Justice for Neocons: Lawsuits Challenge American Status Quo

10/16/201623 Comments

On June 28, 2016, the Miami-based law firm Beck & Lee served then-Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC itself with a class action lawsuit for rigging the 2016 Democratic primary race in favor of Hillary Clinton.

debbieThe lawsuit, filed in the Southern District of Florida, alleges that the DNC broke its own legally binding neutrality agreements by plotting to make Hillary Clinton the Democratic Party's presidential nominee even before the primaries had begun. It points to evidence from leaked DNC emails that expose how DNC officials treated Clinton as the only Democratic candidate even after Bernie Sanders officially declared his candidacy in April 2015.

But the lawsuit did not gain international notoriety until August 2nd, when Shawn Lucas, the process server who served the suit to the DNC, was found dead in his home.

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  1. EYEisBloke says:

    Thx James, fascinating as always.

    I think one of the recommended viewing links is wrong so have copied link to what i think is right one:
    Trump’s Phoney Populism And The 2016 Presidential sElection

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve corrected the link up above.

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hi EYEisBloke,

      Were i live, we have no elections, we have no freedom of speech, we have “indirectly” thought police, and heavy self censorship….

      yet, it appears in democracy like were you guys live, the only way to get your rights back is to withdraw from the system…

      This is creating storms in my head….

  2. felix says:

    I really don’t have much to add to your article but am happy to appear here (bad rhyme) for the first time as a member. I think I have said this before but I find you and Newsbud both consoling – because a few people are telling the truth – and terrifying at the same time.
    There is a question I have for a long time wanted to ask you or Sibel. If it is not relevant to the subject, ignore it.
    What do you think of Susan Lindauer? I find her videos quite convincing but would like your opinion. She says she was working in the CIA precisely on terrorism. You will know her story She was thrown into jail without any real reason being given for this.
    I’ve never seen her get together with you and Sibel and the others. So I wonder.

    • PeasLuvandNRK says:

      Welcome and I’m with you Felix, I’d be interested to see a report episode with/about Susan Lindauer as well.

      Equally interesting would be a report about April Glaspie and her role leading up to Desert Shield/Storm.

    • Welcome to the chat, Felix.

  3. peace.froggs says:

    Bush’s and Clinton’s are like two peas in the pod, thing is though is Trump one of them too?

    It’s pretty clear to me that Hillary was (s)elected to become President a long time ago, Bernie Sanders didn’t really have a chance…and it would appear as though Trump might have been groomed to be the fall guy all along, but what is kinda confusing to me is the way they are sparing at each other lately, if this is all theater, then I must admit they are both deserving of an academy award.

    If it isn’t theater, and Trump really is implementing a scorched earth type policy with only about 20 days left to go till election day, then I hate to admit it, but I prefer Hillary.

    Dan Dicks says: “Trump is undoing that progress. He’s got people interested in voting rather than supporting secession and decentralization. People are looking to fix Washington rather than ignore it. They want to “Make America Great Again” instead of dissolving the Union.”

    — I’ll say this, if they rig it so we only have two choices, say Trump or Hillary, with the faint hope we can fix Washington, isn’t it also true that if we give up on the election process altogether then we are left with only one alternative? That of civil war.

    I mean, lets be honest here, if there really is a grassroots secessionist movement in America that Trump hijacked, then we are well on our way to another civil war ver. 2.0, and the last time that movie played out, it claimed more than 620 000 lives, and that was fought using muskets and canons.

    2016 Syria would make a 2nd American Civil war look like a walk in the park, not sure that’s such a great idea.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:


    James, Thanks so much for the link!!!!

  5. oeo says:

    Good to know the suit against DNC continues. Daniel Sheehan discusses deepstate ‘scuppering’ techniques here :


    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for that, oeo, but I hope you noticed that was actually one of the links in this week’s recommended viewing section.

  6. erichard says:

    I continue to appreciate your work James. Is there a link yet to the above article that anyone can access?

  7. Oscar says:

    Hi James,

    Great article!

    Most probably you are already aware of the following, but I wanted to make sure you are aware that the Empire is striking back on another front: The main news-networks in the U.S. are trying to insinuate that Russia is using cyber-attacks to influence the U.S. election (http://www.cnbc.com/2016/10/11/russian-hackers-may-try-to-disrupt-us-elections.html), and are trying to suggest that Russia is behind the Wiki-leaks on Clinton but this is analyzed and rebuked by Glenn Greenwald (https://theintercept.com/2016/10/11/in-the-democratic-echo-chamber-inconvenient-truths-are-recast-as-putin-plots/).

