No, the Dinosaur Journos Have NOT "Dropped Objectivity"

02/13/202322 Comments

"Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Establishment media journalists are dropping objectivity!"

As a conspiracy realist, you would be right to scoff at a newsboy yelling such an obvious observation as if it were a breaking news scandal of mammoth proportions. "Of course the dinosaur media hacks aren't objective," you might mutter under your breath as you pass by. "What are you going to report next, that water is wet?"

But if that is your reaction to such a statement, then what are we to make of the Columbia Journalism Review's new 24,000-word, four-part report purporting to show that The New York Times and its fellow travelers in the corporate media have done "damage to [their] credibility" by dropping the pretense of objectivity in their reporting on the Russiagate story?

It's easy to get swept up in the excitement of the I-told-you-so victory lap—"You see, Russiagate was a hoax, just like I pointed out!"—and miss the fact that this is not news at all. In fact, it's an attempt to cover up the long and ignoble history of the Times and their dinosaur media peers. As a moment's sober reflection will immediately reveal, the mouthpiece mockingbirds of the controlled establishment media have never been objective and they have no credibility to damage.

If you can see this praise-by-soft-criticism of the mainstream media for the limited hangout that it is, then congratulations! You've got your head screwed on straight.

But there's yet another layer of the onion to peel back if you want to really understand what's happening here. And once you peel back that layer, you'll discover that "objectivity" in journalism is not just a pipe dream but a psyop, designed to mislead you about what media really is and how it really functions.

Intrigued? Let's dig in.

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  1. vadoum says:

    the oligopish tendancy to subject objects to subjective syntax masquerading as objective render whose arch purpose is to emotionally manipulate, was safely and effevtively trounced as the red pill tide flooded billions of frontal lobes. much detoxing by purge enspewed.

    I wonder how the msm has been able to keep the “end is nigh’ story alive,,? its been so nigh for so long? perhaps its the sole of a shoe thats nearly, finally, worn through?

  2. mkey says:

    We keep refering to them as the lapdog media, but who is actualy the dog and who is the tail?

    Considering the most recent mass psyop I found it obvious that it wasn’t the gubments who were ligning up the pins.

    The stage was being set over a week by the collusion of the media. And the politicans knew that play the ball they must.

    I am of course not trying to evince anyone. To achieve extreme speed of transmission of a new reality special means as required. With convid there was no actual event to be broadcast, they had to manufacture everything.

  3. beaconterraone says:

    Knight-Cronkite News Lab at Arizona State University:

    “How to produce trustworthy news without ‘objectivity'”

  4. CRM (Celtic Ricardo Montalbán) says:

    I purchased the Mass Media: A History course and listened to at least 2/3’s of it. Maybe I finished it. I also listened to the Media Matrix documentary Corbett put out, and realized the Mass Media course was basically the research notes for the documentary. Very clever, Corbett, to get Richard Grove to finance your Media documentary with a lecture course.
    I don’t know what 25% off of $50USD is (I’m am American and can’t do math), but if you’re poor, I guess you can watch the Media Matrix documentary and get the gist of the course. I’m poor, and I guess I still got the course, though. I shared it with a co-worker on a thumb drive, since the course cost may not be in everyone’s budget, however.
    I wonder if James’ wife ever gets jealous over how much he fawns over Marshall McLuhan, tho…

  5. Gavinm says:

    A Timeline of the U.F.O.s That Were Shot Down This Weekend

    “National security officials on Sunday discounted the possibility that the objects shot down over the weekend might have extraterrestrial origins. However, Gen. Glen D. VanHerck, the commander of the Air Force’s Northern Command, said during a news conference, “I haven’t ruled out anything at this point.”.. ”

    From their article on this yesterday:

    “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he and President Biden had ordered the object violating Canadian airspace to be taken down, a day after another object was shot out of the sky near Alaska. ..Trudeau.. said that he and President Biden had ordered the downing of a flying object that “represented a reasonable threat to civilian aircraft.”.. ”


    “Why is this media outlet showing us this report?

    What interest do they have in making us think a particular way about the issue presented?

    Can the information in the report be independently confirmed or triangulated from other sources?

    Whose viewpoint is being shown, and how is that viewpoint portrayed? Whose viewpoint is being excluded? Why?

    What language is being used to frame the issue?

    What does the report make us believe about the world?

    Are we in agreement with the report? Why or why not?”

  6. Steve Smith says:

    Being a product/victim of the foster care system back in the sixties, I found the Revelations Radio News podcast that is the recommended listening for this week very encouraging.

