering iron and remove the parts that transmit radio waves and you have a non tracking phone. Some apps might stop working after a while of not connecting to the internet for a while
            🙁 Otherwise… probably not.
            https://nexdock.com/ will make an android phone into a laptop but its not very Iphone friendly… and its still tracking you via the phone. I think this and cheep single board computers like the pi4 are the BEST future of computing for most people

      • MinistryOfFumble says:

        I was impressed by this video.


        V difficult to get a true dumb phone nowadays with pinging etc.. however Scottie’s video on the this Nokia’s look hopeful.

        It is a google phone of sorts. I had looked into degoogling my phone but to be honest for man ppl it just isn;t going to be doable.

        If you don’t want to watch all this video re spec etc..go straight to 8:34. Scottie sold me on this phone as KaiOs is designed for the developing world so all the nasty little bits of data stealing that go on aren’t really possible on these phones. Anyway he explains it much better than me and also goes into the schematics of the actual OS. I think someone has linked one of Scottie’s videos below and he seems to be a good guy with his eye on privacy. His video on 5g was very interesting too.

        • n4x5 says:

          Thank you, I watched it and this does bring a bit more clarity to my understanding.

    • PaulDiggsJazz says:

      Check out Rob Braxman’s website. He is focused on privacy and security. He also sells degoogled phones.

      Here is a video where he discusses how to create a Home without Spyware:

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      This is an excellent PHONE SUB-THREAD.

    • Kati says:

      I got no smartphone thats even better, if every person would drop their smartphone, they could not continue their profiling and predicting.

      There is always an alternative to apps on phones, but sure its not that convinient, but i can live with that, i will not obey i wont get a smartphone.

      For banking etc there is still my desktop, enough ways to minimize the data drain there aswell.

  3. studiotwoseven says:

    James, you tell me how and I will support you financially. I have always gone through PayPal, just because I don’t know much about other ways.

    I hope you know how much your continued work means to all of us.

  4. cu.h.j says:

    Is that unconstitutional in Japan, to require registration with the government to send mail? That seems very intrusive. What if a person didn’t have or want a computer or “smart” phone?

    I suppose you could write a letter or make phone calls to contest this new rule. People shouldn’t have to use a computer to mail a letter. And I thought that Covid was transmitted via respiratory droplets not on mail. I don’t know if there are any advocacy groups in Japan that are pushing against this kind of attack on privacy, but there should be. Maybe you can start one or reach out to others locally or contact an attorney.

    I think the culture of obedience is frightening and that one of the ways to combat this phenomenon is to understand it, why people allow these small transgressions that inevitably grow. I think that part of it is out of convenience. People think it’s easier to just go along with rules because it’s hard to confront it. It’s like being the kid in school that was different and being bullied all over again. And how do we even confront it, overcome the discomfort of confrontation?

    Do we stop using the internet? Or do we follow up with in person meetings and organize protests that way?

  5. pyoneer says:

    Hola James,

    after reading the “Digital Gulag editorial” I want to recommend you again to have a look at this interview with a Canadian (ex-wrestler?). He certainly walks his talk and stands up to the encroaching oppression.
    I really enjoyed the whole conversation and would be curious to know about your impression:

    By the way, I am part of the organizing team of a worldwide demonstration for freedom and against all Corona-measures happening on March 20th. If you like some insider information, please let me know.

    Thanks for the great work you are doing!

    • lizzie says:

      Great video, I love his big smile while standing up for himself.
      I see big burly rugby players in my town masking up and it’s de-masculinising. They need to see men like this they might remember their mojo.

      I’m planning to go to the Dublin Demonstration this Saturday 20th. Be nice to look at some actual faces.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Irish lizzie says:
        “I see big burly rugby players in my town masking up and it’s de-masculinising.
        They need to see men like this”
        (i.e. men acting like they have some balls)
        “they might remember their mojo.”

    • scpat says:

      I enjoyed that video. Thank you for sharing.

  6. mkey says:

    Water got to some 40°C. Ish. What do you think?

  7. camille.o says:

    After updating my iphone, my battery began to run out in 20 minutes and a week later it died. I took it to the local apple store and they refused me service due to not wearing a mask. The mandate here in Texas was lifted, I never wore one while it was in place and I still don’t need anything badly enough to wear one now.

