Interview 924 - John LaForge Uncensors the Hiroshima Myth-Making

08/08/20142 Comments

Today on the program John LaForge of joins us to discuss his recent article, "Censorship and Myth-Making Enshrined Ignorance of Hiroshima and the Bomb." We talk about how the Hiroshima myth was created in the wake of the atomic bombing, why the Nagasaki bombing was even more unnecessary, and the artificial distinction that is made between nuclear weapons and nuclear energy in the anti-nuclear debate.


Censorship and Myth-Making Enshrined Ignorance of Hiroshima and the Bomb

Enola Gay: Last Member Of Crew That Dropped Atomic Bomb On Hiroshima Has Died

Caroline Kennedy marks 69th anniversary of Hiroshima nuclear bombing

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  1. Algorithm of Consciousness says:

    Thanks for this refreshing and informative interview. I recall reading about the Hiroshima myth back in college in a book “Hiroshima” by Ronald Takaki.

  2. nancytime says:

    Those in power have no qualms about experimenting on inocent people, again, and again, we’re reminded of this…learned helplessness…so sad…Now, it seems the powers that shouldn’t be are purposly infecting us with “EboBun”

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