Interview 940 - RE2 Podcast: The 9/11 Attacks

09/11/20141 Comment

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James joins Michael and Steven of the RE2 podcast to discuss the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 events. This wide-ranging conversation covers the events of that day, the motivations for the attacks, and the ongoing pursuit of 9/11 truth and justice.

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  1. kris whatever says:

    sorry to be negative but you need some dissenting views.
    government reports: nothing has changed since 9/11 – altho people may be getting their information from alternative sources, i think the MH17 report illustrates this perfectly. if anything its worse! we arent even allowed to see the report in this instance! ( or at least that could be the case )

    an investigation: there is no chance of any investigation being legitimate – what are you going to do, ask the government to investigate itself ? ok say you do get them to do another investigation or report. its going to be a whitewash again, like every other government report ever made into anything. youre right the further away from 2001 we get, the more unlikely it is, and i think its reached the point now where its getting ridiculous to call for an investigation. they got away with it, lets move on.

    positive: you bring out some great info in this interview and i enjoyed it – the one point i can agree on in terms of conclusion about this is the idea that we must stop a report ever being this blatant again, which i certainly think IS possible. thanks as always for intelligent reporting and thinkhole stimulation.

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