Is The World Going to End on September 23, 2015?

08/30/201537 Comments

So is the world going to end on September 13, 2015? Or maybe September 15th? Or is it the 21st? 23rd? 28th? . . . Probably not. But big moves are coming in the markets and on the geopolitical chess board, and we should all be preparing for those moves now, not because of some vague prediction of some mystical event, but because it is the only way forward for free humanity. Join James for this week's subscriber newsletter as he breaks down the Shemitah hooplah and deals the straight dope on the real dangers to watch out for this fall.

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  1. lromert says:

    While I agree that not many except the insiders have been able to predict things like this, I know one thing for certain: There are indeed people at the top of the pyramid that care about things like numerology, symbology and specific dates or seasons such as the season of sacrifice and Hitlers birthday. And in my impression is that major stock-crashes do indeed occur at or around the end of Shemitah more often then if it was pure coincidence/sherry picking.

    What do you guys think? You agree they pick special days for their false flags etc or just what is convenient? 911 by the way is an important nr in numerology which is also why it’s the number you dial for emergencies in the US.

    Not making any prediction by the way, but wouldn’t be surprised if something major would happen in sep, not only is it the end of Shemitah, there is also many important meetings etc.

    • archives2001 says:

      Good points made,Iromert.
      James, I’m a little surprised that u didn’t bring up IMF Christine LaGarde’s noted statement about numerology and the # 7 (or did I miss it)?
      I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many important events line up in a
      single month in my life of 76 yrs.
      J Cahn could well have the last ‘laugh’ but it won’t be funny will it?
      “Keep yer powder dry, Amigo”!

      • Corbett says:

        Did you click on the link for “G is the 7the letter of the alphabet and this might be a reference to 7/20/2014”? That’s right, LaGarde’s #7 speech obviously meant that there was going to be a financial collapse on July 20th, 2014! How can you not see?! Easy to dismiss such silliness in retrospect, but I can tell you that I had at least a dozen people emailing me at the time telling me that I was irresponsible for not warning people about that date. They were all as equally sure of whatever was ‘absolutely going to happen’ on that date as people are about the Shemitah, and as much as they will be about the next prediction, and the one after that, and the one after that…One wonders if the cycle of fearmongering ever ends.

        • setatliberty says:

          The cycle only grows as anyone that has studied history knows that we are living in times that have never been equalled, ever. Go back 200 years..go back 2000 years. Go back 6000 years. very few modern advances were made until the industrial revolution and look where we are today. And we see “the powers that shouldn’t be” driving the global ship in a direction that can only have a negative end. Yes, the cycle will end when the world does! lol

        • archives2001 says:

          The ‘broken clock’ analogy certainly seems to fit but we do have to keep in mind that it is actually correct twice a day if we have the endurance to wait it out…lol!

  2. 59tinker says:

    Just want to thank you in advance in case we don’t make it. It’s been good.
    Till next month, Bob.

  3. sahid.miller says:

    The login functionality to access this page is different from the rest of your site, might just be for me but I’m not sure. Hopefully no one injected a script for phishing purposes but it definitely is possible.

  4. BuddhaForce says:

    One of the more well known predictionista sites:

    With predictions like “UNKNOWN (possibility 7%),” how can you get it wrong?

  5. joan.redmond says:

    Here is another thought–Fo
    Year: 15
    Month: 6+6+6 = 18, 1+8=9 therefore, September
    Day: 4+4=8
    September 8,2015
    A Tuesday

  6. brtanner says:

    Yes, I too have Shemitah fatigue. However, considering the precision of the 2001 collapse of the markets on the end day, I think Sept. 17, when the markets reopened after 9/11 (all seeming to be very susceptible to planning and manipulation), and the 2008 collapse of the markets in response to the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers (now well documented as having been manipulated) on the Elul 29/Sept. 29, is it not reasonable to speculate that this “Jewish” cycle, now weaponized, is being used as a template by our shadowy overlords to stage their ongoing economic war against all-but-the-inside-crowd?

    Sorry about the run-on sentence.

