It's Confirmed: Tyrants LOVE China! . . . But Why?

03/14/202224 Comments

I'm sure by now you've all seen the clip of Justin Trudeau admitting that he "admires" China's dictatorship "because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime," but here it is again:

Given the absolutely unprecedented and utterly chilling events that have just unfolded in Canada under Prime Minister Trudeau's watch, it's no surprise that his bone-chilling admission from 2013 has been making the rounds online once again.

But this is not some kind of one-off slip of the tongue or out-of-context "gotcha" moment. Time after time, (mis)leader after (mis)leader from around the world has confirmed their lust for China's dictatorial powers. In fact, it's not just the (mis)leaders who covet the Chinese authoritarian system; businessmen, pundits, think tank bigwigs and everyone else in the so-called "Superclass" are equally batty for Beijing's style of governance.

On the surface level, there is a perfectly obvious explanation for this phenomenon: these globalist thugs are all wannabe tyrants. If a ChiCom system gave them the power to "turn their economy around on a dime" or do anything else on their wish list, they would adopt it without a second thought.

But, as usual, there is an even more important layer to this story that is being neglected by almost everyone. You see, China is not just any type of dictatorship. In fact, it isn't even communist. When you understand the principle that the Chinese government is really operating on, you start to understand why China has been built up as the rising new superpower of the 21st century and what that means for the future of humanity. . . .

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  1. luigi.m says:

    James you’re overstretching quite a bit on the thesis that western tyrants love China. Too many of your links do not actually say what you hint at.
    – Macron that praises ties: of course, China is a major trading partner.
    – putin that realigns towards China: of course given the situation on the western front.
    – China’s bribery because of an unconfirmed donation… Even if, then the whole world would be based on bribery. Double agent article says nothing and should point to technocracy? The tech competition is not a secret… You’re taking western propaganda of absolutely normal things to make a thesis of technocracy. Which could be, but your links don’t support that.
    Also, China always says they want to uphold the current model of globalisation, so you don’t need to demonstrate it. Their thesis is that the American empire wants to walk away from that system and separate the world again with an iron curtain. Which is true and happened already on the western front.
    Sure the western elite may admire the Chinese system, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to take it down and achieve hegemony. Besides, the western elite is divided between now a majority wanting to take China down and a minority wanting to keep the globalised order.
    You’re completely overstretching to uphold the thesis of anthony sutton. For me that’s too hard to call, so i leave it open, but you’re not going to make that case with a couple of random links.

    • Octium says:

      Well if Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Justin Trudeau’s imitation of China’s social credit system ( ie freezing bank accounts of people who donated to the wrong cause) should count.

      Perhaps it’s a bit of an overstatement to call what happened in Canada as a social credit “system” as the process is far less automated than in China, but the principle is there and I doubt the automation stage is going to be far away.

  2. inisfad says:

    While I agree with the information in this article, I wonder how the current situation in Ukraine is changing this politic. The West, through their sanctions and rhetoric, is aggressively moving Russia toward a further alliance with China, which is not only currently splitting the globe into a ‘multi polar globalist’ entity, but also directly demolishing the West’s ‘superiority’ in global terms, destroying the US dollar as the global reserve, removing the west’s access to fossil fuels (which the Russia alliance with China is increasing China’s (etal) access to it, removing the ‘petro dollar’, etc. The WEF has totally scrubbed any reference to Putin from its website…..a purposeful ploy? Or a serious announcement against Putin’s nationalist (vs globalist) opinions? While I do agree that the Chinese system is abhorrent insofar as the control of its human population is concerned, I think that the issue with the new global alliances being formed is more complex.
    Trudeau’s admiration of how China rules over its population is one thing (which may not be achievable unless his population is as acquiescent and ‘uneducated’ as the Chinese ‘peasant’), but the economic results of what is currently occurring may be more far reaching.

    • openlens says:

      I am left in the dark as to what you say about destroying the US dollar as the global reserve.
      Reserve of what? It’s not backed up, it’s based now on air. It’s just printed with no regard to any discourse of reality, if any discourse about money ever had any to begin with.
      Even tulip bulbs were used to inflate and destroy an economy.

      • Duck says:


        The us dollar is backed by the fact that if any nation tries to trade oil without dollars the military destroys them. That makes it the “safe’ money that everyone wanted.

        It was effective for a long while but now the US is in longer able to wield that kinda power….a dying dinosaurs thrashing can,however, be dangerous

        • cu.h.j says:

          Exactly. It’s backed up by military force (this is unethical, but true). It’s kind of like how the mafia’s money is backed up by the treat of violence and the will to carry it out.

      • bryhns says:

        When countries have to buy oil in dollars, it creates the demand to use them. And if you don’t? Your government gets replaced

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    James Corbett’s 3/14/2022 article
    It’s Confirmed: Tyrants LOVE China! . . . But Why?
    is a 3-D puzzle piece which grooves nicely with his recent
    Episode 415 – The Global Digital ID Prison

    The puzzle piece snaps into place with Corbett’s final paragraph:

    The global power elite are perfecting their techniques for controlling the human population and China is the technocratic laboratory where they are testing those techniques.
    This is why Trudeau, the mainstream media and all of the other organs of the establishment “Superclass” really admire China.