    I’ve decided to just not get another phone. I can’t bring myself to spend even $100 plus my plan to be tracked, traced and databased, I can’t do it anymore. I have email and a landline, that should suffice. The only thing I need to figure out is how to listen to my podcasts while I’m at work, perhaps a small tablet, I’m open to suggestions if anyone has any.

    My son said, mom you need one in case of emergencies. I said, I have lived most of my life dealing with ER’s without a phone and heck everyone has a phone now, I can just ask to use someone’s instead of finding a pay phone and hoping I have a quarter!

    • mkey says:

      If you prepare in advance, you can use any mp3/mp4 player for listening podcasts when up and about.

    • jo-ann says:

      Hi – I keep my old phone plugged in while I connect to my wifi to download podcasts. I ditched my phone account, but the wifi still works so long as I keep the phone plugged in. Good luck!

    • robert.t says:

      This year the Rugby League app for watching live games was suddenly cancelled. I was offered a Kayo deal (whatever Kayo is) but decided that listening to the odd game (only if it’s getting interesting in the second half) on radio would free me almost completely from my phone and tablet. Provided I turn off the radio before any “news” comes on, I’ll have moved even further away from the media, the common enemy of mankind. By keeping a dumb phone for emergencies I can keep the smart one without a SIM merely as a device for useful recorded material while travelling.

      They tried to suck me in just that little bit deeper but I swam the other way. Something else: I can carry a radio into the bamboo and listen to a game while working. The old technology often beats out the new. Just like a decent old movie can give far more entertainment than a new flick with about six production companies washing someone’s money where actors mumble into their armpits about nothing while you wait for a story.

      Really, we don’t need these people as much as they keep telling us. If we can take those little steps away just when they’re trying to suck us further in we don’t give up much at all. Often there’s a gain.

  8. Octium says:

    How do you defeat a system like that?

    Well you have to make the network so unreliable that your average sheeple or mutant (vaxed sheeple) will not use it because of the inconvenience.

    It’s been a while since I have watched the matrix movies, but I seem to remember a point where it would have been easy for the red-pilled to have destroyed the machines that controlled them, apart from the fact that the people where dependent on the machines to live.

    What’s the difference between a right and a privileged?

    I tend to think a right is something you are prepared to kill for in order to keep, everything else is a privilege.

    • Duck says:

      “..I tend to think a right is something you are prepared to kill for in order to keep, everything else is a privilege…”

      What you are willing to DIE for… plenty of people will kill you for your wallet but its not their right to have it.
      If you are willing to die EVEN THOUGH no one will care and you wont change a thing by dying then its a right.

  9. betsy says:

    James, I’m fairly new here, so this may be old info. I feel sure you are familiar with the work of Alison McDowell. She shares your sense that the time to resist is now, as this is coming down very fast, faster than most people realize because, as you have been pointing out, it has been planned for a century or more. (I would be interested in what you think about her research and her point of view.)

    McDowell also has researched deeply into the other things that the technocrats want to do with us once they get us all into the digital prison, including data-mining every aspect of our behavior and biology in order to do “social impact investing,” basically playing games with everyone’s lives, like we are rats in their experimental maze, trying to nudge us this way and that, and then betting (via hedge funds) on whether we will comply or not (will we follow the “digital nudge” to eat the food that’s “right for our DNA,” which will probably be a GMO apple or one with nanobots inside, will we lower our blood sugar by running a mile or two for our daily portion of food, will we keep paying for required reskilling and then trying to pay off the debt with “jobs” in the gig economy, say, using virtual reality to control a robot doing some task in a factory on the other side of the world, etc.).

    She also focuses on the bead they are taking on the children, as young as toddlers, to train them into living their lives online so they do not know there can be anything else. It’s so diabolical.

    I have heard that Israel is already using digital passes to keep the unvaccinated from working or riding public transit. About half their adult population has taken the shot, not because they want it (like here) but because they have been under draconian lockdown for so long, and they just want to get out of their apartments and go back to work. Kindof like the Soviets who meekly walked with the guards arresting them.

  10. mik says:

    Recommended Viewing and Reading needs a critique.