  7. mammique says:

    What if all these previous false alerts were part of a bigger plan? To make people fed up with false predictions, then they wouldn’t pay attention when the very big controlled catastrophe is about to happen? Want some badass conspiracy theory? Here you are! :-p

  8. setatliberty says:

    I have read “The Harbinger.” His writing style is a very easy read and his creativity is enjoyable. I did investigate the claims that Jonathan Cahn made. To my surprise it was very accurate in the history of the events that have taken place in recent history and the very words of statesmen were astonishingly identical to the rebellious words that are recorded in Isaiah. I do believe that he really is stretching to align this nation as having a covenant with the Lord. I can say of a certainty that the end of the entire world will not come this year. The “Shemitah” will NOT mark any type of pre-tribulation rapture. I have investigated many different claims that the Bible makes and it is too bad that so many people will contort the words to attempt to make it look like the Word of God says something that it does not. Basically I have found the accuracy of the ancient scriptures to be remarkable. There is an event that took place March 22, 2013 that completely went under the radar of almost everyone in these religious corporations. The man described as the “prince” that shall come.” )(Daniel 9:26 & 27), is referring to the one that will eventually commit the abomination that makes desolate. This “deed” begins a period of seven. It can be surmised that this is seven years, because of the event that takes place in the midst of the “week.” Most people think that he is supposed to “MAKE a peace treaty” But studying this scripture, the actual texts describes this man as reaffirming a covenant or unbreakable bond that already exists between many people. it does not say that he will, in any way, establish a peace treaty between Israel and their enemies. It means to strengthen something that shows signs of waning.

    During his first term as President and the figurehead of the agreement between the USA and Israel, Barack Obama travelled all over the middle east making allies with many nations and people that are outspoken enemies of Israel. He took off his shoes and bowed his knees in their mosques, kissed Abdullah’s ring, and showed himself to be strengthening the hands of Israel’s enemies . He not only never visited Israel during his first term, but when he invited Netanyahu to the White house, he rebuked him and mocked him publicly The treaty that the US has with Israel appeared to be dissolving. Then on Nisan 10 (5 days before the Passover) Barack Obama entered Jerusalem for the first time as President of the United Sates and spoke the exact words that were written in Daniel 9:27.There are 3 prophecies that he fulfilled to the letter that day when he gave his historic speech. He “reaffirmed the unbreakable bond between I\The United States of Amerika and Israel.” He Blasphemed the name of the Most High God and his entire speech was wrapped up with three points…each one began with the word “peace.” Now this event also took place on the same day that Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on the back of a donkey (fulfilling one prophecy) Obummer was proverbially riding on the back of the Democratic jackass. That was not prophetic, but quite ironic. the Knesset actually declared Oshithead to be their only “prince of peace” (that statement alone made me shake my head). I did find it quite ironic that this event took place on the exact 33rd anniversary of the setting up of the Georgia Guidestones and the number 322 is the skull and bones high number (which also was the date (March 22nd…i.e. 3/22) as well as many other occult signals that were present just prior to this event/speech, I cannot dismiss all of these coincidences as random happenings. If this was the beginning of the prophetic 7 year period, then sometime around Sept, Oct of 2016 he will blatantly dissolve the treaty hat the US has with Israel through the committing of this act that is known as the abomination that makes desolate. It is interesting that during this first half of the seven years, we do, in fact, see these lunar eclipses on the highest of Hebrew feasts of observances (aka “blood moons”). I do not put any faith in the very misleading and false claims of the blood moon teachings, as they are intentionally deceptive and stretch the truth of historical events to create a sensational storyline that sells books, cds, dvds and schedules speaking engagements for the gullible mindless sheep that do not critically examine their own faith.

    I do believe that there are spiritual forces that are behind this global order that we absolutely see taking dominion through financial policies and the manipulation of global markets. I have a lot of very concrete open source information on these events and how they marvelously align with prophecies. I am not a “date setter.” just an observor of the times. I do not jump on any of these faddish bandwagons, as I have watched all of them go off a cliff. My critical analysis of information has led me to the Corbett report, Public intelligence, James Perloff, and a few other journalists and news outlets that I have found to be credible and critical.

    With all of that said, I am intrigued with valid and factual information that I observe during our day. The internet is full of information and I find it very prudent (and time consuming) to sift through the rubble to actually discover the deeper truths. James, again, thank you for all of your hard work and skeptical, critically researched information.

    The great thing about truth is that our faith or belief has absolutely no influence on it. Scott Wasinski

  9. NotDole says:

    I’m glad James listened to the other kind of emails, the exasperated ones like I’ve made one time last week regarding the Smithers schmita whatever. Free from abrahamic religions since I’m 7 years old or such and proud, and it was in a time that we still had mandatory catholic religion classes “Cathéchèse”, at 14 you could opt out nevermind what your parents thought and instead go to “Morals” where in primary school, only the very few (most of the time 2) protestant kids left the classroom to “Morales”. So 14 years old, that means you could switch in grade 8, even the first year out of primary school was still mandatory “Confessional”. I did the 2 little catholic rituals then, but the third one, “profession de foix”, I didn’t and they came to offer it to us in “Morals” in that last year of high school anyway. I had only picked morals in that year, for some reason the “relish” classes as we called them were so easy, it raised your overall grade. While Morals by the time I picked it, was really an intro to the mandatory philosophy we got in college here.

