NBC Just Simulated A War With China: Here's What Happened

05/30/202234 Comments

NBC News' Meet The Press offered their viewers a special treat earlier this month. Under the snappy title "War Games: The Battle For Taiwan," the "news" channel staged a simulation gaming out what would happen in a full-scale military confrontation between the US and China.

Want to know what happened? Let's answer the Five Ws of NBC's war with China.

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  1. 2-D Chess Dweller says:

    Sputnik’s Critical Hour interviews Scott Ritter and Ray McGovern covering both the exiting Ukrainian and upcoming Chinese conflicts. The combined interview is 30 minutes.

    Direct MP3: https://raymcgovern.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Critical_Hour_983_seg_4.mp3

    Ritter’s commentary is that 1) the conflict with China is coming 6-12 months hence, and 2) USA gets its arse handed to it.

    The last war which the USA won was with the allies in WWII, and the European theatre of that war was largely won by Russia. Korea is still an unresolved ceasefire. From there its all failure. I’ll give the USA Panama, but that was not a war, it was stepping on a snail. The purpose of USA war is funding its businesses and furthering economic and political influence. As Smedley Butler rightly observed a century or so ago:

    War is a Racket!

    If you are a USA citizen, or anyone really, and do not know of Major General Butler, twice decorated with the Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest accolade, please enjoy Episode 123:


    Peace be with you,


    There is also:


    Use the search bar at Corbett Report 🙂

    • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

      I am always struck by Episode 123. I must by now have heard it at least 5 times, with long gaps between. Now, with almost a year of writing and citing behind me I can more deeply appreciate why this episode continues to have impact.

      While finding source material is not too difficult, the discovery of insightful source material often servers to inspire. Then begins the creative act of weaving a narrative which links one’s sources into a thematic whole. Artifices of language, sound or imagery are employed to ease or guide the reader, listener or viewer through the material.

      The reason why this episode continues to be meaningful is not just the most excellent source material. It is also the construction, the employ of techniques to enhance and intertwine these deep source materials.

      I commend you, JC. It was your inspiration which prompted me to begin my journey of authorship. Without the formal literature training which you received, it has been a rocky road. With some toil and a graveyard of errors I can now begin to see the creativity and determination in this work. Though now funded by your community to continue your work, it is amateur, using the original meaning of the word; an effort of love. Amo, Amas, Amat, Amamus, …

      With respect,


    • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

      As an aside, The Corbett Report and the episode on Carroll Quigely’s two revelatory works are referred to early in my recent article on the conscription of half of Scandinavia towards the NATO blob.

      Subverting Scandinavia: A Geopolitics of Neighboring Nations

      The culture piece (song) below the article is from a friend’s 15 year old son. At the end of an Italian movie dubbed/subtitled in English is this song. During its first verse I knew immediately that I wanted it for a “Culture” section. Video paused, I asked of the performer and title. **Immediately** the young man answers. I later discovered that the song was recorded in 1965. I was roundly impressed by his cultural education.

      The film depicted the event which prompted the UN to double the definition of all national territorial waters from 6 to 12 nautical miles. Its script is brilliant. Its English title is “Rose Island”.

      Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS2NtbEoIc8

      • jo-ann says:

        Thanks for introducing me to your YesXorNo substack. Good reads. Please continue to write!

        I followed the trail to the Eve of Destruction song, which led me to a list of anti Vietnam war songs from the 60s, many of which I recall vividly for these were the tunes of my early teenage years. Made a visit down memory lane while listening to the embedded tunes.


        • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

          Hi jo-ann,

          Thank you for your acknowledgment.

          For “substack” sites the key button is to the right, “Archive”. Selecting this gives a chronological view of published articles, rather than “most viewed”. The publisher’s desire to promote the popular is overridden by the author’s chronological effort.

          “Eve of Destruction” echoes its time. Slightly unoriginal, it is carried by its “in one’s face” lyrics which embrace both issues momentary and eternal. This is art in action. It carries timeless messages in moments.

          On a personal note, I have been unable to remove this song from my mind. Its penetration leaves commercial radio published audio as dust.

          Anti–war persons care little of how one reaches the position. I am glad that music has played a role helping you approach the mind-smackingly obvious understanding.