    Why Deadnaming Matters

    Author’s view on the matter produces completely unnecessary division. Why on earth an adult could not be able to decide to change gender and expect to be referred to him/her according to the present gender???? Choice uber alles but not in this matter, what a hypocrisy!!
    Completely other thing is utter insanity about transgender in minors Rand Paul was inquiring about. Resisting to propagandize gender change in minors is a must. Kids cannot make such a decision, those who are supposedly there to help them might be indoctrinated. Still, be aware, nature sometimes plays very weird game with some individuals and eventual gender change in minors represents a real problem, not a made up problem.
    The author’s approach is a complete failure and an interpretation of Immanuel Kant is helpful to get why:

    Percepts without concepts are blind.

    I will extrapolate and say percepts with inadequate concepts bring inadequate results. Another derivation, useful against fact-checkers might be: facts without concepts are blind.
    Concept used today is that an individual is very defined by his gender/sexuality, that’s somehow of utmost importance. Shortly, bullshit concept, that nevertheless gave birth to LGBTQxy movement. In my opinion, insanity should be resisted on this line if at all, even better would be to ignore it, make it irrelevant.

    • mik says:

      How Basic Economics Debunks Marxism

      Before watched I had a feeling this must be Keith Knight. Yea, haHaha Thanks Keith, Konkin is off my to-read list.

      Front page of the video is composed from front pages of Konkin’s and Marx’ book. In the video itself there is not a single quote from Marx, just Konkin’s and Keith interpretations. Bad enough, more to come.
      Marxists today don’t take to seriously his theory of value and as far as I know Marx himself was not satisfied with it. A critique of something that has known flaws, what an achievement.
      Now Konkin and Keith, who looks like concurs with him.

      “Subjective value leads to individualism. It also explains so powerfully why people trade and it demolishes theories of “exploitation” ”

      First claim. He is a magician, statement comes out of nowhere. Think about it, it’s nonsense. Konkin mixes materialistic and philosophical meaning of the word value. Subjective value and individualism are very unrelated to draw straightforward conclusions. Even if the two would be brought to connection in a meaningful way, claim that one necessary leads to the other is untenable.
      Second claim. Trade and “exploitation” in the same sentence, why???? How explains??? how demolishes???

      “If values were not subjective, why would anyone trade?”

      Holy shit.
      I’m having apple, need chicken.
      You having chicken, need apple.
      Eureka, trade. This is fundamental, value comes after.

      “Value is subjective. This simple insight, made by Carl Menger (teacher of Von Mises), revolutionized primitive economics and cured many of the problems plaguing the science since Adam Smith.
      Had Marx heeded Menger, socialism would have been abandoned.”

      Menger didn’t bring Subjective to the world, Immanuel Kant did.
      People who even didn’t try to understand Marx are talking about him, people of doubtful capacity as has been shown above, yea, fruitful guaranteed.

    • mik says:

      Twice I mentioned Immanuel Kant.
      It would be nice to familiarize yourself with this incredible thinker. Here are some lectures, five to be precise:

      A History of Philosophy | 51 Introducing Immanuel Kant

      His influence is huge, down to bastardization of his ideas in post-modernizem.

      You’ll see that the ultimate gulag is in our minds.

  11. Jeff says:

    Hey James, any chance of de-youtubing your monthly subscriber video? Or providing the mp4 like all your other work? As usual, thanks for all you do.

  12. morphwvutuba says:

    It’s a shiner’s convention 😛

  13. ticop says:

    As my great grandfather said “I’ve been to the Gulag twice, I don’t need to go a third time!” Then he escaped with his entire family to China, Malaysia, France, Brazil, and eventually his son made it to Canada. Now of course there is no where to escape to, the Gulag erected in every country waiting to “re-educate” the non-conforming. Ontario just announced this new feature straight out of the ID2020 handbook:
    ”You can use your digital ID to check in for virtual medical appointments, apply for government assistance like CERB or EI, access vaccination records, and open a bank account.”

    Welcome to the digital Gulag! This time Opa, we have no country to flee to.

  14. Regarding: The Order of the Black Eye

    My current best guess is that these celebrities & politicians rape other people and occasionally they take an elbow, knee, forehead or fist to the face while they’re raping.