    They got rid of that Confessional system only in 2003, they should have applied Morals across the board, they have this Class about a lot of the world religions + the morals stuff. It wasn’t really impressive that they had to do that (the PQ) which angered enough right wing talk shows to rant about it, yet in “relish” in grade 10, we were presented major world religions and explained how we aspire to Judeo-Christian values…It’s funny I always only hear americans mention that thing, I’ve seen blogs where jews thought the Judeo-Christian thing was an oxymoron and the same from Christians….yet, Jesus as described actually created sect of Judaism, it was saint Peter who supposedly turn it over to a very intolerant new religion later on. He came up with the holy trinity too. Hell, I think this stuff is the most boring stuff to talk about yet I know about it.

    Rant over, you doomsayers have a blast (but really you should confront what you’re really scared of, and if that doesn’t work,get a script for some anti-anxiety medication (please no antidepressants fgs.) It’s amazing how it removes the non-stop racing thoughts of fear that go in a spiral. Lectopam (Bromazepam) has been my saviour during my these hard times, and it’s dirt cheap, exists since the 60’s, same class of medication as valium, restoril, mogadon….you know these things that are really difficult to get a script for for most people, it’s because most of those sold are made by generics companies, yes, generics, who only make medication that’s tried and true and not running for the next patent. Anyway, that, and rational websites like this helps a lot, us the gentle souls who as privileged individuals, should whine and kick and scream until everyone has everything they need, this over-arching compassion for people you’ll never meet and even anxiety about things one cannot do something about (the real things one sure can’t do anything about, like, I don’t know, destroy the DPRK’s dictatorship and free all these people and those in the camps..

    Got to find better ways to cope than look upon a set date almost as a way of channeling relief that your worries will be over.

    Be certain of something, if some big TPTSNB endgame chess move is played, you will not be free of worries, constant wish you were dead, maybe? So do something instead of propping up these doomsayers who sells doombooks, movies and such. I gotta admire the 2012 people for putting so much work, although I’m hoping all profits they made was taken off from them if they didn’t escape to the carribeans or Belize.

  10. Mishelle says:

    I love this article and all others where you allow some of that acerbic wit to shine through! I got sucked into the Shemitah stories for like half a day–they’re all over the place. I’m sure it gets frustrating getting emails about your “responsibilities” to your audience. Of course numerology and other mystic practices are very popular with the “elite” and always have been, but that doesn’t mean they are going to warn us so diligently when they are pulling the strings.

  11. n.riva1989 says:

    James great article. I get extremely exhausted with all the erroneous predictions and guaranteed events. I’m really glad you wrote an article dealing with this. Many of these predictions,(not all) seem to be rooted in our current religious ideologies (Christianity, Judaism, Islam). So many of these religious people, who make these bold, and very inaccurate predictions claim to be apart of the “truth” movement.(what ever that is, I still am unsure of what exactly people are talking about when referring to the truth movement) It will always baffle me that many of these people can look at 911, OKC, JFK, and many other events with a detectives eye, sift through the lies and discover the truth. However, they are unable to use the very same techniques and apply that to their own religious faith. When our three “great” religions are examined by non brainwashed children (don’t need a detective to solve this one) they can figure it out. All these religions are based on unsubstantiated claims,and bogus fairy tails; that make the official story of 911 more believable. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but, lets stop falling for the promise of a savior, lets stop believing the end of the world is coming. Lets focus of being able to live in our communities peacefully and self sufficiently, moving away from the current zeitgeist and building our own realities. I can just imagine some of the e-mails you receive James. I feel for you buddy LOL.

  12. NotDole says:

    Equinoxes are really bad, apparently.

  13. croutonscarf says:

