Logic is not Enough (Video)


More and more people are learning about the importance of logical reasoning and the dangers of logical fallacies. But is logic sufficient for arriving at certainty? Today on The Corbett Report we tear apart the notions of the clockwork universe, the rationality of humans and the idea that logically valid arguments always arrive at true conclusions.

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The Truthseeker app
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What is the Uncertainty Principle?
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One Thing Is Certain: Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle Is Not Dead
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Principia Mathematica
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BBC Dangerous Knowledge Part 2: The Enigma 2007
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George Lakoff on Rationality and Reason
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The fallacy fallacy
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Bertrand Russell delivers The Reith Lecture 1948
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Alan Watt - The Impact of Science on Society
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Sentient World Simulation
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The Internet of Things
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Ringo Starr and his new All-Starr Band - Logical Song
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