          I have attempted in my articles to provide a final reference, cultural. None of this is accidental. Identifying a poetic or musical reference is the most difficult and satisfying completion of a work.

          With thanks,


          PS: See also Vijay Prashad’s published works. His use of visual and poetic works puts me to shame, as do JC’s citations.

    • beaconterraone says:

      I follow General Butler’s wisdom:

      “There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket.”

  2. Duck says:

    That tiny robot flea thing is rather cool…but I don’t think it’s over useful since it depends on getting sprung like one of those hop frog toys by lasers….. I can’t imagine that they can aim them when flea bot is on anything but a very stationary object

    Anything it can do is probably easier to do in other ways

    Also weirdly there was a lot of Davos and WEF talk on Cape Talk radio south Africa.
    They were rather positive about the while thing when I was listening and it kept coming up

  3. buz says:

    Jeez James this world is rife with fantasy war games, now used as propaganda, self fulfilling phophecies, remote controlled presidents, and engineered by warped people you never see, or hear. What does it all mean? I guess simulated war is the same as real war to the pentagrammers, and they should really run this by Billy g, for approval. After all there must be a way he can profit from the se mindgames. Oh wait Taiwan is small potatoes. These events may kill us all, but they do give me impetus to appreciate real nature, and real people all the more. Thanks for keeping up with this “stuff.” I still like to know why we are all gonna die before our appointed time. Your pal Buz

    • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

      Which Carroll was it now? USA-UK Establishment or the Queen of Hearts?

      I forget.

    • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

      “I still like to know why we are all gonna die before our appointed time. Your pal Buz”

      Try reading, listening and thinking, Buz.

      Effort required and benefit gained.


    • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

      “What does it all mean?”

      It means one need to stop participating in the established information matrix and think for oneself: challenging and rewarding.

      Good luck, buz.

    • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

      “Oh wait Taiwan is small potatoes.”

      No, buz, Taiwan is a collection of islands close to the mainland of China to which the Kuomantang fled after their defeat during the Chinese civil war which was a component of WWII. For my next sentence I recommend reading a few books on the topic.

      Try history. Its useful.


    • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

      “These events may kill us all, but they do give me impetus to appreciate real nature, and real people all the more.”

      Impetus seems ephemeral when we’re all dead, dude.

      Similarly with “real nature” and the rest of your meaningless dribble. The indirect modern phrase is “word salad”.

      • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

        There are more direct terms involving the titles of persons who are paid to achieve the purposes of influencing public thought. In the “we dont like this paid influencer” community, these persons are known as shills.

        Interestingly enough, they are the least most offensive of the power structures to persons aware of those controllers. Indeed, the term “shill” or “conspiracy theorist” is weightless to those who see through the narrative projection thrown upon most of the populace.

        Should a “narrative operative” come to this space with intention to corrupt discussion, to create animosity, to divide the community, it would be a challenge. A cogent argument would NOT be the method. An argument presented would be dissected, analysed, praised or disparaged based on its merits.

        A “word salad” is far better: a creation of fractured discussion such that the operative can then engage in the components of that fracture to even further divide.

        They kill not our bodies, but our minds.

    • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

      Dear buz,

      May I call you Darling?


      Observing operatives has become a habit:


      My suggestion is to ask your superiour officer, are there training courses?

      We love you,


  4. Fuzzlong says:

    Well they sure as hell want a war in the Whitehouse… Goes a long way to explain that feeling We The People have; that they wanna kill us all fast as they can… before that karmic quicksand sucks them down to their comeuppance.

    …And as they clamor up the ladders of those billionaire built spaceships; who just might stop at the moon for a generation or so, till the survivors have cleaned the place up. These “space travelers” can then land on mother earth again and live out their days with slaves and robots to attend to their every need. And they no longer have to be afraid of us again.

    This is where a New Magna Carta would come in handy… right quick, too…. the answer lies in our individual sovereignty, and belief in the Spirit, however each of us sees it.

    The question is: ya’ll want to do it now… or after we have that stupid war they’re angling for? Fuzz

  5. jwal says:

    Important interview with Col Macgregor, the end of which specifies what both China and Taiwan want – no war at all. https://youtu.be/Fa7puJrsJC0?t=950
    But the Politicians, both Taiwan and US, know that fear drives people to support them – as well as the MSP (Main Stream Propaganda)

    • inisfad says:

      Thank you for posting that video. It’s essential that everyone watches it. MacGregor is one of the most knowledgeable and logical minds with regard to these global conflicts.
      By the way every day, we understand more and more, why it was essential for Biden to become president. We are being led by ideological psychopaths at the moment, in the US.

