Interview 958 - Financial Survival: The Psychology of Control

10/23/20142 Comments

From Milgram and uniforms to the matrix and tortured monkeys, the psychology of control has been studied and used against free humanity for generations. But it's not all gloom and doom; all it takes is for one person to stand up and resist for others to follow. This week on Financial Survival James and Alfred discuss the value of resistance and how to crash the pyramid.

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  1. agentsteel says:

    I found the discussion that approx 2/3’rds of people would be prepared to electrocute very interesting….I’m wondering if this is the same correlation to those who are asleep versus awake (and awakening)?

    Within humanity those that can ‘see’ the matrix the same demographic who would not electrocute? Does empathy, moral imperative not to harm only occur in a third of the population naturally…and follow the leader can change peoples actions for good or ill, so those numbers can change dramatically depending on how the
    herd perceives our ‘dear leader’ and why the vast majority goes along with so few standing up against the tide?

    Some very important answers may exist in this simple experiment and tell us more about the human race and consequently our precarious position today……not to mention the phenomenon of those of us ‘awake’ who cannot break that impenetrable barrier behind which 2/3’rd(?) roll their eyes and say ‘conspiracy theorist’

  2. agentsteel says:

    ****for some reason my comment cut off, I wanted to add ****

    I just don’t get, that ‘they’ don’t get it……..and I don’t get 2/3’rds would happily electrocute!!!!

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