    • beaudarc says:

      Actually, I think the whole ‘black-eye’ thing is a complete non starter. Acquiring a black-eye, is not, in my experience, that rare of an event. (Over the years I’ve had at least three from drunken stumbles, bar fights and bicycle mishaps, all to the left eye). When one stumbles there is an immediate somatic reflex and one immediately puts out one’s arms, to break the fall, and averts the face to the right. Thus the left cheekbone, being the most prominent part of the face, will be struck should the extension of one’s arms not sufficiently break one’s fall, or stumble. Considering also that these photos are from over an extended period of time, I don’t see anything unusual about it at all. Consider also all the famous actors/politician etc., that have NOT been seen with black-eyes (Clintons?), and the issue seems to me to be a complete red herring. Though I do think the presence of a double black-eye, eg., the picture of John Kerry, is indicative of a fist fight, i.e., you can’t stumble and hit both cheekbones, however I’m sure that being a politician doesn’t necessarily preclude one from having engaged in a fist fight from time to time.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Two Black Eyes and MASKS
      …a melding of “The Order of the Black Eye – Subscriber Exclusive #101 VIDEO”
      with Corbett’s anecdotal article “Our Digital Gulag”
      and this excerpt phrase: “So how’s that rule-following thing working out for you? Still sure that it’ll all work out if we just don’t kick up too much of a fuss?”
      (By the way, I just love “A James Corbett Anecdote”. It’s a STORY.)

      I can’t help but to think of this NEWS Story about a guy west of Seattle named Troublefield with two black eyes who wanted to be a “Mask Monitor Nazi” and not mind his own business.
      An IMAGE tells the result…

      I had originally found the story via James Evan Pilato – MediaMonarchy Twitter. The video has since been deleted with this notice: “This Tweet is from a suspended account.”
      …but the NEWS video still exists at its source…

      The full details are on this SUB-THREAD from Dec 13, 2020…

      Brief SYNOPSIS
      Two fellas were not wearing their mask inside a grocery store. Troublefield, a shopper, decided to be a Mask Monitor. The two fellas ridiculed him.
      The fellas get their groceries and are in their car with the windows down.
      The Mask Monitor walked past his own car to theirs in order to further preach and scold them.
      Evidently, during the scolding, the Monitor was close enough to the window (no social distancing) to be tapped on the chest by one of the car’s occupants.
      In man-code, a tap against the chest of a chiding aggressor means “back-off wadhead!”.

      When the wadhead Monitor flips the maskless occupant’s hat, the occupant had had enough of that nerve-grinding verbal preaching by the ex-Marine “rule enforcer”.
      The hat-flipped occupant jumps out of the car and chokeholds the Monitor.
      His buddy quickly gets out and also joins in. (Man-code Rule #32 – “support your buddy”)
      In about the time of a 15 second commercial, they beat the snot out of that guy.
      And the guy learned a lesson as he says this will be the last time that he will ever say anything again.

      Typically, I’m not one for physical fights.
      However, on this one, I admit…I experienced Schadenfreude.

      Schadenfreude is the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another.

    • Fact Checker says:

      Good theory–that might account for some instances. If I remember correctly, Baby Bush liked late-night ‘rasslin sessions with brawny bros like Jeff Ganon, so a little lover’s spat isn’t out of the question. (In Brokeback Mountain, Ennis Del Mar comes away from his summer’s dalliance with Jack Twist with some facial bruising, IIRC.)

      In general, I highly doubt there’s any common etiology. These cretins play high-stakes games, and they play rough. The massively violent games they play necessarily give rise to numerous smaller, subsidiary, intermediary conflicts. Sometimes it comes to blows with lovers, victims, betrayed spouses, handlers from “the Company” showing who’s boss for realz… I seem to recall Cheney shot some guy in the face–and that’s when he was playing NICE!

      The list goes on and on.

  15. Duck says:


    I dont think that would work like that… they would get faces scratched up (or eye gouged) if the subject was awake and resisting.
    The bruise placement would be more random, and they would, being rich people who can hire people to do the dirty work, either have compliant (scared or drugged) or restrained subjects.
    Ugh… though too much about that

    • The thinking is that the victim is usually bound or trusted to not fight back, but occasionally does unexpectedly fight back, or make a sudden unexpected jerk while bound.
      Presumably these rapists take hits to all parts of their body, but we typically only see the hits they take to the face because hits to the face are very noticeable, and because other hits can be covered up with clothing.

      • Duck says:

        That makes some sense I guess but you would,almost as often, also see them with broken noses or perhaps bitten on the face.
        I’m not saying its impossible, just that I dont buy it.
        I have seen a few people get beatings and honestly black eyes were not all that common…split lips are way easier to end up with IMO and i dont know of s rash of those or broken noses.
        The pictures commonly shown of black eyed celebs (True there is selection bias in what someone assembles) look rather similar and regular in their placement. The rich could hide out of the public eye, or they could try to use make up to hide the bruising…which makes me think that it is intentionally placed and intended to be visible and probably visible to us.