    The rumors behind the curtain are that if Trump wins, one scenario is that president Obama will declare martial law, step down and hand the presidency to Joe Biden. The other scenario is that Congress will step in, thereby giving the cancellation of the election an air of legitimacy. In both cases Russia will be blamed (https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/north_america/2016-u-s-presidential-election/martial-law-or-electorial-college/). If Trump wins, it is probable that a war against Russia is being staged before the new president is sworn in. As you know, economic meltdown and war go hand in hand. Peace-talks between the U.S. and Russia have recently broken down. Russia is preparing it’s own population for war through a whole series of measures.

    Take care!

    • Oscar says:

      Just after I typed my post above, I noticed your recommended links. So indeed you are already aware of the blaming-Russia-hype in the MSM.

      However, I think that the plausible rumors about either martial law or the stepping in by Congress to nullify the elections is a noteworthy yet very troublesome addition to the story.

    • Penelope says:

      Oscar, I’m new & I can’t tell from your comment whether or not you believe the hostilities between Russia and the US are real. I feel pretty sure that there is substantial collusion between them in bringing about a global oligarchy. Of course this doesn’t preclude disagreement about which country’s oligarchs gets the lion’s share of Russia’s natural resources.

      Evidence for thinking there’s Russian/Western collusion:

      –Russian airpower entered the Syrian conflict by agreement w the West, as evidenced by the removal of US/EU Patriot missiles from Turkey’s border just before. Also the so-called “intelligence failure of the century” which caused all of the G7 to “overlook” the arrival of Russian materiel and airport construction until “too late.”

      –Russian military has had the effect of prolonging the war for increased destruction to Syria/Syrians and increased destabilization of Europe via refugees as the pretext for an increased “security state,” and further degradation of European economies. Whenever victory threatened Russia called a ceasefire for terrorist resupply.

      –It all gives the appearance of a holding action until matters are ripe for a limited but terrifying US/Russia confrontation to push us further toward world govt.

      –But the best evidence of collusion is visual: The total lack of impact gouging or craters under the heavy aircraft parts in the sands of the Sinai or the soft black farmland of the Donbass. Even engines weighing tons make not the slightest dent. An engine in the Sinai http://www.express.co.uk/comment/expresscomment/616547/Ross-Clark-comment-Islamic-state?_ga=1.66755054.1719026965.1474088239

      The sand takes tire tracks, but no dent under plane parts. http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/616380/Russian-plane-crash-British-security-experts-travel-advice?_ga=1.70482768.1719026965.1474088239 Phoney aircrashes are staged by trucking the parts in.

      Impact craters of real crashes http://killtown.911review.org/flight93/crash-comparisons.html

      — I don’t want to make myself unwelcome by extending this much longer, but do you remember how US/UK imm’y stated that their intelligence confirmed that the terrorists were behind the downing of the Russian passenger liner in the Sinai? It was obviously PR to enable Russia to escalate in Syria. And US/UK helped.

  8. mik says:

    Thank James for link to MMT vs. Austrian School Debate.
    All in all it’s not pretty much of debate, two guys talking from different paradigms. Also, I found it difficult to follow because Mosler(MMT) doesn’t know what is the purpose of microphone.

    But it was worth watching because of two things that happened.
    At 1:01:20 Murphy(Austrian economics) asked his final question and Mosler, after one hour of crap about government monetary monopoly and other monetary crap, finally admits what is the crucial element: Barrel of the Gun.

    The best moment in debate, in my opinion, was question for Murphy from audience (1:39:30), The Ultimate Question: “Should people work for economy or should economy work for people.”
    Murphy somehow didn’t understand the question and most probably many economists and other professionals would also have the same problem, because they are usually just-doing-their-job.

    Economy should exists because of people and for the people. Nowadays unfortunately, economy lives it’s own life and people are subordinated to it.

  9. BuddhaForce says:

    DNC Lawyers Argue No Liability: Neutrality Is Merely a ‘Political Promise’

    The wheels are really coming off this election.

  10. BuddhaForce says:

    Public Interest group files complaint with FEC against DNC and others for violation of election integrity.

    The hits keep coming…

  11. sambiohazard says:

    hey James, link at the start of the article to the GRTV video for non subscribers leads to this steemit page for last editorial


    I think it is supposed to lead to this video

    Lawsuits against the Neocons: Hillary’s DNC, George W. Bush Et Al

    Please correct it. Thanks 🙂

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for pointing that out, sambiohazard. It’s somewhat disturbing that you’re the first person (including me) to notice. The link has been fixed.

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