Net "Neutrality," or, How To Regulate the Internet to Thunderous Applause

03/14/20152 Comments

In this week's member newsletter, we examine the FCC's regulation of the internet and how it was snuck in the back door...with popular support. Also, James provides his recommended reading, viewing and listening for the week. Subscribe today for access to this newsletter and the newsletter archives of

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  1. Knarf says:

    The state of New Hampshire has a catchy motto: “Live Free or Die”

    The problem isn’t coming up with the words. The problem is growing the spine to back them up.

  2. NotDole says:

    Use VPS’s, connect to them through openvpn 256 bit. Say goodbye to throttling (even ISP’s stopped doing that under pressure, at least all in Canada and most in the US), and traffic shaping was happening before all this internet neutrality stuff was in place, without a formal rule for it then. Still mostly american isp’s tried it (the usual dicks like Comcast and Verizon).

    It seems the other ISP’s, if you can get in your area, in the US, aren’t the ones wishing for something like that to come to fruition. Like AT&T U-Verse, Cox, Charter…if one of these 3 start acting like Comcast and Verizon, yanks got some problems, major ones.

    These 3 judges should have used their heads before strucking those 3 provisions and open this can of worms.

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