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10/29/202323 Comments

Here's a simple observation: when knowledgeable Americans discuss American politics, they can talk in detail about the various fault lines in the American government.

They can expound at great length on the Squad's role in influencing the policies of the Democratic Party, for example.

And they can assess the policy proposals of various third-party candidates.

And they can detail the history of the turf battles between the FBI and the CIA or tell you how the FBI under Hoover differed from the FBI under Mueller.

And, if they're really informed, they can even discuss the role of Citibank or Goldman Sachs or BlackRock in picking the Cabinet of this or that administration and identify the various vested interests that are served by placing, say, Tom Vilsack in the role of Secretary of Agriculture.

Likewise, Canadians will be able to opine on the deeper political significance of Pierre Poilievre munching on an apple.

And Japanese will be able to wax eloquent on the LDP's war on the fax machine.

But ask any of these people about the politics of a foreign country and suddenly everyone will begin talking as if factions, intrigues, infighting and other verities of government don't exist in that faraway land. Instead, that foreign country is a political monolith that can be reduced to a single person.

Case in point: ask the average American on the street what they think about Russia's government. "Russian politics? You mean Putin, right?"

Ditto China. "What do I know about the Chinese government? Well, I know that Xi . . ."

This is precisely how we arrive at the stuck-on-stupid of an "independent" media that portrays Xi and Putin as the multipolar saviours of the coming global world order. Even if it were true that Xi and Putin were opponents of the globalist plan rather than willing conspirators in it (SPOILER: they're conspirators), there's the false implication that Putin is Russia or Xi is China.

Imagine a Russian citizen believing that the entirety of American politics could be boiled down to what Biden thinks about any particular issue. That's how stupid such a "Leader=Country" mentality is.

Newsflash: foreign countries are complex places with all the competing interests, bureaucratic turf wars, infighting, backstabbing and palace intrigues that you find in your own country!

Don't believe me? How many politicians can you name in the Russian government other than Putin? How many of their backgrounds can you elaborate on? What are their ideological leanings? What is their relative influence in Russian politics? Which policies are they responsible for?

Stumped? Don't worry, almost everyone reading this article is stumped, too.

So, can we arrive at a deeper understanding of geopolitics by challenging this overly simplistic "Putin is Russia" narrative? Let's find out!

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  1. inisfad says:

    I was hoping to find your assessment of Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, but strangely he is not a part of this article???

    • helanda says:

      Not that strange, everybody knows about that globalist already.

      Did you know of the ones he mentioned??

      I did not.

      I did love the fact that James linked to an article and video I was looking for earlier today

      ( Evegeni’s statement about that the elite should send their children to war also, but his son is one of the elitist nepobabys who just inherit stuff so…? Two faced much?? )

  2. inisfad says:

    I suppose it is not intentioned that we are going to click on every link indicated here. I made the mistake of clicking on the link about Gref/WEF Board of Trustees, to find that this info was from 2021, prior to the ‘SMO’. The current WEF BOT does not list Gref: While Icannot comment on domestic Russian issues, like digital currencies, I would suspect that some kind of shift has occurred within a Russian global outlook, since February 2022, and this is what people are discussing. Despite her history, I believe that Nabiullina was lauded for her leadership in ensuring that, when Russia was extricated from Western financial institutions, the Russian economy did not collapse, as the west intended…????

    • helanda says:

      “I suppose it is not intentioned that we are going to click on every link indicated here.”

      Lol, yes of course it is! If you enjoy the fucking article, that is.

  3. Ectorshire Wolf says:

    I wouldn’t try to argue this point “The galaxy brains of the “BRICS will save us!” blogosphere play on the ignorance of the average American (or Canadian or Japanese . . .) about the realities of Russian politics to lure them into a hopium narrative about Putin and Xi saving the world from the very globalist policies that they are working so hard to put into place in their own country.” because my blogosphere exposure is limited. I can’t say I’ve encountered folk saying BRICS will save us, which it won’t, but I have encountered those who acknowledge it is in the process of reshaping the financial world; not to the benefit if the west.

  4. ishao says:

    Excellent work, James. I see and know people who believe the BRICS will save them from the evil American Empire and in general it’s impossible to convince them otherwise.

  5. playinggrounded says:

    Hi James,

    Under the section about Elvira Nabiullina, in the sentence, “After stints at the USSR Science and Industry Union in the early 1990s, and—follwing the dissolution of the USSR…” you missed the “o” in following.

    Thank you for this eye-opening article. I’ve never really delved into Russian politics. I’m sick enough of US politics!

  6. bazanted says:

    Great article mentioning just a few of the maniacs trying, or succeeding, in taking over the asylum. By now, I’m used to your methods of sarcasm in spinning the narrative back into the reader’s favour. Excellent piss-taking for some light relief, thanks James, good work.

  7. helanda says:

    And wouldn’t ya know it! I know james already knew it.

    Blackrock, is an shareholder of Sberbank.?

