Mais Non! The People vs. The Paris Agreement

12/08/201880 Comments

"Let them eat carbon!" said French President Emmanuel Macron this week, offering his peasants a six-month reprieve on their coming carbon sin tax. And, kicking his feet up on his desk at the Élysée Palace, he breathed a sigh of relief. He had bought himself some time to figure out how to deal with the rabble at the gates. But how much time?

Not much at all, it turns out. As of press time, the yellow jackets have announced their intention to proceed with "Act 4" of their protests this weekend, and the government has responded by announcing its decision to close the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and other tourism landmarks on Saturday. Meanwhile, Paris, for its part, is bracing for another weekend of violence and street battles.

For those living under a rock who might not have heard, France has been subject to a series of protests in recent weeks over widespread dissatisfaction with the Macron government and its insistence on pushing through a series of deeply unpopular tax increases and economic reforms. The protesters have adopted the "gilets jaunes," or yellow vests that all French drivers are required to store as a safety measure in the event of a roadside breakdown. It is the perfect symbol for the movement in many ways: it is a standard item that everyone has to hand, it is a visible sign of distress, and it is connected to the fuel tax that was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back and sent the people spilling out onto the streets.

Given the number of fake, Soros-backed, globalist-friendly "color revolutions" that have arisen in so many countries over the past two decades, it is understandable if readers maintain some skepticism about the reality of this latest, color-coordinated protest movement. But unlike those well-funded, globalist-backed protests, this one is hoping to ultimately topple the administration of Macron, the former Rothschild & Co. investment banker who was touted by the MSM as France's "sensible" answer to the populist wave sweeping Europe. In other words, it's doubtful that Soros or his fellow travelers are rooting for the yellow jackets to succeed.

So, could this be a truly popular revolution taking place right in the heart of the EU empire? And if so, what does it mean?

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  1. pearl says:

    Thinking of you, Manbearpig, the intellectual torch lighter. Stay safe!

    • manbearpig says:

      Hey Pearl!

      Actually there’s also been demonstrating by university and high school students against various educational reforms, taxi drivers and paradoxically ardent environmental activists marching against climate change… in addition to the Yellow Vests… exciting times…

      But don’t worry! Despite the incessant helicopters etc. the crowds continue phlegmatically with their Christmas shopping while enjoying Lyon’s famous multi-million euro “Féstival des Lumières”.

      Here are extracts of the local and national news hot off the press and translated by an automatic translating algorithm (along with a 1-minute youtube video of Lyon for the ambiance) as I await the publication of my slightly longer and perhaps less pertinent comments about Julian Coupat who was arrested this morning. Who’s he? Stay tuned!

      6:48 PM – END OF DIRECT – 125,000 demonstrators deployed throughout France

      As announced by the Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, 125,000 yellow vests have been identified throughout the country. However, 118 demonstrators were injured, while only 17 were injured by the police. In all, the police carried out nearly 1,400 arrests and more than 900 police officers.

      5:18 PM – 9 arrests in Lyon on the sidelines of demonstrations

      The demonstration of several thousand yellow vests in Lyon was marked on Saturday by violent clashes between groups armed with bottles and smoke grenades thrown at the police, who responded with tear gas fire. A few tricoloured flags were next to the red and black flags of the anarchists. Fighting even broke out between Black blocks” at one point with members of extreme right-wing groups. Several hundred yellow vests then crossed the Rhône at around 4:30 pm to reach Place Bellecour, in the heart of the city centre, where violent clashes broke out again between very angry demonstrators and police forces, a stone’s throw from the city’s main shopping street, where the people of Lyon continued to do their Christmas shopping, amid tear gas.

      Now I’m going to go pig out on brioche like the obediant peon that I am…

      Long live Jupiter, “Preventive Detention” and Agent Provocateurs!

    • manbearpig says:

      BTW Miss Pearl: I certainly don’t deserve the epithet “intellectual torch lighter” though I am… once again… blushing behind my beard…

      oh and I forgot to mention the ambulance drivers were also demonstrating! and the truckers were considering it and farmers may or may not have joined the foray…!

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Thanks for the updates, MBP.
        I have been waiting to spot a post from you.

        • manbearpig says:

          From one hairy triple-letter acronym to another

          Please accept my most distinguished salutations, Sir.

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        What an upside down world!
        A bearded lady feminizing a masculine Pearl.

        Gotta love it. 🙂

        • pearl says:

          Wait, what? Me, masculine?! Gosh, I hope I haven’t given that impression! I’m actually a very dainty mother of three!

          • Fawlty Towers says:

            Ooops very sorry pearl!

            I remember you/someone telling a story a little while ago and I guess I got confused.

            Something about origins of ‘pearl’ or a lamb?

            A link was provided…

            I had assumed you were the male photographer.

            It was a year or two ago…
            Maybe someone can refresh my memory as to what that was all about?

            • pearl says:

              Whew! I am relieved it wasn’t my behavior! But that kind of confusion, I’ll take it! I’d gladly swap identities with such a talented man! But no, I merely got his permission years ago to use that lamb photo as my gravatar (since abandoned), which I thought the perfect match to accompany my pseudonym “pearl”.

  2. calibrator says:

    If I were a Frenchie I would RUN to the BANK and get all my money as QUICKLY as possible.

    And I would hope that many many people would do the SAME.

    • manbearpig says:

      A certain Eric Cantona, ex-soccer star, had suggested the same thing some time back (2010):

      Have you seen Loach’s “feel-good” movie “Looking for Eric”?

      • calibrator says:

        Didn’t know that about Cantona. Perhaps simple minds think the same? 😉

        Also haven’t seen “Looking for Eric”, but Cantona is definitely an interesting actor. He seems to be mostly in arthouse movies and lots of them don’t come to Germany or only (many) years later.

        Although there is a French-German TV-station called “arte” which is very good for movies (usually uncut) or European TV series but it sadly is a total loss for practically anything else like news, documentaries or political commenting as it’s financed by the public (meaning it is government-controlled and mostly spreads the official narrative: Trump/Putin/Assad bad – Macron/Merkel/Green Party good).

        • manbearpig says:

          Totally agree about Arte. This highly-esteemed and fashionable channel among the Bobos (bon chic boheme) was peddling the Pancake theory of the WTC collapses way back when.

          My son was supposed to meet Cantona at some cinema conference but the soccer star didn’t show up: he’d reportedly been taken to a police station in London the day before for some violent incident and couldn’t make it. A real Marseille hot head. My son, who’d prepared a sort of multi-page fan card was devastated.

          • christine_g says:

            bobos = bourgeois bohême

            • manbearpig says:

              Toute à fait, Christine! Merci! J’ai mélangé mes “bon chic bon genre” (BCBG) avec mes “bourgeois bohême”! Bien vu! 😎
              “qui va piano va sano e va lontano”
              Pas mon cas malheureusement…8-/

  3. Eltervag says:

    After all, I am somewhat amazed that the French people still have the sense to get together and demonstrate effectively. That might only be a temporarily slow-down, but nonetheless a welcome ray of light in my opinion.
    If only we could muster a similar protest in Scandinavia!

    Look at Armstrong’s article:
    Or OECD’s own statistics:

    I note that Norway isn’t listed in the OECD statistic. But I know the fuel prices are even higher than the Swedish.

    You are absolutely right that people don’t complain as long as it doesn’t hit their own pocketbook, or believe that it doesn’t.
    I do not know how informed the French people are, but I am certain that most Scandinavians aren’t aware of the true level of taxation! They only look at the income tax which they see every year when they do their tax declaration. To most, that is the tax they pay.