    Its good to hear from people who are choosing to be foster parents for the right reasons and know what it takes to be successful ones.

  7. Wait!!

    I cannot help to notice:

    “RRNews 307: Leading our families by following Jesus”

    And then one goes: “but… but… wait!”:

    “Why is this media outlet showing us this report?
    What interest do they have in making us think a particular way about the issue presented?
    Can the information in the report be independently confirmed or triangulated from other sources?
    Whose viewpoint is being shown, and how is that viewpoint portrayed? Whose viewpoint is being excluded? Why?
    What language is being used to frame the issue?
    What does the report make us believe about the world?
    Are we in agreement with the report? Why or why not?”

    Is it me? Anyone?

  8. taxpayer says:

    That first “recommended reading” is indeed paywalled, but the free part includes a great sentence: “Social media are the cigarettes of our society.”

  9. G. Jingping says:

    The main problem, as I see it, is that people have limited time and energy to do their own research. They take a short-cut, such as a MSM news feed, in order to not have to work so hard at understanding their reality. We need to impress people with the importance of not being lazy in this regard. The internet makes it possible to do research quickly and on your own that would have been very difficult in the pre-internet era. Take a little extra time to this and it will pay dividends.

    • Gavinm says:

      @G. Jingping

      Well said, I agree that is a large part of the problem. Though it is also worth noting that despite the immense financial and social pressures being exerted to make people conform to the 9-5 hamster wheel consumerism life, what people do with their time and energy always comes down to a choice.

      I whole heartedly agree that people need to realize the importance of doing their own research and learning to be able to discern and digest reality, history and current events without having an emulsified, homogenized, materialism/statist flavored version of those things spoon fed to them by msm and other government/oligarch propaganda outlets, but as James has pointed out numerous times it is important how and where one goes about researching.

      I run into quite a few people now a days that have been sort of partially awoken from their sleep walking like existence by the slap in the face of the last three years of tyranny, but then they tell me that they went and “googled” this or that and so now they think they know what is really going on.

      That is one of the reasons I wrote this article:

      Thanks for the comment.

  10. davidbmcbain says:

    Noam Chomsky said, “Question everything”. I wonder if ever said question me.

  11. gpru says:


  12. zyxzevn says:

    Netflix Predicted Ohio Chemical Spill, White Noise Film
    Has People Saying Conspiracy or Simulation – Tim Pool
    Movie was showing chemical disaster with trains at the same place
    Toxicological profile (on Vinyl Chloride) was changed Jan 2023
    Tim Pool goes into conspiracy rabbithole

    • CRM114 says:

      The books of Jesuit-schooled Don Delillo are extremely interesting. A book of his in the early 90s Mao II talks about how it would be ‘so much worse if there was one tower instead of two’ (regarding the WTC twin towers), mentions the hanged man and tower tarot cards relating to 9/11 in his book Falling Man, plus the cover of his book Underworld…

      The book White Noise features the word Death more than any (other than Articles and the like)

      It also features a conspicuous Jewish character because

  13. BrendaLeeK says:

    Totally get this article. I understand your bias too, which totally aligns with mine in so many areas. A good reason I tune into most of your stuff. As a Canadian in Saskatchewan who’s had eye opening moments as to the world going to hell in a hand basket as my kids have grown and grandkids struggling I started looking many areas a lot of years ago. CBC would post articles on Facebook. I contacted them on many occasions asking for sources over the years of Facebook at least. And never a reply. You include sources that nailed it for me. And I really only pay attention to those who include their sources. Those not sharing a version of the truth will rarely if ever do that.

  14. WAYNED says:

    “If you can see this praise-by-soft-criticism of the mainstream media for the limited hangout that it is, then congratulations! You’ve got your head screwed on straight.”

    I generally take media accounts as guides to understanding the coverup. Never for factual information. I am PARTICULARLY skeptical of “admissions” of errors such as this, or pretending to give attention to “the other side” so they can return to their narrative somewhat guilt-free.

    Limited hangout is a great term. For those of us who have understood from earliest understanding that the game is rigged and the liars are in charge, that is, those of use who understand conspiracies to be real and require attention to guard against, I think the media, such as it exists, forces readers and viewers away from their message.

    I am still trying to figure out why they promote the “alternative” media by censoring it. If they wanted to crush, then they would. Maybe they will.

    Something tells me something big is coming between March and April. All airlines will be operating under completely different models. There will be an integration of ID, Mileage accounts, security information… And airlines are selling in covert ways, so there is no “common” availability. What I find may be tailored to my clients or to my agency. If they want my clients to be dissatisfied, they can create whatever they wish.