        Personally I think its just a psyop to externalize the idea of Elite secret societies and make them uber cool rather then creepy or (to borrow Nixon on Bohemia Grove “faggy”) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN2GS3b8cyU
        A young girl once told me (envy in her voice) how the “illuminati” “choose people” to be made famous and while I have no doubt that they do real satanic signs and rituals for actual ‘religious’ reasons I imagine a lot of its just to show off.

        • lizzie says:

          I agree with you that they are showing off.
          I loved the fact James brought it up, I got nostalgic thinking about my early days of finding out about this stuff. I used to find looking into this stuff really dark, but now these things seem lighthearted and like a fun rabbit hole to go down when compared to the open conspiracies that have arrived on our doorsteps.

          I like the one about Harpocrates (courtesy of the Black Sheep Researcher)

          The son of Osiris and Isis known as Horus the Child is the Greek god of silence and confidentiality, later transformed to Harpo-crates
          Harpo backwards is Oprah. Her talk show consists of people divulging their every secret.

          • Duck says:

            Thanks for the link. I will watch in detail later, the 1st part looked about like what I’d heard before but had a bit deeper look.

            “..I used to find looking into this stuff really dark, but now these things seem lighthearted and like a fun rabbit hole to go down when compared to the open conspiracies that have arrived on our doorsteps….”

            I hate to be the wet blanket but its actually “Potentially” way DARKER … I dont believe its quite that bad luckily, but if there really is a SINGLE cult network that controls all those powerful people then literally EVERYTHING that happens is fake and the whole world is in their grip.

            I kinda think THATS why they spend so much time pushing that idea into popular culture so no one resists them… its the tailor with “nine at one blow” on his belt.
            OR…. for those who wasted the 90’s….

            • lizzie says:

              Oh god! That video says it all.
              I feel big and strong again after your comment. It’s the Goebbles Lebowski that terrify me.

          • redrose says:

            lizzie, this made me laugh (wryly) outright, as it resonated with me…
            “I loved the fact James brought it up, I got nostalgic thinking about my early days of finding out about this stuff. I used to find looking into this stuff really dark, but now these things seem lighthearted and like a fun rabbit hole to go down when compared to the open conspiracies that have arrived on our doorsteps.”

  16. beaconterraone says:

    This is almost here:

    “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

    Revelation 13:17

    You better start believing in biblical prophecies: you’re in one!

  17. fractalizer says:

    The title of this article made me think of the amazing book “Google Archipelago” by Michael Rectenwald:


    The title is obviously a riff on “Gulag Archipelago” and it delves into the ways in which Big Tech has embraced cultural Marxism and why Big Tech has reasons to want to do that. Michael Recetenwald is an academic and was formerly a Leftist/Marxist professor at NYU, but has become a libertarian/anarchist since he was cancelled after he dared to challenge the inanity of wokeism and cancel culture. His academic study/training in Marxism gives him a unique ability to analyze and understand how cultural Marxism is taking over the world (The Great Reset, Big Tech, etc).

    • fractalizer says:

      FYI, James, I would love to see you interview this guy!

    • cu.h.j says:

      Thank you for the link. I think it’s important to understand the cultural aspect of this. How cultural Marxism is being used to divide and conquer.

  18. Al Saleh says:

    Do you want resist? I am building resistance weapons.
    Current offerings include decentralized solutions for video hosting/streaming, search engines, and email. More to come.
    Try me.

  19. Jack_King says:

    “But what does it mean for the future of political resistance—of any resistance—that all of our interactions are now taking place online? This is the questions confronted by write Bill Blunden in his recent piece on Internet Honey Traps For Everyone!

    If you have a movement that depends heavily upon a digital platform, you don’t have a movement. What you’ve actually got is a honeypot that, wittingly or otherwise, will snare those drawn to it. In the end, all of that data traverses a maze of interconnected pipes which are centrally monitored and controlled by you-know-who.

    And, just in case you didn’t get the point, Blunden doubles down:
    The whole notion that resilient long-term organizations will coalesce around social media portals is a bit naïve. Real movements don’t emerge from the pseudo anonymity of internet channels, which are literally crawling with informants, hackers, and artful government spies.”