    Another huge issue that threaten us is the Global Compact agreement to be signed 10-11 December.

    Here in Sweden, the political parties are still fighting over who will be our new government after the last election 9 September this year.

    Löfven acts as if he is still the PM, and will sign the Global Compact agreement in Morocco!
    But he can’t pretend he is the PM in the EU

    To give a comparison of how informed or willing the Swedish population are to taxes, consider this.
    33067 individuals have signed a petition against the general tax for Public Service (Televison and radio) New law.
    16880 have signed a petition against the Global Compact agreement (Stoppa Sveriges påskrift av FN s avtal att illegal invandring ska bli en mänsklig rättighet den 11 december.)

    Which of the two petitions have a larger impact on the individual? I’d say the Global Compact agreement with absolute certainty! The Public Service is only about 1700 kr/år per individual. (€170/year)
    The problem IS, the Public Service tax is in full display, but the effects and consequences of the Global Compact agreement is impossible to calculate

    • mkey says:

      I think Norway is close to 44%, for what I remember about an article talking about then new “voluntary” tax which allowed collection of some few thousand euros over one year on the national level.

      My failed state has passed the 40% mark a long while ago and we’re settling somewhere closer to 50% total tax, thanks to many hidden taxes and low incomes. More and more people are getting into debt just to get by.

      Thanks for the video on the Global Compact, I wasn’t aware of that action.

      • Eltervag says:

        The Global Compact document hasn’t even been translated to Swedish by the authorities, nor has it been discussed in the Swedish parliament. Which is incredible, considering other public documents are translated to persian and other languages offers a Swedish translation of the document, translated by followers of the channel.

        Protest has begun. Last weekend there were several hundred demonstrators, and also this weekend.
        This video was made by a young man on his mobile phone I believe. Very hard to hear the speakers, but it offers a view of the gathering. The text offers an transcription of the second speaker, she migrated to Sweden from the former Czechoslovakia

  4. manbearpig says:

    As I listen to the umpteen helicopters flying overhead I see in the news that some 3 hours ago Julien Coupat was arrested. For those who don’t remember who Julien Coupat is here’s an automatic translation of a rundown of the whole case:

    “Trial of the Tarnac group: another judicial fiasco

    Accused of terrorist acts in 2008, they were finally released ten years later. The members of the Tarnac group who had been arrested, in front of the television cameras, by 150 police officers on 11 November 2008, were suspected of sabotaging SNCF line catenaries in November 2008 in Dhuisy (Seine-et-Marne)

    Tried for “criminal associations”, these eight members of the libertarian movement of the extreme left have always denied the facts. Prosecutor Olivier Christen had finally acknowledged on 28 March 2018:

    “the “Tarnac group” does not exist; it is a police construction”.

    The president of the court said at the end of the courtroom: “The hearing made it clear that Tarnac’s group was a fiction”. After a trial lasting more than two weeks, libertarians Julien Coupat and Yildune Lévy were released on Thursday, April 12, by the Paris Criminal Court. (Marianne Magazine, published on 12/04/2018)

    Complaint against the police for forgery and use of forgeries

    In fact, it is the DCRI (a new police force manufactured by Sarkozy to dissolve recalcitrant RGs within the DST) that is responsible for this crime, which was, as it were, his baptism by fire… Nicolas Sarkozy wanted the RGs to disappear because they refused to lie about the suburban riots in 2005. To see the video from the France 3 TV news of November 11, 2011, please click here (1mn 18 video)

    At the very moment when Yildune Lévy was supposedly sabotaging a TGV catenary in Seine-et-Marne, a withdrawal was being made in Paris with her bank card. Long hidden, this element among others weakens the thesis of the police and the prosecution.

    Far from being launched and inexorably “on track”, as Julien Coupat feared, the trial of the “Tarnac group” may be turning to the advantage of the defence. Paradoxically, it was at the very moment when the President of the 14th Correctional Chamber was regaining control of the proceedings on Tuesday, March 20, to the great frustration of the unstoppable Julien Coupat and Mathieu Burnel, that the gaping flaws in the prosecution file really filled the entire courtroom space. In short, the prosecution was floundering on March 21, 2018.

    A simple fact, long overshadowed and then curiously minimized, occupied part of that morning, and may be enough to change the outcome of the trial: on November 8, 2008, at 2:44 am, a withdrawal of 40 € was made with Yildune Lévy’s credit card in the Pigalle district of Paris. However, at that moment according to the SDAT and DCRI bloodhounds, the young woman was supposedly sabotaging a TGV catenary with Julien Coupat in Dhuisy (Seine-et-Marne), a good hour’s drive from Pigalle…”
    (Michel Deléan on Mediapart)…

    • calibrator says:

      The stuff about the “Tarnac” group is VERY interesting – thanks!

      Why is it interesting?

      Because we in Germany have a similar story: Many people suspect that the “NSU” (National Socialist Underground – a small neo nazi group) is completely constructed by intelligence agencies.

      The NSU allegedly murdered nine immigrant small business-owners of various ethnicities (often Kurds) from 2000-2006 and distributed across Germany.

      They also allegedly executed one police woman in 2007 (she sat in her patrol car, two persons approached it and shot her and her partner straight in the head, the partner survived). Again in a completely different city.

      They were also found guilty (without process!) of three (nail-)bomb attacks on crowded streets (miraculously without deaths) and more than a dozen bank robberies.

      There are lots of problems with this:

      First of all there are no forensic leads like DNA, finger prints or even clear witness accounts to place the NSU at the crime scenes.
      The official narrative claims that they were so capable & professional that they simply never made an error and often employed disguises like Fantomas etc.
      Normally, regular “stupid” terrorists are interested in getting as much publicity as possible for their cause. Not them. They were “stealth terrorists”.

      Secondly, the NSU wasn’t a public phenomenon like the RAF in the 70ies.
      In fact the NSU first became well known after the two allegedly most dangerous right-wing terrorists were already dead: Found in their mobile home, brains blown out with a pump-action-shotgun that miraculously reloaded itself after it was used (yes, really!). What was the reason for the suicide? A local police patrol approached the mobile home and although there were found more than half a dozen weapons in it, including a machine gun, they apparently saw no other way out of this than suck on a shotgun…
      …but not before setting their mobile home on fire! The forensics later were unable to find ash in their lungs but hey, who needs to breathe anyway?

      Third, the third person of this “terror trio” is a woman with the name Beate Zschäpe, who turned herself in two days after she allegedly blew up her own appartment (to destroy evidence). After a five-year trial she now got a life sentence with no chance of parole.

      All of this culminated in 2011 after the deaths of the two guys in the mobile home and the blown-up appartment – and then it was practically decided instantly, with a two-days investigation or so, that they were guilty of everything…

      There are so many irregularities with this than I can write here but the most important problems are:

      -> The deaths of many witnesses, dying of exotic illnesses like a “flash diabetes” (even Wikipedia doesn’t know this), a girl dying of a blood clot two weeks after a motorcycle sport accident and her ex-boyfriend hanging himself because of this loss, even though he was in a new relationship etc. etc.

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or so. Long comments can be split into multiple posts. JC]

      • manbearpig says:

        awaiting the end of your NSU post, Calibrator, with bated breath!

        “Flash diabetes”???? whaaaaaaaat????

