Japan's Stealth Army

05/06/201829 Comments

Last month, while everyone was distracted by other events, the Japanese government did something rather remarkable: They activated a marine unit. Specifically, the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force activated a 1,500-man unit known as the Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade. The occasion was marked by a ceremony at Sasebo military base on the island of Kyushu.

This may not seem particularly newsworthy. After all, the activation of a single marine brigade would not be a remarkable event in virtually any other nation on the planet. But in Japan, where there has not been such a marine activation since WWII, it is extraordinary.

Well, extraordinary but not unexpected. To anyone who has been paying attention, Japan's definitely-not-an-offensive-military "Self-Defence Force" is, for all intents and purposes, an offensive military in disguise.

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Comments (29)

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  1. manbearpig says:

    The first vague thought that bubbled up as I was reading this was: as technology flanked by Jachin and Boaz was being shipped over to China (after Kissinger’s inaugural visit in the 70s and at least a century of corporate occupation) to build up the country as the next smart sustainable super power to replace the American Dream

    counter measures had to be taken as well to make sure there was U.S. support off the Eastern coast of China in case a major war in the area turned out to be a strategic and lucrative venture (or perhaps should China slip from Anglo-American control?). Along with the fact that it’s just good business, I guess.

    Anyhow, a little simplistic sunday morning speculation… as the refrain goes, It’s a Mad Mad world…

    Hope you’re having a relaxing, refreshing, replenishing vacation Mr Corbett…

    • manbearpig says:

      MAD as in Mutually Assure Destruction

      and in first paragraph “a century of corporate occupation” of China, Jardine Mathison for Rothschild, AIG etc… in addition to educational occupation)

      in case there was any ambiguity.

      • Gaslight says:

        China certainly the apple of cosmopolitan eyes manbearpig,

        USA and others quickly following suit though. The global, socialist, steamroll is pickin’ up speed now friend. My heart drops when I think of implications for the next generation.

        …brave, new, cashless, “smart grid” technocracy rising before us.

        It’s Saturday night here, so I’ll just keep it light, understate things, and simply say: “not good”. Haha

        Pleasant evening to you manbearpig

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Corbett Report’s “Just For Fun” …the Free Bees 9/11 disco

    What a classic! I remember when it came our during the ‘Summer of Truth’ 2008.

    YouTube kept taking it down. People kept putting it back up.

    A download site

  3. wall says:

    Cover Parkland!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Dan Dicks (Press For Truth) has some coverage about the event in a variety of videos.

      • wall says:

        Is this dude credible? I mean, most of the stuff I have seen has been utter crap.

        • wall says:

          No, he’s not credible. Thanks to Alexa Miednik we know Cruz couldn’t possibly have been the shooter as Cruz was already leaving the building at that point when she was talking to him, and she was still hearing gun shots going off.

          Sure would be nice if someone credible like Corbett would cover it.

        • Gaslight says:

          Agreed wall,

          I’ve got the same gut feeling on this guy as I had with Sibel before she showed her true colors.

          • Gaslight says:

            …Dan Dicks that is. Also, the mass shootings are so frequent it’s mind boggling. We’re being steamrolled

  4. candlelight says:

    It sure looks like the members of the Japanese Marine unit featured in Aljazeera’s photo have been eating their Wheaties! They’re bulked up and ready to roll!

    Fortunately, Japan is the United States’ very good ally in a hostile corner of the globe – America’s Israel of the far east!

    I can’t imagine, though, it would make anyone sleep better on any of Japan’s islands knowing the military’s posture is moving towards an outwardly aggressive mode, rather than maintaining the pretense of a defensive position.

    This, together with a tsunami prone Japan already irradiated by one massive disaster, could it be time to return home?

    I hear the Calgary Stampede is a blast!

    • Duck says:

      More like the UK of the far east.
      I read a post cold war book years ago “the coming war with Japan” or something like that. Basic premise was that the US needed to control is own landmass and hemisphere and the oceans on both sides. The flip side was that Japan (and now I guess China) needed to keep materials coming in and control those same seas…. only one side would be able to gain their goal.
      Being buddies with a far off super power suits the UK, it may suit the Japanese for a while too.

    • Gaslight says:

      Candle light,

      I do not consider any ally of the United States to be a “fortunate” thing. A small clique (residing in all the following banks) will decide the fate of the big three. 1) The United States (the elites primary war machine). 2) China (already the designated world production force). 3) Russia (already openly calling out the USA’s war crimes/terrorist connections). In case you had not noticed; the United States is being used, and will probably be the next fall guy(global bad guy)when they’re done with us.

  5. candlelight says:

    Well,the Japanese had been vanquished, nuked and beatdown. But, they’ve certainly have made the best of it since, in terms of economics, and as well as their cultural heritage having remained intact.

    But, I don’t think they have much choice but to be buddies for the foreseeable future.

    Just as an aside, I remember as a kid what the connotation ‘Made in Japan’ meant, or anything that was stamped with it: Junk.

    For the time being, with their quality control problems, it’s China that’s still distinguished with that moniker, somewhat.

    John Pilger has a movie out with a similar title – The Coming War On China, which probably deals with the same general issues as the book you read.

    • Gaslight says:


      You’re missing the point.

      You exclaimed as follows: “Fortunately, Japan is the United States’ very good ally in a hostile corner of the globe”

      My Point:

      I don’t think you understand who the aggressors are in “hostile corners of the globe”…and frankly I don’t know how you could be a coherent Corbett listener based on your evaluations of these various articles/podcasts. It is not “fortunate” that Japan/USA are allies. Quite the opposite in fact.