    No one will have an idea what will be “the fare” from place to place. It sounds an AWFUL LOT like social-credit-score pricing. And it’s already here.

    The process of creating reservations makes it impossible to maintain business at a productive level.

    9/11 was the start of major consolidation of the travel industry into a few controlling hands working in concert with the airlines. We are now getting to the fruition, the elimination of all outside sources

    Since 9/11 independent agents have been targeted for integration or elimination. There are so few of us left, we have no unified voice or means of connection.

    Attended townhall meeting introducing incredibly convoluted means of booking about to be thrust upon us, and comments restricted so you could only see what YOU wrote.

    When I heard upsetting things, I could hear the chime chime chime of others commenting, but not able read who said what or to comment together that we have to stop this.
    The few hands controlling the industry now are working closely with banks and governments to bring about changes.

    Think how they got away with TSA and what its purpose really is.

    There is a new wealth class of mega proportions controlling all travel. It has occurred without comment. The victims of 9/11, poor agents. Or, were we the planned victims?

    Not saying 9/11 happened because of this alone, but it’s reason enough, isn’t it? And airlines were the weapons. Airlines are weapons.

    The money in airlines lies in their construction. Who makes them? What other industries are supplied by the same manufacturers?

  15. WAYNED says:

    Really beautifully written and important information. What great journalism and writing! Clear truths still exist, and they may be objective, presented for whatever purpose, objective, or subjective. When the purpose is expressing and impressing deeper understanding, subjective by nature reporting is still great journalism and a service to people everywhere.

    They’re gonna hate this. So you can count on continued zero coverage. But your numbers speak for themselves.

    So pleased to have the information as reminder of exactly who Taibbi and Greenwald are, what they do, how much power they presume.

    Greenwald can barely speak on camera, one day he will start drooling. And yet, there he is, being annoyingly “right” all of a sudden.

    One big reminder: Real journalists and people who never wanted or tried to lie to you are still covering the important information. You can find better coverage of such events from more trustworthy people who deserve your attention.

    Indeed, it’s so hard to swallow anything “promoted” by censorial sources.

  16. ejdoyle says:

    In the 70’s I was a radio reporter/doc producer for KPFA, Pacifica Radio in Berkeley in the old Shattuck Ave offices. This was when KPFA was still old school liberal and objective.

    A constant thing we noticed was we would attend some event with say 800 in the crowd. When when the Chronicle, KRON TV, etc., the local MSM would report it it was like an event we never attended…”A small crowd today turned out to hear hard line activist….”

    The size of the crowd was ALWAYS downplayed, photo ops were always the most egregious person in the crowd, the actual coverage of the event was filled with so much diverse language as to make us just shake our head.

    50 years later they have perfected it.


  17. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Read the newspaper story about the “Pullman Porter” in this century old copy from February 17, 1923 featured in The Dallas Express.

    I was impressed with the story telling journalism.
    I was also somewhat shocked to grasp more fully the pervasive attitudes of that era.

    If you delve through the paper, you will notice that The Dallas Express was a newspaper whose readership was the Black community.
    Like James Corbett states in the No, the Dinosaur Journos Have NOT “Dropped Objectivity” article:
    “Even if your report is 100% factually accurate in every respect, it still comes from your subjective viewpoint and it can still manipulate your audience’s understanding of that story.”

    And then Corbett goes on further to point out this highlight:
    “But, seen from the proper perspective, this realization of journalism’s inherent subjectivity is an empowering one. It puts us—the “audience”—back in the driver’s seat. It helps us appreciate that we are not mere sponges, absorbing whatever information is presented to us, but sovereign, independent individuals who have an active part to play in constructing a better understanding of the world.”

  18. Freedom junkie says:

    Hi. First time here.

    I wonder if it’s obvious to others that the media wants to push the former conspiracy theory of the Wuhan lab leak. Now the US Congress votes unanimously to declassify that “information”?

    So ask yourself why would they start telling the truth about it now? Answer – it’s just a new spin on the official narrative.

    Of course it’s a lie.

    So what’s the actual truth? The entire COVID scam is that it doesn’t even exist. They simply took the flu and gave it a shiny new name.

    I see almost everyone in alternative news congratulating themselves for knowing the “truth” since 2020.

    Seems to me most people are falling for the exact same scam again!

    Here’s a recent David Icke video about this:

    James, is this worthy of a video to get people thinking critically again and not let down their guard?

    • mkey says:

      It’s the same issue as the 28 pages that blamed Saudi Arabia for 9-11.

      We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false. – William J. Casey

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