        • calibrator says:

          I forgot about the 3000 character limit, sorry.
          I reconstruct and enhance this text massively! 😉

          I’ll also come back to the “flash diabetes” later.

          I continue with the second major problem:

          -> The NSU was literally circled by many undercover informants of the German intelligence agency “Bundesamt für Verfassungschutz” (Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution).
          This is not a police agency so it’s not arresting criminals, but is expected to work with the police. It’s methods are also usually secret and its officers appear in trials and investigation committees under false names (“to protect them”). So it has all the marks of a secret agency.

          This agency places informants into all groups that could pose a danger to the democratic order – either left or right.
          These persons are usually members of these groups or related to them. Sometimes they are simply idealistic students, often they are criminals like weapon dealers etc. which makes them willing tools as they can be forced.

          A former head of this agency actually proposed the idea to specifically create a small group, say 3-4 people, to better infiltrate the bigger, older groups. We know this because he wrote about it in his memoirs.

          In the NSU case we see the same principle:

          In 2011 it was claimed the NSU consisted of the three people I mentioned before.
          After investigation files were leaked the official narrative was changed so that these people were only the core group and that they had ample “support”.
          It just wasn’t possible to upheld the narrative as the weapon that has been used to kill the victims was just too exotic.

          The bigger group the NSU was used – in my opinion – to do surveillance work on is the “Thüringer Heimatschutz” (“Thuringian homeland protection”) which is apparently the biggest right-wing group in that federal state. Only God knows how many informants were installed in that group…

          That went on for about 13 to 14 years – with *no* arrest of the alleged top terrorists, even though their location was being reported to the Verfassungsschutz several times.

          That already stinks of government cover-up.

          Then in 2011 the pot cooked over and it couldn’t be swept under the rug anymore.
          Also, there was the problem of Beate Zschäpe turning herself in.
          That probably saved her live and forced them to stage a show-trial complete with a massive verdict at the end.
          And that is exactly what happened.

          To be continued…

          • calibrator says:

            Let’s get back to the mobile home that was found burning in 2011.

            According to a newspaper article of that day (the newspapers weren’t aware who was in the vehicle at the time…) an eye witness claimed that the vehicle was parked in the street (residential area) and a dark-haired person climbed out of the cockpit and ran away before the vehicle began to burn.
            This witness account was completely ignored by the criminal investigation, the trial and the media afterwards.

            Then the fire department arrived and extinguished the fire. They then took photos like they always do after their work. These are used for fire investigations, where the fire started etc.
            But the police arrived and seized these photos (memory card or camera – there are different accounts) and they were never seen again.
            The person seizing the photos couldn’t remember where the photos are…

            Then other authorities arrived, including the head forensic of that federal state. Interesting, isn’t it?
            It’s as if somebody already knew how important these corpses were before they were identified…

            There are also photos of several people touching the door handle of the vehicle without gloves even though the forensics had not already taken the finger prints!

            Then it was decided to tow the mobile home away.
            Yes, tow it away – and not do the forensic work in place like they normally would.
            But no, it wasn’t simply towed through the streets – the truck that came towed it unto itself, moving it over a sloped ramp(!) and juggling the corpses and the evidence in the verhicle around – and washing it with the remaining water!
            At the storage facility it of course went down the slope again…
            So they completely destroyed the crime scene.

            I don’t think this was incompetence but intention.

            Then, after a some time the corpses were moved to the forensics department.
            There they found that the corpses were “moved around” – no shit!
            They also found that their brains were practically completely gone. A so-called “Krönleinschuss”: The skull bursts and the brain flies out.
            This likely also removed most ammunition particles from the real murder weapon – a pistol loaded with ammunition that is also used by the police.
            Interestingly, there were little brain matter found in the vehicle, no massive blood splattering on the walls, were the corpses were “found”.

            My idea is that the corpses then were “worked” on with a shotgun after the fact as a fireman claimed that he never saw those kind of wounds on the victims.

            There are also stuff like mistaking a spring from a melted plastic weapon magazine with an “electronics component” (to argue away a weapon that wasn’t found in the vehicle?).

            All of this points to a completely staged crime scene.

            Who has the power to do that? Only the authorities.

            But why? To cover up state-terrorism?

            • calibrator says:

              In the years following 2011 several other people got arrested and placed in pre-trial custody, for example for supplying the ONE gun all persons allegedly got shot with (a small silenced Ceska pistol).
              This gun is a favorite of intelligence agencies of the former Warsaw Pact – and even that is fishy as the gun has been doctored with.

              While the group was allegedly in possession of many more guns that have been allegedly used in the bank robberies no people were shot with them.

              This would fit with the theory that the Kurds were murdered by a former *Turkish* government that sent a professional wetworker to Germany to get rid of them. At least this is the theory a former friend of Germany, now president of Turkey, Erdogan stated.

              There is also a letter of somebody from Turkey who claims that the murder series coincides with the absence of his neighbour, a former military man, even naming him. This lead was also completely disregarded. Perhaps because it was too close to the truth?

              Where the guns were found? Oh, in the mobile home of course.

              But not by the local police but by an investigation team from another federal state which also found several other weapons and tens of thousands of Euros complete with bank banderoles.

              Some people also called this vehicle a “rolling evidence vault” afterwards and nobody could explain why they would continue with their bank robberies even though they had so much cash around.

              A rucksack that had already been searched was searched again on the next day and – et voila! – it contained more incriminating stuff! It was called a “cornucopia”.

              The day all the evidence was found is now called “Superfindetag” (“super finding day”) by people investigating this.

              Note that this is a heavy-handed short synopsis, translated on the fly.
              While some forums have been shut down, especially because of the leaked material (several dozen binders with photos) there are still sources around, but I suspect not too many in English language.

              To be continued…

              • calibrator says:

                So what about the NSU and its support?

                The actual killers were comfortably dead so they weren’t on trial. Nobody needed to prove their guilt and they in fact didn’t try very hard.

                In May 2013 the trial started in Munich and ended after five years this July.

                The verdicts were then dished out:

                Beate Zschäpe was found guilty of murdering 10 people (although she apparently never was on a crime scene), being part of a terror group and arson (her appartment).
                She got a full life sentence (15 years in Germany). The judge also spoke of “exceptional guilt” which means a prolonged, possibly indefinite prison stay in Germany but this isn’t sure, yet.
                The judge showed no mercy for her turning herself in and confessing (essentially confirming all the accusations) – normally this would reduce a verdict in Germany at least somewhat.
                Her defense announced to go into revision and claims that 10 years should be enough. That would set her free in two years.

                Ralf Wohlleben, a Neonazi and politician (of the NPD) got a prison sentence of 10 years (the prosecution wanted 12 years).
                He allegedly supported the core group with money and instigated Carsten S. to get the Ceska pistol (the murder weapon) and also paid for it. He then allegedly supplied the weapon to the terror trio.
                He was set free immediately after the verdict (after 6 years and 8 months pre-trial confinement).
                Apparently the authorities had a bit of mercy with the person supplying the murder weapon to the trio.
                In any case he will be revered by right-wingers from now on…

                Carsten Schultze got 3 years for acquiring the Ceska pistol.
                As he was a minor(!) at the time he got this mild sentence, even though the judge found him guilty of assisting the murders.

                Holger Gerlach got 3 years for acquiring a weapon and fake passports for the group (the prosecution wanted five years).
                He was placed in the witness protection program after getting out of pre-trial confinement.
                Later he left the witness protection program on his own account. Not much trust in the authorities, eh?
                He also confessed and is a smaller fish in this circle.

