Interview 966 - Dan Dicks on The Ottawa Shooting

11/06/20143 Comments

Dan Dicks of joins us to talk about the recent shooting in Canadian Parliament. We discuss the government's eagerness to label this a "terrorist act" and use it to help justify new "anti-terror" legislation, as well as the Canadian public's reaction to this propaganda campaign.

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  1. greencrow says:

    Thanks for this interview James. Glad to hear someone is on the case of the Ottawa incident. I was on the CBC comments forums in the days immediately following the shooting and the overwhelming impression I got was that at least 70% of people were quite skeptical about what happened. Having viewed the videos, particularly the one where the paramedics are working on the soldier, I have to say there are some disturbing anomalies about that video. I have a few links on a post that I did the day after the event on my blog:

  2. devinrice says:

    Not only is this incident looking more and more like a False Flag every day, in my opinion is it also looking like a total hoax. Youtuber freeradiorevolution and others have done yeoman’s work breaking this entire event down and there is plenty of evidence that Cpr. Cirillo was part of the plot and was not killed. I don’t know the fate of Bibeau, but from reading about his past, he’s got all the signs of being an informant. Either way, there is obviously much deception going on and many, many things don’t add up. You know, the usual story with these false flag events.

  3. NotDole says:

    The guy you’ve interviewed Dan, who had these military insignias/stars on a civilian shirt but with the obvious secret agent shades comparing this to 911.

    Just… 911 happened in another country and I was more traumatized than this ridiculous unimportant (in comparison) incident of CRIME not terrorism in Ottawa. Maybe I’m this way because New York is practically closer to me even if in Canada than Ottawa, but this wasn’t an attack on what Canada “represents”. It’s either a false flag with crisis actors or a nut who was taken advantage of so crisis actors showed up (that girl with the pink toque crying…omg how more fake can being sad for somebody you don’t even know be?).

    He won’t have time to pass his PATRIOT ACT like law…I hope, he’ll get the boot in October, Adolf Harper that is.

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