Interview 960 - The Beard World Order on The ISIS Conspiracy

10/24/20145 Comments


Welcome to The Beard World Order: In this episode of the BWO, Guillermo Jimenez, James Corbett, and Peter B. Collins celebrate the annual unveiling of America’s new enemy. This year, the distinction goes to the evildoers in the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Or is it the Khorasan group? What happened to Al-Qaeda? Ebola? Who knows…

Also on the program: Are you afraid of being called a “conspiracy theorist?” A closet 9/11 “truther?”

Well then, congratulations, you are the victim of a confirmed CIA PSYOP. Of course, that’s exactly what a conspiracy theorist would say, isn’t it?



Trust in Mass Media Returns to All-Time Low

Congratulations, Assad: You successfully got the US to bomb your enemies instead of you

BFP Exclusive: Syria- Secret US-NATO Training & Support Camp to Oust Current Syrian President

Look around, ISIS's acolytes are just apprentices at atrocity

Viewing or sharing beheading video could be a criminal offence, police warn

CIA 1035-960: "Countering Criticism of the Warren Report"

SF Bay Guardian on Project Censored and 9/11The CIA/MSM Contra-Cocaine Cover-up

Contact Guillermo, James, and Peter with questions, comments, and suggestions for future topics to be discussed on the show.

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  1. justin_may says:

    After some research on memes, I came up with the idea that the best way to counteract them is to create an anti-meme. For example, I recommend the use of “conspiracy virgin” as a counter to the obvious phrase. To me this embodies just the right sentiment and social meaning!

  2. Al Saleh says:

    I can’t believe that you guys believe obama is bombing isis. MSM tells you something so you echo it to all your audiences? Please show some critical mind and look for any evidence that obama killed a single isis fighter. Isis claimed that the first week of bombing left zero casualties.

    There is not a single video that shows any exchange of fire in ain elarab. I don’t know what’s going on there but it is not war. You seem to notice that the yaziedies story was just propaganda but you enjoy swallowing the Ein Alarab story. Unimaginable.

    And BTW Isis posted photos and videos of the aid obama sent to them.

  3. On the question of using terms that have become pejorative, like “conspiracy theory” or “anarchy”, it is like inflation for language. What a given currency has in value in one year is has little relationship to what the same currency has twenty years later. We can no longer relate to history without have a currency conversion table.

    Abandoning the meaning of “conspiracy theory”, from an idea about a particular conspiracy to an implication that having an idea besides the promoted one is foolish, leaves us with a muzzle on our mind to question anything.

    The same is true with “anarchy” which is defined as “without a ruler”. It has been seeded in the minds of people that it is only licentious or violent behavior, therefore any discussion of anarchy is considered vile.

    Please do not abandon the language.

  4. rico says:

    When the term “conspiracy theory” is used, I suggest that one approach could be to mention the CIA memo and even go so far as memorizing the actual memo number, as Peter cited in the interview. That way, anyone with the interest could check it out for themselves. One could also counter by saying that all they are after is the truth, whatever it may be or wherever it may lead, adding that the “official” story, as presented, is not convincing for whatever specific reasons.

    Also, as newspapers came up as a subject, I was reminded of a recent conversation that I had with an employee of a newspaper in a southern US city of just under 100,000. When I asked who currently owns the paper, he replied, “Warren Buffett”. That caused me to wonder why the Oracle of Omaha would invest in a dying industry. It was a further shock when he went on to say that Buffett also now owned the small weekly newspaper in the very county that I live in (to which I have not subscribed in years). Apparently, Buffett (or Berkshire Hathaway)now owns 60 some(?)small papers around the US. When I asked if Buffett determines editorial policy, he said, “not directly, but his people do”. He said that they are told by management to stay middle of the road and to avoid controversy. He was told that Buffett’s idea is that, although people rely more and more on the internet for information, that there will remain a market for local news as provided by local newspapers. That makes possible sense on it’s face, but I can’t help but think that the Oracle is doing his part in helping to keep us cattle dumbed down right to the local grass roots.

  5. NotDole says:

    Everyone, James, have you ever come accross this? It would make more sense than this mythical al-Baghdadi who gets killed multiple times over a decade, à la Zarqawi.

    I suggest using DuckDuckGo or ixquick/startpage (ixquick is a sister of startpage that has results google does not have at all), of course screwgle and bingo would have lots of links but like usual this doesn’t surprise me.

    To the point : al-Bagdahdi’s real name is Simon Elliott, an ex-mossad israeli Jew. Before the usual screams of overreaching conspiracy theories always being about Israel, please people, research about what is taboo to speak of in Turkey/Saudi Arabia most of all (if not sex), it’s the Domneh. The Domneh are a special breed of jews who mixed in muslim beliefs. A very proeminent Domneh Jew was Ataturk, the guy who destroyed the turkish alphabet and other things turkish so that Turkey would be a full European style “democracy”.

    The rabbit hole always deepens, it’s crazy (and it’s especially crazy removing all the crazy stuff one encounters along the way when just looking for the truth, I had given myself a break since 5-6 months because, this life of ours…it can overwhelm. So yeah, I suggest looking into what Domneh Jews are, the implications of the British into creating Wahhabism (they didn’t find Salafis extreme enough).

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