    Is James hinting here perhaps? What is THE most important aspect and foundation of the envisioned DIGITAL gulag future? hmmmm

  20. Thom says:

    “And from our cages we wondered what our lives might have been like had we just fought back.”

  21. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The song “Mineral Wells” – My Grammy Awards nomination for best country western ballad
    (4 minutes with visuals)(sung by Tom Russell)

    Me and my four younger brothers spent from the last half of the 1960’s into the 1970’s in Mineral Wells, Texas. We all had many glorious adventures in this near-west Texas small town. The town has its roots on its very hard well water. In fact, I just cut off a slice to sip while I type. It is from “Crazy Water #4” bottled water. “Crazy Water #4” is so richly hard with minerals that a newbie drinker would say: “This will mean a number 2.” And yes, it’s got Lithium too. So, despite what others say, my mental disposition is chemically balanced.
    I’m toasting to moonlit summer nights.
    Mineral Wells became world famous in the latter 1920’s and into the 1930’s. Celebrities and tourists would take the train from Ft Worth to visit the Crazy Water Hotel and the Baker Hotel (the tall one). Errol Flynn was one of the many celebrities that came. The Crazy Water Hotel had a great center pavilion ballroom with nationally circulated radio broadcasts and big band music.

    During WWII, on the edge of town, Camp Wolters was established and over 200,000 Infantry trainees cycled through there. As a High Schooler, I remember going to the buildings where German POW’s were once held. During the Vietnam War, it was renamed Fort Wolters and was the world’s largest Army Primary Helicopter Training School. With thousands of army personnel stationed next to this small town, a lot of colorful aspects were added. Mineral Wells even had a brothel in the black part of town. A friend’s sister was the girlfriend of the pimp, who did drive a decked out Cadillac and wear the flashy colored suits with hat just like in the movies. Another High School friend would shine shoes there on the weekends, until one night a gun bullet went through a wall and him, narrowly missing his heart. He stopped working there following his hospital stay.
    The Baker Hotel closed its doors during the Vietnam War.

    The song “Mineral Wells” brought back a memory of a late, moonlit summer night. A friend and I were on a double date, and goofing around at the old abandoned Baker Hotel in its park area. I remember my date from 10 feet away, her face, hair, dress and laughter while on the swing. The beauty of the moment stuck.
    Here’s to moonlit summer nights.

    (No. I did not watch the Grammy Awards on March 14th. I don’t even know who is who.)

    • mkey says:

      Praise the lord-ah for that lithium!

    • Mishelle says:

      Wow, great story! Our entire area is dotted with springs where the early settlers here ‘took the waters’. Considering Eastern European settlers had quite a lot of influence here (eventually settling more west around Hill Country) it makes perfect sense because they were famous in old Europe for their beautiful spa towns like Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad). It’s really too bad this history was not better preserved, along with the old spas.

  22. Arboghast says:

    Just watched this:

    Alison McDowell – Outside The Box

    -Turning people into financial derivatives
    -Debt to the state
    -Human capital value
    -Impact markets

    A lot of what James has talked about

    Links: Youtube only unfortunately


    She has done some very in depth maps too


    Very interesting.

    I found these vids filled in a lot of the gaps in my understanding.

    Peace to all

    • Mishelle says:

      I’ve been listening to a lot of Alison McDowell lately, very bleak. She’s so well-spoken and still so hopeful, when what she’s saying is like my version of a complete living nightmare!

  23. mkey says:

    Yet another example of memory holing.

    Why I Always Use Screenshots

    Also, some good comments.

    Witchcraft Medicine’s philosophy: Get robbed to protect one’s wealth, get poisoned to protect one’s health.

    Vaccine’s are poisons, by Medicine’s own description and admission, constituted of such deadly chemicals as adjuvants, aluminum-based chemicals specifically designed to increase the toxicity of vaccines, examples being breakfast staples like amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate (AAHS), aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, and potassium aluminum sulfate (Alum) to name a few.

    When the body is poisoned, the so-called “immune” system, in reality the body’s waste elimination and defensive system, create chemicals and white blood cells to attack the poison and remove it from the body in a frantic attempt to preserve the life of the body, sometimes failing. Poisons, by their nature, always harm the body and threaten its life, poisons ranging in toxicity from mild to severe. Poisons are administered in milligrams, micrograms, and less by Medicine because larger amounts kill immediately.