  6. mkey says:

    In regards to the somewhat optimistic Computing forverer recommended viewing video:

    I typically keep an eye on these graps to feel the pulse of the people. “Vaccination” rates do seem abysmal, currently.


    I’m sure that does not translate well into the plandic ending any time soon, especially outside of a three month timeframe, they certainly try to keep it on the backburner. There are still some mask wearers that are primed and ready for the uptick.

  7. inisfad says:

    I am not a military person with any military background. But the simulation leaves me with quite a number of questions. First, unlike the initial phases of the Ukraine/Russia conflict, there is no mention of diplomacy, negotiations, etc. Instead it appears that China attacks first, and immediately goes after Japan, Guam, etc., as well. Is this realistic? The US responds by attacking China ships in port. Next phase: the Chinese go after Hawaii. US response is to go after Chinese warships in the Taiwan Strait. Next phase: China goes after mainland US and conducts nuclear test over the Pacific. US responds with ground troops in Taiwan.
    Anyone who understands military strategy of tactics, strategy and operational (art), as we are actually learning from the Russians in Ukraine, would, even just on the surface, see this entire simulation as completely bogus and absurd, even from a military standpoint. It then stands to reason that this simulation is not meant as any kind of military ‘war game’ simulation for the military, but solely just more MSM propaganda for the public masses.
    The situation in Taiwan is complex and potentially within the perimeters of being diplomatically solved. However, there appears to be no discussion of any diplomacy here.
    By the way, I also understand that, due to ocean conditions, China would only be able to use naval forces against Taiwan in April and October.
    Anyway, I call BS to the simulation.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      inisfad says:
      “… this simulation is not meant as any kind of military ‘war game’ simulation for the military, but solely just more MSM propaganda for the public masses.”

      I agree.
      And that brings up another aspect:
      “The mental caliber of NBC’s target audience.”

      • beaconterraone says:

        LOL – just slightly above the mental caliber of CNN viewers!

        In short, beliefs (no matter how deluded) > reality.

    • beaconterraone says:

      I don’t believe China will do a first-strike on foreign countries, either the United States’ territories or US or allied bases in Japan, etc. They will, however, almost assuredly respond in such manner if the US attacks China directly, either its ships or homeland. Anderson AFB, Guam will be the first target.

      Beijing views Taiwan as a province of the People’s Republic of China. The “rules” on first-strikes or “surprise attacks” are totally irrelevant for them. It’s an “internal police action.”

    • Duck says:

      “….US responds with ground troops in Taiwan….”

      Whomever dominates t he skies and sea will win…. there is no way the US is stupid enough to try to fight China on an land that far from Resupply.

      It would be like fat Herman Goering sayi6he could supply Stalingrad from the air…. utter death trap and the US has lower tolerance for casualties then China, at least initially since plenty of parents loosing their only child is gonna cause at least some domestic issue in China

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    During the last full week of May…
    …we had the Davos World Economic Forum conferences.
    …Also meeting in Switzerland was the World Health Organization (WHO).

    …Plus, G7 energy ministers got together in Germany.
    G7 urges Opec to raise output to cool oil market

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Irina Slav on Energy writes a wonderful article with links about the energy and economic status of nations. It contains snips of clever humor.

      May 30, 2022
      Game of responsibilities

      EXCERPTS – last 4 paragraphs –
      …the direction of oil prices. (G-7) Members’ own actions have of course contributed to this direction…

      …It is, in fact, so unpalatable that it has already produced the first truly farcical result: EC President Ursual von der Leyen told Mika Brzezinski last week that the EU sort of needs to continue buying Russian oil so that Russia couldn’t sell it on other markets for more money.

      Yes, she said this, although I feel it necessary to note that she did not use those exact words, as one Twitter commentator pointed out. Of course she wouldn’t. Just like G7 energy ministers wouldn’t openly beg Saudi Arabia and the UAE for oil. They would instead call on them to act in a responsible manner.