    James Corbett has often talked about World War 3 and about China in relation to WW3.
    Corbett has often mentioned that WW3 won’t be like any other war.
    While we could have a hot war with China or Russia, one thing is for certain…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      …one thing is for certain…
      “The world of COVID-1984 is what the future looks like to these technocrats, regardless of whether it’s Uncle Sam in the driver’s seat or Uncle Xi or any of the other misleaders.

      Having said that, there is a war going on right now. At one level, it is a contest between the various players in this geopolitical game to secure themselves a better seat at the table of global power in the coming biosecurity age. But, as I have pointed out before, at a deeper level it is a war on you. It is a war on me. It is a war on all of us.

      The difficulty for most of us is in understanding this war and the forms that it takes. It does not correspond in any way to what most of the public imagines warfare to be. There are no soldiers lining up on battlefields to shoot at each other. This is warfare of a fundamentally different kind.” — James Corbett

      EXCERPT from
      1/31/2021 The Year Ahead – Part 3: Geopolitics

      • Howler Monkey says:

        Interesting comment, here’s another take on Ukraine and how it plays into the “plan”.

        “It is a war on all of us”, very well said. The three ring circus we call our lives need to embrace this fact.

        Seems like we are living in a play, act two about to start, or 432 whatever, and we have no say. But we do.

        Personally I strive for the day that the human race wakes to the fact they own their existence, their lives, their own humanity. I am very spiritual, a soul on a human journey let’s say. This gives me a view of the world that says to me, we are distracted, kind of lost in the weeds.

        The power is ours, just say no. Simple and stupid some may say, but no, very powerful embrace of our own human existence. “They” are afraid, of what?, us.

        Be the change you want, be the change you see.

        In Lak’ech

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Is a False Flag Chemical Attack in Ukraine coming in order to blame Russia?

    Writes Chris Sullivan:
    Marco Rubio set the stage for a false flag in his exchange with the she-devil Nuland.
    “Is there any doubt it would be the Russians?

    From (with YouTube Video)…

    He is in Ukraine and talks about the situation.

    A FALSE FLAG IS COMING – Russia-Ukraine War / Gonzalo Lira
    (9 minute video)

  5. LAZEREYE says:

    You are right in saying that China is not a Communist country, but you are misleading in claiming that it is
    a “technocracy”. Communism and Capitalism are both political and economic systems, and while technocracy can be used to bolster each, it is really not either because it can also be used to bolster other economic and political systems like mercantilism and democracies. Technocracy is simply a science and it is neutral both politically and economically.

    The fact is that both Russia and China are really disguised disguised Capitalist systems camouflaged by Deep State propaganda. Capitalism is structured like a pyramid: wide at the bottom and very narrow at the top. The bottom is occupied by the vast number of workers who produce the wealth and that wealth is forced to move upward by various criminal economic and totalitarianism schemes, where it is hoarded by the tiny number of rich at the top. So it is easy to spot a Capitalist economy when you see it: just count the number of billionaires at the top. Russia has about 146, while China has about 385. The U.S., on the other hand, has somewhere between 614 and 735, depending on the robustness of the economy. This means that all three of these economies are focussed on the flow of wealth upward to the top – and that is the signal sign of Capitalism, not Communism, although totalitarianism is common to both. All three are simply Capitalist countries competing with each other for world economic and political domination through the various totalitarian schemes we see around us today: terrorism, coercion, censorship, the loss of human rights and constitutional protections, religious freedom, free speech, and privacy. Totalitarianism is a structural property of Capitalism because no one in their right mind would stand for the upward flow of wealth if they understood its consequences.

    • vadoum says:

      this “cracy” or that “cracy”, are language devices people use to stall for time, or half say something, or simply hide. If we are distilling down to words with traction, hows about
      greedy dominatracy
      demonic psychosisism

      people dress up other people perceptions with endless cloaks of vague words that never amount to nor account for anything, yet the world hurls on at 500 miles/second.

      get real, there are no such things as countries, dollars, virus’s, etc, those things exist as “pretend realisms”, about as buttery as “fake imitation margarine”

      whats real is somebody telling someone else to go exploit, torture, or kill someone else for them. thats how they dominate. they scare devotees & capturees into thinking they alone have access to the biggest gun. but rarely if ever pull the trigger themselves.

  6. zyxzevn says:

    Touring through China on a motor-bike.
    This channel has lots of videos

    A great way to learn about the real-world problems in China

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Number 67, [zyx – zevn]
      I appreciate you posting this.

      I watched:
      China is Still Very Poor – Don’t be Fooled!

      I really like how the pair framed the viewpoint and value of people in this episode.

      One thing which they pointed out was a cultural aspect…
      It is a sin “to not know”.
      And thus, it can be better to give wrong directions or take the wrong road, than to admit not knowing.
      And once a person does the wrong ‘directions’ or ‘road’, then defend it as being right and justify it at every turn.

