Interview 878 - Christoph Germann Explains China's War on Terror

05/06/20140 Comments

A recent string of high-profile terror attacks in China have focused attention on the East Turkestan Islamic Movement and its attempt to win independence of the Xinjiang region from Beijing. Today on the program we talk to Christoph Germann of the New Great Game Round-up about China's own war on terror, the foreign influence in the region, and what's likely to happen next.


Three dead, 79 injured in Xinjiang railway station terrorist attack

Uygur militant’s support for Kunming knife attack ‘proof of China’s terror threat’

Spot Beard, Get Paid: China Offers Money for Informants in Xinjiang

Russia, India Planning $30 Billion Oil Pipeline Through Xinjiang

Xinjiang police seize 400 imitation guns, 230,000 bullets

Xinjiang & The New Silk Road

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