    For my part, I do think that prophetic insight is possible, and that throughout history some people have been able to transcend the usual restrictions of human perception and linear time. I personally believe that the universe we inhabit is holographic in nature, along the lines of what people like Michael Talbot have written about, and that model is congruent with the idea that so-called supernatural phenomena are actually just aspects of reality which are not yet scientifically understood. I suspect I’m in the minority of Corbett readers as someone who believes in such disreputable, frowned upon by rationalwiki things lol…. Many very specific prophecies have come true over the years, from biblical prophecies in the books or Daniel and Revelation, to prophecies of the Hopi people, to Nostradamus, etc. etc. There are lot of things about the universe we don’t understand, and I think it’s certainly possible that the sequence of blood moons does have cosmic significance. I’m just sick of people getting themselves into frenzies focused around certain dates, the proclamations of certain people who have a book to sell, or numerology calculations. It makes a lot more sense to just work at trying to address tangible issues and be generally prepared for the hard times which are almost certainly coming. Every time people focus on a certain date as the date of the apocalypse, it passes by and nothing happens ( except maybe some suicides by cult members ). The irony is that the people who try to get everyone to ” wake up ” and prepare for the coming doom of a specific date, actually just make a lot of people feel more complacent a la Boy Who Cried Wolf. One of these days, the U.S. dollar really will crash, and one of these months there probably will be food riots in North America… Like I said, there are concrete actions people can take to get ready for those events, rather freaking out over Jonathan Caan or some youtube video that tells you about how the key to everything is hidden in a Hollywood movie or a Simpsons episode.
    What I find funniest about Jonathan Caan’s work is that he claims God gave him all these insights about 9/11 and how it aligned with the prophecies of Isaiah, and yet for some reason God forgot to tell Caan that 9/11 was an inside job. I guess if you take Arab culprits out of the equation, you can’t use the events as an excuse for Zionist war-mongering, which seems to be the agenda Caan’s aligned with.

    • archives2001 says:

      croutonscarf:”for some reason God forgot to tell Caan that 9/11 was an inside job.”
      Oh Really…ya think so huh?
      Did it occur to you that folks can “walk and chew gum at the same time?”
      Looks like u’v bought into the msm bs of “this or that”….
      Never this AND that.
      Often there’s more than one etiology of important events.
      If & when an ‘Act of God’ does occur, the Uber Elites utilize it:
      (“Never let a good crisis go to waste”)

      Do a little more research on:
      “ordo ab chao”
      “as above ~ so below”
      “problem ~ reaction ~ solution”

      J Cahn/Mark Biltz et al are making valid points about the course
      our nation is currently on and how God is about to intervene big time.
      But when the real financial collapse does occur, you can bet the Elites will flip flop the cause and effect just as you’ve done.

      • croutonscarf says:

        I’m well aware that events can have multiple causes, and that “folks can walk and chew gum at the same time” lol. I really don’t know what aspect of my comment led you to believe that I have “bought into the msm BS” of looking at issues through the lens of false dichotomies. Where is the false dichotomy in my pointing out that Caan subscribes to the ‘official’ narrative of 9/11? I’m simply pointing out that Caan claims to have received information from God about the meaning of 9/11 and is presenting himself as an authority on the cosmic underpinnings of the event, and yet he has missed the boat completely on the fact that the event was obviously not carried out by a ragtag group of men with boxcutters, which is pretty important to say the least. I’m not saying that Caan’s interpretation of 9/11 as a harbinger of things to come for decadent and sinful America is entirely wrong, in fact I would agree with Caan and many American lefties of the “blowback” persuasion that 9/11 can be seen on some level as a sort of wake-up call for a corrupt, exploitative and prurient nation. It was indeed a wake-up call in that, whoever was behind it, the events of the day were jarring and reminded people who may have become too comfortable that the world is a dangerous place and the U.S. is not immune to the kind of large scale violence its military machine has been exporting around the globe for a long time. That being said, when we talk about 9/11, we’re talking about the murder of thousands of people, not an idea or a symbol, although the event was symbolic in many different ways and led to the growth in popularity of various ideas. To understand the events of 9/11 is to understand that murder, and I’m simply saying that Caan fails in understanding it.

        Regarding your statement about “Acts of God” being used by the elite, I don’t personally see 9/11 as an Act of God, but of course I understand what your saying. Again, I don’t know why you jump to the conclusion that I see all events as 1 dimensional. I’ve read the Old Testament, and am certainly familiar with the concept that corrupt humans can be used as a vehicle for executing God’s judgement, as seen in the Babylonian captivity, to name one example.

        • archives2001 says:

          ” and yet he has missed the boat completely on the fact that the event was obviously not carried out by a ragtag group of men with boxcutters”

          “Missed the boat” or just deems this as the secondary event?
          I’d say it’s the latter and he’s simply majoring on the ‘Majors’!

          “To understand the events of 9/11 is to understand that murder, and I’m simply saying that Caan fails in understanding it.”


          I guess it won’t be long now til we determine if J Cahn & Mark Biltz are ‘false prophets’ or not.

          Have u seen the debate between James Corbett and Jeff Berwick?