                André Eminger got 2.5 years for supporting a terror group, helping them to stay undercover but wasn’t found guilty of any of the murders.
                He was set free immediately after the trial which the right-wingers watching the trial acknowledged with “Bravo!” calls in the courtroom.
                The prosecution stated that they will go into revision.

                Next: Some stuff about Neonazi informants

              • calibrator says:


                Carsten Szczepanski AKA “Piatto”: A “former” Neonazi and a criminal who was also an informant for the Verfassungsschutz. He was also active in the NPD party.
                This NPD party is funny anyway: The government once tried to ban this party but the appropriate court announced that there was no way as too many Verfassungsschutz informants and undercover agents were in high positions of this party, effectively steering it…
                But back to Szczepanski: In the early 90ies he contacted Dennis Mahon from the US-KKK, was a member of the KKK in Kansas City and a “Grand Dragon”.
                They even did a cross burning in Germany in 1991, with a TV station attending it!
                When they raided his appartment in 1991 they found four pipebombs but he wasn’t even arrested…
                In the next years he did all kinds of right-wing shit including nearly killing a black teacher from Nigeria. He got prison for that one, though.
                Around this time he was “hired” by the Verfassungsschutz and got quickly became a day release prisoner.
                He got his handle “Piatto” – not the first Italian handle name by the Verfassungsschutz and not the last either…
                He could live his Nazism even when in prison, though, as he published several skinhead fanzines in that time frame.
                His cover was blown in 2000 and since then he lives in the witness protection program.
                He was an early supporter of the core group but not held responsible as he allegedly warned his handlers (one is now the president of the Saxonian branch of the Verfassungsschutz).
                So the core group could’ve been arrested back before the murders…
                Szczepanski later was a witness in the trial, where he appeared with a mask and mainly stated that he couldn’t remember stuff.
                It didn’t help that several prosecution offices shredded files after the 2011 to destroy leads – so nobody accused him.

                Tino Brandt: Neonazi since he was a minor, also a “politician” of the NPD, criminal, informant.
                In 2001 it became known that he also worked for the Verfassungsschutz.
                We was a founder of the Thüringer Heimatschutz and an early supporter of the NSU core group. He stated that he donated some of his informant payment to the NSU – with the knowledge of the Verfassungsschutz.
                He also said that he was warned by the Verfassungsschutz before the police raided his appartment and that he got information about the Antifa from one of his handlers.
                In 2014 he was found guilty of abusing minors sexually and supporting prostitution in 66 cases. For this he got a sentence of 5.5 years.
                His next court date: A trial for insurance fraud.

                It should be noted that Neonazis like those were all too happy to work as informants as it meant heaps of cash.
                This cash that was then used to build their organizations, distribute flyers etc.
                There once was a public discussion of four NPD members in Germany and it turned out that they *all* also worked for the Verfassungsschutz.
                One could say that the Verfassungsschutz is the main force behind the creation and coordination of Neonazi groups. They supported several right-wing magazines with taxpayer money.
                They not only infiltrate them, they control them. Nothing surprising, really.

                On to the deaths…

              • calibrator says:

                Deaths connected to the murder of the policewoman Michele Kiesewetter in the city of Heilbronn in 2007:

                – Arthur Christ: 18 years old. Found burned to death next to his car in January 2009, two years after the murder.
                There was no apparent reason for such a suicide and it is assumed that he is a witness in the Kiesewetter case.
                No suicide note was found but his face was very similar to one of the phantom images used to search the perpetrator of the murder.

                – Florian Heilig: 21 years old. Neonazi. Allegedly suicided himself by burning himself in his car in September 2013 on his way(!) to his questioning to confirm his former statements.
                He also had enough poison in his blood that he would have died anyway.
                He allegedly committed suicide because of a “love sickness” but nobody confirmed that, not even his former girlfriend Melisa Marijanovic.
                He was a suspected witness of the murder and perhaps knew the perpetrators personally as he hid a weapon, possibly the murder weapon, at that time.
                He stated that he felt threatened.
                The wreck of his car wasn’t thoroughly searched and the police wanted to put it into the scrap press. But the family somehow got it back and stored it.
                After several years and the increased media attention the family commissioned a private investigator to finally examine it and he produced a partly burned laptop, a phone, a camcorder, keys and even a weapon…

                – Melisa Marijanovic: 20 years old. Former short-time girlfriend of Florian Heilig, died in March 2015 of a blood clot in her lung.
                This happened about a week after a slight motorcycle accident that injured her knee and while he was under medication to avoid thrombosis.
                The timing is critical here, too, as this his happened shortly after she was questioned by a committee about the death of Florian Heilig and what he said to her before he died.
                This was a closed-door committee questioning as she declared that she felt threatened.
                Another questioning was possible, also perhaps a questioning in the court.

                – Sascha Winter: 31 years old. Also a former boyfriend of Melisa Marijanovic (do you see a pattern?), allegedly hanged himself because of his love sickness.
                He allegedly wrote a suicide note and sent it electronically but the prosecution refuses to publish details about his death or the note and who got it.
                People that have known him deny any possibility of a suicide, especially since he was in a new relationship.
                But the authorities have learned since the Heilig case and keep a media blackout.

              • calibrator says:

                Deaths connected to the NSU:

                – Thomas Richter AKA “Corelli”: Informant, police protected(!), died in April 2014 shortly before participating in the NSU trial from “Blitzdiabetes” (“flash diabetes”).
                He was likely the most important witness in the NSU case as he was paid very well for this informant services and established a local Ku Klux Klan group.
                There are even reports that he was hidden by the MI5/MI6 in the UK at first.
                The forensics diagnosed “diabetes 1” but it was called “Blitzdiabetes” because he wasn’t ill over weeks or months but died so quickly that his body had no time to build antibodies. This would be the case if a natural diabetes happened.
                On April 2nd he complained that he had fever, on April 6th he was dead.
                He didn’t know about any form of diabetes, his family didn’t know of any. His brother says that he can’t believe that the diabetes was so massive that he couldn’t even dial “112” (“911”) to get an ambulance.
                The investigation into his death was closed immediately because of “natural causes”, though.
                In 2016 the lead forensic admitted that he “misjudged the dimensions of the case” and that there were in indeed poisons that could cause such a sugar shock. Stuff like the rat(!) poison “Vacor” for example. But the forensics never searched for poison in 2014…
                A new investigation was then started but it was closed in 2017. It was announced that nobody injected poison into the victim (a cheap overspecific dementi as he could have taken the poison orally).
                In fact the prosecution noted that there were strange Chinese pills in his appartment.
                This case also suffers from a catastrophic investigation, likely botched intentionally.

                – Corinna B.: Died in early 2017. Girlfriend of a guy connected to the “terror trio”, attended several meetings with them up to the early 2000s.
                She was to be questioned as a witness but her death prevented that.
                It’s not clear/public how she died, whether it was an illness or suicide but the authorities didn’t find it suspicious and she was cremated very quickly (a day after her death was announced – before anybody could intervene).
                The prosecution is stonewalling here, too.

              • calibrator says:


                All in all the amount of dead witnesses, often of a young age is more than puzzling.
                The perpetrators apparently have no other way than constructing suicides, accidents or illnesses to get rid of those people.

                It really STINKS of goverment cover-up and intelligence agency misdeeds. Agencies that are connected to organized crime, just like in the USA.