    Medicine profits on its superstition that poisoning the body protects the body from harm, proving that Medicine is a moron-minded snake oil industry founded on evil spirit-fighting Middle Age’s witchcraft and warlockry. Dash of ground deer antler, tongue of spotted newt, wart of toad, puss of boil, scraping of frog testicle, head of goat, mix, mix, stir, stir,… sip, sip, … perfect, hiii, hiii, hiiiiiii…, welcome my precious ones, have some soup made especially for you, hiii, hiii, hiii,… that’ll be $200 dollars,… hiii, hiii, hiii,… and your health and life, …. hiii, hiii, hiiiii….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Tony Heller really pushes back.
      This was cool to see…

      Malcolm X understood that Democrats were just using blacks for votes, and said :
      “The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man.”

      • Mielia says:

        Apparently Malcolm X was a severe racist though? (Thus he had no trouble saying that. Albeit there is some truth in it about some liberals from some healthy perspectives (non healthy: everything/everybody is racist).)
        Hearsay on my part though.

        I have heard Tony using this quote several times now.

        It was not really surprising to see that the people in the camps around the climate issue are now on the same sides about the convid issue.
        Which says quite something, doesn’t it? (e.g. about authoritarians and anti authoritarians, maybe Milgram experiments)

        • mkey says:

          The cc campers and cv campers are memebers of the same death cult, being presided over by mister capital s himself. They are also the nautral enemy of man.

    • Mishelle says:

      HA! You said it!

  24. Fact Checker says:

    James discusses this article with Ryan at TLAV. Great stuff. James seems to have been kicked into blackpilled mode by his Post Office encounter, which is my favorite James mode! 😀

  25. Duck says:

    On Deadnaming
    ‘..The conservative mainstream has adopted a general position of “this far, but no further,” acknowledging transgender claims either as legitimate or as a losing battle, and only attempting to limit (as they retreat) the enforcement of those claims in the public square…”

    The ‘conservatives’ have zero position on any issue… they are just a pacifier.
    The reason that the western world is lost is that it no longer allows itself to judge because the vast majority of us know that we ourselves are gravely wanting and fear that judgement.
    immoral people cant rule themselves, which is why people are encouraged to be immoral. Immoral people cant hold anyone else to standards of behavior or government. It will run its cycle and get much much worse then most of the ‘nice’ , ‘non judgemental’ people can possibly imagine.
    Already a child in a US school can be called by an opposite sex name, use the wrong bathroom, and get leave to seek hormones while the school actively conceals all this from the parents.

    If that happens now what do you guys think is next?

  26. Camille says:

    I uploaded this video today and I thought I should put it here.

    The Future of Media?

    One more way Singularity University is helping to ‘transform our world’.

  27. Mielia says:

    I remember having watched 1, 2, 3 videos about the black eyes several years ago. Did a quick search on possible candidates.
    No clue.
    Wasn’t important enough.
    Didn’t organize material well enough back then to find anything on that again or remember the supposed symbology about it.

    Comment on Why Deadnaming Matters
    no surprise that the americanconservative argues
    ‘using the words of the opponent means conceding to them’.
    this is an issue/topic that has plagued them for decades or rather centuries.
    only devoting it to “deadnaming” and not showing that is a more general phenomenon they have to grapple with, makes it a week article to me.

    it is an issue for voluntaryists obviously too.
    As someone on Stossel’s show once said to an example: The name of the law is its advertising/PR. (E.g. law for the protection of …)
    that’s why whole “dictionaries” have been written for such things out of fun.

    I give an example many probably have not thought about in this context.
    I have my troubles with the word veganism. Not that it is often advocated as “plant-based” food, as it is not really. Minerals are not plants. Mushrooms?
    Anyway, it is Not about that.
    During the time, I believed to live vegan, I would have defined living vegan, as the attempt to live without intentionally harming or killing an animal myself and without using/consuming products during which animals were harmed or killed.

    I nowadays think veganism is an impossibility. A non-existing, not possible thing. Thus I struggle to find a better word!

    With the topic of bees/honey and lactic acid (or sometimes yeast bacteria) there is already a remnant of one problematic for vegans:
    Which animals (creatures?) do we wish to protect? All of them? Or do they have to have a degree of sentience, of experiencing pain? (Bacteria?)
    I did not kill small spiders found in the house as I did as I child but transport them out. Obviously I think that is still ok too.
    But I know other vegans did too and would argue for it. Insects are animals too.


