Meet J. P. Morgan, Bankster-in-Chief

07/30/202316 Comments

If you had met him as a boy, you might not have expected John Pierpont Morgan to amount to much.

He was a sickly child, for starters, constantly beset by rashes, headaches, rheumatism, scarlet fever and a panoply of other ailments. What's more, growing up in the shadow of his powerful, domineering and wildly successful father, the self-conscious Pierpont (as he was called by friends and family) seemed weak and wilting by comparison. He showed little intellectual curiosity and was notably mercurial, often letting his hot temper get the better of him.

And yet, by the end of his life, Morgan would be hailed as a world-bestriding colossus of American finance, in turns venerated and hated and feared for the vast capital he controlled through his international banking network.

So, how did Pierpont's life experiences shape that sickly young boy into the financial monarch he eventually became? And how did he, in turn, shape the world around him with the vast wealth that was at his disposal? Let's find out.

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  1. Torus says:

    This has been an educational and enjoyable read. Thank you, James. I especially appreciate the array of descriptors used in this editorial: mercurial, grotesque, ambivalent, corpulent, immense, amorphous, lucrative, rapacious, audacious, underhanded, etc.
    Your creative word-craft does not go unnoticed.

    When I read about Morgan locking 120 bankers in his library, I thought, wow that must be a massive library! So I looked into it. Even the word “opulent” is almost an understatement. It is a work of art in and of itself. Next time I’m in NYC, I’ll have to make a point to take a tour.

  2. lisab says:

    Let me see if I have this correct: The House of Morgan was built and had established power over the people within one hundred years of the American constitution being written by the people for the people who formed the US government. The government and the people were then swindled by some of the elite people, those exercising their interpreted rights of being United States citizens, who are by rights protected by the constitution.

    True democracy at work.

    A “free market” begins forming roots.

    A Democratic Republic favors capitalism but uses democracy as the crank for the cogs to keep on spinning.

    An establishment (private enterprise with the backing of government, and government with the backing of private enterprise) creates rules and laws to protect “the people” who are vaguely defined as the benefactors of such an established structure.

    Common programming In America: The “land of the free and home of the brave“ where the people yield power over their government by their granted right to choose who they wish to lead them throughout their daily lives. It may not be perfect, but it’s better than the rest! We have the best way of life.

  3. lisab says:

    (Cut for length, beginning might be in moderation

    Do WE THE PEOPLE see that WE are not the intended benefactors? Do WE THE PEOPLE see yet that the English WASPs never were truly defeated?

    Do WE THE PEOPLE see that the WASPS are fighting for dominance against the JEWS, and against the CATHOLICS, and against the MUSLIMS, and against the PAGANS, and against the HINDI, and against the BUDDHISTS, and against the INDIGENOUS (even those within the previous list fight for dominance over one another, and, there’s plenty of infighting within each as well) as to which hold and wields the most power over themselves and of others.

    Do WE THE PEOPLE see yet that the elite will always weasel their way into any formations of alternative establishments by WE THE PEOPLE?

    Do WE THE PEOPLE see yet that the ruling class establishes the choice of leaders for the people to choose from for the fulfillment of the ruler’s ideals?

    Do WE THE PEOPLE see yet that our true choices do not rest on the options that they provide us with which to choose?

    Consider Brewster’s advice on voting at the next polling station, “None of the above”

    Then, go on with your life as though you are a part of no establishment, other than what you yourself wish to establish.

    Their is no fight or race that can be won where the end result perpetuates the false notion that the government recognizes that WE ARE ALL CREATED EQUALLY. The government does not recognize this fact nor do they act accordingly. When will WE THE PEOPLE act according to the fact that ALL ARE CREATED EQUALLY, inherently and truly? But that has nothing to do with any government established to maintain law and order, rules and regulations, or anything to do with where you were born. All human beings are CREATED EQUALLY. Define that however you wish but I think it’s self explanatory.
    It’s not about “survival of the fittest” and it’s not even merely about “survival”…. What then is LIFE about? Contemplate that first.

    • helanda says:

      What tf has this has to do with the article?

      • lisab says:

        I began at the top of my post with “Let me see if I have this correct: The House of Morgan was built and had established power over the people within one hundred years of the American constitution being written by the people for the people who formed the US government.…”

        What exactly do you not understand about my comments correlating with the article?

    • brumma says:

      So we’ll said! Yes to your analogy! Thank you.

  4. simad says:

    Great article James!

  5. suzy64 says:

    I just had to know— it turns out the composer of Jingle Bells (James Lord Pierpont) was JP Morgan’s uncle.

    • CRM114 says:

      haha that’s great. I think a lot of us have already suspected Christmas music as evil…confirmation lol

  6. Hughsername says:


    I’m not sure why “Trust me bro” Mullins.

    You can definitely find a lot of evidence online that Peabody actually hosted a lot of events in London in the 1850s.

    Mullins also explains how he gets to the conclusion that Rothschild is behind Peabody, because according to him, Rothschild is synonymous with the Bank of England and that Bank of England, according to 2 sources that he cites, lent Peabody 1 million or 5 million pounds during the Panic of 1857, when no other firm got money during that Panic, allowing Peabody to buy cheap and sell expensive in the USA.

    He even cites sources that wonder why rothschild had so little interest in investing in the rapidly expanding american market at the time.

    So the only thing that’s unaccounted for is the fact that rotschild paid for the dinners, but that’s only anecdotal compared to the other sources, and Mullins even admits: “the story can be pieced together from a number of morgan biographies”.

    So he’s actually clear about where his theory comes from, and i think “trust me bro” doesn’t do him justice.

    • JCh129 says:

      Great observation! It might be only a theory but I have little doubt the richest family in the world wouldn’t have the means to cover up nefarious banking connections they would prefer the public not know about.

  7. c.s.d. says:

    Question for Corbett

    James, you got anything to say about the fake alien invasion? SHTF in my opinion.

  8. mkey says:

    RKF Jr. explains how DNC is making up rules as they go and are basically blocking him from appearing on a ballot in one state because he has already campaigned in another, in which they expect the demented man will lose anyway.

    People need to figure out this “democracy” scam really soon, and in droves.

    • lisab says:


      May I suggest to you then, if you don’t want to play the game, then don’t play the game. Others will catch on eventually.

      Voting for none of the above works too. Or you can write in your vote. Or you can not register to vote, and then choose to not vote.

      One always has a choice even if those other choices aren’t as apparent.

  9. zyxzevn says:

    Beijing Destroyed by Biblical Floods – CCP Panics
    It is very interesting to understand what Full Censorship looks like.
    Something that the UN and WEF are promoting.

    To save money, the constructions save on money. Even skipping basic safety.
    Due to bad concrete the constructions collapse faster.
    And safety features like water-drainage is partially skipped.
    Now Beijing has experienced lots of rain that is not drained away,
    causing destruction to the weak infrastructure.

    To fight the disaster of flooding,
    the government raises barriers to prevent…
    .. people seeing the collapsed bridge.
    News reports nothing of the disasters.

    Roadworkers are still cleaning the flooded street with water,
    because it is part of the schedule.

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