                Only they have the ability to do this – especially after several years – including manipulating crime scenes, pressurizing forensic personnel, prosecutors or even judges.

                Nearly nobody in government or its agencies therefore gets convicted of anything. They shreddered lots of files in this whole affair but at most were placed in paid early pension.

                One Verfassungsschutz branch got off scot-free: The remaining files were sealed for 125(!) years. Take that, JFK!

                And not only that: The investigating committee then in fact demanded more rights for the intelligence agency to do better work!

                When even the sharpest instrument of the parliament – these committees – become a “car wash” for their own friends then the staged democracy becomes all too visible.

                The End.

              • manbearpig says:

                Hey Calibrator,

                Just wanted you to know that I’ve read your posts even if I’m currently unable to formulate an appropriate response that meets the scope of the issue you’ve evoked.

                We know the state and deep state are rotten.

                We recognize the modus operandi and the motives that resurface regularly despite efforts to hide them and that are even omnipresent in our everyday reality and existence.

                Funny how certain stories mark us more than others as being truly emblematic or revelatory of that mire.

                So now that you’ve taken the time to lay all that down for us you should probably make an effort to really take in all the beauty of people and the world today.

                Be well and kind to yourself!


              • calibrator says:

                Thanks MBP,

                I think I have never written this much English text for the web on one day before…

                And believe me: I only BARELY scratched the surface – there is so much more that I can’t do it justice.

                For example:

                – Agents of US agencies present in the vicinity of some of those killings…

                – An agent of the Verfassungsschutz (“Andreas Temme”) actually present in the internet-cafe of one of the victims! He claims that he didn’t hear the shot, less than 10 meters away, because he was sex-chatting with somebody over headphones.
                And he claims that when he left he didn’t see the bloody body behind the counter. He looked at the door and dropped the payment in cash on the counter without looking – suuure…
                There was a message from his superior practically warning him to go there (probably also because of the sex-chat…)

                – The cases of the spent ammunition were not found somewhere at those crime scenes but were intentionally placed so that they themselves were a “message”. One was found standing upright on a counter, another one blocked the door of a fridge…

                – The mug shots of the “terror trio” were used in two German TV series! Crime FICTION series! Naturally, this happened on a state-controlled station (“ZDF”).

                – After the murder of the policewoman identikit pictures” were created based on the witness acounts.
                One of those was a spitting image of Putin! So you see: Putin is guilty of everything!

                – For months it was claimed that an unknown woman killed the policewoman. They claimed she was a serial killer, “working” internationally because her DNA was on several crime scenes across central Europe.
                They even tried to find her with a TV show that tried to get leads from neighbours etc.
                After quite some time the police found out that a technician in the company that made the cotton swabs used on those crime scenes polluted them with her own DNA.
                These swabs were “sterile but not meant for human DNA collection” (huh?).
                So whenever those swabs were used they found *her* DNA and attributed all those crimes to an unknown super-criminal.
                The events were fictionalized in the 6th season episode “Dead Reckoning” of CSI: NY.

                OK – I stop now… 😉

                What motivates me isn’t that I’m personally affected by those crimes but simply because it hurts my “justice feelings” when those bastards get away.
                And they always get away – which is a SURE sign of state terrorism, like in the cases of JFK, RFK, MLK, 9/11 and many more.
                We have to get better on the “information front”: We must make better connections, investigate better and communicate better!

                Have a nice day, too!

  5. manbearpig says:

    Julien Coupat and the Tarnac case continued:

    “A look back at the ups and downs of this case

    Julien Coupat had been incarcerated without any evidence for “terrorism”, he appealed. Presented as the brain of a group suspected of sabotaging high-speed train lines, Julien Coupat had been in detention for more than six months. Thursday, May 28, 2009, he is finally out of prison but not at the end of his sentences!

    Julien Coupat is the last of the nine indicted in this case to have been released after being placed in “preventive detention”, on the charge of “directing a criminal association in connection with a terrorist enterprise”. This charge falls under the “criminal” regime and exposes him to a sentence of up to 20 years in prison! We consider that the public authorities and the judicial institution seek not to lose face by blaming all their determination on him, overwhelming him with this figure of “leader” that they themselves have created from scratch. It must be noted that the case of the indictments in the so-called “SNCF sabotage” case has been constantly deflated, that the detainees have been released one by one without a single new charge ever being brought to the attention of the defence and a fortiori of the public. After the disclosure of the content of the investigation file (and its slimness), the lawyers for the accused convened a press conference. Purpose: to announce a request for a declaration of incompetence to the judge. In other words, ask the anti-terrorist judge to divest himself of the case so that it becomes part of the ordinary law.

    A book!

    Discovery of a weapon of mass destruction in Corrèze: a book! (cartoon): in France, the government police use Gestapo and Nazi methods!

    The Tarnac affair was first of all a mad attempt, and to date successful, to contain the extension of the German anti-nuclear movement at the borders. The whole operation consisted in disguising a train blocking action claimed by a German anti-nuclear group and carried out by a fairly common and safe method – safe enough – the famous “hooks” – to have been used up to a hundred times in a single year on the other side of the Rhine without ever hurting anyone, in an unmotivated “terrorist act” aimed at derailing trains. To do this, it was enough, on the one hand, to conceal the German claim transmitted by Interpol on 9 November 2008 and, on the other, to make as much noise as possible about the arrest of a group that they had had their eyes on for a long time.

    On November 11, 2011, we finally have proof that the accused are innocent; that’s what we told you: Julien Coupat is totally innocent. His lawyer is counter-attacking…”

    Another more impartial sum-up evoking The Coming Insurrection:

    In France, “Preventive Detention” and Agents provocateurs are having a heyday!

  6. generalbottlewasher says:

    The largest retailer of petrol in the USofA Quick Trip is selling unleaded fuel today for …. drum roll… $ 1.90.9 per US gal. I can get in the car and drive around all day for the cost of a New York cheese burger. Strange times.

    ” ..damn , this traffic jam, how I hate to be late..”
    “…hurts my motor to go so slow…”

    Credit: Asleep at the Wheel

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      yea, gas is cheap.
      Last month I paid about $1 per gallon on a fillup, because Kroger groceries gives “gas credit points”.

      As an aside:
      Natural Gas prices have skyrocketed within the past month.
      But, in West Texas there is so much natural gas production, that some of the wells have to pay the pipeline to haul it away like “trash”. They can’t sell it.

  7. Octium says:

    I’m pleased to know that it happening somewhere at least.

    Not here unfortunately, just a bunch of schools kids going on strike to protest that the government is not doing enough about climate change.

    Only positive thing about it that the less time they spend in school, the more they learn.

  8. FlyingAxblade says:

    4 Chords: 1) to think that pop listeners are really not using their thumbs to count…I’d guess it’s because their thumbs are up their x-box controller. 8 Seconds, that’s less than 160 characters for most people. Hence, emoticans instead of comments & comments which are merely “good job video maker”. hmm.

    2) what happened to the Caravaners? they are all being employed to dig tunnels under the border and one day, many dark tinted buses are supposedly going to be taking back all those people to their homelands. But they will be empty buses. Then there will be some strange Voter I.D. card exodus from California because the fires destroyed so many places for undocumented workers to work and their Voter I.D. will become a valid way to get a drivers license, a ss card, etc and they will spread to the ignorant middle america.

    If I can think of it, someone else has.