    • Aside from the fact that Caan looks like a slimy, wormy character, who needs to shower, that’s the fundamental critique of his whole claim. 9/11 was not some miraculous act of God punishing America for what have you. Anyone who spends time researching and plowing through the voluminous material on 9/11 can see that it was orchestrated by a highly organized clique of various deep state rogue factions all working in concert – from the banksters to the military industrial complex critters along with foreign elements whose interests all happened to converge at the apex of that historical moment to keep the system as we know it propped up and going for another thousand year Reich.

      • archives2001 says:

        A of C: So let’s agree that 9/11 was some type of an ‘inside job’.
        As I replied to croutonscarf, there was more than one cause of it,
        just as so many other key global events.
        A prime example is the rebirth of Israel…
        Certainly, the Rothschild Global Elites orchestrated it and financed it but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t fit into God’s Divine Plan.
        If you aren’t familiar with Albert Pike (‘Morals & Dogma’), H Blavatsky, Manly Hall, and Carroll Quigley (‘Tragedy and Hope’),
        do yourself a favor and comprehensively study their work.
        “As above, So below”
        “Ordo ab Chao”

        • You assume I have not read them. It’s been a while since I read Albert Pike and Quigley. Their tomes are not exactly bathroom reading, and I don’t have the time right now as I did in my college days. Right now it’s mostly to go back to them as reference. As far as the point about “God’s divine plan,” I think we can agree to disagree there. 9/11 is nothing to do with other worldy gods or what have you. It was human, all too human, which is why we can spot the lies because in the end, those who choose to investigate, can see through the illusionists and their mistakes as there is no perfect murder. While some of those illusionists may dabble in occultic practices and use numerology and secret handshakes as calling cards, that’s all it is. I vam a fan of occult stuff and have followed the works of Mark Passio and Michael Tsarion for some time, and I disagree with them on a lot of things, especially some of the quotes sourced in their presentations.

      • archives2001 says:

        ” 9/11 is nothing to do with other worldy gods or what have you.”
        Don’t know about ‘worldly gods’ but there are ‘Forces’ that you and
        I have no knowledge or recognition of which is what the IMF head
        and numerous sages are referring to.
        Very seldom is there but one etiology involved in any cataclysmic event so I wouldn’t stake your life on that quote u made.
        Since it’s been so long a time that u visited Quigley, M Hall, and
        A Pike, u mite at least do a succinct refresher on them via youtube.
        Many believe that Pike originated the 3 world war warnings supposedly made in 1871. Whether or not this is true, the writings showed up as documents in the early 1920s, long before WW Two. WW Two unwrapped as predicted and WW Three is aligning as prophesied.

  14. It seems everywhere in the alternative media folks are gripped with this dreamlike unreality about some apocalyptic event. Of course, leading up to the 9/11 myth, there is this increased ratcheting up of fear, through various things such as mass shootings, etc., to continue and really exploit this subconscious and habituated fear.

  15. nicklandellmills says:

    Numerology is just lying with statistics, to prove something that you want to prove.

    There are so many different potential combinations for numbers that you can almost always find some numbers that prove anything you want them to prove.

  16. Clanpjh says:

    Humans just refuse to learn from past mistakes, and go on repeating them. All these continuous “Earth Will End” predictions are a great example. Another area,.. lots of people for some reason think trump may care,.. he is just a complete repeat of the same ole song and dance, I guess nobody remembers obama campaign before he got in. Such a short time back, just another example of people not learning from the past. I admit, the Shemitah thing did get my attention, but could not find any tight, accurate correlation, and so lost interest in it quickly. I too believe that the evil ones do use and play numbers. I have never researched it though, that should be done to see if there is actually a correlation with events and numbers. That would be quite a project.

    • NotDole says:

      James and the guy holed up in Mexico really pushed this one saying it was actually likely something bad was going to happen.

      That’s also when I stopped visiting this site. Berwick is a hack who smokes cigarettes like somebody who never did to look cool on video and had me actually worrying because of the credibility I gave James back then.

      Screw this, only way something drastic might happen is the USA attempting a first strike on Russia, failing because of the S500 system they have installed protecting their whole airspace, not counting their electronic jamming of anything american just by flying over them. When the US cannot get what it wants and their nukes are deflected in the sky, they will nuke themselves, same with all NATO countries.

      • Corbett says:

        What on earth are you talking about. This entire article is about how the whole Elul 29 BS was BS. I even explicitly call it BS in the article itself. My entire interview with Berwick was me saying that he was wrong about this nonsense and he hasn’t been back on the show since. Either your reading and listening comprehension need work or you need to stop lying and misrepresenting what I say and do.

        • archives2001 says:

          Awww, cut Dole some slack, james…He’s probably smoking something a lot more trippy than cancer sticks!

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