      Those traits of “know when you really don’t know” and “defend being right, even when you’re wrong” probably span all cultures and each of us at times.

      Thanks agains for your posts.
      I do read them and many times hit some of the links.

  7. openlens says:

    As I begin reading here, I wonder what in the stars may be bringing the issue of control to the least here…and I note from the encircled 14th and 15th dates on my calendar that the Sun is slipping into Pisces, out of the heavy handed control mechanisms of Saturn’s fields of Capricorn and Aquarius.

    Always fascinating. Pisces, where boundaries dissolve, and illusion competes with compassion.

  8. openlens says:

    You are such a friggin’ good writer, James.
    And you know comic book villains when you see them.

    Gimme that old world chaos
    It was good enough for Mark Twain
    and it’s good enough for me.

    Ah!! That’s it, of course!! They seek control because they cannot create.

    • vadoum says:

      “they control” = they dominate

      perhaps because they’re jealous that others can feel.

      they’re starving from lack of sentience. they were born with it but have long lost the daily experience because of abuse, bad habits, and indulgence in that which literally burns or at least numbs the synapses. zombies dressed up but nowhere to go. nowhere to hide (from the hunger which is their self).

      one motivator could simply be seen as a matter of battery charging:

      some charge their battery by social interaction. chi courses from givers to takers eyes, via breath, and via other more (and less) subtle channels, a balanced conversation should leave both parties feeling charged.

      while others think they are gaining (“energetically”) by dominating others. they may, however briefly find adrenachromic repreave, but it dont-wont last. It looks like that kind of gain at the price of others loss is

      heres Paul M queued at 1:33 to make that point

  9. pa49 says:

    Western leaders praise China. Even worse, it appears they’re beholden to the CCP.

    The US keeps selling grains to China, at a time when our stocks are depleted, grocery stores have empty shelves, food prices are rising, and fertilizer shortages mean we’ll see lower crop yields for 2022.

    Are our leaders obliged to help China, at the expense of Americans? Why? Because of a secret deal? If it was a secret deal, why is every politician, business person, and almost everyone in the media, afraid to criticize the plan?

    Outsourcing our manufacturing and the mining of rare earth minerals have put our national security at risk. Not to mention forcing our troops to get the clot shot. What, exactly, are they setting us up for?

    I get that empires eventually collapse. But did our leaders sell us out to China, to hasten our demise, to catch us off-guard, to make us easy prey?

    If we knew who was doing this, and if we could expose their plan, then we could mobilize more effectively against it.

  10. weilunion says:

    To call China a technocracy is to refer to their government management structure. But when understood in terms of both the economy of China and the management structure it is best to refer to China as a State Capitalist system. The economics are capitalist the state makes the decisions.

    It is hardly communist and the useage of this term is done as a psyop.

    China, economically, is through and through state capitalist.

    I prefer to use the term technocratic fascism — it joins the political with the economics.

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Corbett leads off with Justin Trudeau in his article
    “It’s Confirmed: Tyrants LOVE China! . . . But Why?”

    Clyde Do Somthing is a mechanic in far western Canada, who by the way, has a Japanese wife and kids. He has dual American/Canadian citizenship. Clyde once lived in Japan.
    While juggling his work and family life, he puts out some news videos.

    Clyde has some good clips in this 7 minute brief…
    Monday March 14th
    Trudeau is the Laughing Stock of The Western World

  12. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I enjoyed Vin Cognito’s short truth music parody from the 1980’s…
    Talking Heads – Puzzling Evidence.

    I’m currently going through Corbett’s “Recommended” lists, starting from the bottom up.

  13. wessel says:

    My pet theory is that China is not actually authoritarian. The limits that the communist party sets are uncontroversial. The Chinese empower their children. Each new Chinese generation grows and flowers.

    German leader Angela Merkel said something like: “We learned from China that freedom is not required for economic growth.” I think China encourages that line of thinking because it damages the West. My guess is that Merkel was mistaken, and economic growth does require freedom. Yet our youth are brought up as prisoners, robbed of their culture, trained to obey.

    The authoritarian image China projects to the West is a stroke of genius.

  14. Ethan Hunter says:

    Wonderful article James!

    I still think technocracy is not talked about enough. Signs are definitely pointing to China as the model of future governance.

    I wonder if anyone has posted this wonderful video from the YouTube channel Academy of Ideas (I think he is also on other platforms).

    He gives some historical references to the building of “parallel structures” in Czechoslovakia (before the current Czech republic) and how this led to the eventual downfall of communism in Eastern Europe and eventually the Soviet Union within a matter of 10-15 years.

    It is elaborated in this video here:

    I believe your Solutions Watch series is definitely a step in this very positive direction – though I thought this video gave some very interesting historical references of the successful overturning of tyranny.

    This is definitely encouraging and perhaps similar structures could help overturn the grip of power postmodern technocrats have over global governance today.

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