  9. manbearpig says:

    The demands of the Gilet Jaunes: (a random sample from a longer list, link below)

    *End CICE( Utilise the money to create a French industry for hydrogen-powered cars (which are truly eco-friendly, unlike electric cars)

    *End to austerity. No payment on interests on debt that is declared illegitimate. Pay the debt not by taking money from the poor and the “less poor” [middle class?] but by cracking down on the 80 billion in evaded tax.

    *Address the causes of forced migration

    *Treat our asylum-seekers well. We owe them housing, security, food as well as education for minors. Work with the UN to open housing camps in the world where asylum-seekers can wait the results of their petition.

    *Deport rejected asylum seekers back to their country of origin

    *A real policy of integration must be put in place. To live in France implies becoming French (language class, French history class and civics class with a certificate to be earned at the end of the course)

    *Minimum salary fixed at 15000€.

    *No more than 25 students per class from elementary to graduation

    *Significant funding to mental health

    *Introduce popular referendum to the constitution. Create a website that’s legible and efficient, cared for by an independent control organization where people can introduce their own proposals for laws. If their proposals gains more than 700,000 signatures then it must be discussed, completed and ammended by the National Assembly [french congress] which will have the obligation of, in exactly a year, put it up for vote by the entirety of French people.

    *Return to a 7 year mandate for the President (Election of deputees two years after the election of the president can send positive or negative feedback to the president concerning their policy. This will allow the people to let their voice be heard. [they want midterm elections]

    *Set retirement age to 60 years for all physical labour jobs (such as construction and abattoir workers), right to retire at 55.

    Incidentally, some speak about infiltration of the movement by, say, “nationalists” for example…

    • mkey says:

      That’s one very interesting list. There are many socialist tropes in it, like the minimum wage bunkum, “progressive” taxing (but no gas tax, what gives?), the “big” pay a “lot”, protectionist policies, …

      How is one supposed to end homelessness immediately? I mean really, even if you had all the funds in the world, you’d create a whole bunch of people who are dependent on government handouts.

      Generally, I liked they mentioned insulation and that thing about government job salaries is also very palatable, but people need to realize that these guys have many ways to hide their bottom line and direct their income strains as to be practically undetectable.

      One thing I really don’t get is how are electric cars supposed to be less environment friendly than hydrogen operated ones? They both need electricity, maybe a case could be made for batteries, but taking into consideration efficiency of electric cars this claim really doesn’t stand to reason. One thing going for hydrogen operated cars is that you can get a quicker charge, but hydrogen is tad explosive. Oh well.

  10. manbearpig says:

    Are these démonstrations an Opportunity to send a message to the Young about what happens when you provoke the robo-cops?

    A polemic and shocking incident occurring within the context of the Gilet Jaunes démonstrations (high school students supposedly protesting school reforms) where children are forced to their knees, hands behind their heads, some hand-cuffed behind their backs:

    “Now that’s a good little class” intones robocop.

    • manbearpig says:

      Here’s the Mirror’s slightly more detailed rendition of the incident:

    • manbearpig says:

      ““Now that’s a good little class” intones robocop.”

      The robo-cop who filmed the incident it should be noted…

      Now I’ll get to work and stop hogging the CP comments board.

    • mkey says:

      Robocop, as per the 1987 film, was actually quite moral and was able to break his programming in a sense, following on his moral guideline.

      These cops don’t have any morals and are only interested in spraying tear gas into defenseless people’s eyes. They don’t question their programming and are fully immersed in the false “us versus them” dichotomy.

      • manbearpig says:

        Maybe. Maybe not.

        Don’t know what to thing about this site featuring the following photo caption:

        “…A week ago, white cops had this photo of them taken wearing the symbolic yellow vests — a sign this was coming, this unlimited police strike in solidarity with the suffering working-class French…”

        ( )

        • mkey says:

          Those cops will get their fair share of a shitsandwich from the brotherhood. Kudos to them.

      • manbearpig says:

        “Robocop, as per the 1987 film, was actually quite moral and was able to break his programming in a sense, following on his moral guideline.”

        Maybe but that was fiction. For the real life gouvernator robocop I’m not so sure…

        “Film star turned California governor prepares to leave office and become a global champion in war against climate change

        Schwarzenegger managed to rustle up some big names. David Cameron joined in a video satellite conversation. Prince Charles sent a video talking about harmony. The primatologist Jane Goodall sent a rendition of a chimpanzee greeting. Harrison Ford and Deepak Chopra came in person, as did a couple of governors…”

        Reality is always stranger than fiction and morality aside, his programming looks pretty unbreakable…

  11. manbearpig says:

    A very good explanation of the striking students’ demands:

    “Macron’s austerity makes French universities rich kids only

    27 August 2018

    Less than two weeks before classes resume on September 3, tens of thousands of French students are still being denied admission to university by the Parcoursup algorithm set up by the Orientation and Success for Students (ORE) law imposed in the face of mass student protests this spring. According to figures released on August 9, of the 812,050 university-age students who are enrolled in Parcoursup, 66,400 still had not been admitted anywhere.

    The fact that tens of thousands of students may be denied higher education underscores the reactionary character of President Emmanuel Macron’s education cuts. The measure aims to make universities more competitive and to prepare their privatization. It gives France’s public universities the power to select, and to reject, their own students…”

    • calibrator says:

      The unwashed mob has to leave school empty for age-fetishistic henchmen of the money establishment!

      As if France hasn’t already a problem with its elite schools and the connections it produces.

      Take, for examples, Jean-François Cirelli:

      Coming from “Institut d’études politiques de Paris
      École nationale d’administration”, one of the schools the “important people” have to come from to get to the top.

      That vain, dumb fuck was instrumental in merging “Gaz de France” (state owned) with “Suez” (Rothschild company) into “GDF” (now renamed ENGIE) in 2007/2008.

      Then in 2011/2012 several gas storage facilities were bought from Exxon (yeah…) in Germany for more than a billion dollars. Shortly after that the market imploded, prices for gas storage fell flat and nobody wanted to be in this business anymore. The ENGIE stock represents this well.
      They still laugh in Huston (or New York).

      Of course one can argue that Cirelli only executed what Gerard Mestrallet (coming from École Polytechnique and École nationale d’administration) was relaying to him.

      Who Mestrallet is?
      – Member of the Board of Directors of Société Générale
      – Member of the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT)
      – Member of the Supervisory Board of Siemens
      – Member of the Council of International Advisers to the Hong Kong government
      and among the many more:
      – Member of the International Council of JP Morgan Chase(!)

      But *no*! There is no international, intertwined network of the big corporations, ruled by the Rothschild-Rockefeller cabal!

      Back to Cirelli:

      Where is this clown now? He is playing president at BlackRock France!
      I guess this was his “gratification”.

      Oh, and yes, Cirelli is also a “Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur‎”.
      Mestrallet on the other hand is a “Commander” so no worries that the old fart got away empty.

      They really did well for the French people, I guess…

      • manbearpig says:

        Funny, reminds me…as I recall, a certain Baron Alfred Frère was able to play a significant role in this merger (between gaz de France and Suez) thanks to Nicolas Sarkozy buying the Quick burger franchise off the Baron using the money of the Caisse des Dépots for twice the fast food chain’s market price:

        “The courts suspect accounting arrangements in favour of the billionaire when Quick was sold to the French government.

