Interview 570 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

01/04/20130 Comments

Welcome back to another great year of - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Congress's Manufactured Non-Solution To Its Manufactured Fiscal Cliff Crisis
Related: Senate-Passed Deal Means Higher Tax on 77% of Households
Infographic: America's Tax Hike in Perspective
Video: Max Keiser Says 'Fiscal cliff' Theater Distracting From Real Problems

Story #2: Scientists Find Mega-Oil Field ... 1,300 Light Years Away
Flashback: Titan’s Surface Organics Surpass Oil Reserves On Earth (feb28)
Flashback: Asteroid Mining Venture Backed By James Cameron, Google CEO Larry Page
Related: Alaska Oil Drilling Barge For Royal Dutch Shell Runs Aground

Story #3: 2013 Food Trend - A Healthy State of Mind!
Related: Innovation, Optimism And Opportunity - All Coming Together To Make Real Change
Why 2012 Was Best Year Ever!

Bonus: Media Monarchy Episode272 - Radio
Media Monarchy: Mixtape017 - "Totally True" and the Best of 2012

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