Lionel on Media Fakery and Historical Distortion (video)

12/08/20140 Comments

Lionel of joins us today for an epic discussion on fake stories in the media and the manipulation of the historical record. We discuss the fake Syria sniper boy video, the Corbett/Lionel law, and the importance of self-correction. As an added bonus, James reveals his biggest boner to the audience!


Little Brother vs. Big Brother? – Lionel on The Eyeopener

What the Fake Syria Sniper Boy Video Tell Us About Media Experts

9/11 Eyewitness – FOX Freelancer Harley Guy Mark Walsh

Episode 174 – Patriot Mythology

Episode 207 – More Patriot Mythology

Taking the Fat out of the Bin Laden Video

Maher Osseiran on The Corbett Report

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