        In Belgium, a prosecutor joined a Frenchman’s complaint last week, adding new charges. Frenchman Jean-Marie Kuhn suspects that Caisse des dépôts et consignations (CDC), a holding company controlled by the French government, has bought the Quick restaurant chain from a friend of Nicolas Sarkozy’s, Belgian billionaire Albert Frère, at a significantly overvalued price. The objective? Allow Frère to increase his stake in Suez, and thus influence the merger of this group with GDF…”

        Translated with

        • manbearpig says:

          In reference to my above comment that’s currently being patted down in the moderation queue; Quick’s happy transformation into a Burger King after being sold for twice its price by a Baron to Sarkozy, the husband of former first-lady, music and modelling Queen, Carla Bruni:

          Qualium, a subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépots, sold the Quick fast food chain to Burger King in 2015 (Can’t find for how much) who itself had sold its own restaurants to Quick when it left France in 1997. Qualium is apparently involved in various other questionable deals as reported in this article:

          “Really an actor “like any other”?

          Qualium Investissement is an atypical fund. In many ways. From the artificial insemination specialist IMV Technologies to the producer of Poult sweet biscuits, from the manufacturer of independent wood-burning heating appliances Invicta to the network of supermarket jewellery stores Thom or the fast food giant Quick, the extreme bigarrure – variety for the most forgiving, heterogeneity or even inconsistency for the most critical – of its holdings invites questions. On the other hand, and according to its own Deputy Chief Executive Officer Paul Costa de Beauregard (X-Telecom and ex-Wendel), this emanation of Caisse des Dépôts is and should be a “responsible investor”, but it is also a “like any other” player in the competitive development capital sector and as such is required to extract significant profitability from its investments…

          …the Quick “adhesive plaster”, which it finally seems to be able to dispose of, affected Qualium’s performance…

          …At the same time as Quick was being sold – nine years after the acquisition from Belgian Albert Frère under conditions of such generosity that the French and Belgian courts had initiated an investigation – Qualium entered into negotiations with the Anglo-Saxon fund Colony Capital, former owner of Paris Saint-Germain, for the sale of Feu Vert…”

          translated by deepl software

          • calibrator says:

            Very interesting. Thanks!

            But I’ll now submerse again to write an enhanced follow-up to the NSU story above. 😉

            • manbearpig says:

              Run, Forest, Run Run Run!!! 😎

              We’re waiting to read’ya at the finish line!

  12. generalbottlewasher says:

    Hey Hubbub!
    Soigner sa mise!
    (dress with care)
    What you must do now when your car breaks down.

    I hope Pablo De Boar has been keeping safe. Do miss his e´tat d’espirit. Wishing.Praying safety, for all in France, from mob or state tyrranny .

  13. manbearpig says:

    Given Mr Corbett’s work on the minimum wage I suppose it should be no surprise that in urgent response to the Gilet Jaune’s demands Mr Macron has promised a 100euro hike in the monthly minimum wage.

    Some fear that with Christmas the protests will die down. However January 2019 salaries will see the first payslips with income tax withheld “at the source” (sorry, too tired to check the real translation)

    which in the opinion of a couple of my accounting students might stir things up again should they wane…

    can’t help feeling it’s all been worked out in advance… long live the tavistock institute, behavioral psychology, cambridge analytics and game theory…

    • manbearpig says:

      the 100 minimum wage hike reportedly will not penalize employeurs… and should cushion the effect of the income tax withheld at the source I suppose… which may be its purpose…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • mkey says:

        Someone ought get penalized. Or, better said, shafted up the keister.

      • manbearpig says:

        Ok! With my single remaining nano-neuron let me exclaim “thank heavens for students…and free “newspapers”…??!!”

        Just for the record: no minimum wage increase accorded by the God Jupiter. Just a slight income bonus cloaked in a sleight of sophistry even if it was presented as a salary increase.

        a bonus. A so-called “activity bonus” paid for by the social security taxes of the French people of course.

        20 percent already previously planned with the cut in a tax that’s paid twice anyway. Plus 80 percent in a bonus that you’d better not forget to specifically ask for every quarter or you won’t get it.

        So not a wage increase that might get you more credibility at the bank when asking for a loan for example. And you’re not saving up for your retirement pension.

        And if your husband or wife is making decent money you won’t get it at all.

        So a typical banker’s sleight of hand indeed, or slippery loan shark’s politically forked tongue….

        anyhow… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        • mkey says:

          Anything that keeps you farther from a loan is a good thing in my book. As for not saving up for retirement pension, you won’t be getting into your pension anyway so that’s OK as well.

  14. mkey says:

    How the Police have Become the Paramilitary Arm of Political Correctness

    A nice little op-ed based on some possibly insider information, a comment which was made in response to a quagmire the channel operator is going through simply because he told some rather immature cop “no shit” to his demands to comply to an arrest. The amount of resources wasted on this incredible case is quite staggering. A counter offensive is apparently being prepared. Certainly some hamsters are going to get serious wheel time served.

    The comment:

    I’m a retired Police Officer and I enthusiastically applaud your “Not Guilty” verdict… 👏 👍 Not every Police Officer is as bad as you tar them all with your broad brush, but as a Public Service that is there to serve the needs of the public as a whole (NOT to be the lackey of our clueless, “liberal progressive” Government) they are being destroyed by an ingrained culture of Political Correctness that runs right the way through the police recruitment and promotion system. That propagandist PC culture has resulted in the Police only recruiting and promoting vacuous, liberal mantra spouting, mindless zombie clones 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️ (“Diversity… Tolerance… Inclusivity… Equality… Braaiiinzzz…”) who waste precious time, money and resources upholding the bogus, spurious “rights” of one snowflake complainant after another, while the core crime fighting responsibility that justifies the very existence and funding of the Police gets neglected or under-resourced and genuine victims of crime are palmed off with hollow and unconvincing excuses as to why the Police can’t or won’t do anything about those crimes…

    I am truly ashamed of what the Police in the UK have become in recent decades. Far from upholding genuine Human Rights and sacrosanct liberties that our forebears fought to preserve, today’s Police have become the enemies of Free Speech and are antagonistic towards the essential right to criticise so much that is wrong with our so called “Free Society” and our vital need to highlight everything that poses a threat to our Western Culture.

  15. mkey says:

    Fraud In The National Climate Assessment (Part 1)

    Tony Heller marches on, even if driving easy points home, disproving lies and omissions does get boring after a while. Well, I’m sure it will get old as time goes by, hasn’t yet though.

    • manbearpig says:

      No, it’s still gratifying to listen to these debunking sessions. Important to keep driving the modus operandi through my thick skull so I can attempt to Appear to speak knowledgeably and ahem convincingly on this subject to students and entourage. I cannot really say my endeavours have been crowned with success thus far…anyhow…I’ll keep trying…

  16. mkey says:

    What They Aren’t Telling You About The Yield Curve – Mike Maloney

    Do you know what’s a yield curve? No? You should probably watch this very succinct presentation.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      It was good. I love it when he composes charts and explains things in layman terms.

  17. manbearpig says:

    -So I guess we’ve had our annuel politically well-timed terrorist incident.

    -Funny how elevens seem to provoke the terrorists…

    -Macron’s probably saved for now from any more gilet jaune trouble…

    I can here the politically correct NORMIES already:

    “For Heaven’s sake! A little decency!! Show a little respect for the Dead!!”

    oh wait:

    “Strasbourg: Facebook groups of “Yellow Vests” overwhelmed by conspiracy theories

    STRASBOURG – A terrorist attack that “comes at the right time” for Emmanuel Macron, who aims to “divert the attention of the French”, who seeks to “prevent act 5″… on Facebook, many “Yellow Vests” have gone wild after being informed about the attack on the Christmas market in Strasbourg, which killed at least two people.