    • Mielia says:

      The problem to me is now: For any food you eat, animals (insects but usually also lager animals) have been killed. Even if you were a fruitarian.
      It is just part of life. You cannot deny that.
      (I am not even starting to talk about mechanical things we use. For any ore that has been brought out of the earth animals have been killed too.)
      So the remaining question is about intentionality. No insecticides. You must build an eco-system in which plants, animals etc consume each other.
      (Many suffer (get hunted, eaten) then too. Don’t you want to reduce the suffering? Now an attempt to separate, sterilize supposedly everything, cage everything so it can live a happy long life. A whole nother different escalation.
      Also: Why should animal fertilizer be allowed?)

      There will be happening intentional killing by someone/something of insects. It cannot be avoided.
      Also intentionality and accident is not always a clear cut line. You can usually imagine a way how you could reduce supposed accidental killing too (which has happened and will happen and is/can be a good thing). And when you do not implement that way of living, then you accept to intentionally kill in a certain fashion (as it is no more an accident). Your whole life would become nothing else but attempting to find a way to live your life that way, an eternal loop.

      I ended up with: Okay veganism cannot be about not (intentionally) killing animals at all. It can only be about reducing harm to animals/reducing the number of kills of animals.
      And with that my original definition fell apart. My vegan world fell apart. Because it had now become impossible to live without intentionally killing.
      And the word I would be searching for, would be more about a sentiment of holistically living together with animals, with a respect for sentient beings, without unnecessary harm (whatever unnecessary will mean) done to them and only one thing among many secondary priorities (first one are like surviving etc).
      Living means being in the cycle of life, means destroying and consuming other living beings. It cannot be escaped. (To say it in a more general way than: You can only avoid killing some animals. Veganism as avoiding intentionally killing any animals is impossible.)

      PS: Also: To eat Road Kill would have been okay by the first definition. (As long as road killing is not incentivized/does not become intentional, remains accidental.)
      PS2: At the end my thinking becomes a bit blurry, vague. It is not refined here yet.
      PS3: Anyone a proposal for a new word instead of veganism?

      • cu.h.j says:

        No. I don’t think re naming things is meaningful. I tried being a vegan in my 20s and got nutritional deficiencies and couldn’t tolerate soy. I don’t eat beef but do eat poultry and try to source it from “ethical” farms, meaning the ability to roam free. I also eat eggs. I’m going to raise chickens for eggs, not sure if I’ll be able to kill some of the birds myself or not. I’m not sure it’s wrong to kill animals for food because other animals do this in the wild, but rather torturing animals is wrong.

        Is it wrong to put our pets down when they get sick and are in pain? It’s killing them technically. There is a pecking order that exists in nature and humans are apex predators. I don’t think this is wrong and I think that it’s great people can decide to eat meat or animals or not and I think there is a way to live in the environment that is less destructive and more ethical to appreciate and respect other living beings, particularly mammals, fish, birds and some insects. I’m not too keen on cockroaches though, but they probably serve a purpose and wiping them out entirely might be bad.

        Interesting topic in light of the weird fake meat Bill Gates is pushing, but he just wants to control and doesn’t really give a crap about anything else. I wonder if he is pushing the narrative that this type of food production is more “ethical.”

        Lions and wolves eat meat and this isn’t unethical. Why would it be wrong for humans to do this too?

  28. Kati says:

    Lbry is dead, im sad cause i liked the interface over Odysee ones, yes i know the catalogue/content is the same, but still.(well not dead they discontinue it in favor of Odysee)

    Odysee will do, with no censoring its sure always better then YT.

  29. Miriam_and_Alan says:

    I assume the question in the last paragraph is rhetorical and that James Corbett is really sticking to ‘Freedom. I won’t. Sadly, it sounds like another line in the sand and maybe he’s decided to pick his battles in the name of pragmatism.

    As I’m someone who will not use a cell-phone, l expect life to become increasingly challenging in the foreseeable future.

  30. hamirand says:

    Can someone point me to the post with the link to The Gulag Archipelago audio book on Odyssey? I’ve been searching for 45 minutes. 😭 Thanks!

  31. scpat says:

    You need to see this…Society is changing
    Rob Braxman Tech


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