      I’ll leave you with a Birol quote from that IEA statement on recent gas developments from last September:
      “Recent increases in global natural gas prices are the result of multiple factors, and it is inaccurate and misleading to lay the responsibility at the door of the clean energy transition,” the head of the IEA said.

      They like to talk about responsibility, these OECD leaders, don’t they? Oh, in the meantime, the Saudis and the Emiratis are warning that the world’s spare oil production capacity is dwindling because of underinvestment. Not a word from G7 on that. It’s not their responsibility, I imagine.

  9. LAZEREYE says:

    A war with Taiwan will go nothing like this simulation. There will be no diplomatic negotiations. If China invades Taiwan, The U.S. will bomb the already weakened Three Gorges Dam in the North,sending 403 billion square kilometers of water cascading downhill for at least 100 miles. This will flood out at least 3 large cities (one with over a million people), destroy millions of homes, hundreds of miles of agriculture, and drown somewhere between 2.5 and 4 million people. China will have no choice but to resort to nuclear weapons in response. Exactly where, no one knows but the most likely targets are LA, SF, and/or Seattle on the West coast, and NYC and Washington on the East Coast, with perhaps a bomb or two dropped on Chicago along the way. At any rate miniature miltary targets like those mentioned in the simulation need not worry. They’re not worth an atom bomb. This war will not be a limited tit-for-tat military skirmish, but a splat-for-splat internecine conflagration. Bombs will be dropped, not from airplanes, submarines and rockets, but from satellites high above. All we will hear is a siren wailing. Worst of all, Americans won’t be able to shop at Walmarts and Costco anymore because all that will be left of them will be holes in the ground. I’m sure however, that some enterprising young Capitalist like Bill Gates will find a way to market these holes to the public at bargain prices and Capitalism will just keep chugging right along…

    • beaconterraone says:

      America can attack Three Gorges only with ballistic missiles, which, if launched, will be assumed by the PLAAF to be nuclear-armed. The (nuclear) response will be forthcoming before the warheads even hit Three Gorges.

      The sad reality: China can absorb massive casualties, and still be standing. China could literally lose 75% of its population and still have a massive population. And we’re talking about a population with a great part of which has personal experience with hardship. The Chinese population is nowhere near as degenerate and defective as the American population.

      Igniting off a war with China is either insane desperation on the part of our so-called “leaders,” or, our rulers WANT the logical consequences of igniting nuclear warfare.

  10. beaconterraone says:

    The United States has two, and only two, advantages over most nations: highly-advanced technology in its weapons systems (but keep in mind most are built with varying degrees of Chinese parts); and, nuclear weapons.

    With Russia or China, the nuclear weapons are parity, or worse, for the USA.

    And both Russia and China have made formidable advanced in military technology of their own in the last two decades. It may even be true that they now have superiority in certain categories, including hypersonic non-ballistic missiles.

    The not only competence but excellence of the personnel comprising the relevant military forces will be the single-most important determining factor in victory. Both Russia and especially China have personnel who are far and above the average US soldier/sailor. USS Bonhomme Richard and other “incidents” in the recent past are huge warnings to America.

    Russia is now on the verge of victory in the Donets Basin, as some of us figured would happen (despite the cubic miles of manure spewed by the liesmedia, Kyiv, Washington, and Brussels) China has been humiliated over Taiwan for decades, despite the fact the US Government stabbed the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the back in the 1970s! I tend to concur with Ritter; China is going to move on Taiwan in the near future. And they’re going to succeed, since neither Taiwan nor the US nor their allies can stop the overwhelming force the PLA can deploy merely 100 miles off the mainland coast.

  11. mkey says:

    Hat tip to MCM:

    Hey look. It’s one of my favorite actors who died suddenly in his sleep at 67 and here he is doing a commercial for Pfizer product that he took. Listen to the side effects with happy music.It’s Ray Liotta.


  12. Mishelle says:

    Everyone talks about the fake war games, but few talk about the actual weather warfare happening now and being disguised as climate change.

  13. Roy says:

    Fake war games !

    Found this : http://mileswmathis.com/pactheatre.pdf + 6 parts more.

    Seems like simulated wargames has been around for a long time.


  14. Gavinm says:

    This article offers some updated info and intel on this situation

    “”Chinese Aggression” Sure Looks An Awful Lot Like US Aggression”


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