    Of course, several other “Yellow Vests” immediately took issue with these conspiracy theories

    and called for respect for the families of the victims of the shooting!!!!!! (For Heaven’s Sakes!!!)

    Among the “evidence” of the plot, BFM screenshots showing that their live feed had started almost 10 hours before the facts became known, or the tweet of the Prefect of the Grand East region which was reportedly published on Tuesday at 11:47 am…”

    And a very Festive Holiday Season to you too!!

    translated by deepl

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      MBP. Im so sorry for those families. The Berkshire-HalfwayNews paper had the story in Wed.morning paper. How convenient and so full of
      ” we know who he is and we almost got him”. Macaroni and Swiss Cheese all over it.
      My stepson , wife and grandkids where in the market just the other day. They live blissfully unawares across the border where nothing ever happens. I no longer worry or wonder why.

  18. scpat says:

    Interesting article on recent China-U.S. trade war buildup…

    Short Term Thinking Dooms U.S. Anti-China Strategy

  19. mkey says:

    Richard Wolff | Masterfully Explains France’s Yellow Vest Movement

    For a guy who doesn’t know where’s the camera on his PC, Wolff sure makes a lot of sense.

  20. alexandre says:

    Hello. My first post as a member. Joined today finally, after a long time.

    Asking myself “is revolution possible?” I found this interesting article.

    One revolt I know of, that seems to have been genuine and did succeed, is the one against the privatization of water in Cochabamba in 2000. Since there are so many false-flags and false revolts, as James said, how do we ever know what’s genuine and what’s just part of the “campaign”, specially today? The day the French end the smoke ban in Paris, then I’ll believe it.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks for being here.

      I guess you like picking those strings.
      I hear Corbett is learning more about the guitar.

      • alexandre says:

        Er…thanks. Where did you see me “picking strings”? I am a jazz guitarist, yes. I like picking them notes as well, since I’m also a composer, arranger etc. Unfortunately I took music as a profession, back when it was a profession, but hopefully Corbett will only have some fun with it.

  21. manbearpig says:

    An interesting article by Craig Rucker about the Yellow Vest movement:

    “…After interviewing many Gilets Jaunes and observing their demonstrations, we can report that the streets belong not to the government, nor to the police, but to the men, women and children in the yellow vests.

    And contrary to what you may have seen in the media, in their hearts the police are with the protestors.

    In fact, the demonstrators are the friends, neighbors and families of the police arrayed against them. Except in extreme cases, the police are standing aside and leaving the Gilet Jaunes in charge…

    The real Gilets Jaunes are upset that their president and the media are using the violent thugs to smear them. Average French observers know the protesters. They get it.”

  22. HomeRemedySupply says:

    12/17/2018 “mkey” gives updates on the Yellow Vest scenario
    Included is WeAreChange (Luke R) on the ground reporting.
    MSM censors the truth.

  23. HomeRemedySupply says:

    December 16, 2018 – Dr. Hardy Limeback tweets…
    Some Yellow Vest Protesters are upset about mandatory Water Fluoridation in Ireland.

  24. manbearpig says:

    And about that movement that George Monbiot was drumming up,

    not only have they “blocked” the entrance to the BBC building,

    according to Le Monde (behind a paywall) there are spin-offs of the movement in 35 different countries whose protests are profiting from the momentum from and conflation with the Yellow Vest protests…

    “…On Saturday, November 17, George Monbiot was protesting, but he was not arrested. “The police were too kind,” he regrets. George is not a “yellow vest”, he is a Londoner, writer, Guardian columnist and environmental activist.
    That Saturday, declared “Day of Rebellion” against climate change, it (ExtinctionRebellion) blocked the bridges of the English capital with 6,000 people. Young, old, women, men, disguised or not, sometimes chained to each other, they prevented traffic until 4 p.m. by singing “Don’t doubt that a small group of people can change the world”. Then they joined Parliament Square behind a banner proclaiming “Rebel for Life” adorned with a black symbol evoking an hourglass inside the circle of the Earth: the Rebellion Extinction emblem, a civil disobedience movement born in the United Kingdom just six months ago but has already spread to 35 countries…”

    Translated using the DeepL algorithm…

    “…The BBC’s central London headquarters has been put on lockdown due to a protest by climate change campaigners who are demanding it uses its status as national broadcaster to declare a “climate and ecological emergency”.
    Extinction Rebellion, a direct action group that has recently shut down key London roads, has demand the BBC makes the environment its “top editorial issue”…”

    as reported on with commentary by

  25. Mark K. P. says:

    les rabbis de france are getting restless about yellow vests, as they begin to realize they are the principal target of this unrest ;

    Is the Saturday / Sabbath day chosen for that reason? so cool if so, but maybe just if so facto

    • mkey says:

      Le Parisien is a tabloid, is it not?
      I find this text to be a bit too frank, to be honest.

  26. manbearpig says:

    Today, March 2, the Yellow vests are wearing black under their yellow to express “mourning”: In their words (scroll down to third video in link below) they’re mourning nonexistent fiscal justice, nonexistent social justice, nonexistent ecological policies: the speaker explains that we’re told to adopt electric cars when ultimately electric cars pollute more than “todays” cars. They’re mourning, he says, honesty, the honesty of their politicians, all the lies, they’re mourning their the state of their institutions and everything that their democracy could be.

    I’ve asked several of my students (aged 20 to 60) what they think about the Yellow Vests today at the 16th week and predictably, the “higher” you go on the “social ladder” the less sympathy there is. My CEO student of an international company says he “HATES (emphasis his)
    the Yellow Vests” that he can’t understand them and that he doesn’t even want to. The average reaction is one of fatigue: the movement’s lost its novelty and people’s sympathy decreases proportionally. (certainly largely due to the lack of reporting on police brutality). Indeed no one seems to have heard about the police brutality. The CEO insists that the yellow vests have caused many deaths by blocking roundabouts. Wikipedia whose sympathies probably lie with the status quo reports the following as of the 20th of December, 2018:

    Deaths: 11
    Injured: 1 850 among protesters
    and 1 050 among police

    According to Le Monde one of the deaths are due to clashes between protesters and police:

    “Yellow vests”: the death toll rises to 10, but none of them are “linked to clashes”.
    A tenth person died in a road accident in Perpignan on the night of Friday to Saturday, like all but one of the victims since 17 November.
    …The day before, a “yellow vest” had died in the town of Le Passage, in the suburb of Agen (Lot-et-Garonne). Olivier Daurelle, 60, was hit by a truck near a roundabout where demonstrators had set up a filtering barrier. He came from another roundabout, the Campanile de Villeneuve-sur-Lot, located 30 kilometres further north. On Thursday morning, he had come to help the comrades of the Passage, who were about to be broken up by the police.
    After the announcement of his death, about a hundred people marched silently through the streets of Villeneuve-sur-Lot behind banners entitled “Yellow vests in mourning” and “Homage to Olivier, a French citizen who fell for the cause of yellow vests”.

    Translated with

    A synthesis of the various reasons given for the movement would be that the lowest classes are being taxed into oblivion under every possible pretext.

    • manbearpig says:

      ERRATUM: (in reference to hefty comment in moderation queue)

      “According to Le Monde one of the deaths are due to clashes between protesters and police”

      should be:

      According to Le Monde NONE of the deaths are due to clashes…”

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