  8. TruthSeeker says:

    This annualizing of world politics is a bit above what the average Joe is willing to partake in, however I do think that James did a good job of summing things up in his Conclusions.
    OK, so Russia has it’s own group of Oligarchs of which I can’t even pronounce the names of, and they manipulate and enslave people in Russia or wherever they can, and this is much like what other Oligarchs are doing in nearly every country around the world.
    Now comes some Super Oligarchs like the Rothschild Dynasty, the Rockefeller Dynasty and perhaps the British Royalty (which has so kindly given James permission to Travel from his Canadian home land), and you have perhaps reached the top of the Pyramid.
    It seems to me that these mid-level Oligarchs (perhaps I should call them (Parasites) who exit more locally in specific countries by way of personal Greed and being able to manipulate others, are being manipulated by these Super Oligarchs.
    One can see by way of episode 343 of thehighwire/Jaxon Report

    that WEF has infiltrated the highest levels of many Governments including Canada, Mexico, the U.S and Russia, yet I believe Klaus Schwab is just a pawn for the Super Oligarchs who’s predecessors manipulated and funded the Nazi movement and paved the way for Hitler to come to power.
    By manipulating Germany and Russia into War, the Super Oligarchs plan was to come in afterwards and take the booty, which was perhaps in this case, the worlds most advanced Scientists. And, where did they take them too? Well, after establishing their Private Banker issued Federal Reserve Notes as the World Reserve Currency in 1945, they took these Scientists to their newly chosen World Empire where they controlled the Money Supply and thus the Nation.

  9. TruthSeeker says:

    Perhaps my best understanding of how a world Oligarch comes to be is that of Bill Gates. Not that I ever met the guy, but he is only a few months younger then I, and I did live in Kitsap County WA for 11 years which is where he grew up.
    So, his mother was a Philanthropist (makes a “Living” giving away money), and his father an Attorney with an Office in Bremerton WA (only about 5 miles south of where I lived from 1999-2010. Some of the people I came across that did know him said that he was very competitive as a kid and had to win. Well, I am not going to condemn him for that, but when I read his book “The Road Ahead” back in 1995, I began to see that this guy was too much into himself for me to even finish reading his book. Later I saw an interview with the CEO of IBM who allowed Gates to speak to the Board because he was under the impression that Bill Gates was among the many young men writing computer programs for little or no compensation (his mother did a good job of selling him, eh!). Anyway, the Former CEO of IBM characterized Bill Gates as an Opportunist (one who takes advantage of others at every opportunity), and when Gates took advantage of IBM at such a young age, we begin to see the makings of an Oligarch.
    I recall Gates being sued by Steve Jobs for stealing Windows from Apple Inc, and being called before Congress for using his Windows OS to screen out Netscape. It wasn’t like the bastard didn’t already have enough money, yet he wanted more. So about the time I was living in WA, he began to say things when interviewed, like “With great power comes great Responsibility”. Again, I wouldn’t condemn anyone for saying that, but he was having his father (A Lawyer) set up Trusts where he could hide his money (like the real Oligarchs which he hoped to become). Then, long about 2009 Bill Gates Sr. Writes a book “Following in the Footsteps of Giants”. ( I actually didn’t even know that book existed until James Corbett did a piece on it). Anyway, the “Giants” which the growing Gates Empire wished to emulate was none other than the Rockefeller Empire. Education, Medicine, you name it, everywhere that Gate’s wanted to make his mark, the Rockefeller s had already been.
    I recall seeing this financial News clip of Bill Gates in 2010 stating that he had already made 20 times his money by investing in Vaccines (I think he was trying to get others to invest in the companies that he was already holding to drive up his stocks even more). Anyway, from 2010-2020 he was able to create Vaccine companies through his Trusts with money that people didn’t even know he had. This gave him an incentive to help fund/create Event 201 and profit on the Scamdemic, thus raising him to the level of an Oligarch. The difference being that old money Oligarchs find it easier to hide behind a curtain of others who are being manipulated by their money.

  10. generalbottlewasher says:

    John Pilger and Alan Lowery have been highlighted in the past for their documentary work. Propaganda is the blanket TPTSB throw over the dead bodies that pile up. That’s how it’s done. Refresh your outrage!

    Then watch the spiritually cleansing (,one of my favorite documentaries,) from Must watch documentaries ” Children full of life.” listed above in Recommended Viewing.
    You can experience the two polar opposites of existence on this earth. You will know you are alive if these two films give you the Willy’s.
    Questions for viewers.
    Now what are you gonna do about it,that feeling you got? Bring it to the table,all tables. Yeah your gonna get wet. You are gonna be ookk

    • EngineeredPhilosopher says:

      Is there a downloadable version on the internet somewhere? Do you know?

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        My oversight,the fake paywall and editorial copy doesn’t show on the surface the Recommended Viewing; Flashback: A Must-See Documentary
        Pardon the confusion.
        Here is the link. Children Full of Life.

        And hav-a-good day.

        • EngineeredPhilosopher says:

          Thanks gbw. I have now downloaded it with the method that usually works with youtube and which I can recommend:
          If you have Linux as your daily driver, which I do hope you do as a member of the open intelligence community, you can use
          Youtube-dl’s (which is now defunct) successor yt-dlp. It is a command line tool and works like a charm, helping you downloading content at will.

  11. EngineeredPhilosopher says:

    Just a small correction:
    You wrote “Heinz Kissinger” but you mean Henry don’t you?

  12. mkey says:

    Oh dear, the recommendations of this week’s edition will require several days to get through.

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