      • candlelight says:


        I see you’re correct. My statement with regard to the fortuitous nature of the relationship between the United States and Japan was exclaimed. Indeed.

        But, it followed on the heels of another exclaimed remark – that the Japanese marines looking all bulked up like they were eating their Wheaties, and were ready to roll!

        The statement about the relationship being fortunate was completely tongue-in-cheek with those beefcakes in mind.

        As far as “hostile corner of the globe” I was referring to North Korea and China. I believe a decent argument can be made to support such a statement. Perhaps one can downgrade the relationship with China to simply a strong rivalry. Though, with your comment/theory about the banks, perhaps all the cards have already been dealt?

        Can you list the banks you’re referring to that have, or are in the process of lining up all their ducks?

        At any rate, besides mentioning a hostile corner of the world, I didn’t place any labels on any countries with regard to their being an aggressor nation, or not.

        As far as the question of my being a coherent Corbett member, I take no offense.

        I believe, by and large, my friend, we’re on the same page.

        In terms of points of view, let me link to one of my very, very favorite songs, which embodies a viewpoint which I relate to on an intellectual level, and even more so on an emotional level.

        You tell me after listening to it, if I jive at all, coherently, or otherwise, as a Corbett listener.



  6. WAYNED says:

    That’s a great report. Right now we suffer the collusion of all forces that have been deemed for many decades to be the necessary tools to get the public to remain non-revolutionary while every constitution that defends the sovereignty of the people is debased and ignored, when it cannot be amended.

    The media is their most powerful tool. And mostly, it’s trash. People don’t like consuming trash for long periods of time, so there will be a backlash, but sadly, I am afraid it will have to come from the same lying media, since they have all of the military power behind them.

    If we could get it down people’s throats that the military has lied and that everyone serving has the right to be released in good standing who wishes to not participate in this defense of world elite, which as you point out, is truly offensive. They have been lied to, and have been drafted as murderers.

    • candlelight says:

      Though he doesn’t mention media, per se, I think what he’s singing fits pretty well with your comment above, or, perhaps exactly:


    • mkey says:

      I don’t think people will ever be able to realize en masse that they are the ones writing the rules and setting the stage. I don’t think the more practical 10% is even attainable.

      • candlelight says:

        I don’t think so, either. No more so than the idea of utopia ever manifesting beyond its concept.

        But, then again, if everyone gets brain-chipped under a one world government, with Ray Kurzweil installed as president, Bill Gates as vice, then there may be a shot at that utopia, after all. No?

        Then again, one world under dubya and darth would have been truly idyllic.

  7. mkey says:

    Has anyone watches the “reading the right” recommended viewing videos? I’m not in full agreement with the content, but both videos are rather thought inducing.

    • mik says:

      Glad I’m not the only one. 🙂

      Finally I got explained cultural marxism, especially how it was manufactured.

      Watching these videos, GooTube introduced me to more leftist channels, one very interesting (links below).

      How Slavoj Žižek provoked Jordan Peterson

      Refuting Jordan Peterson’s Capitalist Realism

      • mkey says:

        I’ll have to rewatch, but the cultural marxism video at first viewing was overly simplified in the teardown section.

        • mik says:

          Term “cultural marxism” in itself is an oxymoron.

          But to really understand former sentence one must first go to sources, go out of echo-chamber.
          I don’t subscribe to Žižek nor Peterson. Both have valid points and mistakes.

  8. manbearpig says:

    Thanks for the Recommended viewing suggestions!

    Can’t wait to have time to watch them! (I wonder if they mention Jordan Peterson?)

    What a rich source this website is!

    Now gotta get that hamster wheel squeakin’ again…

  9. manbearpig says:

    uhhhh Wow! Those armoured skeptic takedowns… talk about invectivizing…(is that a word?)

    ok. Point well taken. Read the bill.

    So I need to learn more about the blockchain before non-chalantly criticizing it or exptrapolating on its possible future misuses and abuses the way Jordan Peterson extrapolated on the C-16 bill and gender pronouns (yea he WAS mentioned in the video!).

    And try out monetized reward systems on internet forums before trashing them…

    A good rap on the fingertips via a video largely defending government legislation and motions recommended by a devout anarchist…or uh, catallax
    icist?…or spontaneous orderist…considering that laws are often ignored when convenient and whose creation is mediated by such inspiring personalities as Dennis Hastaert… (though of course the core message of the nigh 2-hour rant was advocating rigourous (or at least basic) research when making media for thousands of followers lest you transform yourself into a sitting duck for more meticulous adversarial allies and completely decredibilize (is that a word?) yourself.

    Though I can’t say I’ve cooly confirmed the integrity and veracity of the Mad Hatter’s arguments and sources either for the moment. And, actually, probably won’t get around to it.

    The balm on my aching fingertips was typing and retyping the “JUST FOR FUN” “9/11 is a Lie” song. The savvy mix of ardent activism, catchy cult tune and self-derision was mirthfully gratifying…

    – signing off on the joys of gratuitous verbosity, The Manbearpig with an unusual penchant for alfalfa pellets and sawdust…

  10. Gaslight says:


    Thanks (as always) for your insight into Japan events. Lots of sharp folks on the board here. I had a look into Pilato’s “Discord” forum, but decided not to donate. Apparently it doubles as a gaming room. Just a handful of kids talking about pot, and what shade of orange is Trump. I found it disappointing to say the least. Keep up the good work. I’ll be donating what I can on a regular basis.

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