Interview 936 - Jack Blood Recalls the Nick Berg Beheading Hoax

09/10/20145 Comments

As the latest ISIS beheading video hoaxes continue to be exposed, we cast our minds back to the Nick Berg beheading video of 10 years ago. Jack Blood of did his own original reporting into where that video originated from and as a result became the target of surveillance and death threats. We recall that incident and reflect on the significance of these videos, their propaganda value, and the potential for a future false flag terror attack.

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  1. stevekelly911 says:

    Jack Blood in this interview said he couldn’t predict the next BIG Terror Attack, so I will have a stab at it;

    DATE: 8th October 2014
    Right in the middle of the Hajj during Eid-ul-Adha (Festival of the Sacrifice). In 2014, Eid-ul-Adha will begin on or around October 4th, and will last for three days. As the Islamic Calendar is a ‘sighted’ Lunar Calendar meaning the start of each month is called when the crescent moon is sighted. I believe the Last (Third) day of this ‘Festival of the Sacrifice’ will be on 8th October this year.

    Mecca, Clock Tower Hotel ( Built by the Saudi Bin Laden Group!!!!!!!! Biggest Clock Tower in the world, part of a 7 TOWER complex.

    The phony creation known as ISIS will attack this clock tower hotel with planes or the singular Scud Missile the media is now reporting that they have, and the Clock Tower will fall (Thermite assisted of course) directly northwards onto the Mosque and destroy the enclosure and the Kaaba whilst 10’s of thousands of Muslims are circumambulating around it.

    This is the third tallest building in the world, the largest clock tower in the world, and the main clock tower is surrounded by 6 other towers; thus this complex is 7 Towers just like the NYC World Trade Complex. 9/11 thus = a symbolic 7, and thus this Mecca event = 7 … Both combined is an esoteric 77 as they are dual events Start+Finish (A number that pops up all too often in esoteric belief ie, Flight 77, and 7/7 London Bombings).
    Checkout Aleister Crowley’s Thelemic Seal for the A:.A:.
    See the many multiple 7’s … also see …

    This event will make the 9/11 attacks on a body count basis look very tame indeed. I would say 100,000 deaths at least. The Arab Oil/Gas Sheiks together with Turkey will use this as a pretext to invade Iraq and Syria to ‘route out ISIS’, but ISIS is purely a cover story for the Sunnification of Iraqi demographics to eliminate Shia power in Baghdad and so Assad can be taken out in the confusion. My 4 posts on the following WHO IS ISIS thread explain WHY this needs to be done to keep the London+NYC finance machine in power (the Sunni Turks and Sunni Sheiks are the ‘regional partners’ of the US and UK).

    This kind of military action within a sovereign state/s (Iraq & Syria) would not be possible without a Hollywood Terror Attack like 9/11. A massive clock tower built by the Bin Laden Group smashing into the Mosque and Kaaba would do the trick would it not? And ISIS went ahead of the invasion driving out the Shia, solving the demographics problem for the Sheiks.

    9/11 was for Bush Jr what 8th October 2014 will be for the Houses of Saud, and Al’Thani(Qatar) and the UAE.

    It sounds ridiculous that the Turks, the Royal Houses of Saud and Al’Thani (& UAE) would support an attack on the Kaaba during Hajj and blame it on ‘Militant Islam’ … totally ridiculous … But of course in context of past event such as a US President Bush who attacked the US’s own Trade Centre (Money = Religion of USA) and Pentagon this is a perfect correlation. We live in the twilight zone do we not?

    The hype created will allow NATO to support the Arabs and Turks within the UN Security Council in this operation, sidestepping UN protocols and any objections (ie, Russia) in exactly the same way as the ‘coalition of the willing’ did with Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11.

    8th October 2014 is also the date of the second in a series of Total Lunar Eclipses (‘Blood Red Moons’) known as a ‘Tetrad’. Lunar Orbital Nodes progress with the Solar/Lunar Eclipse Points every 6 months (6 Synodic Cycles apart), thus a Tetrad is 4 Lunar Eclipses separated by 3 equal periods of 6 months … or 6 + 6 + 6. (A number from the Book of Revelation signifying the ‘Beast’ and ‘End Times’, and also coincidentally Aleister Crowley’s own self identifier for this same reason)

    [SNIP: Thank you for the contribution. Comments are limited to 500 words in length to avoid walls of text or personal essays from detracting from conversation. Please try to keep posts concise in the future. – Corbett]

    • NotDole says:

      Well yeah thank you for your contribution and failure at prediction. You, just, cannot, predict, anything. Unless you are ex-navy intelligence telling everything they know like Bill Cooper, then you get shot for predicting 9/11 a month and a half later.

      It is a lot more interesting that one of the tower’s hole was renovated into a reverse Mecca…monument sorry I don’t know about the name, but it’s a square with stairs going down and in the center there is a little, well little, it looks little from photos I have seen which were far away, I don’t think you can’t take a picture of it when touching the square monolith there.

      At one of the tower’s foot print, they made the same thing, but with a hole in the middle, with the same exact size so they could in theory steal the monolith and stick it there. I don’t think that’s the purpose, but it’s a weird thing. Only completed by 2010 or 2011 so yah…

  2. Debra says:

    Interesting reply, Steve. Was there more information to your post that may have been restricted due to the word limitation rule? If so, would it be too much trouble to continue in a new reply field? Thank you.

    • stevekelly911 says:

      There was more but James wanted to keep it on point and relevant. Maybe it will become relevant after 8th October 2014.
      I am starting a blog on the following link so that I can post the more esoteric material relating to the events which are about to transpire. I completely understand James’ reticence to venture into the hazy latrine of numerology and occult intent, which is why I have decided to finally get my own blog going, though I will still frequent Corbett Report to comment on purely geo-political motives.
      If you found the above comment interesting then please make a note of my blog and check back in one week after I get the first lot of posts up. Thanks.

      • Debra says:

        Thank you, Steve. I too hold a great respect for James Corbett and, like you, in no way wish to imply otherwise. I do not believe in magic nor do I accept that there is some hidden power in numbers but I am aware that some out there do. That was why I asked and I appreciate the invitation. I look forward reading your blog. Thank you.

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